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Pack Breeding Forced Bestiality

Double Feature

Jezebel Rose


Raped by Beasts in the Woods is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. All characters are 18+ This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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Raped by Beasts in the Woods

Heading home from camping out in the wilderness by herself, Amy realizes she is lost when she comes across an old broken down home. With the sun setting and a storm approaching quickly, she takes refuge.

Little does Amy know, but large aggressive beasts have sought out this shelter as well.

What happens when the horde of creatures see Amy wet, alone and terrified? Do they help her or do they forcefully fuck her over and over until she can’t see straight? Will Amy even be able to walk straight after this confrontation?

Raped by Dogs in the Woods

Innocent little Katy finds herself surrounded by a group of wild dogs only wanting to breed, stretch, and fill her tight little sweet spot.

<3 Love <3

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Raped by Beasts

In the woods

I appreciate the money you spent on this short story, it puts dinner on the table.

With Love, Jezebel Rose

The last ray of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon as I watched a line of dark clouds roll over the field in front of me.

Going out camping by myself was always relaxing and exciting, but this past weekend was different.

You know that feeling like you are being watched? I felt that from the moment I walked into the forest. It was odd and a bit unnerving. I shrugged it off and had a great time regardless, but now that it was time to head home, I was completely lost.

My eyes looked back at the small decayed home on my left. I had never seen it before.

Glancing back at the storm quickly heading towards me, I felt the small taps of rain on my head. It was about to get crazy.

Dark and scary shelter, or set up the tent?

I went with the home. It may have been decayed, but at least it was a roof over my head. The tent would have taken too long to set up anyways. I would have been done soaked and cold by the time I could even crawl inside. Oh well.

Slinging my tent over my shoulder, I picked up my other bag and quickly ran over to the house.

Everything was wooden. The stairs, the old shutters, and even the windows were boarded up.

I stepped up the first stair under the front balcony just as the rain started to pour. Small golf-ball sized hail rained down from the heavens as thunderous crashes of lightning streaked across the sky.

Good thing I didn’t go with the tent idea.

I sat there on the balcony on top of my tent for a moment, watching the storm from safety, but as it got darker, I realized I had to get some sort of rest for the long hike home tomorrow.

Pulling out my sleeping bag to curl up and go to sleep, I felt the wind blow harder towards the house. The hail rained against the floor by my feet.

Time to go inside. Fuck this.

I picked up my bag, and turned towards the dark house.

Clicking on my flashlight, I opened the old squeaky door.

The smell of decayed wood filled the room as I waved cobwebs out of my way.

This place had long been forgotten, and lost. Maybe a hundred years old? Two hundred? Either way, I was stuck here for night. I may as well make the best of it.

I shined my light towards what appeared to be the living room.

White sheets covered most of the furniture. What wasn’t covered was the paintings.

I walked up in front of the fireplace and shined my light at the large portrait above it. It was a painting of two children and a husband and wife. It appeared to be very old as I noticed the frayed edges surrounding the frame.

Each step I took creaked and echoed throughout the small home.

I stopped for a moment and closed my eyes, listening to the rain and hail outside.

Ahh… This is amazing.

My thoughts were cut short by a loud grunt to my left.

Adrenaline surged through my body as I quickly turned my light towards the grunt. I stepped backwards at the same time, pressing my hands against the fireplace in an attempt to stabilize myself.

Two eyes stared back at me. Deep dark black eyes.

Knowing I was fully fucked if the creature attacked, I held out my hand as I watched the creature stand on its massive hind legs.

I had never seen a bear before. Was this a bear?

Looking at its hands, I realized they were human hands. My heart went into overdrive, pounding out of my chest as I watched the creature approach me.

I shined the light in its eyes, and turned to run outside. I would definitely have better luck with the hail.

As I turned, I apparently had forgotten about the side-table directly beside the chair. Taking one step towards the door, I fell directly on my face.

I rolled over on my back as I wiped the dust from my eyes. The creature stood there. Its thick cock stuck straight out towards me.

Jesus Christ… what the fuck is this thing and where did it come from!?

I heard a cracking noise just as I felt my body go from solid ground into a freefall.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back. My head wavered for a moment as it slumped back against the floor.

Dizzy from the fall, my eyes shut for just a moment.

Awakening, I looked around as my eyes adjusted from the dark.

A small beam of light shone down from a hole in the ceiling. My flashlight. The fall.

I brushed bits of wood off my chest as I sat up and attempted to stand.

Nope. That wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

I reached down and felt my leg. It felt normal. Good – not broken.

Curling up into a ball, I thought it would be best to just sleep it off.

Closing my eyes I drifted into a deep sleep as my subconscious played tricks on my mind with sounds of grunts and footsteps.

No… that can’t be real… I’m all alone in the forest…

I awoke again. My body was sore, but at least this time I could move.

Reaching around to the floor, I pushed myself up and looked around. My flashlight flickered above me as I heard rain hitting the roof of the house.

Sets of eyes were everywhere in the darkness. Every time the light flashed, I noticed more outlines of bodies. Creatures… beasts.

I pressed my body against the wall in fear. I had nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. No place to run. I was done for.

The eyes grew closer and closer as I heard each of the beasts sniff the air. Snorting and grunting, I watched as their furry bodies pressed up against my body.

One of the creatures pressed his hand against mine. It was warm to the touch, but calloused rough like a man who works in construction. Oddly enough, it kind of turned me on.

My other hand hung at my side as I felt a long warm cock slide into it. The eyes from all the creatures stared directly at me. It felt like each of the beasts could see directly into my terrified, yet intrigued soul.

The creature slid his cock in and out of my hand. I felt it harden as I grasped it tightly between my fingers. It grunted and snorted in my face as I watched the beast’s hips start thrusting faster and faster.

Howling loudly, I felt the creature’s cock tense and immediately cum onto the wall. It spit cum over and over as it used my hand. I could feel each time it came as the shaft tensed and released its sweet pleasure.

Standing there, still unmoving, I watched as the beast stepped back into the shadows and curl into a ball then start snoring.

Typical male. That’s it! I’ll get them all off, and then I can safely get the hell out of here after they pass out. Perfect. This should be easy.

I reached out with my cum-soaked hand and wrapped my fingers around another beast’s cock. Thick and veiny, I started to stroke. His dick hardened in my grasp as I felt another creature start sniffing at my pussy.

The beast’s nose went into my pussy as I looked down at him. The warm air on my wet slit made my head reel in pleasure. It looked up at me. The creature looked almost human, but not quite.

I used my free hand to press the beast’s mouth into my panties under my skirt. Apparently they knew what to do as I felt a long tongue snake around my panties and into my pussy.

In long strokes, I felt the tongue slide up and down my slit. Curling around my clit and massaging my insides over and over.

Moaning softly, my hand kept stroking the other beast. I used my other hand to reach down and grasp another cock. Stroking faster and faster with my hand, I felt the dick tighten and release. The thick vein running up its cock kept pumping out semen as my thumb pressed tightly on the vein. It came hard as I heard the creature grunt loudly in pleasure.

“Yes… come for me,” I whispered as I stroked every last drop out of the beast.

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