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Table of Contents

Story 1 – A New Partner

Story 2 – An Unforgettable Day

Story 3 – Demon’s Servitude 4

Story 5 – Demon’s Servitude 5

Story 6 – Demon’s Servitude 6

Story 7 - Emergence

Story 8 – The Futa Club

Story 9 – Transformation

Story 10 – Transformation 2

Story 11 – A Male on Futa Encounter

A New Partner

Madeline walked through the police office as if she owned it and sat heavily in her chair. She looked around at the same old faces and then noticed a friend.

“What’s up Jake?” she said to the guy at the adjacent desk.

“Nothing much Maddy, how about you, any mention of a new partner yet?” he replied.

“Not yet, but I’m feeling lucky today,” she replied.

Just then and as if by fate, the Captain called out her name.

“Yes sir,” she replied enthusiastically.

“My office, now,” he said and then closed his door.

Maddy walked over to the office, knocked once and then popped her head around the door frame.

“You wanted to see me sir?” she said, before noticing a young woman sitting on the opposite side of the Captain’s desk.

“Yeah, come in Maddy, I wanted to introduce you to your new partner,” he said.

The young woman stood up and put her hand out to greet Maddy. Madeline shook it briefly and then let go.

“Pleased to meet you… um…”

“Oh, it’s Kimberly but I prefer Kim,” she said before sitting down again.

“Okay, now that the niceties are over with, Kim this is Madeline. She lost her partner a month ago answering a call about a bank robbery. We lost two good guys that day, Madeline’s partner was one of them,” said the Captain.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Kim.

“Also, Kim here is a three-year Vet from New York and has walked the beat with the best of them,” said the Captain.

“Excuse me Captain but I thought it was departmental procedure that all females have a male partner,” pointed out Madeline.

“It is, but… um… how can I put this… we’re in a grey area here. I’m not saying any more about it other than to instruct Kim to tell you what I’m finding hard to say. Incidentally, whatever she tells you is strictly for your ears only, if anyone else finds out what she’s told you, I will personally fire you myself, are we clear on that point?” said the Captain seriously.

Madeline was shocked by what he’d said, but more than a little interested as to what Kim could possibly have to tell her.

“Anyway, I want you to show Kim around, introduce her to a few of your fellow officers, show her where the lockers, amenities, and such are and then go on patrol in your old neighborhood, okay?” said the Captain, seeing them nod in agreement, “okay, get to work the both of you,” he added.

Kim followed close behind Madeline, and Madeline was quick to show her where everything was and what desk was hers. She also introduced her to a couple of the officers and then Madeline suggested that they go on patrol. Maddy was anxious to find out what Kim had to tell her and couldn’t for the life of her think what it was. They hadn’t spoken much yet and Kim wondered if there was something wrong.

“Am I a disappointment to you in some way?” she asked.

Maddy realized that she was being a bit anti-social and instantly tried to mellow a little.

“Oh, no it isn’t about you, I was just deep in thought as to why the department would change their policy concerning partners,” replied Maddy.

“Well, like the Captain said I have something to tell you and I think we need to find a more private area to discuss it. That construction site over there would do,” said Kim as the site in question came into view.

Maddy didn’t hesitate, she drove through the site and parked outside the shell of the building that was being constructed. Kim got out first but didn’t say anything and Maddy followed close behind. Once out of sight of any prying eyes Kim picked up a brick that was just lying next to a large pile of them. Maddy watched her holding it with one hand and then saw it being crushed and pulverized into dust when Kim closed her hand around it.

“What the fuck? How are you doing that?” said Maddy.

“Put simply I have a bionic right arm, I also have a bionic right leg,” replied Kim and then demonstrated the fact by kicking another brick across the construction site like another person would kick a ball.

“Okay, impressive but that still doesn’t explain why I’m not getting a male partner,” said Maddy.

“That’s because of something the Captain was having trouble telling you, I’m a hermaphrodite or Futanari if you prefer,” replied Kim.

“Huh! Isn’t a hermaphrodite a person with both genders?” said an unsure Kim.

“That’s exactly what it means, which is why the Captain called it a grey area. I mean, if you consider my bionic limbs on top of that I’m physically stronger than ten men.”

“Okay, back up a little. I believe everything you’re telling me but am I supposed to believe that you have a cock and a vagina? I mean, I just want to be clear that that’s what you’re telling me here?” replied Maddy.

“I can understand your disbelief Madeline and I am ready to prove it if required,” said Kim.

“No, there’s no need for that and please, call me Maddy from now on,” replied Maddy.

“Understood, should we get back on patrol?” suggested Kim.

“Yeah, I guess we should. Oh, and don’t worry your secret is safe with me,” replied Maddy.

Once in the patrol car the questions were coming thick and fast and Kim was answering them all. The first and most obvious question was how she lost her limbs and who gave her the bionic ones.

“I enlisted in the army at the age of eighteen and during a parachute jump I walked into a planes propeller. There were several planes being prepared for takeoff that day so as you can imagine the noise was pretty bad. Anyway, I didn’t know the plane that was standing there unaccompanied was preparing for takeoff and because of all the other planes I couldn’t really hear the propellers until it was too late. As you can probably imagine it was quite a horrendous accident and I’m told that I died three times that day,” said Kim.

