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Carla and Karlie Johnson’s Naughty Birthday Game

Part Two: Carla's Revenge

Brandy Bestiality

Carla and Karlie Johnson’s Naughty Birthday Game

Part Two: Carla's Revenge

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Carla and Karlie Johnson’s Naughty Birthday Game

Part Two: Carla’s Revenge

Now that Carla’s hormones were back down to a safe level, and her young, tight pussy satisfied, she began to feel shameful of her actions. Dare or not, she ultimately volunteered to let Harley lick her pussy and, worse yet, put the dog’s cock in her mouth and swallow his canine seed. She could still taste him, the once sweet flavor turning to acid on her tongue. She had enjoyed it, but that seemed to only make it worse. Her sister’s half disgusted, half aroused look only served to confuse and ridicule her.

Carla was determined to get payback. “Yes, you are indeed about to find out how it tastes. I dare you to strip naked and suck Harley’s cock.”

She waited for a look of disgust but it never came. Karlie smiled brightly, pulling her halter top over her head and tossing it to the floor. She laid back, raising her ass off the floor and peeled her boy shorts down her slender legs. Naked, she looked over at the two-year-old bull mastiff, smacking her thigh, and said, “Here boy.”

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