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I made no bones about it, I was a horny fucking slut and I wanted to get raped. That’s right, there was nothing I loved more than a little rape baiting, to tease a guy into losing control and forcing himself upon me, to know that I was so hot that some guys couldn’t contain themselves and would set themselves upon me without regard for the fact they would have to spend a long time in jail.

I had worked in this hospital for over a year now, and on my bucket list was getting raped in my nurse’s uniform. Nurses go wild, they said. They really had no idea.

I had my eye on Doctor Jones and Doctor Harris. Both were good looking guys in their late thirties, and both married. Well, let’s see if I could rape bait them both into cheating.

“Calling Doctor Jones and Doctor Harris to room five”, I said over the intercom. I then rushed to room five, which I knew to be empty.

When they burst in I was bent over the bed, my uniform riding up just enough to show the cheeks of my ass. Oops, I had forgotten to put on any underwear today.

“Where’s the emergency nurse?”

“Emergency?” I said, looking over my shoulders, being sure to wiggle my ass from side to side. “There must be some mistake, nobody is in this room. Ooh it’s so hot in here.”

I turned around and began to undo the top buttons, teasing them with the sight of my cleavage, my e-cup breasts straining to escape out of my tight fitting uniform.

The doctors looked at each other with raised eyebrows, as I allowed myself a quick glance down at their groins. If I was not mistaken, those were two growing bulges.

“Well”, said Doctor Jones, “I suppose we better get back to what we were doing.”

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