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Endless Desires: 10 Erotica Short Stories


by Ava Sterling

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Table of Contents

Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story

Out of Sight: A Public Play Story

A Drink of Champagne: An Interracial Story

Almost Human: A Robot Erotica Story

A Little Something Extra: A BBW Story

Quite the Catch: A Cougar Story

Leah’s Favorite: A Lesbian Story

Shared Secrets: A Swingers Story

Role to Play: A Menage Story

Taught a Lesson: A Sorority Story

Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story

Angie’s first day on the set was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. She sat there in the makeup chair, gazing over the multitude of crew members and gawking at the elegant Victorian set. Looking down at her own luxurious, frilly dress, it occurred to her that she’d come a long way in only a few years of pursuing an acting career.

The makeup artist worked on her eyes and lips like a painter putting the final touches on a masterpiece. Checking herself out in the mirror, Angie had never felt more beautiful. But the makeup artist sent her self-esteem crashing to the floor when she said, “Her skin is so pale. Is there anything we can do about that?”

Angie started to reply. “Um…I’m sorry, that’s just my natural complexion–”

Another crew member cut her off. “Looks like we’re stuck with that look. They can probably fix it with CGI in post.”

A voice called out, “Actors please report to the set.”

Three people crowded around her, each bringing their faces uncomfortably close to Angie’s, examining her as if she were a patient in surgery.

“Well, our time’s up,” the second makeup artist said. “It’s the best we can do.”

Angie’s heart sank. She’d received plenty of compliments about her looks, and she had moments where she believed them. But being in Hollywood raised the bar considerably and made her feel less attractive compared to the glamorous movie stars who surrounded her.

As soon as she got to her feet, another awkward question came from yet another crew member. “Is there any way you can make yourself taller?”

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“Since you’re so much shorter than Justin, it causes a bit of a problem in terms of the camera angles we can use. Can you possibly stand up on your toes in this scene?”

“Sure, I guess so.” A little stunned, Angie shuffled toward the set.

From behind, she heard the dignified British accent of the director, Roxanne. “Looking lovely, my dear. I haven’t seen a face that stunning since the golden age of Hollywood.”

Blushing, Angie turned. “Thank you so–”

But the words weren’t directed at her. Roxanne was addressing Justin Rhodes, the handsome movie star who strutted onto the set. “Thanks, Rox. I’m looking forward to this script. And sorry I couldn’t show up till now.”

“Oh, no need to apologize, my dear. I understand your commitment to the sea turtles comes before everything else.”

Angie had to collect herself a bit after seeing Justin up close for the first time. She approached him with an extended hand. “I’m a really big fan of your work. You have no idea how excited I am to be working with you.”

He gave her a limp handshake and grunted a hello. Turning to Roxanne, he said, “She’s really short, isn’t she?”

“Linda Roark cancelled at the last minute,” she said. With a smile, she turned to Angie and asked, “Are you ready, dear? We’re going to start with the love scene, so I hope you are.”

Angie wasn’t. She had a million things to think about. But she forced a smile and said, “Absolutely.”

Roxanne nodded. “Brilliant. Let’s get started then.”

The set cleared, and as Angie stood there alone with Justin, she’d never been more nervous in her life. But she gathered all the courage she had and took a deep breath.

“Action,” Roxanne yelled.

“How long can this go on, Arthur? You know Father does not approve of us. He feels you only favor my fortune.”

“But you know this is not so, Constance. Why does this trouble you?”

“Of late, I have had my doubts. I do not see in you that passion I felt when our eyes first met at the ball.”

Justin grabbed either side of her waist. “If it’s passion you want, then passion you will receive.” He tugged her body into a kiss, then tossed her petite body onto the bed. According to the script, they were supposed to fold their bodies into a fiery ball of desire.

But to Angie, it felt cold and mechanical. Justin’s hands all over her made her feel like a storeroom mannequin being undressed by an employee.

“Cut,” Roxanne yelled. With a polite smile, the director approached the bed. “Passion. That’s what’s missing. The two of you don’t seem to be selling your performances. How can we get you two in the moment?”

