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I’d been sneaking in to Matt’s bedroom for months now, ever since I overheard him getting off to porn while he grunted out my name. Although I guess it wasn’t really sneaking anymore, and he seldom closed his door when he went out anyway. He must have thought I was sleeping in on a sunny Saturday morning back then, and admittedly I was trying to be quiet because I thought the same of him. But when I passed his room I heard the distinct sound of him grunting my name. Shocked, I stopped and listened more intently until I realized he was masturbating.

I wasn’t surprised he was sexually active. In fact I would have been more surprised if he hadn’t been. After all, supposedly most people who went to college were at some point. I’d even met a few of his girlfriends since he’d moved back in with Dad and me. Even so it was still a shock to hear him saying my name like that.

Between work and school, he wasn’t in the house much and he had taken to spending more and more of his free time over at his friend’s houses gaming. That meant I knew he wasn’t going to be back for several hours at least. It puzzled me that he’d gone to so much work to set up his big gaming rig with multiple monitors with surround sound. He had all sorts of extra widgets and things like gaming headsets and cameras. He said it was the best out there short of VR, which I knew he was saving for. He still used it, but he spent more time with his friends. He blamed it on ‘lag’, whatever that was. I was just happy to see him out of the house and spending time with real people. He may have been older than me, but I still worried about him.

I had started out wearing my long terry bathrobe, just in case he came home. As I got comfortable with knowing his schedule, I grew more adventurous and started wearing less and less. Today I was wearing my favourite chemise. It was dark red, but so sheer it was almost see through. I could see my nipples as I passed the mirrors in my bedroom and the hallway. I was still swimming laps at least three times a week, more when I could squeeze in the time. Between the swimming and tennis, I was in pretty good shape.

I would have thought he would have had better security on his desktop, but I guess he thought it was safe inside the house. No password, nothing. At first I thought he forgot, but after a bit I figured he didn’t see the need. No one else in the house was a computer geek, but I knew enough to use it for regular work stuff and a few games.

He didn’t even try to hide his porn collection. It was right there on the desktop labelled ‘Porn’. It was like he was taunting someone to check it out.

I didn't have much personal experience to go on, but his tastes seemed to run to the racier end of things. Certainly far more titillating than anything I’d ever read about.

Most of his collection seemed to be some variation of multiple partners. Teachers with students, coaches with fit young co-eds, sleepovers, and more.

I hadn’t pried into his private life, but he never seemed to mention more than one girl at a time, and he claimed he’d been too busy to date much recently.

Oh well, I wondered what new and interesting things he had this time.

I wiggled the mouse a bit to get it to wake up, and clicked on the Porn folder.

I looked to see which folders had been most recently updated, and saw that he’d added some videos to the ‘Teacher’ folder. No real surprise there, given it seemed to be his favourite. He always seemed to be adding new videos of teachers and coaches getting into awkward situations with co-eds that led to the inevitable sex.

I settled into his gaming chair. It was like a cocoon that cradled me. I picked a new file at random and opened it. Suddenly I was surrounded by a locker room and several co-eds filing in and out of the shower. I watched as they lathered up and washed off before the inevitable coach came in looking for one of the girls. Apparently she wasn’t pulling her weight on the team and he was going to cut her before the next meet. Within a few minutes she was on her knees going down on his generous cock while another girl fondled her boobs.

While this was going on, I was doing a little fondling of my own. One hand drifted over between my legs while the other pushed the straps of my chemise until they dropped down, the hem catching on my erect nipples. I don’t know why I always seemed to pause like this. Maybe it had something to do with completely exposing myself here. As long as my breasts were covered and my hand was over my trimmed pussy, I could still convince myself that I wasn’t ‘that bad’.

But as soon as whatever I was wearing dropped off my nipples and exposed my perky breasts, it was like stepping off the edge of the pool and into the water. I was surrendering to gravity. I was committed. I was pleasuring myself in Matt’s bedroom to the same porn he got off to while gasping out my name.

My fingers slid in and out of my wet pussy while I gently squeezed my nipples. I’d never thought of myself as a lesbian, but I had noticed that I tended to follow along with whatever one of the girls on screen was doing to the other. Maybe it was my way of convincing myself it wasn’t really ‘me’, but a fantasy I was the porn.


“What’s this, Birthday Girl?” a deep voice asked from over my shoulder.

I froze, two fingers inside my pussy and my other hand squeezing my nipple. I couldn’t even gasp. My heart hammered. No one was supposed to be home.