“Wow, I can’t imagine that sort of thing and what you must have gone through that day. So, I assume that’s where the bionic limbs came into it?” replied Maddy.

“Yes, because my real limbs had been decimated and were deemed unusable I was asked if I was prepared to undergo a new and top-secret procedure. I was fully informed about the risks and that I’d be the very first participant. However, if the procedure was a success I’d not only be able to do everything I could before, I’d also be enhanced in ways I couldn’t comprehend at that moment in time. Obviously, I agreed to the procedure and awoke after an eighteen-hour operation to find that I had two new limbs.”

“I assume they also found out about your other distinguishing characteristic as well?” said Maddy.

“Yes, more people found out that I was a hermaphrodite that day than any other in my life, until that accident. They gave me a nick name in the hospital, which I hated,” replied Kim.

“Oh, what was it?”

“He-girl and I’d appreciate you not telling anyone else that particular piece of information. Anyway, I went through a couple of years with them testing me as per the agreement of undergoing the procedure and came out a completely new and different woman. I kind of wanted to stay in the Army but at the same time I knew what would happen, they’d eventually start giving me specialized missions because of my new abilities and I’d end up dying somewhere in the Middle East. So, I decided that that wasn’t for me and then thought of joining the police force as a profession. This was all three years ago and I haven’t looked back since,” replied Kim.

“I tell ya, no matter how many times you tell me that, I’m always going to have difficulty picturing it,” replied Maddy.

The rest of the day was pretty much getting to know one another along with a few misdemeanors and when their shift was over they went their separate ways for the night. Maddy had a lot to process and was finding half of the stuff she’d found out that day a little hard to believe. Fate is a funny thing though, because after calling in for a Chinese takeaway Maddy went to pick it up herself and bumped into Kim coming out of the oriental restaurant.

“You’re not following me, are you?” joked Maddy.

Kim laughed and said no and then informed her that she was on her way home after having a drink with some friends and that she lived a block away.

“Wow, I never thought to ask where you lived. I mean, it turns out that we’re three blocks apart from one another,” said Maddy.

“Why don’t you come up and eat your Chinese food with me, I have something in the fridge to eat and we can talk for a while. Unless you’re doing something else?” suggested Kim.

Maddy gave it some thought and couldn’t see a reason why not so she agreed and off they went. A couple of minutes later they were entering Kim’s apartment and sitting at the dining room table. Kim got out the cutlery and the salad she had in the fridge and they ate together.

“You’ve got a nice apartment here, what does the rent go for?”

“I pay a little over twelve hundred a month, but my parents help with half of that so it’s not so bad,” replied Kim.

“That’s cool, it’s nice to have such caring parents. Were you born in this city?” asked Maddy.

“No, I was born in New York but decided that too many people knew about me there and I wanted to get away from all that so here I am,” replied Kim.

Maddy was fascinated by Kim’s story and was more than curious as to how they’d managed to give her limbs that looked and behaved just like the real thing. Kim showed her how they attached the arm to her shoulder and tried to explain how the arm was attached via nerve endings and was partly organic but most of that information went over Maddy’s head.

“The skin on the arm and leg actually grows and flakes just like real skin but it’s synthetic. It adapts to the body its attached to and in a way, its programmed to emulate the bodies tissues. Also, the leg is bullet proof and is made up of various metals including titanium, here feel the thigh. Oh wait, I can’t pull my pants leg up that far. Hang on a second and I’ll put some shorts on,” said Kim.

Kim went off and returned wearing said short pants and proudly showed off the join between the body and the artificial on her leg and then told Maddy to feel how hard the thigh was. Maddy had no trouble doing that because the leg wasn’t real flesh and she was surprised at how hard it was. However, she also noticed the bulge in Kim’s pants and couldn’t help wondering how she’d gone through life with such a thing for all those years. Kim caught her staring but not meaning to and put her leg down.

“You know, I think you’re always going to wonder what it must be like having a cock and how I must have coped for all those years,” said Kim as if she’d read Maddy’s mind.

As she was saying that she was undoing the button at the top of her pants and unzipping said pants at the same time and before Maddy knew what Kim was doing she saw the pants fall to land around Kim’s feet and then watched Kim pull her panties down to reveal the cock that was intriguing Maddy so much. Maddy stared at it with a shocked look on her face. For some reason she’d imagined a mangled or deformed cock that neither functioned or resembled the real thing but she was wrong on both counts. Not only did it look real, it was bigger than any cock she’d ever seen before and it wasn’t even hard yet.

“You weren’t expecting that were you?” said Kim.

“Um… no, I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t that,” replied Maddy.

Kim pulled her panties back up and was about to pull her shorts up as well when Maddy asked if she could see it more closely. Kim hesitated having not expected that kind of response but then pulled her panties down again and watched Maddy getting nearer.

“How have you managed to grow up with this thing between your legs? I mean, it must have been hard to hide it away for so long,” said Maddy as she stared at it with fascination and a little jealousy.

“I must admit it wasn’t always easy but it wasn’t always this big either,” replied Kim.

Maddy was really close, so close in fact that Kim could feel her breath on it.

“Tell me Kim, can you climax in both areas at the same time?”

“It’s never happened but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible,” replied Kim just before she felt the tips of Maddy’s fingers touching it.

“It feels just like the real thing and even responds in the same way,” said Maddy as the cock did indeed react to her touch.

