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Caught By Daddy With The Twins

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I didn't ask for it. My wife forced me into it. She told me she sensed there was something strange about my sons and her daughter. They were always laughing around and rough housing, I didn't think there was anything wrong with that, but my wife had a way to see the worst in everything. She told me a young woman like Camila could never go through life without raising hell. Hell, I could see that. Camila is a cute brunette with fire in her eyes and a perfect ass. The second I met her I couldn't stop staring at her perfect breasts, her voice was warm and inviting and she held on to my hand a bit too long.

She clearly liked them older, whenever my friend Steve came over she stared at him the whole time, she made excuses to hang around us even though Steve is old enough to be her dad. We are both firefighters, so we keep ourselves in great shape.

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