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Raped by Father’s Mastiff

Jezebel Rose


This is a new erotic story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Raped by Father’s Mastiff

When father leaves his dog alone with his spoiled little daughter, she decides to play with the giant Mastiff. With a quick lick and lap, the young girl is fully entranced by the feelings and emotions ravaging her body. Orgasm after orgasm, she takes the dog up inside her tight, wet, virgin body embracing the dog as her sexual partner.

Includes bonus detail in all sex scenes! 

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Raped by Father’s Mastiff

Raped by Father’s Mastiff

I appreciate the money you spent on this short story; it puts dinner on the table.

With Love, Jezebel Rose

She could not believe her father had left that damn dog in the backyard. A poor little stray was one thing, but this beast was another entirely. He had to be the biggest mastiff she had ever seen, a real barrel of a chest swelling under a huge head, a long tongue handing out the side of his snout and almost touching the cement by the pool as he lazed in the shade as if he owned the place.

When her dad had left for his meeting, he had told her to keep the back gate shut tight and not to go out in the backyard since the dog was not used to her yet. The dog outweighed her by at least 100 pounds. Great advice, but there were two problems. First off, she was spoiled rotten, and whatever didn't go along with her plans did not go anywhere. In addition, today the princess was planning a whole day out by the pool getting a strong start on her summer tan. High school was officially out yesterday, and nothing was getting in the way of her "first day of summer vacation ritual,” not her father, not his damn philanthropy and CERTAINLY not a damn dog.

She had just turned 18 a month ago, and she had the body that every woman thinks every man wants (and that every woman hates her for huge tits, a waist that would make Scarlett O' Hara enviously green and perfectly peachy ass. She always sunbathed in the nude - the Princess abides no tan lines after all. She had the house to herself for at least the next four hours, and she was determined that no tan line would ever mar the transcendent perfection she saw as her body.

She had to put something on to wear out the back door and down the porch steps, as she would not be entirely out of sight from the neighbors until she hit the lawn. She put on her favorite bikini, a blood red suit that had only strings attached to two small postage stamp-sized patches that barely covered her nipples (but certainly not her areola) and a thong that held up the tiniest triangle of fabric ever made, which was - in theory - meant to cover the front of her completely shaved pussy.

This suit always turned her on. She knew what she looked like in this suit. She remembered that legendary pool party she had one hot summer night last year when her father was out of town. There was no altar erected in her honor in the football team's locker room after that one.

As she looked at herself in the mirror before she went downstairs, she felt that familiar wetness moistening the insides of her thighs. It almost seemed as if a hot breath was undulating out of her pussy. She slid her fingers under the triangle for a moment, pinching her swelling clit and bending her knees to push her hips out and heighten the sensation. Her large nipples were already swelling, and she pulled a postage stamp aside to pinch her left nipple and twist it painfully between her first two fingers.

She grabbed her goody bag to take down to the pool with her. She was horny as hell, and she decided she might as well work up a sweat while she was getting that fabulous tan. Before she walked out of her bedroom, she went into her closet and found the innocuous looking bag that held all manner of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. She was having some fun this afternoon. She was an exhibitionist at heart, and even though she knew the high fence surrounding her backyard would obscure all view of her, just the idea that she would be completely naked and masturbating wantonly out in the open sent another little electric thrill deep into her cunt.

When she walked outside, the dog seemed to be watching her as if he knew what she was thinking. DAMN. She had forgotten about that damn dog again.

She just could not get over how ridiculously HUGE he was, and he did not look as though he probably smelled too good either. She could see his dick sliding quickly into view at the sight of her, and she was surprised at her reaction to that. Instead of the revulsion, she knew she should be feeling at the idea of the big hairy beast lusting after her, she could feel her instant physiological reaction, her pussy going from very damp to so damn wet that she could hear it squishing between her thighs every time she took a step.

Even the idea that he might be dirty turned her on that much more. God knows where he had been. She immediately knew what she was going to do, and she knew it was disgusting and completely unnatural. Ironically, that is what she liked about it. She would read stories about women that enjoyed this sort of thing before. While she always thought that rather urge MUST be wrong, she could not help but still be aroused when she got to the part about the big dog literally taking the pussy attached to the slut who was down on all fours, begging him to make her his bitch with his big fat doggy cock.

She went to the chaise lounge, and in two quick motions, she was out of her suit. Naked, she sat down and leaned back. She opened her goody bag and took out three clothespins. She clipped one onto each hard nipple, hissing in the air as the sharp pain shot through her tits and down to her clit, causing it to begin throbbing. She was going to save that last clip for later. She started rubbing her sopping pussy, circling her clit in slow, lazy strokes. After a few short moments she began to smell her juices as they were now leaking out of her hole faster, and just at the moment she realized she was more pungent, so did the dog.

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