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Book 4:

Roll Camera

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To all the ladies that occassionally flip the script on fellas.

Chapter One

Mya Basset's heart pounded in her chest. It threatened to tear out of her body, the faster it pumped. 

 Please don't stop now, she desperately thought. I'm so close.  

Sweat dripped down her back. Her whole body grew hotter the faster she moved. Mya's excitement heightened as she realized she was so near to begin completely satisfied. Her breast swelled and her tummy tightened. 

Now, she had to concentrate hard on keeping her gyrating body from falling off.  She flew up and down on top. Her thighs began to burn.  

“Can’t stop now. You’re doing so gooood,” she praised between raspy breaths. 

It felt too good to stop. Almost there. Her rapid breathing burned her lungs. A clear mind helped her push past the pain in her thighs and in her heart. 

Don’t think. Just go with it, she pepped herself up. “You’ve needed this for a long time.” 

“Ahhhh! Whoo! Ah!” Mya howled as a quick precession of beeps announced the completion of her set 3-mile goal. 

Fighting the urge to collapse on the treadmill, Mya stuck out her legs on top of the black metal sides of the running belt. Her back arched over the control panel. Her throat was scratched by the coarse breaths she inhaled and exhaled out. Soon she grabbed her pink squirt bottle and squeezed a stream of cool water into her mouth.  

Mya felt her legs had recovered from their wobbly stage. When she trusted they could walk her into her cool down, Mya stepped back on the slowed running belt. She walked while occasionally drinking from her pink bottle. 

Sweat dripped down her nape. She had cut her hair short. The natural texture formed a small curly afro that she usually braided the front part of her scalp to act as a head band around her short curls. 

Despite the short length of her hair, she was working out so much that day that her hair felt like a ton. Every inch of her body was soaked in perspiration. A sign of a good workout.  

Mya had been committed to working out for about 4 months now. She found it left her with amazing relief that she was having trouble fulfilling anywhere else. Plus, it cleared her mind from the pain that haunted her.  

Her eyes caught a flash of a yellow star travelling across the 27" screen TV, which hovered in the corner of the wall to wall mirrors in front of the treadmills inside the nearly empty gym. 

Pictures of Ben Evans and Jessica Christy were collaged on the screen as the voice of the entertainment reporter spoke. "Film star Ben Evans has just announced his engagement to former PR assistant, Jessica Christy. Love is in the air. With 5 more days until the Golden Globe Awards, are there going to be any more announcements of wedding bells in the near future?" 

A shot of Chris Foley leaving Whole Foods popped on to the screen. The heartthrob celebrity wore dark glasses as he held a green totem bag in one hand, and in the other, he held a hand belonging to Susan Dunee. The skinny, tall blond looked happy walking along in mid conversation.  

“Rumors have been swirling about this reunited couple. Sources have seen….” 

Mya’s eyes flicked away from the disgusting sight of the man she had loved with the woman he had left her for. She knew it was a lie. Chris had agreed to start seeing Susan again for a publicity stunt. It was a show to boost up their popularity, but it hurt Mya to see them together just the same. 

The announcer’s voice continued in the background. "For the past 6 months it looks like stars Chris Foley and Susan Dunee maybe rekindling their relationship. Both have been spotted sharing intimate conversations in popular restaurants and nightclubs in the City of Angels.  

Foley has been nominated for best supporting actor in his recent film, "Bright Girl", while his new love interest has also become a Golden Globe nominee for her 5th consecutive year." 

Mya couldn’t help but look back up to the TV for one last look at Chris. In another shot, it seemed to have been taken from a far distance by a long zoom-in lens.

Chris was shirtless. His bronze bare chest shone in the morning sun's reflection. Chris’s arms remained cut. His stomach smooth with a hint of a six-pack forming. A pair of light board shorts with dark blue Hawaiian hibiscus flowers hung tight around his waist. It showed off his nice round, muscular butt.  

He looked good as he talked with Susan on the patio of his Long Beach home. Susan stared up at him from her seat, eating a slice of watermelon. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore big pink rimmed sunglasses.  

Then, Chris bent down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Mya felt physically sick. Her heart ached from seeing pictures of Chris.  

