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The Explicit Home Video


Taboo Mistress

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“We shoot two types of reality movies. Snuff and porn. You get to choose which one it’s going to be tonight.”

The masked assailant was swinging his gun in one hand and a camera in the other. He wasn’t recording yet. It was important to establish some ground rules first, because he didn’t see the point in wasting battery power.

“I don’t want your money, jewelry, or any other worthless shit you might have in this mansion you call a home. I only want a little piece of your lives, and quite possibly a large chunk of your sanity.”

Dirk’s voice was calm and collected, with a cocky undertone. This is something he’s done hundreds of times before and rich people aren’t fighters like the working class. They are much easier to mind-fuck, and they’re usually more attractive.

“So what’s it going to be my leading man? Or should I take the orders from the lady of the house?”

He was addressing Barry Douglas, a terrified father holding his wife, Catherine, and daughter, Bree. They were clinging to each other while sitting on the living room couch.

Barry wanted to retort with something like “you sick fuck”, but he knew it wouldn’t be wise to piss off three armed men.

They turned off the alarm and walked right through the front door as if they’ve been there before. Their guns were discretely kept at their sides when they informed the Douglas family to stay perfectly still, while they destroyed all devices that could be used to contact the outside world.

These guys knew everything. The amount of cellphones in the house, the security cameras, laptops, they went straight to these objects without having to search for anything. In fact, Dirk and his team had been following the Douglas family for three months before making their unwanted entry. It was show time.

“Barry…your silence will force me to make a choice and my boys over here are dying to get their dicks wet.”

Barry was a forty two year old architect and success had been around him most of his life. Due to all the attention he received he made a point to stay in shape and to look healthy. His muscles didn’t bulge through his suit, but Catherine appreciated the tone of his body when the shirt came off.

As for Catherine, she was a popular local news anchor. Even at the age of thirty eight it was easy to see she used to be a model. Her short black hair complemented her deep green eyes, and Bree was a splitting image of her mother. Although she preferred longer hair and darker make-up, the nineteen year old was following in the same photogenic footsteps.

These qualities made them perfect candidates for Dirk’s film, because they all looked great naked. They were also terrified of confrontations that couldn’t be settled with money, which added to the authenticity.

“Okay, I think we should do a dirty one tonight. Sorry Barry, I’m empowering my position as director, which means you do everything I fucking say or I’ll cut your pretty little daughter’s face off and feed it to your wife. Our viewers go ape shit for that type of thing you know, fucking insane man. But anyway, you had your chance to negotiate, but you didn’t take it, so…”

Dirk adopted a thoughtful expression as he contemplated his options. His two-man crew patiently stood behind him, waiting for him to give directions. They didn’t twitch, smile, or say anything. A thin black cloth covered the lower part of their faces while sunglasses hid their eyes. Dirk was small compared to them and he wasn’t short to begin with. His thugs were bulked up with tattoos and muscles that formed due to a lot of apparent fighting. Words like gentle and sensitive didn’t exist in their vocabulary.

“Tell you what Barry, I’m not such a bad guy. Let’s do this instead. My boys are going to fuck one of the ladies in your life, and they will be cumming inside her. By the way, I don’t know where they’ve been sleeping lately, so I cannot guarantee they won’t carry anything over, but I can tell you they are gifted. These motherfuckers are hung like horses and they are not going to be worried about a woman’s limitations if you catch my drift. Now Barry, you have to choose which one they will be banging. But before you get all excited, there is something special for you too. You have to fuck the one that’s left. Congratulations, it’s your porn debut.”

Dirk gave the family a few seconds to digest their scenario before he continued.

“I need about forty five minutes of good video people, and Barry, you will also be leaving your seed inside whoever you’ll be fucking, and it’d better be oozing from her pussy or I’m cutting your dick off. Just kidding, I won’t cut it off! Jesus, relax. I’ll shoot it off because there’s no way I’m touching your dick.”

He gave a faint signal to his crew. Thug no. 1 grabbed hold of Catherine while Thug no. 2 pulled Bree from Barry’s grip. They each revealed a blade and held it to the throats of the victims as Dirk switched on the camera, settling his focus on a very panicked Barry.”

“So who will you be fucking tonight Barry? Your beautiful wife or your sexy daughter? Either way, they are going to see daddy in action.”

“Let them take me!” Catherine shouted at Barry.

“They are not going to violate my baby Barry.”

Barry was losing his mind as he stared at Catherine.

“She’s got a point Barry. You can ensure your daughter gets some nice and gentle loving or my boys can rip her up.”

Dirk studied Catherine as she shivered in the arms of Thug no. 1.

“But your wife on the other hand. I think she might be able to handle it.”

Without thinking about the consequences, Barry lunged forward. His rage was getting the better of him. But before he could take a second step Dirk’s gun was pressed against his forehead.

“This is happening Barry. Deal with it. You’ve got five seconds to make a decision or I’ll rape both of them myself, and I don’t like playing nice.”

Barry looked at his daughter.

“Please don’t let them hurt me Daddy.”

“I won’t sweetie, I promise.”

“Then I guess you’ve made your decision daddy, finally. Why don’t you two start things off and help my boys get a little more excited before they jump your wife.”

Barry gave Catherine one last look, searching forgiveness for what he was about to do. All Catherine could manage was to nod her head.

Thug no. 2 shoved Bree into the arms of her father. Not even Barry could deny that she was beyond sexy. Her small breasts were perked up in a tight top, as always, and her short jeans hugged her ass cheeks like a second skin. Over the years Barry had learned to only look at Bree when she spoke to him, because he had some very uncomfortable moments. For example, two weeks earlier Bree and some friends had a pool party. She was running around in a small bikini the whole day, which led to Barry getting an involuntary hard-on.

Now that he had to touch her his dick didn’t want to play along. Bree softly held her Dad’s hand as they sat down on the couch. She could see he wasn’t capable of doing what he needed to do, so she took the initiative.

Hesitantly she leaned in and gave him a small kiss. She followed with more small kisses before her mouth slightly parted, allowing the tip of her tongue to lick Barry’s lips. His paternal instincts were quickly being replaced with lust, but his dick still couldn’t handle the pressure.

Discreetly Bree let her hand rest on Barry’s thigh, hoping to feel him get harder. When she noticed there wasn’t any activity she intensified the kiss by sticking her tongue into his mouth. Some signs of life began to spark underneath Barry’s pants, but it still wasn’t enough.

Bree whispered into her Dad’s ear,

“You need to relax Daddy, please.”

As they kissed Bree pulled off her sandals and mounted Barry’s lap. Despite her reservations about having sex with her Father, a tiny part of her was actually enjoying it. When she started grinding against his growing cock she felt him breathe against her chest. This left her with a wet spot on her panties. The adrenalin of everyone watching only added fuel to the flames.

All the while Barry kept his hands at his sides, because he was completely aware of what would happen the moment he touched her. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to be his choice.

“Come on Barry. You’re going to let her dry hump you like that and you’re not even gonna grab her ass?”

Dirk was moving around with the camera, trying to get as many clear shots as possible.

“You better start showing me some excitement or I’m stepping in.”

Slowly Barry placed his hands on Bree’s thighs. He felt the muscles in her slender legs get tighter every time she pushed her pelvis forward. Her skin was incredibly soft and she smelled sweet, and young.

Barry finally gripped his fingers along Bree’s ass cheeks, pulling her in with every thrust.

“That’s it Barry. That’s how you treat your little Princess.”

Bree was scared her Dad was going to lose concentration, so she kept whispering in his ear.

“Don’t listen to him Daddy. I like what you’re doing, so don’t stop.”

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