Maddy felt its reaction and tried to stop it by thinking the most unerotic things she could think of but it was useless. Her cock was going to grow and there was nothing she could do about it. Maddy on the other hand had sat back to admire the way it lengthened and expanded.

“Wow, I see you’re a grower rather than a shower?” commented Maddy as it stopped growing and stood to attention.

Kim was a little embarrassed but she could see that Maddy wasn’t. In fact, Maddy hadn’t stopped staring at it for a while now.

“Is something wrong Maddy?” asked Kim.

“Oh, no, I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. Your cock is fucking amazing. Can I hold it?” replied Maddy.

“Um, yes, if you want to,” said a surprised Kim.

Maddy placed her hand around it and felt how hard and hot it was and then unconsciously began to stroke its length. She watched as the bulbous end of the cock pulsated each time she moved her hand to the tip and then back down again. She then noticed the testicles, which she hadn’t taken note of earlier and how much bigger they were to any man’s she’d ever seen. That peeked her curiosity even more and made her lift the balls up to reveal the pussy behind them. Everything looked completely intact and in working order and Maddy found herself still stroking the cock as she was massaging the balls with her free hand.

“Mmm… as much as I don’t want you to stop, don’t you think we should keep our personal lives separate?” moaned Kim as Maddy’s hand moved a little faster.

Maddy looked up into Kim’s eyes before replying.

“I don’t see why. I mean, it’s not as if we’re going to interact while on duty and what we do in our private time is our business and no one else’s,” she said and then looked back at the cock in her hand, “besides, I adore this cock of yours,” she added.

Kim felt Maddy’s grip tightening and her hand moving faster before she witnessed Maddy kneeling up closer and placing the tip of the cock into her mouth. She sucked it meaningfully and stroked it at the same time.

“Ahh… mmm… oh God, I haven’t felt that for a while,” moaned Kim as she placed her hands on the back of Maddy’s head.

As Kim pulled Maddy forward she felt her cock sliding along the tongue and the ridge of her cock tingled each time it was retracted. Maddy was taking a third of it into her mouth and each time she moved along its length she tried to take a little bit more, until she felt the tip of it stroking the back of her throat. This was exciting Kim and making her pull on Maddy’s head far harder than she had intended and in the heat of the moment she suddenly felt her cock sliding deep into Maddy’s throat.

“Ahh… oh God yes, take it all Maddy, suck my entire cock,” moaned Kim aloud.

Maddy stopped for a moment to get used to it being so deep and then slowly brought it out again only to return it to the depths of her throat while savoring every last inch of Kim’s beautiful cock as it penetrated where no cock had gone before. She massaged the balls with one hand as she carried on sucking and Kim was bucking her hips and pulling on Maddy’s head as if she thought it was the only thing giving her so much pleasure.

Maddy felt Kim’s urgency and began to pick up the pace and in its way, it was still just as erotic. She adored how much of the meat she could see going in and out and how it now felt as if Kim was fucking her mouth. Kim’s hips were going back and forth with a rhythm that seemed hypnotic and Maddy could tell by Kim’s voice that she was enjoying this moment immensely.

“Oh, God, I’m so close to giving you your prize. That’s it, suck it all in and squeeze it with you lips… mmm…. ahh… oh yes, it’s so close,” moaned Kim as she slowed down the thrusting.

The cock was moving at half the speed now and making Maddy climax with how it felt to take it all. Then Maddy could feel the end throbbing and with Kim warning her that she was nearly there Maddy decided to concentrate on the end and the ridge to bring it all to a conclusion. Suddenly, Kim screamed that she was cumming and Maddy felt the surge as it blasted her tongue and flooded her mouth only to seep out at each corner and slide down her chin. Kim came a second time and Maddy pulled it out afterwards thinking that it was done when a third string of seed splashed onto Maddy’s cheek and neck. Maddy put it back in her mouth and sucked it some more before finally allowing it to fall free and look up at Kim. Kim saw her mouth covered in her seed and immediately kissed her on the lips as she was standing up. When that kiss ended, Maddy spoke.

“I want to feel it inside me,” she said as she turned around and bent over to hold onto the seat of a chair.

Kim moved up behind her while she was stroking her cock back to life and then pressed the large head of her cock up against Maddy’s soft wet pussy lips. She pushed just enough for the lips to surround the head and coat it with Maddy’s juices and after teasing her for a while she pushed a little harder to feel those same lips giving way to the pressure and spreading apart as the head moved inside.

“Mmm… oh yes, that cock of yours feels amazing,” moaned Maddy as the sensation of being stretched open filled her mind.

Kim allowed a few inches in and pulled it back out again. She did that a dozen times until she was sure her cock was fully coated in Maddy’s juices before she pushed the rest in and watched Maddy’s knuckles whitening as her hands gripped the chair she was resting on, tightly. Once it felt easy to push in and pull out Kim gripped both of Maddy’s butt cheeks and started to move faster. As she was pushing forward she was pulling Maddy back to meet her thrusts and Maddy was moaning with an intense pleasure, the likes of which she’d never experienced before.

Kim was feeling especially randy that night and had wanted something to happen. She couldn’t have known it would be this but she loved it anyway. In fact, she was so worked up that she suddenly realized she was slamming her cock into Maddy’s pussy as if her life depended on it. Their two bodies were slapping against one another with each forward thrust and the sound was echoing around the room. Maddy was all but screaming that she was climaxing and was now laying her head on the chair. Kim realized that if she hadn’t been holding her butt cheeks so tightly she might have collapsed onto the floor.