When he had agreed to not only date Susan, but marry her as well, Mya had mentally fallen apart. She didn't know where that had come from. Mya had thought Chris and her were happy. 

 Before he had left for his filming, they had spent an amazing weekend together. Chris had constantly texted her and called her in the two months following. Mya was in love. Then, he decides to just drop her for America's Cinema Sweetheart. 

Since then, in the past six months, Mya had been throwing herself into her publicist job at IRIS PR firm in Hollywood. She had a long list of new clients that she was promoting.

Her career was doing well. Mya’s 40-hour a week schedule didn't give her time to wallow about how Chris had hurt her. Also, she sometimes worked out to get rid of pinned up energy.  

In the ladies’ changing room, Mya looked at her cinnamon chocolate form in the wall to wall mirrors. She had dark brown eyes in the oval shape of almonds. Her cute flat nose was placed between two high, round cheek bones. She pushed her thick lips together as she lifted her pointy chin and slapped the little extra skin under it. 

The face fat was always the last to go, she thought. That and my thighs and ass. 

She turned her thick thighs slightly to look at her plump ass. It was thick and round. 

I don’t mind keeping my ass though, she thought. Men loved to squeeze it. She grinned at that funny thought and had to stop herself from making it clap 

Calm down. You’re in public.  

Then, she turned back towards the mirror and inspected her wide breasts. They were perkier from all the chest exercises she had been doing. Her hips were slim but not skinny, making her short frame of 5’ 7” (in heels) look like a trimmed, miniature hourglass. 

You can still pull, girl, she told herself.  

Recently, Mya had gotten into the habit of pepping herself up and having pride in her looks. She thought it was important not to let her past heartbreak ruin her self-esteem. Chris couldn’t take that away from her. 

Mya walked to the gym showers. She busied herself by mentally running through the calls she needed to make and arrangements to go over before her lunch date with action film star, Mike Chang.  

Chapter Two

Chris sat on top of his surfboard in the clear calm water of Long Beach. He stared back onto the sandy shore. In the distance, he could make out his beach house on the Long Beach coastline. The blueish grey house stood out with its long windows. 

The three-story home with a tiny, patio rooftop was his pride and joy. He loved living near the beach and watching the waves come in at high tide during the night. It reminded him of his nights bar-be-quing with his family on the beach, back in Australia. His younger sister, Chloe, didn’t live too far from a beach that they had thrown family parties on throughout the year. 

Chris’s 6-foot 2”, muscular body bobbed up and down with the tiny waves that rolled in and out. His happy family memories were interrupted when he spotted Susan on his patio. She was taking in the morning sun while eating her breakfast. Something she started doing regularly when she found out that sometimes a group of paparazzi would stake out his home. Chris’s patio on stilts was the perfect place for them to spot his guests.  

He knew Susan could never pass up  a photo op. That was the many things he had grown use to about her.  

The media whore til the end, he thought. That’s wha I signed up for. This is wha I get for leavin’ Mya. 

Chris tried to clear his head from the vision of Mya's hurt brown eyes. They had haunted him for the past six months along with her beautiful smile. He had spent restless nights replaying how she felt in his arms. Chris was working out more and surfing almost every day to try to clear his head from the presence of the one he loved.  

He kept repeating to himself that it was the right thing to do. She needed to be able to live a life without the interference of the press.  

Without her diet scrutinized every time she had a double cheeseburger, or wore a tight outfit. Have a nice romantic dinner and laugh and hold hands without it being plastered on 50 different magazines and newspapers.  

Any argument they may have would have been blown up and dissected. Anytime Chris or Mya would have been seen with someone of the opposite sex, questions would have fired for months insinuating a possible affair, or near breakup. He didn’t want Mya to deal with that. It would have interfered with her work as well as a normal life. 

Life in the spotlight was lonely and it made it worse when you forced someone to accompany you in it. Chris had to be with someone who knew the pressures and obligations of being a film star.  

Susan knew how to play the role on-screen and off-screen. She understood how to play with the press and keep a successful career. If Chris was going to focus on his acting, Susan was the best bet to get him to stay at the top.  

And stayin away from Mya was the best way she could live her life happily, he reminded himself. 

Not only disappointed by his life choices, Chris was also disappointed by the absence of waves. He couldn’t get a good surf in that morning, so he decided to paddle back to shore and start his day. 

