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Prison Rape

Brutal Pig Sex for a Young Straight Guy

Gary Bonds


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My Intro:


I’m Gary Bonds. Thank You for checking out this short story of mine, again focusing on brutal pig sex in prison. I hope you like it.

If you have come across any of my work before, then I think you’ll know that I only write hardcore material; this contains some of the strongest content I’ve covered, I’m sure of that.

This is about a young guy, a young straight guy, who gets sentenced to a six-month sentence for nothing more than a drunken night out where he stole a car, with his friends, just for a laugh. On his first day inside he goes through the usual prison induction scheme where the duty guard picks him out for some extra special man-on-man treatment. After that it’s a nightmare time in the cell where his cell buddy, a big brute of a man, takes him as his new cell bitch, forces him into having sex in return for protection from the gangs, and ends up butt raping him.

I get all my story lines from real life experiences, from what I overhear in bars or from what guys tell me. All I do afterwards is to try and put what I got told into words without losing out on the feelings and depth. It’s as simple as that.

So that’s how my stories come into print.

Mostly I tend to write, or retell, the stuff I hear about brutal sex such rapes, group sex, and incestuous relationships, that’s the kind of stuff that piques my interest. I also write a lot about Pig Sex and Prison Sex, Bears and Daddys, or older guys and their younger cum sluts; the hotter the better as far as I’m concerned.

I always value feedback and I’d love to hear your thoughts about the story you are about to read. Every email I get I respond to, and that includes the ones that tell me to quit and go get a proper day job…..!

So right at the end of this short ebook I’ve given you my email contacts. All my details are on my Smashwords author page too, so if you get two minutes go take a look at what makes me tick and what turns me on. All my work is listed there too.

Thanks again,

Gary Bonds

Story Contents:

Part 1: My Introduction to Prison-Sex

Part 2: Raped in My Cell

Part 1: My Introduction to Prison-Sex

The sound of the gavel had barely sounded when I realized that my sentence was really happening and I was going to prison. That’s when it hit me. I am 22 years old, quite shy, and fairly skinny with a smooth-looking baby face; I have never been able to gain weight or develop much of a body and I guess I look a bit feminine in my actions even though I’m as straight as an arrow.

My story is very simple. I was with my friends in the back woods near a lake used by couples who wanted to get some privacy and have sex. We always went there to get drunk and fool around. On this particular night a college-type couple arrived quite late at night. My friends and I were stupid on liquor and started hiding in the woods because we thought they were the police and we didn’t want to spend the night in the cells like we had to once before.

The couple parked their car, got out and put a blanket on the ground several feet away from the car. We were watching from the bushes, giggling like schoolgirls. They started petting, stripped their clothes off and started making out. We thought this was great fun, our own private sex-show.

Soon the girl went down on her guy and started giving him the best blow job I have ever seen; the lucky bastard. One of my friends suggested we take the car and drive it to the end of the road near the freeway and leave them stranded. As drunk as we were it seemed like a good plan. One of us was a little more sober than the rest of us so he agreed to drive; we sneaked up, opened the doors and all piled in. The ignition keys were still there and he began to start it up. We drove away with the guy chasing after us for a few yards before he gave up, cursing us out and threatening to kick our heads if he ever caught us.

We were laughing and shouting back at him, thinking what a great joke it was to leave him there in the middle of nowhere. As we were driving down the road a police car stopped us. That was the start of all my troubles.

To cut a long story short, we were arrested for auto theft, driving under the influence, public drunkenness, and a list of other half-assed charges I cannot even remember. I was denied bail but my friends all paid up and got out until the trial date. Somehow or other I was the one who took the whole lot and they all walked free with just a verbal ear-bashing from the judge. Always me.

I was sentenced, and as the judge said, made an example of; I have never been in trouble with the law before and now I was scheduled to serve six months for one night’s messing around.

The van arrived the next day at the court jail to transport me to the state prison. My hands were chained together in front of my body and hooked to a thick chain around my waist like some big time bank robber or something, it was crazy. Each prisoner had their own seat and except for the occasional "Shit" or "What the Fuck," no one spoke. I was shit-scared and trying to keep my eyes away from looking at the others in the van.

After a two hour ride I finally saw the huge concrete prison wall encased in razor wire, overlooked by twin guard towers, and with a steel gate built strong enough to stop a tank. I am 22 years old, never in been in trouble with the law before, and now my life for the next 6 months would be inside these walls. I quietly said good-bye to the outside world as the gate slammed shut behind the van.

We pulled into a small garage with armed guards standing at various points around the van. A large brutish-looking guard with a loud deep voice called out our names in a roll call. We were escorted off and stood in single file on a white line facing a large building and then we walked into the building led by this huge animal of a guard.

Once inside I was taken to a small steel room with a metal bench seat to be initiated, as they said. It was cold and scary and had a steel door with two spy hole slits in, and a strong harsh light burning brightly above my head. I sat and waited to see what was going to happen next.

A guard opened one of the slits in the door and told me to place my hands on the slit below and he would remove the cuffs. Once they were off he asked me to place the waist chain on the slit and he opened the lock and took the chain.

"Take off all of your clothes and pass them to me through this opening" He instructed “Quickly, I haven’t got all day”.

I followed his instructions in silence. I undressed and stood there completely naked.

"I will be back in ten minutes to start the shower and conduct the check in exam."

I was really getting nervous about all this and feeling really vulnerable without clothes. The room was so bright and anyone could open the slits and look at me.

After what seemed like hours the guard came back and opened the door and told me to follow the white line to the room across the foyer. I followed the line, opened the door and stepped inside. The guard followed and closed the door behind him as he came in behind me. There was another small room leading off with a security camera placed high in the corner, near the ceiling.

"Go in there and take a shower." He ordered

I went into the next room and he followed. This room was small with towels hanging on a rack over a small bench. The shower was already running from one shower head; there was no shower curtain or door to this room so absolutely no privacy. I entered the shower and started washing myself off, always under the watchful eye of the guard.

"Okay that’s enough. Come out and put your hands flat down on this bench with your legs spread."

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