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Daddy's Cream 6 - Lactation Bundle - Books 21 - 24


Copyright © 2018 by Millie King

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters 18+.

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About This Book:

The 'Daddy's Cream Lactation Bundle 6' features books 21 to 24 of the series, where teen brats are ferociously milked by their thirsty alpha Daddies in breast-feeding sessions that'll leave you dripping - just like the udders of the beauties in this bundle!

Featuring : 'Udder Swap Milking,' 'The Rough Lactation,' 'Milk My Big Tits, Daddy' & 'Milked by My British Daddy.'

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“Look,” I said, calmly now.

Slowly I brought my hands up to my tits and made a heart-shape with the two of them over my breast. I squeezed it out towards the nipple and felt that same euphoric release as before. A jet of milk shot forwards out of my nipple, scattering over the table that stood between us. Daddy’s jaw almost hit the floor.

“Holy hell!”

“See?” I said.

“Do that again,” he asked, taking a step forwards.

Again I primed my hands around my tits and brought them forward, squeezing the nectar through the tight aperture. It fired forwards in a plentiful burst and dropped again over the table.

Daddy took several quick steps towards me and stared down at my tits as though he was immediately in love. His pupils were fat when he looked back into my face and a beaming smile sprouted on my lips when I saw the change in him.

“Believe me now?” I said.

Daddy said nothing. Instead he rushed towards the table and dragged a fingertip through the milk, bringing it to his lips. He placed it on his tongue and closed his mouth and eyes, concentrating on the taste.

I watched the concentration turn to contented bliss and then elation.

“It’s hers!” he cried, punching the heavens. “It’s her milk!”

He came rushing back towards me and hugged me tight, pressing my big tits against his chest. I guess they didn’t need much in the way of provocation, because quickly they started dripping all over his t-shirt.

When Daddy broke from the embrace he looked down at his sodden t-shirt and then to my dripping udders. He started to laugh, running a hand down his face in disbelief.

“Oh, thank God,” he said, giddy with jubilation.

“Would you like to try,” I said, and I looked down at my ripe breasts and swayed my shoulders for him.

He stared at them and then to me, still shocked. “You want me to—”

“Sure,” I said. “Besides, you know more about milking than anyone.”

Daddy didn’t need too much convincing. He moved forwards biting his lip as he ogled me, looking at my big, ripe tits that were now his savior.

He reached forwards with his hands and then looked to my face for one last act of permission.

“Go ahead,” I said, giving them another shake for him.

His hand touched them and I closed my eyes in an instant. I felt my nipple start to rise immediately, as though Daddy had some kind of magic touch to go with my magic tits.

He sucked a breath over his teeth and then started to squeeze, bringing forth a torrent of milk that crashed against his grey t-shirt until it was sodden against his chest.

“Amazing,” he said simply.

My nipples drip-dropped their milk in the aftermath and I started to get even crazier ideas.

“Have a taste,” I said. “Straight from the source.”

Daddy stared into my eyes and then smirked when he realized what I meant.

Udder Swap Milking! : Daddy’s Cream 21

Daddy’s dairy business was thriving. His prized cow, Mabel, was one he’d planned on breeding to secure his business. She regularly produces the best milk in abundance and it’s something he’s banking on for the future. Even at forty, Daddy was planning his retirement, and he saw his dairy business as the perfect way to do that.

Daddy had taken me on at eighteen and schooled me in the ways of the dairy farmer. Now, at nineteen, I was getting the hang of things and doing many of the jobs on my own.

That day I was out in the barn giving them their feed when I arrived at Mabel. She stared up at me with those big doe eyes and I gave her head a scratch. I loved those big, dumb animals like nothing else, and I think a part of them was starting to reciprocate.

I leant over to give her neck a scratch and as I did so I felt her big rough tongue give me a lick right across my chest. With my tank-top on I felt every inch of her tongue as it dragged over me, smoothing over the top of my tits, but what I didn’t expect was the sensation that followed.