“I’m doing the best I can,” Justin said. But you know how hard it is to shoot scenes like these with someone who doesn’t have much experience.”

Roxanne rested a hand on Justin’s shoulder. “Yes, I know it isn’t easy. But somehow we’ll find a way through this. Okay, let’s start with the two of you on the bed. Ready?”

As she returned to her place behind the camera, Justin whispered into Angie’s ear. “Can you do me a favor and not kiss me on my left side?”

“I guess so.”

“That’s my good side. But you probably knew that already.”

Once Roxanne yelled “action” again, they tried a second time. But this time was even worse. On top of all the other things she had to think about, Angie was now worried about which side she was kissing. Her body squirmed underneath his for several uncomfortable seconds before they heard a merciful “cut.”

Roxanne approached the actors a second time, her lips now tight with impatience. “Perhaps we should break for an hour and return to this when we’re a little better…prepared.”

A crew member whispered something into Roxanne’s ear. She replied with, “Yes, see if you can get her on the phone.”

Angie watched her acting career slip through her fingers. That conversation had to have been about replacing her. It seemed as though Angie’s Hollywood dream was on the verge of shattering.

* * *

Unable to think of anything better to do during the break, Angie strolled around the set, marveling at the impressive way the crew had created a giant Victorian mansion. The front of it, at least. It took her breath away to consider that she had the opportunity to even be there. But it horrified her to think that she might have lost it all after her first scene with Justin.

From a room in back, she heard a familiar British accent drifting into the hallway. “Yes, dear, I’m so very happy to speak with you. Congratulations on your recent Oscar nomination.”

Angie’s jaw nearly hit the floor as she mentally scrambled through the list of actresses Roxanne could be speaking to. She crept closer to the office door, hoping to catch more of the conversation.

“I know you’re very busy, dear, so I’ll get right to the point. I’m having a difficult time with one of our actresses. She has the look we want–short stature aside–but I just can’t seem to get the performance I need out of her.”

Angie’s face froze. She pulled away from the door. She didn’t want to hear more, but she needed to. Her career was at stake.

“There’s something missing in her. What do I mean, well, she’s playing a character who is supposed to be consumed with passion for a man. She cannot live without his touch, his presence, his love. I’m not feeling that from her at all. I’m not sure if she’s capable of playing such a role.”

Taking a peek through a crack in the door, Angie studied Roxanne’s body language, hoping to find a clue for a way to save her job.

Roxanne didn’t come across like the kind of lady who could be easily intimidated or swayed. She boasted short, blonde hair and glasses, the kind of strong, independent woman Angie always admired.

Roxanne’s conversation went on. “No, she hasn’t been officially fired yet, but I’ll get back to you as soon as that formality has been taken care of. Why yes, of course you were the first I thought of. No, I wouldn’t dream of calling Janet. I don’t think she could spell passion, let alone act it. Although, between the two of us, I wouldn’t mind seeing her strutting around in a tight-fitting bodice.”

The last remark caught Angie off-guard. Was Roxanne…into women? A light bulb went off in her head. There might be another way to save her job. She waited for the conversation to end, then tapped on the door.


Angie swung the door open slowly and glanced around to make sure nobody else was inside. Still clad in her flowery, Victorian gown, she lifted the hem and strolled inside. “Hello, Roxanne.”

“Oh, hello dear. Won’t you come in and take a seat? I was just about to call you in. Close the door.”

Angie walked to Roxanne’s side and brushed her fingers along the bare skin of Roxanne’s shoulder before she could speak. “I just wanted to let you know much I appreciate you giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

Roxanne twisted her head to look up at Angie. “Well, that’s actually what I need to talk to you about.”


Roxanne seemed like she was trying to ignore the skin-to-skin contact as she struggled to put the words together. “These decisions aren’t always easy ones…”

Before she had a chance to deliver the bad news, Angie leaned forward, nuzzling against Roxanne’s ear and sending her warm breath across her neck.

Roxanne shivered. “I must say that…I have a few doubts about your ability to play such a…passionate and sensually driven character.”

Angie brushed her hair along Roxanne’s face while wetting her neck with soft kisses. “But now?”

“Now…I’m beginning to think I was a bit hasty.”

