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Humiliation Training Book 3


Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, Domination & Submission, BDSM

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a short story featuring alpha males, doctors, football players, and powerful strangers dominating an embarrassed young woman in public.

It also contains voyeuristic and public humiliation, public sex, bdsm, milking, hucow, spanking, and lots of steamy scenes...

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

This book can be enjoyed on its own, but for optimum reading experience, check out the first book of the Humiliation Training trilogy.

Innocent and naive Nicky isn't sure what to expect when she visits a new doctor for her breasts exam, but it certainly wasn't for him to start helping her with his bare hands and lips!

Being nursed by her sexy male doctor is the least of her problems. Her new job is turning out to be more than she can handle, especially when her boss insists there's more to her job than being a maid. He helps her relieve her pressure... while his men watch.

She is utterly unprepared for the onslaught of raw physical desire that consumes her.

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"You're so wet," he murmured, his finger going deep into my lubricated hole, touching every erogenous zone in my body and setting every nerve ending on fire.

His single digit was thicker than two of my own. My breasts felt full again, heavy without the support of a bra. My nipples were aching for his touch.

I bit my lower lip, stopping myself from moaning out loud. Already I was panting with the intensity of the sensations.

He was looking at me still, his eyes burning with desire, lips parted slightly. His inhales were my exhales and I couldn't think as he twisted his finger inside me, thumb rubbing against my clit to drive me further into the whirlpool of ecstasy.

It was so wrong to let him touch me like that. In public no less! But this felt too right to be wrong. His finger curved inside me, touching a spot that made my toes curl.

Unable to help myself, I twisted towards him and captured his lips with mine, kissing him passionately, our tongue dancing, tasting each other with a desperation that burned.

My legs parted, allowing him more access to my pulsating pussy as his free hand reached towards my breasts and captured my soft mound. His fingers pinched my nipple through the material of the jacket, sending a cold shiver through my body. Pleasure coursed down my spine, going all the way to my pussy. My walls tightened around his finger and he let out a low groan that vibrated through my bones.

We weren't doing anything to hide what we were doing now.

When we parted for air, his eyes were wide with shock, as if he couldn't quite believe his luck.

"Are you naked under that?" he asked, his voice a deep growl now, heavy with the desire to do more than just touch me.

I glanced between his legs and wasn't surprised to see that he was as hard for me as I was aroused for him.

His jacket had fallen out of my lap and onto the seat between us and my abrupt movement to kiss him pulled my jacket up all the way to my waist, exposing my naked behind to Carlos, if he ever decided to look over.

Our lips locked into another kiss.

Expertly, Noah unbuttoned my jacket and slid his hand under the material so he could capture my nipple with his fingers. He pinched the sensitive tip and I let out a strangled moan that he swallowed into him.

He pulled his finger from my pussy and grabbed my other breast. Impatiently, he grabbed my jacket by the collar and tugging it down when it got in his way.

I must have gone absolutely insane because instead of wrapping it around me in shame, I helped him take it off, exposing my naked body to the entire plane.


Chapter 1*: Mile High Club

Chapter 2*: Fingered & Stripped

Chapter 3: Examined by The Doctors

Chapter 4*: Restaurant Humiliation

Chapter 5*: Gangbang Dinner

Chapter 6*: Perfection

Sneak Peek: Training With Blindfolds

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Chapter 1*: Mile High Club

I didn't usually masturbate in airplane bathrooms. After all, they're bathrooms. On airplanes. It was neither the most spacious nor sanitary place to be touching myself.

In fact, I didn't usually touch myself at all. I used to, a long time ago, but it was always accompanied by a sense of shame after I finished that I'd rather not do it at all.

But half of the way through the long flight across the country to an unknown destination, I found myself in the tiny cubicle with one foot resting comfortably beside the sink and the other planted firmly on the ground, my fingers buried to the second knuckled in my pussy.

That wasn't even the worst thing about what I was doing. My free hand massaged my breasts, closed in until I was pinching my nipple, deliberately spraying milk from my full breasts all over the cubicle.

Worst still, I was thinking of Derek, my boss.

Derek, the sexy billionaire with the broad shoulders and tattooed chest that I longed to touch. Derek, the deep-voiced, blue-eyed, wicked-grinned alpha male who stripped me of all my inhibitions and slammed into my virgin pussy over and over in the office while his workers watched.. and then had their way with me after he was done.

Derek, who I had fantasized about for an entire month after he took my virginity.

Derek, who had emailed me three hours ago and told me to get on the nearest available flight into the city. He expected my company for dinner. It was part of my new contract that I made myself available to him whenever he wanted me. That would be an unreasonable request... except I only needed to be physically present in the office one day a week.

My thoughts drifted back to Derek and how it felt to be held down as he spanked my bottom with his crop. The mixture of pain and pleasure that washed through my body drove me to the abyss of pleasure that nobody had been able to replicate.

For an entire week, it stung when I sat down, reminding me of the way his hands felt between my legs.

I wanted him so badly and it made no sense at all. I barely knew the man and he had taken over my life completely. I wanted his strong arms around me, expert hands pulling me to his hard body. I wanted to feel his thick cock inside me, spreading my hole as his fingers kneaded my breasts.

He hadn't touched me for a month.

That's not to say everybody else had stopped touching me.

My new job only needed to be on site one day a week and I was paid a regular salary as long as I showed up for work. The only 'downside' - if you could even call it that - was that my new work involved being a sex slave one day out of seven to every male my employer required, which was turning out to be every single male I came in contact with.

When I came into work the following Monday, I had barely gotten in through the front door when I was ravaged by the security guards.

I was immediately disoriented when a man grabbed me by the arm from behind me. When I turned around, another man had grabbed my shirt and pulled, ripping the thin fabric apart, revealing the fact that I wasn't even wearing a bra underneath my blouse. My breasts bounced, almost an invitation to be groped, and I let out a shrill cry that was part surprise, part arousal.

In moment, my skirt was torn to pieces and I was completely naked at the front door. The day would only grow crazier from there.

My cheeks burned from that memory. I was stripped naked and pushed against one of the transparent doors, my nipples pressed against the glass, milk leaking down to wet my body. Just the act of stripping me naked was enough to arouse my body. I had spent a week touching myself and milking my own breasts without satisfaction.

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