After putting away his longboard, he walked up the steps to his patio and was greeted by the sight of Susan, sitting at the long, glass deck table and eating her morning watermelon slices. Pink sunglasses were hiding her face above a nice bright plastered on smile.  

“Good morning, sweetie,” she sang.  

“Mornin’,” he said.  

Then she arched her eyebrows in a questioning look. Chris obediently went over to kiss her cheek.  She swiftly moved her face so that his lips landed on hers. When he slowly pulled away, Susan grabbed his arm to pull him closer for another kiss.  

Chris instinctively looked up and saw a group of cameramen 50 yards away from his property. Their long lenses attached and clicking photos during Susan’s nice private breakfast.  

“I need to go take a showah,” Chris said as he walked out of her reach.  

“Would you like me to join you?” she smiled suggestively at him.  

“Nar, that's alroigh,” he said as he went through the sliding glass door into the living room. 

The lukewarm water from the shower sprayed on top of his head and face. Chris turned when he heard the glass shower doors slide open.  

Susan stood naked in front of him. Flawless white skin and perky pink nipples greeted him.  

Chris turned away from her bare pussy and shapely legs to grab a bar of soap from the shower shelf. Next, he began lathering his chest as if she wasn’t there. 

After a long moment, he threw a question behind him in annoyance, “Wha are yoou doin?”  

Susan answered by walking into the long shower. She pushed her breasts against his back. Her hands slipped down to his cock. Chris backed out of her hand and maneuvered out of her embrace.  

“Don' do that,” he ordered her.  

“Isn't that what happy, soon-to-be-engaged people do?” she asked as she went to grab his penis again.  

“Not when there isn' any cameras around,” he said. 

Again, moving out of her horny reach. Chris continued to hurriedly take his shower. His strong biceps flexed as he moved the soap rapidly over his lower left calf. 

“Oh, come on,” she said. "It's not like we haven't done it before.”  

Chris's jaw tightened at the memory of his weakness a couple of weeks ago when he had drunkenly gotten on top of her. His heart hadn’t been  in it, but he had a desire to satisfy.   

After a while, he could only complete the job because he had been thinking of Mya. Sure, in the beginning he would force himself to go along with being physical with Susan. It was natural to be with the woman you had planned to spend the rest of your life with.

However, after the first month, Chris had no desire to fuck Susan. Mya was the only woman he wanted to be intimate with. Everyone else seemed a waste of time and energy.  Unless, he was very drunk. 

As a result of his drunkenness, Chris had stayed sober for the past 2 weeks, so not to have repeated that sexual act with Susan again. This was a business arrangement. Besides, he felt guilty every time he touched Susan when he knew he rather be touching another. 

“I have needs, too,” she said. “And if this is going to work, we're going to have to start being a bit more physical.” 

“Well, the next time the cameras are on I'll be sure to grab a breast or two,” he said. “Or would yoou prefah  me to give yoou a nice smack on the ass? Wha do yoou think the public would like best?” 

He rinsed himself off and walked out of the shower.  Susan was left with the shower running and sexually unsatisfied.  

She disappointedly watched Chris grab a white towel off the silver rack outside the shower. Next, he ignored her as he wrapped it around his waist before walking away.  

Susan turned to pick up the shower head from its holder. Then, she lifted a leg onto the wall, and used the powerful spray on the area where she had wished Chris's mouth had gone. 

Chapter Three

That evening Mike's slippery tongue slid in the crevice of Mya's ear as they walked along the hallway to her apartment on Edgemar Ave in Ladera Heights.  

She had canceled their lunch that afternoon to cover up a crisis of one of her client’s drunken brawls at a Vegas strip club. Mya had promised to make it up by having a late dinner with Mike that night.  

They had been enjoying a quiet shrimp risotto in her local neighborhood restaurant when a group of fans had recognized Mike from his “Thailand Race” franchise movies.

Mike had sweetly signed autographs and took pictures as Mya had sneaked into the restroom. It had been one of her escape plans, so not to bring media attention to their involvement with each other. 

Luckily, the restaurant’s window had been big enough for her to slide out of and land in the dirty alleyway. Mike had caught up with her a block away from her apartment, having slipped away from his fans through the back door of the restaurant.  