Now perched on Roxanne’s lap, Angie curled against her chest and continued moving her lips. “Oh, we don’t want to be hasty, now do we? It wouldn’t do for you to judge my work as an actress on what you saw earlier today.”

With Angie’s teeth nipping at Roxanne’s ear, the director seemed to be losing track of the conversation. “Uh-huh.”

“I was having a little difficulty playing the role with all the distractions going on. Comments from the crew, my co-star being an unpleasant ass. A beautiful director.”

Finally, Roxanne collected herself and leaned away slightly. She caught her breath and said, “Look, I understand that Justin can be difficult to work with, especially when you need to imagine him as a dashing, charming fellow. But acting demands imagination.”

Angie leaned in further to make up for lost ground. “I assure you I have a very vivid and active imagination.”

Roxanne stopped her before another kiss. “Do you? Could you imagine anyone as your lover? Me, for example?”

Taking Roxanne’s question as a challenge, Angie nodded slowly, then slid forward on her lap. “Not just anyone, no. But yes to you.” Their mouths met in a soft kiss that grew harder and more passionate.

Angie always enjoyed the challenge of getting the attention of a guy she wanted. And she was now faced with the biggest challenge of all. Getting this sophisticated woman to surrender to her charms wouldn’t be easy, but she was ready to do whatever needed to be done. She told herself it was for her career, but it was increasingly becoming about her own desires.

After several more kisses, Roxanne pulled her mouth away and stood. Angie wasn’t sure what it meant, but she feared the worst.

Roxanne took her hand and led her out of the office door and down the hallway. She turned to Angie with a finger over her lips. “We’ll have to do this quietly so we don’t attract the attention of the crew.”

They arrived at another set, a second bedroom for a love scene later in the movie. Grabbing Angie by the hips, she pushed her onto a replica four-poster Victorian bed. Angie couldn’t help but giggle. Roxanne certainly knew how to move her around.

Before bringing their lips back together, their eyes met. “To be honest with you,” Roxanne said, “I seriously considered having you replaced. I’m beginning to think that may have been a mistake.”

Angie brightened. But a quick read of Roxanne’s face suggested that “beginning” was the key word in her sentence.

Roxanne went on. “Show me how committed you are to your character’s passion.” She leaned back, spreading herself across the mattress and clutching her breasts.

This was another challenge for Angie. And she was more than ready to meet it. She started by draping herself over Roxanne’s body, bringing her lips back to the place they were when they left off.

When Roxanne felt those soft lips brushing against her neck, she released a breathy hum. She cradled Angie’s face, gently guiding them to the places she wanted. It didn’t take long before her breasts became the place that needed the most kissing. She sat up, granting Angie a better angle to remove her clothes.

Tunneling her hands up Roxanne’s sweater, Angie eagerly awaited what she’d find there. She wasn’t disappointed.

Roxanne’s breasts were well-shaped, and more than a handful. They stood at attention as if waiting to be handled and cupped. Angie approached them slowly, unsure what to do with them first.

“Do you like them?” Roxanne asked.

Angie nodded. “Like isn’t the word.” She pressed her face against them and squeezed on either side, feeling those hard nipples against her cheeks. She kneaded them in-between her fingers.

Angie knew she loved having her own breasts handled roughly, with a strong pair of hands working them over. She tried this with the perky breasts in her hands and watched as Roxanne’s eyes fluttered shut.

Roxanne squirmed like she simply couldn’t take any more, spreading her legs, tossing her head around, and lifting her hips. “Now, my dear, you need to really sell your audition to me.”

Not quite sure what she meant, Angie lifted her eyebrows. But when Roxanne’s hand reached the top of Angie’s head and guided her mouth closer between Roxanne’s legs, all confusion was cleared up.

Angie reluctantly removed her hands from Roxanne’s breasts and undid the top button of her pants. This wasn’t easy with how much Roxanne’s hips were moving, but Angie was determined to pass the test.

When she finally had all the buttons undone, the rest was just a matter of yanking hard enough to bring the pants down. Both women unloaded a sigh when her legs were finally bare.

