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Roadside Bestiality

Jezebel Rose


This is a new erotic story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Roadside Bestiality

After running out of gas along a deserted highway, Jamie is assaulted by several dogs only bent on breeding with the young woman. Viciously raped by the animals, Jamie attempts to flee…

Includes bonus detail in all sex scenes! 

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Roadside Bestiality

Roadside Bestiality

I appreciate the money you spent on this short story; it puts dinner on the table.

With Love, Jezebel Rose

Jamie was driving home after a night out of partying with her friends. She had a nice little buzz going from the drinks, and was feeling horny from the long goodbye in the parking lot she had with Mark. Mark was her on again, off again boyfriend, and even though they were in the "off again" phase right now, when he walked her out to her car as she was leaving, they indulged in a hot little make out and grope session before she left.

As she drove along, she was thinking she should have just gone to his place with him for a good, nasty fuck before going home because it had been so long since she had had one. She could still feel his hands on her from the parking lot, when he had reached up under her skirt and finger fucked her for about 15 minutes as she leaned up against her car. She was getting wet again thinking about it.

She turned off the highway onto the dirt road that ran for about 5 or 6 miles until it reached the little country cottage she was renting and living in. She drove for about a mile and a half when she suddenly felt the car lurch and heard the engine sputter and then die. She rolled to a stop and turned the key but the engine would not start. She looked down at the dash and saw the gas gauge putting right at the E.

"Oh shit!" she thought. "Now I'll have to walk the rest of the way home. I will call Mark tomorrow and he can bring me some gas in a can. I can't believe I forgot to fill up!"

She took her keys out of her purse, slid the purse under the seat and got out of the car. As she closed and locked the door, she looked up at the sky, thankful for the full moon that shone down and lit the road so well. She took a deep breath and started in the direction of home.

After walking about 2 miles, she came to a field. She knew if she cut across, it would knock a little over a mile off her walk. The only worry was that the two dogs that lived on the property would be out prowling around. After thinking about it for a moment, she decided it was worth the risk and climbed through the rail fence. She was walking for about 15 minutes when she heard barking off in the distance. She knew it would be Merly and Bill, the 2 dogs she was worried about. They were not mean, but they were a little territorial.

"Oh well," she thought. "There's nothing to do now but deal with them when they come," and she kept on walking toward home. Within a couple of minutes she could hear them running toward her through the tall grass, baying and barking like they were on the hunt.

When she saw them cresting the low hill to her right, she stopped and started calling their names, hoping they would hear her and realize she was friend, not foe. As her voice reached them, they suddenly stopped running and barking. They stood at the top of the hill, silhouetted by the bright moonshine, noses up in the air sniffing.

The moment of recognition hit, and they started running toward her again, bounding this time with their mouths open and panting. When they reached her, their tails were wagging, and they were very obviously happy to see her. Bill kept jumping up on her, and as she shoved him off and shouted, "Down!" in a stern voice, she suddenly felt a cold wet nose hit her crotch. She reached down and shoved Merly's head away, but he immediately came right back, this time shoving his head firmly into her crotch and taking a fast lick.

Jamie jumped back a half step, startled to feel his warm, wet tongue lapping at her pussy. She remembered that Mark had helped her to slip out of her panties in the parking lot at the bar to gain easier access for his finger fucking.

She shoved Merly's head away again, and this time Bill stuck his nose into that most private of places. "Back off you two!" she shouted at them. Moreover, turned to start walking home. She made it only a few steps when she felt one of them hit her hard from behind and she went down onto her hands and knees. Before she could move, Bill came around to her front and started licking her face very enthusiastically.

She kept turning her head from side to side, telling him no the whole time. Then she felt Merly shove his head up under her skirt and start licking her pussy. With Bill in front of her, blocking her path that way and Merly in back, she had nowhere to go. Merly started licking faster and snuffling, Jamie felt that familiar warm glow starting to spread through her lower belly.

"Oh my god," she thought. "What kind of pervert am I? I'm getting turned on by a dog licking my pussy!" At just that moment, Merly stuck his tongue up inside of her and she felt her knees go weak. All she could think was, "I have to get away." However, every time she tried to get up, Bill jumped on her and knocked her back down. She rolled over onto her back, and sat up part way, supporting herself with her arms behind her.

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