“The price of fame.” His sexydimples had sprung  up as he laughed. 

“It’s ok,” she said. “No one noticed me.” 

They walked up the steps to the second floor. A young, black couple with a small baby passed by them. The exhausted mother held tight to a crying 9-month old as the equally tired father trailed behind with a box of pampers.  

It was the first time in months that Mya’s eyes didn’t moisten from the sight of a baby. In the beginning of the first 6 months since Chris had agreed to the false engagement plans, Mya had broken into tears just from watching a Pampers’ commercial.  

Cute chubby babies crawling happily in their dry diapers tore at Mya. The sensation of the emptiness in her belly would fill her with raw emotions that she tried to push away with the thoughts it brought of what could have been with Chris. 

Not crying at the appearance of the small family made Mya feel like she was finally moving on.  

At the landing, Mike grabbed her close and continued to make out with her ear. The wetness of his saliva in her ear canal was turning her off. Mya tried to think of a way to get him to go home. She wasn't in the mood for any physical contact and had a bunch of press releases to review before she sent them out for the morning papers.  

Mike and Mya hadn’t actually been physical yet. A few small kisses here and there. Honestly, Mya was as impressed with those kisses as she was with him making a slimy pool of spit on the side of her head.  

She really cared for him as a friend, but he didn’t do it for her physically.  

Yes, Mike was attractive. Especially tonight in his light, short sleeve, grey shirt that laid across his pecks, huge toned arms and a flat stomach. He was bulky but slim.  

Mike’s black slacks stretched nicely over his grabbable bubble butt. His bronze skin was covered with tribal tattoos of black ink which added to his sex appeal as they wrapped around his large muscles.  

He usually wore his black hair short on the sides and an inch longer on the top. Mike had a strong jaw that was always smooth. A long, straight nose and nice heart-shaped lips that always formed an infectious grin or a wide, handsome white smile that had the sexiest dimples.  

Anyone could see why his action movies did so well. An Asian hottie who can kick ass on any neighborhood street got everyone wet. 

However, Mike’s pushiness was a turn off. Plus, for Mya, the idea of having to hide their new relationship was even less appealing. She wasn't ready to start another relationship with someone in the public eye.   

Actually, she wasn't ready for a relationship with anyone. Anytime she had an urge for someone, she had a few people she could call for quick midnight booty call through the use of a Tinder app. Normal men who had nothing to do with her profession and who were too willing to come over at a moment's notice. Also, when she couldn't be bothered with that she always had enough extra batteries in her bedside dresser.  

Yet, it didn't matter if she chose to be with a man, or to be with her vibrator, every time she was close to cumming, Chris would pop in her head.  

Sometimes Mya allowed herself the pleasure of pretending he was moving deep inside her. And other times she stopped. Certain days it was too painful to go on thinking of him and what pleasure and pain he had caused her. 

Tonight, she wasn't in the mood to think about Chris. She had already seen him enough today on television with his soon-to-be fiancé. Mya tried hard to swallow the lump that was in her throat when the picture of them jumped into her mind. They looked happy in their facade. Mya knew it was fake but it was still painful to know that Chris rather be a part of a lie than have something real with her.  

“She wasn' wha I wanted. Yoou are wha I want," Chris’s lie echoed in her head.  

A deep desire to cry alone swept over Mya. She had to get inside quick before her tears started to run. 

“Well, Mike, I had a lovely time,” she spoke down to the ground. It was her usual cue for him to go home.  

“And you haven't seen anything, yet, honey”, he said as he kissed down her cheek to her lips. 

Mya moved back and said, “No, I have a lot to get done before I get to bed.” 

That was half true. Riley Morris, her new film client, had showed up to the LA Premiere of the second Fifty Shades of Grey in a S&M outfit and a transgendered prostitute on his arm.

Luckily, the chauffeur had warned Mya before they had gotten to the red carpet. He had parked the car a few blocks from the event where Mya could jump in. 

Mya had thrown a pair of black slacks and an evening jacket at him as she had entered the car.  

“Put this on now,” she had ordered. 

Riley had looked over at her in shock. A second later, a fat white hand pulled Riley’s date out of the car from the street side of the limousine. Mark Blake, the security guard at Mya’s office, was doing her a favor that night. 