The more this went on the hornier Kim became and after making Maddy climax a second time she still wasn’t close to cumming. She looked down to watch her cock spearing its intended prey and then saw the tiny hole just above it. She poked a thumb into that hole making Maddy call out with pleasure and then she had the urge to change holes and didn’t fight it. The first Maddy knew of it was when she felt the large cock head pressing her tiny rose-colored asshole and forcing it open.

“Oh, God Kim, I don’t know if I can take it there,” moaned Maddy.

Kim ignored her and allowed her animalistic behavior to take over. She was determined to fuck her until she came and this was the solution in her mind. She grinned when she felt the tiny hole spreading open enough to allow her cock in and then thrust forward with one big push to sink into the depths of Maddy’s ass.

“Ahh… oh God, you’re too big Kim… mmm… go slow, for the love of God, go slow,” pleaded Maddy.

Kim moved in and out very slowly until it felt more comfortable to move and once it felt good enough to fuck harder Kim didn’t hesitate. She picked up speed and adored how tight it felt around her cock. She then saw Maddy’s long hair and immediately grabbed it to pull Maddy’s head back as she began to pound and punish her ass.

“Oh yes, fuck me harder bitch, I’m cumming again,” shouted Maddy.

This talk turned Kim on even more and suddenly the position wasn’t good enough. Kim looked down and then had an idea, she picked Maddy up with ease with her cock still deep inside her, thanks to her bionic arm and started to pull Maddy up and down onto the cock in a seated position with her feet way off the floor. Maddy could see herself in a mirror across the room as her legs moved up and down and her ass was filled with each downward movement. Her next orgasm was hitting her out of nowhere and she found herself pleading for Kim not to stop. However, Kim was now very close and within two minutes of Maddy pleading with her not to stop she felt her seed exploding from the tip of her cock and pouring into Maddy’s ass.

“Ahh… oh yes, fill me up with your cream. Oh God, I’m cumming again,” groaned Maddy as the orgasm she was speaking of struck.

Kim held her cock in deep as she felt her seed draining out and she could feel it seeping out from the sides of Maddy’s ass as she stood there feeling as if she could go further. Then she spoke.

“I’m going to get cleaned up and I want to fuck you again, are you up for that?” said Kim as she placed Maddy onto the floor.

Maddy managed to look up and say yes before letting her head hit the floor as she continued to enjoy the aftershocks of her last orgasm. Maddy didn’t know how long she’s laid there but suddenly she felt herself being impaled onto the cock again and opened her eyes to look directly into Kim’s eyes. She was being picked up like before only this time she was facing Kim and the cock was now in her pussy. Kim kissed her with a passion as she thrust up deep inside her pussy and Maddy kissed back with equal enthusiasm. Their embrace was sexual as well as passionate. Maddy wanted to feel Kim’s tongue touching her own and Kim seemed to be of the same mind as they exchanged fluids with one another. At one point, Maddy was talking and the words were going into Kim’s mouth rather than around the room.

“I’m cumming again, fuck me harder,” moaned Maddy.

Kim gripped the butt cheeks she’d been holding even tighter and started to bend her knees more as she slammed her cock up harder and faster.

“Ahh… mmm… oh yes… please don’t stop…” moaned Maddy passionately.

Maddy lay her head onto Kim’s shoulder feeling exhausted as the pounding continued and yet another orgasm approached. Maddy had never been fucked like this before and had never cum so many times either. Kim soon got bored with that position and decided to try another. This time she lay Maddy down onto the floor and placed her legs over her head so that she could lean over her and push her cock in from above. Kim was holding herself up by her hands at the sides of Maddy’s head and arching her body in order to get a deep penetration. Maddy let out a groan of satisfaction as she felt the cock pushing in deep and was once again awestruck by the sheer size of it.

“Oh, God, I can’t get enough of that cock,” she moaned as she felt it thrusting in deep.

Kim was enjoying looking down between their body’s and watching how deep the cock could go in this position. Maddy no longer felt as tight as she did earlier and was drenched, which went a long way to explaining that, but it was still a pleasure to feel Maddy’s pussy gripping the cock every time she had an orgasm. It didn’t take long before Kim started to cum again and when she did she allowed Maddy’s legs to come down and she laid on top of her with her seed seeping out on either side of her cock as they held that position for a while.

When Kim pulled out she assumed that that would be the end of a wonderful night but she was wrong. Because as she lay their breathing heavily and getting herself composed once again she felt Maddy’s lips covering the end of her cock and opened her eyes to look down. Maddy was holding the semi-hard cock and bringing it back to life and quite rapidly it would seem.

“You want more?” asked Kim.

“You could fuck me all night and I couldn’t get enough of this cock,” replied Maddy as she went back to sucking it.

Kim decided to just lay there this time and enjoy whatever Maddy had planned. Besides, she actually enjoyed watching and feeling all of her meat entering someone’s throat. There was an erotic feel to it that’s hard to put into words and of course it helps when the one performing the act is so adept at doing so. Maddy was soon taking the entire cock into her throat again and just the sight alone was exciting Kim. So much so in fact that soon Kim was placing her hands onto the back of Maddy’s head and taking control again.

