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Father and Son Confessions

Gary Bonds


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All characters contained in this work are aged 18 or over and all sexual activity was entered into of the participants own free will: Role play and Fantasy.

My Intro:


I’m Gary Bonds. Thanks for checking out this story that I simply titled ‘Incest’. That says it all don’t it? I think from that you’ll have a pretty good idea what this story is going to be all about.

This is based on something I was told about a year or so ago, and at the time I struggled to believe it, but from what I’ve heard since I now believe it’s true. At the time I didn’t want to write about it, but after giving it some considerable thought, I thought why not?

What can you say about sex in the same family? I know it happens; in fact it takes place on a large scale but a subject rarely discussed. In this case it’s something that happened between a father and his son: Trust me, it’s hardcore and it’s extreme. Let’s say, not for the light hearted.

Just in case you never heard of me before let me explain how this all works. I get all my story lines from real life experiences; I spend most, if not all, of my free time in bars and clubs and the things I write about are all taken from what I over hear or from what guys tell me. The next day, when it all starts coming back to me, I start making notes before I forget and turn them into stories as soon as I can.

Sometimes a collection of five or six stories come to me over many months, other times I seem to hear about them in a week or so. I guess it depends on who I’m with and where I happen to be. This is a one off, something that was told to me night by two guys who were in the know and were happy to spill the beans. I’ve changed it around a bit, but basically it’s a real life experience.

This story is different to most subjects I write about, and I think it will either appeal, or not; no middle road. it contains some of the hardest material I have ever written, simply because it actually happened, and life is stranger than fiction, right? I just hope I’ve the ability to make this one as horny for you as I felt when I got told it. If not, then email me and complain!

Before you start to read I just want to make one thing clear – If you do decide to buy this, and I hope for my income’s sake that you do, but decide later that it’s not for you or you didn’t get on with it please just email me and I’ll send you more stuff absolutely free to make up for it – Okay?

My contact details are all listed below, right after the story – I respond to every email and, good or bad, I’m always happy to get feedback.

Take care, thanks again



Incest: Father and Son Confessions Vol 1

It was a cold and heavily overcast Sunday in mid-January when Jason Holly got out of his jeep Wrangler and looked at the front porch of the large white farmhouse that belonged to the Murtough Family, specifically Garrett William “Big Bill” Murtough, Sr. and his son Garrett William Junior, whom everyone called “Little Bill." The snow had let up, for the moment, and Jason was glad for that. Indeed, this was the kind of day that made you question why anyone would want to live in central Wyoming in the first place. Jason was dressed in normal clothes today; anyone who saw him would have no clue as to the fact that he was a county sheriff’s deputy, except for the fact that under his bulky sweatshirt he was wearing his badge, his gun and a pair of handcuffs on his belt. He hardly ever went anywhere without those three items on him, that was a lesson he had learned from his dad, Charlie Holly, the current sitting sheriff of Yancy County, WY.

Yancy County was not much to speak of; the largest town was Yancy itself with a total population of a little over 10,000. The county was primarily agricultural with the exception of a couple of medium-sized plants. Jason’s Dad, along with him and seven other deputies kept the peace throughout the county and it didn’t really matter that they did not have a large force. Most times the biggest issues that they had to deal with was petty stuff such as drunk driving, fighting, wife beating and other similar “blue collar” crimes.

As Jason got out of his jeep, he saw the front door of the house start to open and out stepped Little Bill. The name was strangely ironic since he was built like a brick shit house. Little Bill was a fourth-generation farmer and his family had worked this land for over 75 years. His days of long, hard work in the field, along with his good genetic breeding, showed in the fact that his body, despite being only 5’ 11” was thick, solid, and muscular. He stepped out onto the porch and waved at Jason.

Little Bill had decided to set this meeting up after experiencing a very strange incident at the glory hole in the rest stop bathroom out on route six. He had just dumped his nut down the throat of the expert cock sucker on the other side of the wall, but when he stepped out of the stall and he came face to face with the local Deputy as he was stepping out of the ‘cock suckers’ stall dressed in his full sheriff’s department uniform. Needless to say Little Bill was shocked, yet pleasantly surprised to learn that the mouth that had just so perfectly nursed a heavy load out of his balls was none other than the son of the Sheriff. He looked the cum-slut straight in the eyes and immediately told him that if he wanted him to keep his mouth shut about his activities in the bathroom he, the Sherriff’s son, should come to his house on Sunday afternoon and be prepared to stay through the evening.

Rather than being met with any type of objection or denial, he just got a simple “yes sir” from the Deputy. The Deputy seemed lifeless, not knowing what to do; he just awkwardly stood there being stared at by Little Bill for a full minute before the roughneck farmer leaned forward and in his deep gruffled voice whispered in a hushed, menacing tone “Well boy what are you waiting for? Get your ass out of here and back to work. I pay good tax money for you to keep me safe so go and get your job done....And don’t be late on Sunday, ok?”

