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The 'In Antebellum America, Love Labors to Savor Man's Endless Embrace' Anthology

Gaylord Fancypants

Copyright 2018

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In Indigo Fields Blossoms a Native Love: An MM Historical BM/NM Short Erom

Gaylord Fancypants

Copyright 2018

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All characters depicted in sexual situations in this publication are eighteen years of age or older.

These stories are about fictional consenting adults engaging in taboo and controversial sexual acts. Nobody involved in the creation of this ebook, including authors, editors and models, support immoral or illegal acts in real life. Cover models are not intended to illustrate specific people and the content does not refer to models' actual acts, identity, history, beliefs or behavior. No characters depicted in this ebook are intended to represent real people.



There were brilliant blue flowers as far as the eye could see. Each row of indigo plants was equal in size and growth and every other way, but Walter could tell exactly where he was even though he had been wandering for hours. He didn't even know how long it had been, but he recognized this field.

He wasn't on Master Martin's plantation anymore. He was on Appleberry Farms, owned by Master Jeffries. Walter rather wished he was owned by Master Jeffries, who was much kinder than Master Martin.

If that had been the case, Walter thought, none of this would have probably happened. On Appleberry Farms, he had heard, no one was whipped, or coerced into marriage or church of any kind. That sounded preferable to Walter.

But he had to stop ruminating. He stood in the middle of a field, trying to decide what to do. Could he go back there? To those men who had tortured him so? To that shrill harridan Melissa?

She was his wife, technically, or maybe not, he thought, since the marriage had never been consummated. That's what started all this, just last week. He and Melissa were wed, against his and her strenuous objections.

Then, much to Walter's humiliation, he was unable to perform with Melissa. He was not surprised by it, but he was humiliated. The other slaves made fun of him mercilessly, and Master Martin had had him whipped, and said he would be again for every night he was unable to live up to his husbandly duties.

And so Walter limped away. There was nothing to do now, he thought, but take his chances on the road north. If he made it to Pennsylvania, he'd be free.

He set off into the woods. He knew it would be at least a day or two before Master Martin sent anyone after him. Walter was prone to wandering, and Master Martin had told him to get his head on straight, not to come back until he figured out what it meant to be a man. The idea that Walter would run away was unthinkable, so the dogs would not be set until it was too late. He just needed to avoid being captured.

Luckily he was well-versed in wood-lore -- a skill taught by his Mama Henrietta, who was not his grandmother, but was rather a grandmother to the whole of the slaves of Master Martin's plantation. She had passed on last year, but she knew early on what Walter was.

"You gunna hafta be wit' a woman, sooner or later," she had said on a couple of occasions, clucking her tongue and looking at him as though he had done a grave wrong. Walter didn't know what she meant then, and she had refused to explain, but he knew now.

He simply did not like women. There were any number of slave boys he rather enjoyed tumbling around with, but they all preferred the company of women. They settled for him when Master Martin said the slaves were not "in estrus" (whatever that meant, Walter didn't know, for he had always ignored it when the boys were told of sex and feminine matters). He found all of that unappealing, and girls both tedious and trite.

He was beginning to get nervous. He was well away from his home now, and outside of any part of the forest he had ever been. He was staying clear of the well trafficked areas, so he was deep in the dense woodland where no one ever went. It was reputed to be haunted by ghosts and Indians, but Walter didn't believe in the former at all or in the latter in this area.

That night, Walter felt free for the first time in his life. He was scared of being caught, but he was entirely on his own -- there was no one to help. It was a frightening realization. If he so much as badly stubbed a toe, it could be the end of him. That thought didn't help him sleep one bit.

But sleep he somehow did, and he was so nervous and hungry he awoke early. He ate his last biscuit and set out. He drank from a stream and continued.

Soon he fell into a sort of rhythm. He remained alert, on edge with every step. He was acutely aware of everything around him.

The days stretched into weeks. He passed settlements on several occasions, but he was lucky in avoiding any real interactions. He was three weeks out before he passed anyone who saw him, and that was just one old slave who nodded at him with a knowing stare. Walter nodded back, but he didn't slow down.

And then early one morning, Walter awoke to the realization that there was someone in his camp. A large shape loomed overhead.

His heart jumped up in his throat. Walter gasped. He assumed a fighting stance, only to find that the man sat peaceably on a log. He was carving a piece of wood into some sort of idol. He had long black hair, straight and strong, with high cheekbones and a noble, dark face.

"Hello," he said. "You should not sleep so deep, Negro." His voice had the distinctively halting lilt of the red man, and Walter breathed a sigh of relief. He could be fairly certain that an Indian man would not be a slavecatcher.