“That’s it, slut, take it all, suck that cock dry,” moaned Kim as she forced Maddy’s head down until she couldn’t go any further.

She then started to thrust her hips up at the same time and it felt as if she was fucking Maddy’s mouth and throat. Maddy had climaxed again only now she’d lost count of how many times she’d done so. She’d gotten excited in the past from giving head but she’d never climaxed several times in one night from doing it. It was all new territory for her and very exciting. Then suddenly Kim stopped and pulled her cock free.

“There’s a position I’ve always wanted to try and now that I have a partner that can perform oral sex as good as you I’d like to try it,” said Kim.

Kim helped Maddy up and then crossed over to the dining room table where she picked Maddy up and placed her on her back with her head hanging over the tables edge. Then she fed her cock back into Maddy’s mouth and within seconds they were at it again. Maddy was just the right height to take Kim’s cock deep again only this time Kim was feeding it to her and groaning with pleasure as she watched and felt it moving all the way in and out. Kim then placed her right foot onto the chair next to the table and really started to thrust her cock into the depths of Maddy’s mouth and throat and Maddy was moaning with so much pleasure that another orgasm made her pussy quiver with excitement.

Kim kept fucking her as the sweat was dripping off her back and neck and adored how Maddy’s throat bulged each time the cock moved in deep. Maddy tried to surround the end of the cock with her tongue but Kim was moving too fast for that. Twenty minutes later, they were both exhausted when Kim called out that she was cumming. Kim felt it spraying the inside of her mouth and started to suck and swallow but she couldn’t take it all and most of it spewed out on either side of her mouth with the cock still inside it.

Kim stopped moving with her cock still in Maddy’s throat and suddenly pulled it out slowly until the tip of her cock, which was oozing the last of her semen was resting on Maddy’s forehead and leaving a small deposit of semen before going limp and falling between Kim’s legs. This time Maddy thought it was over but just as she was ready to sit up she felt Kim leaning over her body and licking her clit before pushing her tongue into the drenched pussy before her. Maddy almost screamed from the touch as her clit was feeling incredibly sensitive at that moment. Maddy had been playing with her own pussy while Kim was fucking her mouth and had climaxed several times.

Kim loved Maddy’s taste and pushed a finger in as she continued to lick and eat Maddy’s drenched pussy. However, sometimes enough is enough and Maddy had to stop her from going any further.

“My pussy feels so sensitive right now that it’s driving me crazy each time your tongue passes over it. It was a magical night and one I will never forget but let’s stop now, shall we?” pleaded Maddy.

Kim looked back at the engorged clit and licked it one last time before kissing the pussy and calling it a day.

“Okay, if that’s what you want. I must say though it was great sex tonight,” replied Kim.

“Of that. We can agree. I don’t think I’ve ever climaxed so many times in one night and I doubt I ever will again,” confessed Maddy.

They talked for another hour before Maddy left for home but as she was only a few blocks away herself it didn’t take her long to get home and to crawl into bed. All she could think about as she lay in her own bed was what she’d done that night and how utterly incredible it was.


The following day was like any other, except that now Maddy had a partner and she looked forward to seeing what her new partner could do. Nothing much happened for the first half of the day but then around noon they were called in to check out a disturbance in the slums. Maddy half expected it to be a family argument which it is nine times out of ten but this time she was wrong. It turned out to be gun fight between two local gangs and they weren’t playing around. Two guys… well, kids really, had been hit and were bleeding out, on the street. Maddy called that in and asked for an ambulance while Kim checked her six and kept guard.

As Kim was standing there looking all around Maddy was using what little medical knowledge she knew to stop the bleeding of the two guys on the ground and she did well. The ambulance came ten minutes later and quickly took them away from the scene and all the chaos. The gun fire was still going off one street down and as soon as the kids were away Kim started to run toward the gun fire. Maddy followed close behind but couldn’t quite keep up. Kim tended to use the right leg to boost her run and had to concentrate on the landing each time she pushed away with her bionic foot.

For every step that Maddy made Kim made five and that meant that she was soon homing in on where the shooting was coming from. She didn’t care about those firing she was more concerned with collateral damage of the innocent bystander or child that might be playing in the streets. These people didn’t deserve to die for a stupid argument between gang rivals that had nothing to do with them. Kim spotted the first suspect behind a car and firing back at another suspect who was hiding behind a van.

Kim stopped and made a snap decision. She knew that Maddy would be coming around the corner any second and she wanted to make sure she could see the one behind the car as he was the easiest to spot. That gave her the other one to deal with and she quickly explained that over her radio as she began her run toward the guy behind the van. Her gun was drawn but she hoped she wouldn’t have to use it and as luck would have it he didn’t see her in time. She was suddenly barreling down on him and took him out with one punch. Kim then heard a shot ring out and looked over to the other side of the road. The other suspect was on the ground clutching his leg where Maddy had shot him.

All in all, a pretty exciting moment of the day but nothing they couldn’t handle. From that day on they became best of friends and lovers, as well as damn good partners who always watched one another’s backs.

The End

An Unforgettable Day

The following story would blow me away if it had happened to someone else, but the fact that it happened to me, makes me pause to remember the smallest details of that day and in so doing, the memories never fail to make me wet. My name is Amy and of all the things I enjoy doing, going to talks like Ted Talks and such is one of my favorites. I enjoy being inspired by some of the speakers and learning how they overcame or thought up the ideas that made them who they are today.

