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So how exactly does a woman celebrate a significant birthday? And, in particular, the one which moves her out of her thirties and into ‘proper’ middle-age?

Karen and her husband Brad had discussed several possible options in the months preceding her birthday. A weekend of pampering at a luxury spa retreat perhaps? A trip to Paris, or even the possibility of a new car was discussed.

However, none of these options were ideas which particularly appealed to her. She was not the materialistic type and her needs were relatively simple.

“You know you’re going to have to choose something eventually,” Brad pointed out to her one evening when they were curled up together on the couch.

Karen sighed heavily.

“I know. But I don’t see the point in choosing something which is solely for myself. I’d like to choose a present which we can both enjoy.”

“Like what exactly?” Brad asked.

Karen smirked mischievously at her husband, reaching out her hand to stroke the back of his neck. He looked quizzically at her, waiting patiently as she gave him her ‘naughty girl’ look— the one she used most often when she wanted to discuss something new they could try during their sex play.

“Remember that time we talked about sharing?” she asked slowly.

Brad nodded.

“Yeah. It was during that business trip to London. The customer who took us out to dinner the night before our meeting. You liked him, didn’t you?”

Karen blushed.

“I must admit he was very charming.”

Her husband agreed.

“Yes. I’ll say he was… he couldn’t take his eyes off you all night.”

“Well you were partly responsible for that,” Karen chuckled. “It was you who insisted on me putting on that tiny red dress, remember? When I left the flat I was practically naked, compared to how I usually dress to go out.”

Brad shrugged.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. But it was worth it. His flirting certainly got your juices flowing as I recall.”

Karen licked her lips, moaning softly to herself as she recalled the effects of that meeting. Sure, the guy had been really attentive. Fussing around her and moving in as close as he could get away with as they talked. Indeed, on one occasion he had almost pulled her completely onto his lap.

Karen knew that the guy would definitely have made a move on her if Brad had not been there. As she played out the scene in her mind afterwards, Karen had not been entirely sure whether she would have been able to resist him.

Karen giggled as she felt her tummy flutter.

“Well it worked didn’t it? I think I can remember that we had the most incredible fuck when we got to our room afterwards. Particularly when you began describing what he might have done to me as you were fucking me for real.”

“Mmmmm. You’re right… that was quite a night we had.”

Karen took a sip from her wine as he threw her a wicked smile, the same thoughtful look once again returning to her face.

She tightened her thighs and squeezed them together, feeling her panties growing damp as they discussed the fantasy which they had both previously shared. It had been a scenario which she had thought about many times since, but they had never quite got to the point of turning the dream into reality.

Until now perhaps.

Brad sat forward on the couch.

“So, let’s get this straight. We were talking about what to get you as your birthday present and the next minute, you’re bringing that sexy conversation of ours back to mind. Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

Karen smiled impishly at him, taking another sip of wine between her lips.

“Could be. What do you think?”

“You’re talking about sharing? A threeway? You want to invite someone to spend the night with us?”

Karen nodded.

“Yes, exactly that,” she replied.

“Look. To tell you the truth, the idea has been on my mind for weeks now and it’s driving me crazy to think about it. We’ve played out the scenario during role-play so many times in the past. And I know we always found it incredibly exciting for you to play the stranger, to pick me up in a bar somewhere or other and then fuck me into submission. Couldn’t we try to take this to the next level? Don’t you think it’s time to turn this fantasy into reality?”

Karen felt her pulse beating a little quicker and moved in toward her husband, slipping along the leather couch to get closer to him. Brad leaned back into his seat, a look of calm surprise upon his face. She reached out, stroking the back of his neck in a gesture of reassurance. She was trying to read the look on his face, unsure whether the curl to his lips was a half-smile or the beginnings of a grimace.

Brad blew through his lips slowly.

“Well now. I didn’t really expect this to come up as an option for your birthday treat.”

His wife shrugged.

“No. A few weeks back neither did I, but recently I’ve found that I can’t think about anything else.”

Karen noticed him shifting his hips in his seat. She hoped that he was feeling the familiar stirring in his groin, similar to the one which also stirred within her when they were talking about such matters.

He looked up at her hungrily, his eyes hooded with desire.