“Hey, get off of me!” a deep voice of the prostitute rose in panic as she was firmly rushed passed the limo. Her blurb of shimmering black was escorted into a nearby taxi.  

“Hey, I paid for her,” Riley said indignantly. 

He looked behind the limo through its tinted back window as Mya ordered the driver to pull away from the curb. 

“You didn’t pay for her,” Mya stated. Her hands worked quickly to put the evening jacket around Riley. “I know you didn’t because if you had it would be all over the news in 20 seconds. It would be a disaster that would make sure you would never work in films, or TV, or even late night informercials for the rest of your life. Then, I would be fired and homeless for letting it get out that my client thought it was funny to bring a tranny prostitute to a sexy romance film.”  

Mya pulled his slacks over his assless leather pants. With a grunt, she said, “Can you help me, please?” 

Riley leaned back to lift up his hips so the pants could slide on.  

Minutes later, the limo pulled up to the curb of the red carpet. Flashes from the cameras were sparkling throughout the crowd outside. Mya pointed to her pretty assistant in an elegant canary yellow evening gown. Dominique Hall stood near the car door with a big nervous smile. 

“You see that black girl in the yellow dress,” Mya didn’t wait for him to nod before adding, “She’s your new date. Her name’s Dominique. Be nice to her. Don’t try anything. She is not a prostitute. Take her to a few parties then let my man Dennis here take her home.” 

Dennis had moved around the limousine to open Riley’s door as Mya slipped into the front part of the car as to not be photographed or noticed by the cameras. 

A media crisis avoided. Mya’s homework assignment that night would be to make light of the shirtless, leather and chain vest he wore underneath the evening jacket in her handling with any media outlets. 

Mike kissed her lips, bringing Mya back to real time. He stood a few inches over her. Mya leaned back slightly away from him.  

“I'm sure you have a lot of work to do,” Mike said as he moved in closer. “You need a break, baby. You have been working too hard. I tell you what. Let’s go on a trip together. Just you and me. I have a film to shoot soon so if we go now you can have me all to yourself.” 

“A trip where?” she asked.  

Part of her felt a bit uncomfortable going away with a man. She couldn’t trust her heart, or body, in a romantic getaway of false hope. 

“Anywhere you want. Just name the time and place. And we’ll go,” he pulled her hips closer to him. 

“I’ll think about it,” she said as he continued to kiss the side of her face and down her neck. 

“We've been dating for a few weeks now,” he said between kisses. “Don't you think it's time I see what your bedroom looks like?” 

Mya laughed and stepped back. Then, she said, “Are you this smooth with your other fans?”  

“I guess I'm out of practice,” Mike moved closer. “I usually don't have to work this hard for such a beautiful woman.” 

“This is you working hard for me, then?” she asked after pulling away again.  

Mike looked into her brown eyes. “I think you're more than worth it,” he said with genuine honesty.  

Mya felt sorry for him. He was such a great guy and a good friend. Mike deserved more than her stringing him along. Mya decided to let him know that this was a lost cause.  

“Look,  Mike,” she started. “I really like you but as a....”  

“Don't you dare say as a friend,” he said. “Friends don't kiss after having multiple dinners and lunches.” 

“I'm just not ready for anything.... serious.”  

“You are still not over that Ned guy?  That was months ago,” he said. 

Mya looked up at him in confusion. She was having trouble placing who Ned was. 

“You don’t have to play dumb with me,” Mike said. “It was embarrassing for both of us to find that trailer trash in here. Don’t worry about it I’ve make bad choices in dating the wrong type, too.” 

Then the sight of Chris in a red University of Alabama baseball cap, a handlebar moustache and a fake pot belly  shot into Mya’s head. That was the weekend before Chris left to shoot his new movie Bright Girl. He had pretended to be Ned, an angry country bumpkin boyfriend.  

Mike had tried to kiss her after a dinner that night and Chris had happened to be there to stop him. Chris had been going off in a country accent. If Mya wasn't still hurt by Chris's betrayal, she would have laughed at the remembered thought. 

“Something like that,” she said.  

"So, let me in and I guarantee I'll have you forgetting his name before morning time,” Mike smiled.  

“I need more time, Mike,” Mya stated as if the subject was closed.  