On the day that this story began I’d gone to one such talk and although this wasn’t a Ted Talk it was incredibly interesting nevertheless. I’d learned about it from a friend who happened to be a nurse and she’d told me that the stories I like to read about had some truth to them. I better explain that to make it clear. I enjoy reading about Futanari women or hermaphrodites if you prefer. They’re even referred to as Intersex individuals but I don’t really care for that technical term, it seems a bit cold and clinical if you ask me. Anyway, I always thought that these futanari women were fictional so you can imagine my surprise when I learned that they existed in the real world.

I managed to secure a ticket for this talk and looked forward to it. So, when it came around I found myself in a large room that was only a third full and sitting in front of five women on stage who were all claiming to be hermaphrodites. They all talked about their experiences growing up. One was from Sweden and her name was Patty, another was from America and she was called Michelle. The one from India was the funny one and she was named Anika. The tallest of them all was Anna and she was from Germany but the one responsible for bringing them all together was the fifth one and she was from France. Her name was Emma and she introduced them all to the audience.

There was one thing I noticed almost straight away and that was that they were all relatively young. I mean the oldest couldn’t have been more than thirty years old so when Emma asked the audience if we had any questions I pointed that out and wondered if they thought there might be a reason for that fact. Her reply was interesting and made me wonder. She said: “The interesting thing about that question is that hermaphrodites used to be an anomaly that only occurred with one in every five million and now that number is down to one in a million. Nobody knows why this is happening or whether the numbers born will rise. I like to think that it’s an evolutionary kind of deal but that’s probably wishful thinking,” she said.

Then came the question that they fully expected and it concerned the fact that there was no proof that what they were telling us was true or not. Emma had been prepared for this eventuality and had some slides ready to reveal for when the question came up. It turned out to be birth slides of three of the people on the stage but she wouldn’t say which ones and everyone could clearly see that the pictures showed a vagina and a penis on each of them. Someone stated that they thought they were incredibly brave to have taken on this talk and wished them all well. I applauded that remark and soon after that the talk was over.

I remember leaving that place thinking how incredible life really is. I mean, until that day I’d assumed my favorite characters were all fictional and now I learn that the stories I read could even be true if one of these five women was the author. Anyway, I had to get on with life and stopped thinking about it once I was approaching the railway station. I had a four-hour journey ahead of me and looked forward to reading some of my stories on my electronic reader. Fate is a funny thing though, because as I was sitting there waiting for my train I was approached by someone I never expected to see again. It was Emma and her four friends, they had recognized me as I sat near to the front and wanted to thank me for my input.

I can’t explain how excited I felt as they all sat around me with each one smiling and making me feel at ease. Emma asked me what train I was waiting for and when I told her she laughed.

“It really is a small world isn’t it?” she said, “that’s the train we’re waiting for as well. We have another talk in Philadelphia tomorrow afternoon,” she added.

“Um… listen I’d love to be able to talk with you guys a little longer, could I possibly sit with you all on the way to Philly?” I replied.

“Oh… um, we have a private carriage reserved but you’re welcome to join us if you wish,” said Emma with all the others nodding their heads in agreement.

I couldn’t believe my luck and immediately went on to explain how I always thought that futanaris were fictional and learning that they always thought that each of them was unique until Emma got in touch with them one at a time. I asked how she knew where to look for them and she revealed that her father was a doctor and that he had access to certain statistics of where and when hermaphrodites were born. Of course, she still had to do a little digging to find them all but it didn’t take too long. We were still talking when the train arrived and I followed them to their carriage, which turned out to be two rooms converted into one and reserved for those wealthy enough to afford it. It also had a mini-bar, which the girls were quick to help themselves to.

Now that we were all in such close proximity I could really see their faces and found them all to be strikingly attractive. The stage lights hadn’t done them justice and now that they were wearing sexier clothes they appeared different in many ways. The one thing I kept doing during the first thirty minutes of that trip that I’m not proud of was to keep staring at their crotches. I guess I couldn’t get over the fact that I was in the presence of five genuine Futas and that information alone was exciting the hell out of me. In fact, I actually apologized at one point and explained myself to them. They mostly shrugged it off but a couple of them offered me another drink and before an hour had gone by in our journey I’d already had three strong drinks and was feeling quite merry. It was then that the exciting part of this story began.

Anna had been sitting opposite me and she suddenly excused herself to use the restroom and when she came back she sat in the same place. I was talking to Emma at the time but a few minutes later I overheard a conversation with Anna and Patty and turned to listen and that’s when I saw it. I could clearly see Anna’s cock beneath her skirt as she sat on the chair with her legs spread apart. I swallowed hard and tried my very best to look away but I kept glancing back and could see it just lying there on the seat or more specifically on the underside of the skirt that was resting on the seat.

I couldn’t tell how big it was but I knew it wasn’t small and after being given a fourth drink I swallowed it all in one gulp as I tried to stop myself from blushing. Then I realized that my panties were getting wet and that made me feel as if they all knew but then something happened that made me sit up and pay attention. Patty suddenly lifted Anna’s skirt up and started to stroke the cock beneath in plain view of everyone. I could see the cock expanding and growing at an alarming rate until it was fully erect and I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Anna’s cock was huge and so thick.

