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“Would you like your room cleaned sir?”

Fucking right I would like it cleaned you sexy looking bitch. That was what I said in my head, if not out loud-I was too polite for such things.

So, the maids in this hotel had the classic French Maid outfit. Now this was what you called a five star service.

My cock twitched as she walked by and the door shut behind her, the womanly scent of her perfume drifting into my nose.

I could tell that underneath that patchwork of black and white there was an hour glass figure, there was simply no hiding it. And she was so young and pretty, so fresh faced, she could not have been much more than eighteen. Mmmmm.

My cock was now pitching a tent in my bathrobe as she bent over the bed to start pulling back the sheets, her dress riding up her legs to show the back of her milky white thighs, and clinging tightly to a nice round looking ass, as it had been designed to perfectly accentuate those curves.

“How old are you?” I asked her.

“Eighteen sir”, she replied, those bright red lips forming into a smile. I wondered if she was told by the powers that be to wear that lipstick or if it was all of her own accord. Just imagine those red lips sliding up and down on my cock…

“Christ, what I would give to have you suck my tool right in between those sexy red lips of yours.” Oh shit, had I said that out loud?

“Sir I…”

She straightened up, her face blushing, and her eyes glancing down to my crotch. Shit, I now had a raging hard on and I had just stupidly said out loud that I wanted to put my cock in her mouth.

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