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Dominated By Three Cops

Hard MFMM Erotica

Virginia Bliss

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Virginia Bliss

Written by Virginia Bliss

~~ The scenes in this story take place between consenting adults ~~

I had never been a decent driver. Ever since high school, I'd had difficulty maneuvering through streets, down roads, following all the traffic rules that had been taught to me. Drives through big cities were hellish - my knuckles always white from gripping the steering wheel too hard, my eyes peeled for cops that were ready to call me out whenever I made a mistake.

Driving alone, at night - that was fine by me. I lived in a very small town, bordered by nothing but field and forest. The roads here were thin and winding, but I didn't mind. Usually I was the only car in sight, and therefore the rules of the road were a little more lenient. The radio blaring some cheesy pop song, I rolled down my windows and sped up.

It felt great - it was a Friday night, and I had the whole workless weekend ahead of me. The music filled my car as happiness filled my heart, the cold wind of the night blowing my hair every which way. It wasn't the first time I'd gone this fast in my car, but certainly the first time I'd gone this fast on this particular road.

I put the pedal to the floor, the wheels screeching as I went faster, and faster, and faster - with absolutely nobody around to see me. I was smiling, singing along to that stupid song, and I saw it - another car. Oh, shit. It was just any car - those telltale blue and red lights atop the vehicle let me know the truth.

I was mortified - it was dark out, so maybe these cops hadn't seen. My headlights were on, but maybe if I turned them off now - no. That'd be a bad idea. My fists curled around the wheel like they do in the big city - white-knuckled, I continued onwards.

I lifted my foot, slowing down and settling for a slow pace. Perhaps they hadn't heard the screech of my tires, hadn't seen the rapidly approaching headlights. My speed dwindled, and I leisurely drove by the car at a snail's pace, praying for the best. I stared off into the distance, heart thudding and picking up pace as I passed by them.

Just as I was about to heave a sight of relief, those lights began to flicker, and the car sprung into action, siren and all. I was going to have to suck it up and get ticketed, wasn't I? Sulking, I slowed to a crawl, my car lazily drifting across the asphalt as the police car behind me signalled the death of my dignity.

Knowing all too well what I had to do, I hit the brakes, swerving off to the side of the road and bringing my unlucky vehicle to a halt. As my engine came to a standstill, I rested my forehead against the wheel, cursing whatever God had thought this a funny joke to play on me. Honestly, if only I'd been able to restrain myself - there was absolutely no reason for me to be going as fast as I was going.

I heard the slam of the police car's door, and all that was left to do was to put on a friendly face. With a little charm, I might be able to lower the fee - I was a fairly attractive woman, after all. Grabbing my wallet from within my purse, I placed it on my lap, ready to give this man whatever it took to get me off the hook.

His footsteps were harsh on the asphalt, and I winced as he rapped his knuckles on my half-open window. Reluctantly, I rolled it down, peering up at him through my thick, mascara-clad eyelashes. I prayed that he'd be old, a lecherous, aging man who would be easily swayed by cleavage. Looking up, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to convince this man of anything.

He was by far the most handsome policeman I'd ever seen, with tousled brown locks and a jawline so sharp you could cut diamonds on it. He looked down at me with dark, dark eyes and flashed me a knowing smile. I felt a little relieved - at least he seemed friendly.

"So, how are we this evening?" He asked, making light conversation. In all honesty, I just wanted to get the whole situation over and done with. As fun as making small talk with a man of this calibre might be, I was eager to get home, make dinner, and assess the damage done to my bank account by this inevitable ticket.

"I'm fine." I replied, giving him my classic wide-eyed, innocent look. It probably wasn't going to do me much good here, but that was neither here nor there.

"You were going way too fast, you know." He began - I nodded, flushing pink at the thought that he might've heard me singing from the car as I drove recklessly down this middle-of-nowhere street. I needed to learn to not embarrass myself like this.

"Too fast. You know - I'm gonna need to call backup. I don't think I can let you off with just a ticket. These roads are dangerous at night. You could've really hurt somebody, you know that?" He droned on. The way he talked made it sound as though he wasn't about to ruin my life. I knew not what he meant, but I assumed I'd be put in holding or something awful of the sort.

To have my once-clean criminal record develop such a stain would be horrible, I decided. I was going to have to comply with whatever this man wanted in the most polite fashion possible, eyes peeled for any loopholes I could jump through in order to save my poor reputation.

"Okay." I managed, voice meek and weak as I tried to make eye contact with him - he reached into his pocket and produced a phone, stepping away from my car for the time being. I could just drive off right now, but on these narrow streets, he'd catch me instantly. I shifted awkwardly in my seat, waiting for the worst.

It took a while. Before long, he returned to the side of my vehicle, seemingly supervising me. I glanced over at him from time to time, only to find that same shit-eating grin that had come to rest on his face the second that he'd pulled me over. I was starting to grow irritated with the situation, but I knew it was best to stay obedient and polite with the police.

All too soon, I heard the hum of another engine purring down the inky road - the car to which said engine belonged parked several meters in front of my own. I looked up - two men stepped out of the car. These men were...also a little too attractive to be policemen, in my opinion. How embarrassing - it figures that the officers conducting my arrest would have to be the best-looking ones in the county.

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