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You Can Only Pop The Cherry Once

©2018 by HELENA LACE

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My wife is the hottest woman on the planet. Her long tanned legs have my full attention the second she enters any room. She has a body like a cannonball. I love making her sweet puss explode in my hands.

We both love showing off my eight-pack abs and her perfecto ass at Sunday barbecues just to see the look of envy, anger and desire it causes our neighbors.

9 years strong, when friends ask my advice on matters of love all I tell them is that I fuck my wife twice a day 7 days a week.

At office parties, she raises her skirt for me to reveal her fully exposed crotch, I quickly close the bathroom door a second before my boss sees us. If we are alone in the car she is guaranteed to suck me off as my mind wanders between filling up her mouth with my cum and keeping it between the lines on the highway.

Somewhere between pleasure and death, that's how we roll.

Problem is, the perfect woman has the perfect daughter.

I tried. I kept my dick in my pants no matter how many naive secretaries rubbed themselves against my crotch, ripped silk shirts thrown across the room as they advertised their soft skin and full breasts to an innocent man. Her sister (a petite brunette with full lips and big tits) kneeled down before me, begging me to take her, deflower her, ruin her there and then. Virginal sluts have a thing for me. I certainly have done my best to hide my thing for them.

I did allow my sister in law (the whole family waited for us in the living room, the door had no key) to go down on me. As I skull fucked the brat, desperate to blow my load in her velvet mouth before I was caught doing what I do best, I realized that the one person who would stand behind me if they found out would be my wife.

The way her sister clumsily licked my balls, so anxious to taste me after years of obviously lusting after me, her deep brown eyes looking up at me like a pet looks at its owner when he comes home, my wife would commend me for my generosity.

My wife once said that when you have a cock as big as mine a moral compass is optional. So I decided to enjoy the ride and give the brat a once in a lifetime experience. You can only pop the cherry once.

Problem is there's a lot of cherries in a cherry tree.

For years I was lucky her daughter Caroline was clumsy and unattractive. She spent her time away in a private school, so there was really no risk of my dick getting me into trouble, cause as you probably realize I like keeping it in the family.

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