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The Explicit Home Video


Taboo Mistress

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“We shoot two types of reality movies. Snuff and porn. You get to choose which one it’s going to be tonight.”

The masked assailant was swinging his gun in one hand and a camera in the other. He wasn’t recording yet. It was important to establish some ground rules first, because he didn’t see the point in wasting battery power.

“I don’t want your money, jewelry, or any other worthless shit you might have in this mansion you call a home. I only want a little piece of your lives, and quite possibly a large chunk of your sanity.”

Dirk’s voice was calm and collected, with a cocky undertone. This is something he’s done hundreds of times before and rich people aren’t fighters like the working class. They are much easier to mind-fuck, and they’re usually more attractive.

“So what’s it going to be my leading man? Or should I take the orders from the lady of the house?”

He was addressing Barry Douglas, a terrified father holding his wife, Catherine, and daughter, Bree. They were clinging to each other while sitting on the living room couch.

Barry wanted to retort with something like “you sick fuck”, but he knew it wouldn’t be wise to piss off three armed men.

They turned off the alarm and walked right through the front door as if they’ve been there before. Their guns were discretely kept at their sides when they informed the Douglas family to stay perfectly still, while they destroyed all devices that could be used to contact the outside world.

These guys knew everything. The amount of cellphones in the house, the security cameras, laptops, they went straight to these objects without having to search for anything. In fact, Dirk and his team had been following the Douglas family for three months before making their unwanted entry. It was show time.

“Barry…your silence will force me to make a choice and my boys over here are dying to get their dicks wet.”

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