Mike straightened up and stared down at Mya in frustration. She feared the turn in events. Gone was the easy-going man who would make her laugh and help her out of a jam. This man in front of her now was serious and angry. Mya’s heart raced as she feared what he might do.  

Then, his face relaxed and he shrugged, “Okay, if time is what you need, I'll give you more time. But I won't wait forever, Mya.”  

“I know,” she said. “Thank you.” 

“Also, don’t forget about taking a trip with me. I think getting out of LA and work would be good for you. It would be good for us.” 

Mya nodded. “You’re right. I’ll have a think and try to rearrange my schedule a little,” she lied as she unlocked her front door.  

Mya had no intention of going away with him.  I’m not gonna  fall for a lie again, she thought. This is reality and our real life. How he acts now is how he always will be. Vacations are bullshit. 

After she opened her door, Mya said a soft good night and started towards her front hallway. Before she could walk into her apartment, Mike grabbed her around her waist and pulled her against his hard chest. His mouth came crashing down on hers.  

It was sweet and gentle. He licked between her lips, tempting her to part them slightly as his tongue slid in and tasted inside her mouth. Mya instinctively responded back. Her tongue twisted around his. A muffled moan escaped him when she licked the roof of his mouth.  

He deepened the kiss as his body smashed her against her doorframe. Mya wrapped her arms around his wide neck. Her body got hot. When Mike pulled up one of her legs over his hip, Mya felt something wide rub between her legs. It snapped her out of her horny trance.  

Don’t do this, her head and heart screamed. 

Somehow Mya was able to pull back. She was dazed by his amazing kissing. They had kissed a few times before but that was the first time he had really got into it. 

“Just something to think about during your time,” he said with a confident smile. 

Still stunned by that amazing kiss, Mya watched him walk away. 

Chapter Four

Mya was in awe as she walked into the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton. After almost four years of working as a PR assistant under Kyle Ross and now becoming a publicist, she was finally getting her chance to appear at the Golden Globe Awards. A popular televised event where domestic and foreign actors and directors were recognized for the excellence in the television and film industry. 

Normally, Mya would be home snacking on the TV show themed food her and her work friends had prepared for that night. They would eat “Downton Abbey” deviled eggs and “Game of Thrones” dragon cookies while they would talk and laugh over the fabulous designs the celebrities wore when they had walked on the red carpet. 

Now, Mya walked among the Hollywood elite. She desperately tried to control her inner fangirl while spotting the movie stars of her favorite films. Sexy Leonardo DiCaprio strolled into the hallway with his mother on his arm. Kerry Washington glowed in her long flowing red gown. Emma Stone blazed in her pink Valentino. Ben Evans wore a beautiful tuxedo with his new fiancé on his arm. The pretty brunette wore a stunning green Ralph Lauren. Taraji P. Henson walked down the hallway looking fierce in her classic black Alberta Ferretti gown. 

 And was that Madonna!?! No way! Mya screamed in her head. She was so excited. 

“You look gorgeous,” Kyle whispered into her ear.  

She smiled up at him. His tuxedo had given his 6-foot, well fitted form a slick, stylish look on his lean, muscular body. Kyle normally hated wearing ties but he wore a bow tie for this special occasion. 

His blonde hair was cut short on the sides and back. An inch of it was gel back on top of his head.  

 Mya was finally able to be around him like a normal human being. Ever since she was promoted to publicist at Iris PR firm, Kyle had treated her like an equal and was actually nice to her.  

Gone were the days of picking out the black seeds of his sesame bagel. No more barking orders at her as he called her out her name with words like “bitch” and “dumbass”. 

Plus, Mya didn’t have to put up with his sleazy behavior. No more “innocent” gropes of her breasts and ass as she walked passed him. Being on the same playing field, Kyle showed some respect in his eyes when he spoke to her face, instead of her breasts. 

Unfortunately, tonight the champagne bottle he had finished in the limousine on their way there was making him sway a little bit into her as they walked. His usual smooth, pale cheeks and chin were rosy.  

Mya feared what a drunk Kyle might say or do that might tarnish the company’s reputation. She knew she would be on babysitting duty to make sure he behaved.  