Afterwards there came an eerie silence. The rustling and grunting of the herd died down and Mabel looked right into my eyes. I could feel something more in her gaze—something way beyond the usual docile look. As she stared into my soul I felt a tingle in my body and a shiver ran through me.

I swallowed hard and then reality seemed to fade back in. The noises returned to the barn and Mabel went straight back to eating her feed, but I couldn’t ignore that moment.

It lingered with me for most of the day. It was fair to say I felt a little different after it, but I couldn’t explain why. A couple of days later things started falling into place.

“Something’s wrong with Mabel,” Daddy said, walking into the kitchen that morning. “I can’t get any milk from her.”

In an instant my mind recalled our special moment together. “Nothing at all?”

“Not a single drop in two days,” he said, frustrated. “I hope she’s okay.”

“I’m sure she will be,” I told him, rubbing his back as he buried his head in his hands at the kitchen table. “It’ll be okay, Daddy.”

I kissed his head and quickly left him to it, running to the bathroom in an effort to rule out an idea that had started burning inside me as soon he mentioned Mabel’s milky drought.

Tentatively I remove my top, staring in the mirror at my breasts which somehow seemed bigger than usual. The past couple of days there’d been a strange tingle at the core but I’d tried to dismiss it. Now though, it started to make sense.

I took a deep breath, unclasped my bra and stared at my tits in the mirror. They looked swollen and ripe, as though they were about to burst. The veins in them seemed more pronounced and I looked down and lifted one to check it wasn’t some trick of the light in the reflection.

I gave them a squeeze and recoiled as something burst out of them and spattered the glass. It was white and ran like water down my reflection. I felt a brief relief as though I’d sated the sensation that had been nagging me for days, but quickly it returned.

I stared down at my nipple as it dripped, then I moved a hand to the mirror. I pushed my finger through the streaming, white liquid and brought it to my mouth to confirm my fears. It was milk alright.

I squeezed again at my heaving breasts and again I startled as a spiral or milk squirted from the nipple and flashed over my reflection.

“Fuck,” I hushed. All of my fears came true at once. The moment in the cowshed now seemed even more significant. Worst still, it started to make sense. Mabel had lost the ability to produce milk at the exact same time that I’d felt the tingle, and here I was, stood in the bathroom and firing plentiful bolts of milk all across the sink and mirror.

“I’ve got to tell him,” I said to myself. “It’s the only way.”

Before I did so I gave my breasts another squirt and cupped my hand beneath the nipple. The milk seemed unceasing in its flow, but I had to make double-sure that my notion was correct.

I brought my palm to my mouth and took a drink of the pure-white nectar. Despite the circumstances, the taste of the milk gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling just like Mabel’s always had. It was sweet and velvety and made me smile, forgetting my predicament briefly.

I gave a satisfied hum and then my expression dropped all over again as I realized what I had to do. I had to tell Daddy.

I found him in the kitchen, fidgeting around and clearly still distressed that his retirement-plan was in danger.

“Daddy,” I called out, but he didn’t seem to even notice I was in the room. “Daddy,” I said again, walking over and placing a hand on his shoulder. He turned to me and I saw the sadness in his eyes.

“What is it, sweetie,” he said.

“I think I know what’s wrong with Mabel.”

Suddenly I had his full attention. “What is it? Do you think she’s sick?!”

“Not that,” I said, struggling to find the words.

“Then what?”

“I … I think something happened between me and her.”

“What happened, Gail?” he said, desperate to hear more.

“She—she licked me and—well—ever since then I—”

I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

“What?” Daddy asked. “She licked you?” He seemed unimpressed.

“Yes and ever since then I’ve felt … strange.”

“Gail, what the hell?” His desperation soon turned to annoyance. “What are you talking about?”

“Ever since she licked me I’ve felt a tingle … in my …” I touched a hand to my breasts.

Daddy let out a laugh of disbelief.

“It’s true!”

“So what?” he said, running a hand through his black hair with a sigh. “This is my business here, Gail, don’t you realize that?”

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