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Raped by my Husky Dog

Jezebel Rose


This is a new erotic story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Copyright © 2018 Jezebel Rose

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Raped by my Husky Dog

Young Lily’s family husky sniffs licks and mounts her. With a large knot, bigger than she can take, it stretches and pulls at her, forcing her into orgasm. Scared, she tries to flee, but with a large husky holding her down, she is unable to stop the assault on her virgin body.

Includes bonus detail in all sex scenes! 

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Kidnapped and Raped by Dogs

Raped by my Husky Dog

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With Love, Jezebel Rose

Jessica had only known Lily for less than a year. She had moved to Santa Fe with her Mother to be closer to her family. Now as she peered through the kitchen window, she was stunned to see Lily’s slim form reaching for a glass on a high shelf. Her legs tanned in the desert sun long and stretched out on her tiptoes, pulling her shorts up higher and tighter between them. Her shirt raising up to reveal a small tattoo in the small of Lily’s back, just above her butt.

Jessica could not see clearly, what it was, although it appeared to be a paw print shape surrounded by tribal bands. Jessica admired her cousin’s body often as she grew to know her.

What had stunned Jessica was that as Lily reached for the high shelf, she was surprised to see Lily's dog Thud come up behind Lily and put his nose right up between Lily’s legs. The look on Lily’s face as his cold nose touched her there was of shock, she seemed to lower herself down onto his nose before she pushed him away from where she was at the counter.

Lily’s flushed look made Jessica wonder what Thud had been able to smell so tight between her cousin's thighs, as she thought of this a deliciously naughty tingle stole through her body making her nipples harden with desire.

Lily hated her mother’s parties. There was always too much drinking and some sort of family scene.

Sent to the kitchen to get more of the "company crystal" she did not even notice Thud follow her into the kitchen. Thud had been with her since he was a pup. He was always with her except when she was at school. At three years old, he had developed into an imposing husky. His one blue eye like arctic crystal complimented his other eye, which was green as northern pines.

Lily reached for the highest shelf not feeling the eyes upon her, fingers tracing the bases of the fluted glasses she cursed not getting a chair. Then she thought it, the cold furry nose press between her thighs to her very crotch. His warm breath caressing her legs as he tried to smell her down there. Lily slowly lowered herself down away from the high shelf, feeling that Thud’s nose never left the very central cleft between her legs.

Thud had become more and more interested in her scent lately, Lily wondered if perhaps he needed to be neutered to control his behavior. Lily pushed his head away from her behind as soon as she was sure she would not fall down. Gripping the counter, she felt a flush of embarrassment come over her as she could still feel his breath through her shorts.

Lily turned to see Thud sitting in the doorway, looking back at her, his head slightly tilted making her smile regardless of what he had done.

"What am I going to do with you?" she asked as she passed him in the hallway running her hand over his head affectionately. "You are really getting to be too much you know."

Just the other day she had been surprised for the first time by his attention. Lily remembered how she had dropped her cell phone behind the computer, and as she crawled under to get it out, she exposed her derriere to the room, not knowing that Thud had wandered in to see what the noises were in her place. Thud had spied Lily’s legs and panty-covered rear sticking out from under the desk and had gone to investigate.

In Thud’s eyes Lily’s right rear presented itself to him as something in his carnal nature. He moved closer slowly, eyeing the way she moved before his eyes, sensing her scent he did not hesitate as Lily’s bottom moved up and down. He pressed his nose into the source of her smell, inhaling her feminine musk deeply, feeling it in his loins not knowing for sure why it stirred him this way, as he had never been exposed to another dog in heat.

He was immediately frustrated by the thin fabric of Lily’s panties being so close but still denied the very source of her alluring scent. In a split second his nose was filled with feminine musk filling him with desire, his frustrations started to turn to rage at not being able to get what he wanted, but then Lily’s sudden shriek scared him back away from her several steps.

Lily jumped and shrieked as the feeling of a cold nose hit her inner thighs, pushing between them against the thin fabric of her panties, she still had a bump on her head from hitting the underside of her desk. Thankfully, Lily thought, he had not been more determined as she thought about how vulnerable she had been at that moment as his hot breath ran over her mound.

As noises from the party carried her thoughts away from Thud’s attention, Lily moved through the house back to the gathering, And true to fashion, Thud followed right behind her, perhaps more for the ways the very smell of her intoxicated his senses than their constant companionship. He stayed closer than ever, waiting for the opportunity to present itself again.

Later that night after the party and back in her own home Lily prepared for bed. Thoughts of the day and Thud’s part in it far from her mind. She got out of her party clothes and got ready for a shower. Ever under Thud’s gaze. Turning the water on and letting her robe open, Thud’s eyes looked up her smooth skin with interest.

The curves of her breasts hanging forward, the brown nipples at the very tips. In addition, lower the soft turn of her abs rolled down towards a bare cleft, the darker skin of her outer labia in contrast with her delicate golden tan. Lily glanced in the mirror as she hung her robe on the hook; her own blue eyes sparkled back beneath the shoulder length blonde hair. Her small but firm breasts rising to small brown nipples met her gaze; she stepped into the water and pulled the curtain closed.

Letting the hot water roll over her skin relaxed Lily, the room quickly filled with steam as she slowly lathered her hair up and began to caress her skin with a body wash. As she leaned back to rinse her hair her hands rose over her breasts feeling the nipples harden under her touch as if by instinct she rolled her own nipples between her fingers enjoying the soaps smooth feel on her skin. Shortly lost in the feel of the hot water and her own hands Lily knew but did not do anything for the growing feeling between her legs.