“I noticed that you were staring at this Amy and I thought you might like a closer look,” said Patty.

Anna nodded her head in agreement and lay back to enjoy the attention that Patty was giving her. Patty’s hand was traveling the entire length of the cock to brush over the ridge and then slowly move all the way down to the base again.

“Oh, my God, your cock is incredible,” I managed to say as I felt my cheeks reddening.

Just then, Emma took hold of my hand and placed it onto her cock that she’d revealed while I was distracted. I felt how hot it was to the touch and automatically started to stroke it just like Patty was doing with Anna.

“I’m just guessing here but are you feeling up for some fun?” said Emma.

As soon as I said yes, they all moved at once and stripped their clothes off while locking the two doors to their carriage. They then sat down again and began to stroke their own cocks as a form of entertainment for me. I didn’t know where to look first or how to respond and my panties were now drenched I was so wet. They teased me for a while before deciding what to do next and suddenly they all stood up and made me stand amongst them as they undressed me until I was as naked as they were. Then they started to touch me all over and I was made to place a hand on two of the cocks that were ready for action.

Is this really happening? I thought as someone began to stroke my pussy with their fingers from behind me.

I turned my head to see that it was Michelle and she winked at me as she leaned forward and kissed my neck. She then pushed two fingers into my pussy as deep as they would go. I still had my hands around two cocks, one, which belonged to Anna and was the biggest one there and the other belonged to Anika. They felt so hard as my hands moved along their lengths and all I could think was how they would feel inside me. It was Emma who took that lead though because she suddenly bent me forward and pushed the tip of her thick cock up against my sopping wet pussy and pushed forward.

“Ahh… oh, my God, that feels amazing,” I moaned aloud as she stretched me open.

With Emma bending me over I was now facing Anna’s massive cock and she wasted no time in moving forward and placing the tip of her cock onto my lips. I didn’t hesitate, I simply wrapped my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth slowly. I was still moaning from the cock that was inside my pussy as Emma started to pick up speed and each time she pushed forward my pussy tingled with all the excitement of being fucked for the very first time. I could already feel an orgasm approaching and I never climax that quickly, normally.

Then Anna placed her hands onto the back of my head and started to move her hips as her cock delved deeper into my mouth. I didn’t know how much I could take of her massive cock but I was willing to find out. I could hear fapping going on around me and could even see one of the cocks being stroked to the action before them although I didn’t know who it belonged to. It was when my first orgasm struck that Anna took advantage of me, because when I started to scream with pleasure she pushed forward and pulled my head toward her at the same time and suddenly her huge cock was sliding into my throat and she was fucking it.

“Oh, yes Amy, take it all… ah… that’s it, swallow that cock and I’ll give you a surprise,” moaned Anna as she moved in deep.

My orgasm was so intense at that moment that I felt my legs weakening. Fortunately, Emma had a good grip of my butt cheeks and was holding me up as she pounded my pussy. The sound of her body slapping against my own was reverberating around the carriage even over the sound of the tracks beneath us. Even the motion of the train was helping make the moment a special one. Then Anna suddenly stopped moving with her cock deep inside my throat and called out that she was cumming. I felt it spurting out and then backing up to slide out on each side of my mouth. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations coursing through my body and then felt Anna moving again.

I felt her cock spewing another load onto my tongue as she brought it out and then saw the tip as she pulled it free completely. It was dripping with semen and was still hard as Anna stepped back. Before I could even get my breath back, Patty took her place and I began to suck the tip of her thick cock. It wasn’t as long as Anna’s but it was thicker and it filled my mouth up with ease. It was when I started to suck Patty’s cock that I felt a couple of spurts of semen hitting my back on either side of my body and knew that it had to be Michelle and Anika blowing their loads to the action in front of them.

Emma was still fucking me and didn’t seem to be cumming any time soon, or at least that’s what I thought. In fact, it was five minutes later that she came deep inside me and didn’t pull out until she’d finished cumming. I could feel her seed running down my inner thighs and felt how warm my pussy was when she pulled free. She was then replaced with Anika and she made me jump. I didn’t know how big she was in both size and width until she pushed her cock into me but as soon as it started to stretch me open I started to moan with pleasure and began to suck the new cock in my mouth with a little more enthusiasm.

I foolishly thought that this was the pinnacle of both seduction and excitement. I was wrong, they had big plans for me and I was about to find that out. It started with Anika pulling out of my sopping wet pussy and then grabbing hold of my upper thighs before picking me up and away from Patty’s cock. I let out a squeal as I left the floor and then felt the hardness of Anika’s cock pressing against my butt hole and stretching it open. Her cock was still wet from my pussy and she managed to ease it in slowly. It felt strange being held up like that with my legs spread apart and my butt feeling full. Of course, I was now fully exposed to Patty and the others and Patty took advantage of the situation by moving closer so that she could lick my pussy as the cock in my butt picked up speed. As soon as I felt Patty’s tongue touching my clit I climaxed again and almost screamed with the pleasure of it all.

I had my eyes closed when I felt a hand covering my left breast and a mouth covering my own. I opened them to find it was Emma and the kiss soon became passionate. The cock in my butt was driving me crazy as was the tongue on my clit but when Emma suddenly thrust a finger into me while Patty was still licking my pussy it made my legs go weak and sparked another approaching orgasm. When the next orgasm struck I was in heaven and that’s when Anika changed it up again by taking me backwards to one of the trains seats and sitting down with me still planted on her cock. Patty must have loved that because she followed us and quickly crouched down to push her cock into my drenched pussy.

