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Wet Summer With Daddy

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I know it's highly unconventional for a girl to choose to live with her stepfather over her biological mother after a divorce, but you have to understand, I just wanna be close to daddy.

Mom didn't put up much of a fight, it was as if she was screaming for freedom, after the divorce, she married a 19-year-old lifeguard and now spent her retirement humping him and sunbathing by the pool, a mid-life crisis turned sexual misconduct.

I was enjoying my final weeks with daddy before I moved away to college. Having just turned 18 years of age, I chose to spend my last summer around my favorite man in this whole planet, my handsome, sweet daddy instead of in some far away tropical paradise, I chose to be close to heaven.

Daddy insisted I enjoyed my vacation away from him, he had been down for the last few months over the divorce, I could tell he hated the fact he was replaced by a younger man.

Before the divorce, he enjoyed traveling, laughing and practicing extreme sports (and I enjoyed seeing him in his race car driver's gear, which accentuated his muscular body and revealed a shockingly generous bulge), but nowadays he spent all day locked in his study, doing god knows what.

I tried my best to get him out of the house, but no matter how many scenarios I thought up, from picnics to camping trips, he just wouldn't cave. Before the divorce we used to be so close, always laughing around, making up inside jokes, running around like two crazy kids, instead of stepdaughter and stepfather we seemed like kindred spirits. But nowadays he avoided me at all costs, the second he saw me in the hallway he locked himself in the nearest room.

No matter how hard I knocked, he just wouldn't give me what I wanted, his hard wood in my wet nah nah. I wanted to be close to daddy. My whole body became warm the second I saw him, I had always tried to make excuses to hug him as often as possible so I could feel his blood sausage, but he started avoiding my body. He wouldn't even look at me.

It was too hot for summer, so I started dressing in outfits that were just too wild and sexy for any hot blooded man to ignore. I threw away any skirts that were below the knee, any lose shirts that didn't reveal my perky breasts. I began wearing my silk nightgowns as dresses around the house. I just wanted to cheer daddy up, he seemed so depressed and I knew the only way for him to get over mommy was falling for another woman. If I had to be that woman, so be it.

I could tell it had the desired effect on daddy, but he never made any comment on it. I began wearing no underwear and made a point to curve my body in revealing ways the second I saw him. I could tell by how flustered he looked it was getting too hard for daddy to bear it. I was proud to show daddy my best assets, my horny puss, my bare ass.

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