"Oh, oh, yes, I... uh, yeah. Right. Sure," Walter said. He winced at his own weakness. This was exactly why the men of his plantation had turned on him -- he was a weakling, a woman at heart. Any of the other male slaves would have punched the Indian to force him to submit as soon as they saw him in the campsite. Walter only blushed and kicked the dirt around..

"My name is Natapoke," he said. "You will come with me. My people will give food and water. You will stay with me tonight."

"Oh, I should really keep going. I don't want to stay-"

"I say it in hospitable manner, but it is not request. It is not option," he said. He narrowed his eyes to slits and growled at Walter. "This is Catawba land, Negro."

"Okay, okay," Walter said. "I'll come. I'll... take it as hospitality instead of kidnapping."

Then a long awkward silence passed between them. The sun was just coming up, so Walter could barely make out Natapoke's face, but he couldn't see any emotions pass over him. Natapoke might as well have been a statue, sculpted to stare straight at him.

"Well?" Walter asked when the silence grew too great. "What are we-?"

"I will tell you when it is time to leave. We should not get there too early. The chief will not be awake if we go there now anyway," Natapoke said.

"Oh. So we just wait here?"


"In silence?"

"Preferably. If you must talk, talk," Natapoke said.

"Well... I dunno about must," Walter said. "I don't want to just sit here and do nothing. That's awkward."

"Then do something, I do not care. Just do not leave this campfire," he said.

Walter gulped nervously. "That limits my options. None of the things I used to do to pass the time can be done-"

Natapoke scowled like he would have greatly preferred sitting in awkward silence. "What are those things? What do Negros do to pass the time?"

"Y'know, whatever, play games or something."

"Games? Children play games."

"Adults do too. I know Indians do. Y'all got a ball game-"

"That is sports. It is different. We are not doing the sports here and now."

"Well, yeah, I know we can't do it... Nevermind, you're a real pain in the ass, Natapoke, you know that?"


"Maybe we should just sit here in silence. Ain't nothin' we could do together that I used to do with the other Negros."

After a long pause, Natapoke looked directly at Walter. "What was it you used to do? What can you do with Negros but not an Indian?"

"Fornication," Walter said. He hoped to shock Natapoke, maybe get him so confused or dismayed that Walter could get the jump on him. But Natapoke looked as though he had been expecting that answer.

"Fornication? You want to do sex?"


"We will do," Natapoke said. "Get on side." He laid on his side, ready to open his mouth and take Walter in, while putting his own groin near Walter's head. He almost looked like he had been waiting for precisely this opportunity. Was Natapoke, like Walter, a man's man? He seemed so tough and masculine that that was unlikely, but Walter didn't know about Indians or what they believed about manhood.

Interracial coupling was so tightly forbidden that Walter hadn't even thought about the possibility that Natapoke would be willing. Such things simply didn't happen on the plantation. But that was different, he thought, because the only other race around were the white folks. He didn't know that black and Indian sex was just as forbidden -- he had a feeling it was also not allowed, but in this lonely moment in the early morning, he wanted nothing more than to do it. He wanted to feel safe and secure and loved, just like he had when he and his fellow slaves used to pass the lonely hours at night in each other's arms.

He opened his mouth as he undid Natapoke's leather britches. He had a long, uncut cock and straight pubic hair, which was strange to Walter -- he had never seen anyone with straight pubic hair. He hadn't even known that was possible.

When that throbbing cockshaft pushed into his mouth, Walter moaned, excited about the sex -- his nervousness vanished, and he could have almost forgotten he wasn't with one of his fellow Negroes. He instantly felt like he had known Natapoke for many years.

Then Walter moaned as his own cock disappeared down Natapoke's throat. Natapoke must have been experienced at this, Walter thought, because he sucked expertly, his tongue slathering spit up and down Walter's throbbing shaft.

"Oh god, man..." Walter said around the dickmeat in his throat. He gurgled merrily around it, savoring the salty flavor of Natapoke's body. He had long had to pretend with his fellow slaves that he didn't really want to do things like this, but with Natapoke, there was no pretension. It was obvious that Natapoke wanted to do it, and he didn't care that Walter wanted to do it too.

Walter felt his orgasm approach a few minutes before it arrived. A part of him wanted to delay it as long as possible, but he wasn't willing to disentangle himself from Natapoke's ropy-muscled limbs, so he could do little but flail as cum sprayed into his new friend's mouth.

At the same time, Natapoke's balls crawled up in his sac, and he sprayed his own cumload. It was spicy and salty, creamy and thick, with a dewy taste, Walter thought -- he tasted like the forest he guarded for his tribe. He moaned around the cum that coated his throat.

Then at last Natapoke pulled away. He grunted, heaving for breath, and his dark eyes flashed with passion as though he had never thought it would feel that good. He cleared his throat.