Outside the door Thud waited patiently as the smells of soap filled the room, but then his keen sense of smell detected Lily’s musky scent. Not knowing why it affected him this way, his body began to be overpowered by the scent of his master’s musk,

Lily’s fingers toyed with her hardened nipples as the steaming water cascaded over her body.

She lowered one hand to cup her smooth mound; the swollen lips of her now excited pussy filled her hand. Slowly slipping a finger between her lips, she felt her juices run over her hand coating her finger. One hand teasing her nipples and one hand teasing her mound Lily leaned back against the shower wall slowly pumping her hips to her fingers rhythm.

Thud licked his lips expectantly as the scent of Lily’s heat filled his mind. Slowly growing, the pinkish tip of his cock crept out of the furry sheath beneath his body. Shifting his weight from side to side, he waited expectantly for her to return.

Digging her fingers deep Lily’s head rolled back as her orgasm overtook her, tugging at erect nipples she rode out the waves of pleasure, feeling the water cleansing her skin again. Slowly reaching over to shut off the water and pull back the curtain, Lily exited the shower, reaching for a towel. Looking up at the doorway she saw Thud sitting there wagging his tail and looking silly.

She smiled and said, "Well, I hope you haven't been there very long." Thinking of how she had enjoyed her shower, but knowing he most likely had heard everything. Thud just looked up into her eyes as she wrapped herself in the towel, drying her hair, and wagged his tail excitedly, Silly boy," she said as she walked into her room and sat on the bed, still drying her hair.

"I just got cleaned up; I don’t want to play right now."

The play was one of the words Thud knew, we were not sure what she meant by game right now. The smell of her heated musk was now so close he just could not calm down. He observed as Lily continued to dry off, seeing her body slowly revealed. His nose held his attention to where she sat on the bed, her thighs slightly apart showing him the lips of her pussy. He moved closer to the bed, wanting to again find the source of her scent. Her legs parted a little more as she moved unaware of how close he was now.

His nose was mere inches from her mound, the fresh scent of her heat pulled him closer.

Just as Lily felt his whiskers on her skin, his tongue curled out and over the swollen lips of her naked labia. Thud’s nose was filled with her heat as his tongue pushed between her lips exposing her still juicy pussy.

Lily had not even realized Thud had come into her room as she was toweling off on the edge of her bed.

Then as suddenly as she sensed he was there with her, she felt Thud’s tongue push over her mound and between her lips, where so recently her fingers had been.

Shocked at this most intimate contact, Lily tried to gasp out a sharp "Thud!" as she felt his tongue again push into her pussy. What came out instead sounded more like?

"What... Thud...."

Thud’s tongue flattened against her wet lips, slipping between them lapping her sweet juices like a long piece of warm velvet sandpaper. No turning back now for Thud as he had discovered the source of the intoxicating musk and was trying to drink all of it. He lapped quickly at his master’s body as he felt her body reacting.

Lily dropped the towel as she put her hands on top of Thud’s head between her legs, thinking to push him away. The touch of Thud’s tongue on her pussy rapidly had the effect of reviving her earlier arousal, unwillingly she felt herself growing wetter and wetter. Pushing hard against Thud’s head she managed to say, "Oh god, Thud no... please nook...don't do that..."

Instead of pushing him away, Lily found that Thud pushed against her arms, causing her to roll slightly backward pushing her hips up and into Thud’s mouth. Feeling her hands on him Thud drove his tongue deeper inside of Lily’s pussy, drawing out her wet heat.

Lily felt herself rolling back onto her bed; she tried to steady herself by holding onto Thud’s collar, but instead caused him to be pulled tighter against her as she fell back onto the bed. She felt Thud between her legs, as she lay naked upon her bed. As Thud’s tongue continued to slip between her folds and her wetness now flowed out for him, Lily kept her protests even as she found herself open her legs wider to allow Thud between them.

"Ohh god... what... Mmm... Please… Noooooo...."

Now entirely between Lily’s legs, Thud eagerly continued to lap at her juicy pussy, his tongue slick with her juices. Unseen by Lily, Thud’s pinkish cock continued to grow out of the furry sheath under his belly. Initially, it was slender and small, but as his excitement for Lily’s heat grew, it was becoming swollen and darker red.

"Oooh Goddddd... Mmm... Thud... your tongue... mmm..."

Lily ignored the obscenity of her actions as she began to hump her pussy at Thud’s tongue, caressing her breasts finding her nipples excited and hard, she pinched and pulled at her hardened points. Thud became aware of his growing need hanging below him, not knowing how to satisfy his new desires.

He continued to lash Lily’s wetness with his tongue, lapping from bottom to top, as his tongue grazed over her swollen clit, Lily groaned loudly and scooted back farther onto the bed, making Thud follow her by putting his front paws up on the couch.

"OH GOD THUD!" She moaned as his tongue teased over her clit wanting to feel more but unable to take the stimulation she scooted back from his tongue, as he followed her onto the bed.

"Thud... Thud... Oooh," Lily moaned as now as he joined her on her bed loving and licking her nakedness, feeding and drinking in her wet heat. Lily wanted now only to orgasm and opening her eyes, she looked into Thud’s eyes close to hers as he stood over her on her bed.

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