With that Jason turned and left the bathroom as quickly as he could. He got into his patrol car which was parked behind the building and drove away. The rest of the week he just fantasized about what had happened in the service toilets and what was going to happen come Sunday; and now here he was and his fantasies were about to come true

“Jason!” Little Bill called as he came down the steps of the house’s large wrap around front porch, “You made it, great. When the snow started this morning I thought you may not be able to get through”

He clasped hands with the deputy who had a look of confusion on his face. They had always been slightly distant to each other mostly out of professional necessity but also due to the 13 year age difference, but last Tuesday afternoon at the toilets he had been a total ass hole to him and now he was being as pleasant as anyone could be. Last Tuesday he had been dominating and overbearing, a fact that had driven Jason into such a sexual frenzy for the last five days. Little Bill could see the look on the other man’s face, and as he shook hands with him he moved in close, increasing the force of his handshake with all the strength he had in his large, muscular farmer's hand.

“As you know, my Dad lives here with me and he is floating around somewhere so act like we're best fucking buddies and that you just came here for a friendly little visit. He doesn’t know anything and I want it to stay that way. If he gets wind of anything you’ll pay dearly”

Little Bill locked eyes with Jason’s and after a moment of heavy tension between the two of them, Jason responded with a simple nod of the head and straightforward, “Yes sir.” Little Bill smiled and released his grip on the other man’s hand. He then turned and placed his arm around Jason’s shoulder and walked him up to the front door of the house and showed him inside.

“Remember what I said, ok?”Little Bill said as they entered the house, and then called out “Dad, we have company, hide the bodies!”

They walked down the long central hallway of the house toward the rear and as they came to the back of the house, Jason could smell the aroma of good country cooking coming from the kitchen. Sure enough little Bill escorted him into the kitchen and there on the stove was a large pot bubbling with something that smelled real good, a smaller steamer pot on the other burner, and a crock pot on the counter.

“Deputy Holly, welcome. How’s your Dad doing...I haven’t seen him in weeks” Garret Williams Murtough Senior, otherwise known as “Big Bill” asked as he crossed the room. He had just finished taking a fresh pecan and walnut pie out of the oven and setting it on the ledge of the opened kitchen window to cool. He shook hands with the deputy before returning to his stove where he started to stir the contents of the pot with a long spoon.

“Oh he is doing fine sir. He is in Clayton for a couple of days at a state wide county sheriff association conference” Jason said.

“Oh hell, well we all know what that means don’t we boy. Those conferences are just an excuse for the guys to get together and get pissed drunk whilst out of sight of their wives and local municipalities,” He laughed out loud “But then every man needs an outlet to blow off steam every now and then don’t he guys?” Jason looked at Little Bill, who just shrugged off the comment. “So what brings you out to these parts Deputy?”

“Please sir, I’m off duty. Call me Jason. I’m just out here to visit Little Bill. He asked me to come out and help him take care of some things. Move stuff around” Little Bill smiled; the prick had done good coming up with a cover story without any hesitation.

“Hell boy I could have helped you with anything you needed. No need to drag his ass all the way out here for shit like that.” Big Bill exclaimed.

“Yeah Dad and the whole reason you stopped working the farm four years ago was because of your back and that arthritic hip. Me and Jason here are both young guys. We can handle the heavy work while you keep up with the…woman’s work” he snickered as he looked at his old man and then at the large cooking pot.

He teased his Dad but deep down, he knew that his Dad was all man; even now as he stood in the kitchen he was dressed ready to work if the need arose. He was wearing his big black work boots, overalls and a flannel shirt. Up until four years ago his Father had been running the place and was the kind of man who would get up at sunrise and not go to bed until after the 10 o’clock news. Then he had the tractor accident and damaged his back. It was not long after that that the arthritis started to affect his right hip. Medicines controlled the pain and allowed him to live a full life, but he would never do “man’s work” again. It was OK though, he had found peace and happiness in “retirement” and big Bill knew the place was in good hands being run by his son.

“I’ll make you think woman’s work boy. If it weren’t for me you’d fucking starve” He said as he looked at his son and then to Jason, “This boy can’t even boil an egg and still burns his fucking toast”

“Yeah well that may be true. That may very well be true. And I’m grateful pops. I enjoy every bite you make and appreciate everything else you do around here , I’m just joking with you. And that pie looks great…I can’t wait to get a slice later, but for now… Come-on Jason, let’s go” He opened the door and Jason started to follow him out onto the back porch.

“Hey Jason, since he dragged you all the way out here I insist that you stay for dinner later, I made plenty. In addition to the pie, I got chicken and dumplings, steamed vegetables and a big pot of hot apple cider in the crock pot.” Big Bill said pointing to the cooking pots.

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