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Keeping His Dirty Secret

Ginny Watson


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Chapter 1

They had always been close, just like a big brother and little sister despite not being related, and even though there was only just over a year between them April did consider Richard to be big.

They had gone through school together, and of course he'd been her protector. Rick didn't really see it himself because perhaps he was too close, but he became her idol. April worshipped the ground he walked upon, and she was fiercely protective. “Jealous!” one of the more spiteful of her classmates had said, but of course that was a ridiculous thing to say, she loved him… but not in the disgusting way that slut Chloe had implied.

She just said that because she's the jealous one, her brother is a complete wimp, and all those spots, damn the guy is gross… she's jealous of me because Rick is so handsome and perfect!

And in her eyes Richard was perfect. A natural athlete he had filled out from a gangly teen into a beautifully formed Adonis, the kind of built guy that guaranteed there wouldn't be a dry pair of panties in the room if he strayed accidentally into a meeting of the Women's Institute. Just turned twenty he had the confidence that comes with youth and good looks, he knew he could have any girl he wanted, yet he never neglected April. He was always there for her, and surprisingly often appeared more contented to stay in on a Friday night with her and suffer whatever soppy movie she wanted to watch, rather than hit the bars and clubs. Together they would dim the lights and share a bottle of wine while April's favourite actors followed predictable plot lines… boy finds girl, boy loses girl… boy finds her again after many years apart and they live happily ever after.

Like in her favourite films April lived a fantasy existence, her world was perfect. Wealthy parents ensured that she was in no hurry to leave home, along with Rick she had what was virtually her own apartment within the family home with kitchenette, lounge, bedroom and bathroom, her space was self contained so she could have her independence without ever having to face the outside world.

But as her nineteenth birthday approached April began to notice a change in her perfect and dependable friend, there was a distance developing. Often he appeared secretive, one example was the way he had taken to locking his door. That had come as a complete shock, April had been filled with juicy gossip and desperate to unload… only to find the door secured, and Rick's response to her surprised exclamation had been a grunted… “Give me a minute!”

They had no secrets from each other, and it wasn't like he'd had a girlfriend in there with him. She knew those boundaries, just as he did, when she had a guest he faded into the background, even if he did imply that he was only one shout away if needed. Just as she respected his privacy, even if she was also on hand to help him expel any crazy chick who fell too hard for his charms and became a nuisance.


That first locked door had been weeks before, but now it had happened again, and carried away on a wave of confusion April stood in her bathroom and towelled her lithe body dry.

It was Friday, and Rick would usually have dropped down beside her on the sofa as she hunted through a deep stack of DVD's. But the evening was growing old and she had found herself alone. Mindful of her previous experience she had crept stealthily to his door and carefully tested the handle. Locked she told herself. But why?

Privacy? It was possible but she knew he didn't have a girlfriend, the last one had become an ex a few weeks previous and he had admitted he wanted a break. So he hasn't got a girl in there with him, so why would he lock me out. For a moment she began to turn away, but then paused, she heard a sound, it was only faint but unmistakable… the sound of a woman approaching climax.

So he lied, he has got a new girlfriend she thought, denying the slightly disturbing feelings of disappointment that niggled in the back of her mind.

But who?

Holding her breath she had strained her hearing hoping to catch a familiar voice, but what she had heard was even more confusing, the girl was speaking softly yet her accent was strange, foreign… Oriental. Then April heard another voice, a man's voice and she suddenly understood, Richard was watching a movie… but obviously not the kind that they could watch together!

So Richard watches porn she told herself as she stared at her nude figure in the mirror. I wonder if I've got the right body to be a porn star?

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