“Ahh… oh, God yes… that feels amazing please fuck me, fuck me hard,” I urged of them both.

They didn’t disappoint because after that plea they began to rhythmically fuck me in turn. When one would go in the other would come out and they seemed to be in perfect synch. I’ve never screamed when experiencing an orgasm but then I’ve never been fucked like that before either and it was an orgasm worthy of a scream. I’ve also never gushed before and even thought that that was just talk but I found out that that was true as well because I gushed all over Patty’s cock. They both came within two minutes of each other and the semen was literally dripping out of me when they eventually pulled out.

“Okay, play time is over,” said Emma as she took hold of my hand and made me stand up.

Michelle and Anna were both stroking their cocks and Anna was the first to make a move when she grabbed me from behind and made me squeal as she lay down on her back with me on top of her and her huge cock pressing against my butt hole. Oh, God, she’s going to fuck me in the ass with that massive cock of hers, I thought as I felt the tip of her cock probing the hole. Michelle followed her by laying on top of us and pushing her cock into my still leaking pussy and no sooner was she in than Emma was kneeling near to my head and feeding her cock to my mouth.

I’d fantasied about that moment in every story about Futas I’d ever read, it was simply one of my biggest fantasies and one I never thought would come true. Yet, there I was with three Futas fucking every available hole and I was enjoying each and every second of it. It was Emma’s cock going into my throat that made me climax first out of those three, mainly because she was begging me as she moaned with pleasure to take her entire cock and her feeling of complete joy as I sucked her off was rather erotic to say the least. Anna was halfway inside me when Michelle pushed in deep and as she pulled out Anna pushed all the way in.

“Ah… oh fuck Anna, take it slow, your cock is massive,” I moaned after pulling away from Emma’s cock.

Emma quickly pushed it back in again and slowly at first all three of them started to fuck me in unison. I could hear sounds of pleasure coming from the side of us as well and managed to look out of the group of naked bodies to see Anika fucking Patty. The sensation overload that taking three cocks at one time gives you is unexplainable. It’s hard to describe because one moment the cock in your pussy is making you climax and the next the cock in your ass is driving you wild but then you feel a cock sliding into your throat as these other two sensations try to take control and all you can think is, I want to make the cock in my mouth cum.

Anna was picking up speed and really slamming her cock into my ass now and the moans of pleasure coming from me were driving the other two, crazy. For a while there I felt like a rag doll and could barely recognize where the next sensation was coming from. I could feel the slightest of details like the two cocks in my lower regions rubbing against one another as they were going in and out of my pussy and ass. I couldn’t believe how deep they were going and how wet I was.

Emma was moaning out loud that she was close and I could tell it was true by how rigid her cock seemed to be and how it jerked a couple of times. She tried to pull out when she finally said that she was cumming but I wouldn’t let her and suddenly I felt the explosive exit of her semen shooting into my throat and quickly flooding my mouth. Throughout it all though I carried on sucking and listening to her moans of pleasure each time I sucked the end of her cock. Her seed was oozing out of both corners of my mouth when she pulled out and my mouth was full when her cock hovered just above the opening. Then Emma did something I wasn’t expecting, she pushed her still hardened cock back into my mouth, making the mouth full of her seed gush out around her cock to smother her crotch and my chin.

“Suck it some more,” she moaned as it slid into my throat again.

Anna was next and she made a real drama out of it. She began to scream that she was cumming and moments before she did she slammed her cock into me so hard I came from just feeling her excitement. The one thing that I noticed the most when Anna came was when she finally withdrew her cock and suddenly Michelle had free reign of my pussy. The next time Michelle pushed all the way in I came again. The width of Michelle’s cock had been stopped in giving me the pleasure that it could by Anna’s cock but now that it was alone I could feel how deep it was capable of going.

That last orgasm from those three was the most memorable of them all as I truly felt satisfied and just as excited then as I was when it all began. Michelle came a few minutes later and came so hard I could feel it gushing out inside me. She pulled out when she was cumming a second time and I could feel her seed hitting my stomach and breasts. Moments later, I had my eyes closed because I was still enjoying tiny aftershocks of my last orgasm and it was delightful. Then Emma pulled her cock out and I looked down at my body. I was covered in their seed and when I tried to sit up, I found I couldn’t muster the strength needed.

I lay there wondering how far we were from Philly when the girls started to clean me up with tissues and cleansing creams. When they had finished they helped me up to one of the seats and were asking me if I was okay.

“Yes, I feel wonderful,” I replied.

“Please say you want some more,” said Anika.

I looked up to see Anika and Patty stroking their hard cocks and looking at me expectantly.

“I could take you on if you want me to,” I replied.

I didn’t know it at the time but Patty had a bit of a fetish, she enjoyed licking the pussy of someone who had just been fucked. However, it was the position they were going to use that excited me the most. It started when Anika picked me up from behind and skillfully impaled my ass with her cock. Her legs were open wide and she was crouching slightly so that her upper thighs could help support my weight and then Patty moved in close and started to lick my pussy as Anika pulled me up and down on her cock.

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