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Breed Me Cherry


Salome Nox

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Breed Me Cherry

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My boyfriend and I have special time. When I was growing up my family was always very protective of me, so I know there are lots of things I don’t know. I’ve been homeschooled for my whole life because they always said I didn’t need the bad influences of the outside world.

I just turned 19, and I went away to college finally. My family didn’t want me living in the dorms, but I put my foot down. And that’s where I met Peter.

Peter lives on my dorm room floor, and when we started dating I told him that I wanted to take everything slow. We never had the whole “virgin” talk but I think he figured it out pretty quickly the way I’d blush and stammer whenever anyone said ANYTHING sexual.

Things started getting really interesting the night of the Homecoming party. I had come home late from a party, and I was so excited. I really felt like an actual adult finally! I put on a little pink nightgown and crawled into bed. The day had been so exciting that I fell right asleep.

I woke up when I felt a hand on my thigh. The moonlight was shining in through the window and I could see Peter sitting on the edge of my bed. Wondering if he was playing a joke on me, I decided to pretend to be asleep to see what he was doing.

Peter’s hand slid up my leg and paused at the edge of my underwear. His hand was so close to my secret place, and I wondered if he was going to touch it. I was nervous, but I wanted him to. I’d been a good, pure girl for so long. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I shifted in my bed and my legs opened up a little wider. I heard Peter breathe in sharply, and I opened my eyes just a little bit to see what he was doing.

Peter’s left hand was the one on my leg, but his right hand had opened up his pants and his big man thing was in his hand. I had never seen one before and it was so big and hard. I watched while Peter ran his hand up and down it, going faster and faster.

I squirmed on the bed. Seeing Peter touching himself that way was making me have some new and delicious feelings between my legs. I wanted Peter’s other hand to touch me there.

He was always a good boyfriend because he seemed to know what I wanted. His hand moved upward and it covered the damp crotch of my underwear. Peter chuckled softly when he felt how wet it was, breaking the silence in the room.

“My girl likes this, don’t you Rosie?” he asked, tracking the wet spot that had formed on the center of my white cotton panties.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned softly, still pretending to be asleep even though we both knew I was awake.

Peter started rubbing me through the cotton, and things started getting wetter and wetter down there. Peter pushed down on that special spot that felt better than anything else in the world. He kept touching that spot and I could feel this pressure building and building in my body.

This wasn’t the first time I’d felt this. I’d spent a lot of nights with my hand busy between my legs, hiding my flushed face under the covers. I’d always been told just how wrong it was to play with myself like that, but when I felt that slippery wetness coat my fingers, I forgot everything else except for how good it made me feel.

I opened my eyes, not caring about pretending anymore and I could see Peter’s hand was moving so fast. I suddenly felt that pressure explode and I started shaking and whimpering as pleasure rushed over me.

Peter liked watching what happened to me because he groaned my name and his thick white come spurted out of him. It got all over his hand, and I wanted to lick it and see what it tasted like.

When Peter could breathe again he spoke up. “Rosie, this made me very happy. Do you want to do more?”

I sat up and nodded. “It felt good, Peter. I know my family always said I’m not supposed to let any boys touch my secret place, but you’re my boyfriend so it’s okay.”

Peter smiled widely, and I knew that my answer was what he was hoping for. “We can do whatever you want. I want to keep making you come, Rosie."

I couldn’t wait!


The next night, I did something naughty. When I went to bed I put on my nightgown, but I took off my panties. I’d always heard that kind of girls who didn’t wear panties were the bad kind, but I was starting to see how messed up my whole worldview had been. I wanted Peter to see my secret place without anything covering it up.

Pussy, my brain corrected. You can say the word. Pussy.

Just like last time, I fell asleep and I woke up to a hand on my leg. I wanted Peter to find his surprise before I showed him I was awake so I held still. Peter pushed up the skirt of my nightgown and his hands stilled when he saw what was missing tonight.

“Did you forget to put on panties?” he asked quietly, a smile in his voice.

I opened my eyes and smiled when I saw Peter looking at me. “I didn’t forget,” I said indignantly. “I wanted to let you see my pussy.” I only stumbled a bit over the forbidden word

“It’s a very pretty pussy,” Peter said, tracing his finger over the lips.

“Pussy,” I repeated, trying the word out in my mouth. “Do you like my pussy, Peter?”

Peter took my hand and put it on the front of his pants. There was a hard bulge there and I squeezed it gently. Peter shivered. “I like your pussy very much,” he said, his voice cracking as I touched the hardness through the soft flannel of his pajama bottoms. “That’s right baby, rub my cock.”

I wrapped my hand around the length of Peter’s cock and started stroking it, trying to move my hand the way I had last night. The flannel under my hand was starting to get slippery from sweat and maybe something else.

Speaking of slippery, that feeling was coming back between my legs. My pussy was starting to get wet again, and I wanted Peter to touch it so badly. I know it's not something good girls do, but sometimes at night, I touch myself there. It would get so wet and feel so good but I never felt an explosion before like the one Peter gave me last night. I want to feel that again.

“Peter?” I asked tentatively. “Can you touch my pussy?”

"Of course, baby. First, let me take my cock out though.” Peter pushed down the front of his pants and that big, thick cock I had seen last night bobbed free. Peter put my hand back on it. The skin felt soft like silk, but underneath it was so hard, almost like a rock. My hands felt clumsy and so tiny as they stretched around that long rod. I started pumping my hand the way he had done it, moving slowly and twisting my wrist, just a little bit, at the end.