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Doggy Mounts His Mistress

Dog Perspective

Jezebel Rose


This is a new erotic series with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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This short story is about a dog mounting his Mistress. Written from the Dog’s perspective, you can expect something uniquely erotic as the dog knots and ties hard inside her.

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How would you like a specific story? I will write it to your request, accurately. Whatever you might be into- I will give it to you just how you like it. Anything I am unfamiliar with, I research, so I can give it to you hard and without protection. Email me at for more information.

Includes bonus detail in all sex scenes!


Doggy Mounts his Mistress

Doggy Mounts His Mistress

He padded into the room, paused and glanced at the people that stared back at him with baleful looks. Three strangers, his mistress and a shadowy figure in an alcove who he could not quite make out. His olfactory senses informed him of the charged atmosphere. Mingled with the familiar aroma of sex and pheromones were undertones of apprehension, even a little fear. The perfumes worn by them did little to hide the musk of sweat and aroused glandular activity. His nose told him of these things, and it never lied.

Two women sat on the red leather couch. A blond haired woman, dressed in some sort of loose gown printed in gaudy colors sat nearest the door. She was who exuded the apprehension. Her discomfort was apparent in the tiny beads of sweat that broke out over her top lip. He sensed the heat of her body it was not a healthy temperature.

The other woman was much younger, probably in her teens. Perfume masked most of her signature, but he was able to determine that she had recently ovulated, perhaps only finished this morning. Her hair looked grey to his monochromatic eyes and, like her hair; there was nothing remarkable about her to see.

The other stranger was nursing a drink with ice in a glass. He stood against the fake fire breast, feigning a look of nonchalance, but it was quite understandable that he was also emotionally charged.

His mistress took hold of the collar around his neck and uttered something unintelligible while dragging him to the younger woman on the couch. He was stroked and petted by them both by way of introduction. The younger woman shifted forward a little, hiked up her skirt and exposed a smoothly shaved cunt.

It was apparent by the way he was pulled, and that he was to make his acquaintance rather more personal. He sniffed at her and gave her a little nudge with his nose. Predictably, she squealed in delight and almost deafened him by clamping her legs together, trapping him in her embrace. He was used to human contact, even in the sexual sense, but he did not know this woman and a little alarmed, he pulled back sharply. They soothed him and then brought him to the other, older woman.

Her touch when she petted him was electric. Something about her smell and the softness of her fingers aroused in him a deep longing and an immediate reaction from his sex. His nose drove straight into her mound, and his tongue lashed out licking her exposed pussy from her anus to her clit. Her pleasure was quite evident in the copious amounts of fluid she secreted and her immediate moans of passion.

He shifted position slightly to get at her quim a little better. His tongue snaked out and hit pay dirt. She squealed like a stuck pig and sprayed his nose with her come. Dutifully, he cleaned her up and licked the mess off the red leather. She began to calm down, and her breathing became regulated.

His interest in her waned as she settled down. The younger of the two females had watched in fascination. Her fingers busy at her crotch while he had licked the other into a quick orgasm. It was to be her turn now. For the second time, he approached the younger of the two and gently probed her snatch with his nose. The olfactory senses confirmed that she had indeed just finished ovulating. It made for a heady aroma, and he found himself getting quite excited by the prospect of shafting this one.

His tongue went to work and very quickly, she was moaning and writhing on the couch. Her juices made the leather slick, and he could not keep up with her copious amount of lubricating fluids. She reached down and pulled the hood of her clit up exposing her cunt to him and making the bud of her pleasure poke out. He hit it with a lascivious stroke of his tongue, and she groaned her pleasure.

A few more of these direct hits brought her to a shuddering and devastating climax. She came on him from her lack of self-control. He quite liked the warmth of her on his snout and redoubled his efforts to make her come.

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