Angie started things out by angling her tongue past the strip of Roxanne’s panties and offering a few shy nibbles. She heard a small sound, but not a pleasant one.

She tried to go at it from another angle, but the result was the same. After a third try, Roxanne said, “No, honey. You’re too timid. This is how it must be done.” She leaned forward and pushed Angie back until she could grab Angie’s legs and lift them in the air.

Roxanne then reached under Angie’s large dress and hungrily yanked down her panties. She ducked under the dress and slid between Angie’s legs. She hungrily worked Angie over with her tongue, wetting her lips with kisses, nibbles, and licks.

This was unlike anything Angie had ever felt. She reached up and gave her own breasts a squeeze–not an easy task in that voluminous dress. But Roxanne took care of that by pulling her out of the dress entirely.

Angie snaked out of her panties and lifted her thighs apart. She gripped the back of Roxanne’s head and guided that magic mouth back to where she needed it.

Roxanne’s return there was joyous. She sucked hard against Angie’s swollen clit and used both a tongue and finger to probe deeply inside her. A slow shake began to work its way through Angie’s body. She wouldn’t last long like this.

When a climactic ripple raced through her body, she almost lost her balance off the bed. But Roxanne’s quick reaction saved her, pulling her back into position for more fun.

Angie’s body was still shaking from the aftershock of one orgasm while Roxanne was working on creating another, sucking at her clit and running her forefinger along the sensitive edge.

The second orgasm shook Angie’s small frame as violently as the first had. This time she turned her head and moaned directly into the pillow as her legs flailed wildly and her hands clawed at Roxanne’s shoulders.

When it was over, Angie sat up and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

Roxanne smiled. “That’s a good girl. Just do what I taught you, and you’ll do fine.”

The first few clues that she was headed in the right direction came from the steady moans and murmurs from Roxanne’s lips. The volume only escalated, making Angie wonder if someone might overhear them. She made her tongue into a point and spelled out her name on her lover.

“Oh, Angie. You’re going to make…me…come.”

With Roxanne’s body exploding under her, heat again pooled between Angie’s legs. It was unusual for her to still need more after achieving two orgasms, but on a day like this, she had come to expect the unusual.

As Roxanne’s ripples of elation kept going through screams, kicks, and wild slaps at the air, Angie held her lover’s legs apart and positioned herself between them, bringing the apex of their thighs into intimate contact.

As Angie began a slow, rocking motion, their eyes locked together with few words to get in the way. They leaned into a long kiss and roped their limbs together as the rocking and sliding created a fire between them.

Angie thrust her hips harder, slapping their bodies together, as every bit of contact felt like electricity shooting through the lower half of her body. Angie’s long hair threaded into Roxanne’s short, blonde hair. Their bodies folded together into perfection. It seemed like the place Angie had been waiting her entire life to wind up–without ever knowing this was what she wanted.

Murmuring incoherently, Angie found herself pumping and grinding faster and harder than she thought possible. Roxanne seemed headed for yet another blissful orgasm as her mouth stretched open in a silent scream.

Angie was getting there too. She pushed and pushed until she threatened to run out of gas.

“Come on, baby,” Roxanne said. “You can do it.” It was oddly endearing the way she encouraged Angie on.

But Angie was flagging, her breath running short and her legs giving out after so much movement. So Roxanne took hold of Angie’s hips and twisted their bodies around, with Roxanne landing on top.

Then she added a twist to the encounter. She sat up straight, riding Angie like a rodeo star riding an unruly bull. The undulations of her hips were enough to send Angie’s body barreling toward another climax. And if her breathy screams were any indication, Roxanne wasn’t far behind.

They gripped each other’s bodies, spiraling out of control and smashing against everything–the mattress, the bed posts, the pillows, and most enjoyably, each other.

They landed in a glorious mess of tangled limbs. Angie’s head somehow landed right between Roxanne’s breasts, which seemed like the perfect place.

Roxanne gently stroked Angie’s hair and whispered in her ear. “We should probably get back.”

Angie nodded. But she didn’t move. That was the last thing she wanted to do. She didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

Roxanne didn’t move either. “Someone could walk in at any moment.”


“You know, because it’s possible someone may have forgotten something.”


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