They stopped in front of a line entering the doorway to the Concert Hall. Kyle took that moment to slowly move his tipsy gaze over her body. Mya had chosen a simple blue Dior dress with a low-neck line where a single diamond drop necklace hung just above her large breasts. The sides of her bodice were cut out to show parts of her new flat stomach that she had worked hard in the gym to get. Gone were her love handles. Her hair was pinned to the side while the opposite side was in loosen curls which hung above her shoulders.  

With Kyle's eyes not moving any further than her chest, Mya cleared her throat and said, “Look up. Keep those eyes on my face, or not at all.” 

“I'll be sure to be on my best behavior,” he smiled and let her enter before him into the room.  

The Beverly Hilton ballroom was lit in blue lighting. The long room had a small stage placed at the end. Round tables adored with white linen cloths and golden centerpiece vases of white lilies were set on both the lower and upper level of the theater. Every type of silverware was placed strategically around the white porcelain plates and wine glasses.  

Kyle and Mya took their seats at the back of the theater next to the other press agents and executive producers. Waiters in white shirts and black coats were at their beck and call ready to fill glasses of champagne before they were emptied.  

Mya was too excited to eat or drink. She glanced around to see what the other celebrities were doing between her chats with people around her table. She spotted Mike sitting next to his co- stars from his latest movie, Racing Fury. An action film about cars and a money heist that took place in Montecarlo. 

Mike winked her way and gave her a big smile. His dimples on his tanned face made Mya go a little weak. She was glad she had refused to accompany him to the event. From the kiss they shared the other night, she wasn't sure she could keep him in the friend zone for much longer.  

Even though she didn't want to admit it, Mya was also looking out for Chris. He had been nominated for best supporting actor in a film drama, so she knew he would be there. When she had first read the script, Bright girl, she knew he was going to be great in it. Mya had fought for so long to get Chris that supporting role.  

Asshole, she thought. Mya was torn between being mad at him and being proud of him.  

Pins and needles spiked through her. She was nervous on how she would feel when she saw him in person. It had been six months since he had torn out her heart. Mya feared it hadn’t been enough time for her to be able to see him without crying and/or putting her foot up his ass.  

She couldn’t risk her career by making a scene in such a public place with all of her peers and most of the world watching.  

Stay professional, she reminded herself. You can do this. 

Towards the middle of the awards show, Kyle had switched to whiskey much to Mya's regret. She feared she would have to have someone help her carry him out to the limousine. A slight disappointment touched the back of her mind at the idea of missing the Golden Globes after parties. 

I don’t want to miss out on them, she thought.  And think of all the contacts I could make. I really want to go to HBO's afterhours event. People always say they are the best.  

During a commercial break, she excused herself to go to the restroom to freshen up her makeup and get some space from Kyle’s groping hands. When she walked passed the nearly empty hallway, she smiled at the ushers in tuxedos standing at attention every few feet along the walls. From their rigid forms Mya suspected they were more well-dressed bodyguards than actual ushers. The protection that surrounded her made her feel like she was in the presence of American royalty. 

Suddenly, the door leading to the restrooms swung open towards her. Mya cried out in surprise as her hand went up fast enough to stop the door from hitting her in the face.  

Her heart leaped out into her throat when Chris's apologetic face looked around the door that he had just swung open. His body froze as he looked down at her in shock. 

Chapter Five

Chris looked good in his black tuxedo. The suit cut perfectly around his broad shoulders. The black buttons of his white shirt lined up underneath his black bow tie. His white sleeves peaked out a few centimeters out of his black jacket.  

Chris’s blond hair was longer and combed back. A close day-old stubble was framed around his lower face. He looked like a sexy Indiana Jones dressed up for a dinner party. 

His stare swept over Mya. Her heart stopped as she watched his expression turn from surprise to regret to desire. Her breasts swelled at the look he gave her. The back of her neck got hot and her lips subconsciously parted.  

She hated how her body still could respond to him. It trembled when his blue eyes flashed up to her brown ones. 

He slipped away from the door and stood closer to her. Mya had to fight between needing to step back and wanting to step closer to his tall handsome form. 

Chris cleared his throat, and said softly, “Hello, how ya goin?”  

His inquisitive words broke the spell. Rage filled Mya as she suddenly remembered the man he was and how much he had hurt her.  Her spine straightened and she pulled back her shoulders.  

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