“Snooping in other people’s business only leads to trouble. Now that you’re 18, trouble has very different outcomes than getting grounded and missing a few parties. ” Dad said.

“I... I...”

“You’re what? You’re sorry? For snooping around your brother’s stuff?”

I flushed.

“How did you think this was going to turn out? Are you having thoughts about your brother?

My eyes bulged as I sucked in a breath.

“NO!” I gasped. “I never think about him.”

I was shocked that he could even suggest something so... I’d never think about Matt...that way.

“Well then, who are you thinking about? Anyone I know?”

“I... I...” I flushed even brighter red, the heat spreading down my neck and radiating into my chest. 

Well that got a response.” he seemed to chuckle. 

How could he know...oh, he could see my body betraying my thoughts, responding to his questioning. 

I felt his hand on my shoulder. He squeezed gently. I’d never felt a man’s touch like this. Sure I’d made out with a couple of boys in school, but they never made me feel safe so I had always pushed them away. But this was different...this felt felt good. 

Dad had always had rough hands. It came from building things. He was always building things around the house. He even built the four poster bed I slept in every night. 

I took a deep breath, reached up and took his hand in mine, pulling it down to my breast. At first he seemed to resist my pull, but then he gave in and let me guide him. I felt his fingers curl around and cup my breast, his rough palm scraping across my nipple. I felt tingles spread down my body like electricity.

I moaned softly. 

Sweetie, is this something you want?” he asked quietly. “I don’t want you to feel pressured or obligated.” 

Yes, please let me...” I trailed off as I closed my eyes. 

I could smell him as he leaned over me. The mix of wood smell mingling with his own natural musk was so relaxing. It made me feel so safe.

He ran his other hand through my hair. I’d been growing it out and it was down to my shoulders now. Just long enough for a French braid...or for him to run his fingers through and take a handful if he wanted. 

I turned my head towards him and, with the hand that had been playing with my breast, I reached for him. I pushed against his groin, feeling his hard cock swelling under my touch. He was wearing sweatpants, so I pulled the string and they fell loose to the floor. I kept my eyes closed as I pulled down his boxers and felt the heat from his cock in my hand. His hand froze in my hair, waiting to see what I would do. I could tell he didn’t want me to feel pressured and we just kind of froze there for what seemed like an eternity. 

Then I made my decision. I opened my mouth and pulled his cock inside. His sweat was salty as my tongue slid down the underside of his shaft. I felt him tense, then relax as I eased him deeper into my mouth. 

I shifted in the chair and I felt him move around beside me so I could take him more easily. His cock felt huge in my mouth, but it was my first so I had nothing to compare it to as it slid deeper and deeper inside me. Every inch or so I stopped and pulled back a bit to run my tongue around his shaft. This made it easier, and he sighed every time I did it. His other hand kept squeezing my breast as I slid him deeper down my throat.

Sweetie, I’m going to cum soon.” He groaned. “Do you want me to cum inside you?”

My mind spun. I hadn’t even thought about that. In the videos the guys always seemed to cum all over the girls wherever and whenever they wanted. It never occurred to me that I would get to choose, but he was letting me make the decisions. Then my heart skipped a beat at the thought of having to clean Dad’s cum off Matt’s gaming chair. 

I nodded as I forced myself as far down his thick shaft as I could. I hoped he would get the message. 

I felt him stagger a bit as his knees went weak. I guess he got the message.

His hand holding my hair tightened into a fist as he held my head in place as he took over. He started pumping his cock into my mouth, deeper and deeper each time. I could feel it start to twitch just before his balls emptied his cum into my mouth. He groaned as his load spilled out across my tongue and filled my mouth. It was a strange flavour. Salty and sweet, but with a bitter aftertaste. I liked it.

I wanted more.

He finished cumming in my mouth, but I kept sucking on his cock. I could feel it start to soften in my mouth, but I worked my tongue around it to keep his erection going as long as I could. I realised that it was getting harder and he grunted as he started pumping it into my mouth again.

Ready for more so soon? I haven’t recovered that fast in years.”

I smiled around his cock as he took my head in both hands and slid my mouth all the way down. I could feel his balls pressing against my chin as he held me there for several seconds. 

I think we need to take this somewhere else. We can’t have Matt come home and walk in on us using his chair like this.”

I opened my eyes and looked up at him as I slid his cock out of my mouth, licking his cum off of it as I went.

Let’s go to my room then...” I got up off the chair, picked up my clothes, and took him by the hand.

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