“You know that I’ve been thinking about this myself for ages? In fact, I used to dream about the same scenario when I was just a horny little teenager. But you’re right… our lovemaking and sex-play has always been amazing. I actually came close to suggesting it a few times, but in the end, I always stalled to pluck up the courage. I wasn’t entirely sure how you’d react, or whether you’d like to try it as well. I certainly didn’t want to spoil things for us.”  

Karen cuddled into him, lifting her knee across his lap.

“Brad, you know I love you and absolutely love our little games together. I always have, and always will. But I think now is the time we could turn up the gas just a bit, to the satisfaction of us both.”

She shifted her body and lifted herself, curling her leg over his in one movement until she straddled him completely. She took his face between her hands and kissed around his lips— gently at first, but then nipping at his smooth skin with her teeth.

“But are you really sure you’re okay with this?” Brad asked, concerned.

Karen pulled back from him a little, looking right into his eyes.

“Yes, baby. I’m completely sure. Nothing would give me greater pleasure. Let’s try this out and see where it takes us from there.”

Brad ran his hands across her thighs and moved them up her waist, allowing his fingertips to explore the fullness of her soft breasts. She gasped at his touch, feeling her nipples hardening within the confines of her bra, a sure sign that she was ready for something more and was as horny as hell.

Her husband gripped her neck and pulled her into him, their lips meshing into a deep and passionate kiss. Karen felt herself melting within his arms, the heat in her pussy rising as her body reacted to the embrace. She moaned softly as she felt his fingers unbutton her jeans and slip down inside her panties— reaching in to unsheathe her clit and hopefully give it the attention it craved. The powerful aroma of her sex rose up between them. Brad groaned with lust for his wife…

Karen hoped that this was going to be a long night…            


Four months later the couple checked into their hotel, a firm plan in place which would hopefully bring their fantasy to fruition.

They had spent several nights investigating their options on the travel websites and had eventually decided to book a country hotel on the outskirts of Coventry— a town which they had never visited before. The property seemed ideal. Conveniently located for the main trunk roads and well recommended for the business traveller— the couple had decided that it would be perfect for their needs in every way.

“So, what do you think? Will I do?”

Karen stepped out of the bathroom, looking absolutely stunning.

There was no doubt that she had dressed to impress.

Her blue silk dress was worn way past the knee, however it possessed a generous split down one side which allowed tempting glimpses of the sheer black stockings she was wearing. Her cleavage was nicely displayed, the V-neck of the garment scooping down low across her soft and heavy breasts.

Brad whistled, his eyes opening wide at the sight of her.

“Wow! I’ll say you’ll do,” he answered, nodding in appreciation. “I’m used to seeing you dressed up to go out, but today you look so… well, just so frickin’ sexy.”

“You don’t think I’m showing too much flesh then?”

“Maybe a little more than you’d normally do, but I wouldn’t describe it as too much. Don’t worry hun…, you look gorgeous.”

Karen smiled broadly, glancing into the mirror with a satisfied gleam in her eyes as she put the finishing touches to her hair with her fingertips.

“Good. I hoped you’d say that,” she said, throwing him a cheeky grin.

She stepped over to the dresser and picked up the glass of wine she’d been sipping at while getting ready. The room was a large one, an executive suite— one of the hotels best. Her clothes and make-up lay scattered in various places around the furniture, as well as across the generous queen-sized bed.

Karen allowed her eyes to linger on it, imagining what might be taking place here in a couple of hours if their plan worked out successfully.

“So… are you still okay with this?” she asked her husband one final time, wanting to make sure that they were both in agreement.

Brad nodded.

“Yes… totally. If you’re comfortable with the situation, then I will be too.”

Karen smiled, relaxing visibly. She took another sip of her wine.

“Good, that’s settled then,” she said brightly, extracting a gold lipstick from her make-up bag. “Now come here and kiss me before I put my lipstick on. I don’t want to get it smudged until afterwards.”

Brad took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. The taste of the merlot was still fresh on her lips, the heavy flavour of wild berries intoxicating and filling her mouth. She sucked his tongue deep between her teeth, working it gently with her own.         

Karen pulled away, suddenly feeling his cock twitch inside his pants.

“Hey! Less of that!” she scolded him with a smile. “You’ll get your chance later on!”

Brad chuckled and shrugged.

“I certainly hope so,” he remarked, a lecherous grin on his face.

“Now get downstairs and enjoy yourself.”

Karen blew Brad a kiss, snatched up her bag and jacket and headed out the door.

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