"That is nice. Negroes do that good."

"Injuns got some skills too," Walter said. He sat up, then without giving it a second thought, leaned in and kissed Natapoke. It was only when their lips touched that Walter realized he might be crossing a line -- there were plenty of slaves who did sex willingly but would have punched him into the ground if he tried to kiss.

Happily, it seemed Natapoke was not like that. He kissed Walter back, and they lay there in each other's arms until the sun was fully overhead. It was relaxing enough that Walter could forget that he was an escaped slave, that his life might be forfeit if he was caught, and that Natapoke was holding him prisoner; he forgot all that, and remembered only how perfect the world felt next to Natapoke's smooth body.



"You are escape slave, yes?" said Chief Watahok. Despite his words, it didn't sound like a question. His accent was thick, his tone pointed and accusatory.

Walter bristled. "I would rather keep my affairs private-"

"You are on Catawba land. You will answer," Chief Watahok said. He was a burly old Indian with gray hair and a small potbelly, wrinkles lining his stern face.

"Fine... Yes. I am an escaped slave," Walter said.

Chief Watahok nodded. "Good. I do not believe in slavery. Catawba people are opposed to slaves."

"Oh, that's good-"

"But if slavecatcher come to be looking for you, he will kill Catawba children to find you," Chief Watahok said. "We can not be hiding you in village."

"I didn't realize that. I never intended to put your tribe in any danger. I didn't know I was on Catawba land. Why don't I just go? If anyone asks, you don't have to lie. Just say I left, and I didn't tell you where I was going."

He nodded. "Yes. That is good. But I will tell where you going."

"I won't say-"

"You do not have to. You are north. You are going north. That is what I will say. I will not protect you, Negro. Walter, I mean. I will call you by your name," Chief Watahok said.

"Oh, well... Okay," Walter said. "I guess tell them I went north. That's pretty vague anyway, they know I'm going north. What other direction would I go in?"

"We do not give you supplies. Natapoke will tell you. Go now," Chief Watahok said.

Walter breathed a sigh of relief as he left Chief Watahok's home. Natapoke was with him, and also seemed to be relieved. Walter knew it had been entirely possible that Watahok would simply kill him, enslave him or turn him over to slavecatchers for a reward. That was far from impossible, and he was lucky to have escaped. It seemed Natapoke felt the same sense of relief.

"Come, I will be giving you supplies," Natapoke said, leading him to a small hut near the Chief's home.

"I thought he said-"

"He said we will not give you supplies. He did not say I would not steal them and give to you.

"I'm no thief, Natapoke," he said.

"You are not stealing. I am," he said. "It is okay. This is what Chief mean. He can not give you supply because he will be ask about it. He must say no without bringing falsehood on himself. I will not be ask. I will pretend I do not know English. I will pretend I hate Negros. I will do thievery, but with permission. Ancestors are not upset."

"Oh..." Walter felt bad about it, but he couldn't justify turning down supplies. His woodlore was only really helpful in the area immediately around his home in South Carolina. The flora and fauna changed as he went north, and Walter was increasingly unable to find anything familiar. He was going to need help sooner or later. He might as well get assistance now, from the only people thus far on his voyage who had proven themselves to be on his side.

Natapoke gave him a satchel full of winter clothes and a spare pair of boots -- when Walter saw the boots, he felt a surge of both panic and relief: his boots were cheap and could fall apart any second. It hadn't even occurred to him to be worried about that until he saw the spare pair, and then he panicked for a moment before feeling a surge of relief that he had a backup.

Then Natapoke handed over a second satchel of food, with a trio of heavy waterskins attached to the back. There were ears of corn, potatoes and massive sacs of dried meat and hardtack. It was probably six months of food if Walter supplemented it when he could. That should be plenty to make it up to Pennsylvania, he thought.

Assuming I actually make it to Pennsylvania. He felt a shiver of fear at the thought of being caught.

"It is time now," Natapoke said. "You can not stay here. You must go."

"Okay, yes," Walter said. "Sure." Despite his words, his feet remained planted on the ground. The thought of going out alone into the woods once more filled him with dread.

He turned his body towards the door, but still didn't take a step. Then before he could say or do anything else, Natapoke leaned in and kissed him.

His tongue plunged into Walter's mouth, and Walter was shocked, but then kissed back. His hands grasped Natapoke's supple shoulders and strapping muscles. The heat from Natapoke's body was palpable in the chilly morning air.

"Walter..." Natapoke murmured, his voice pinched and clipped by his arousal. It was the first time he had used Walter's name, and it sent a shiver of desire up his spine.

Then he moved his kisses down from Natapoke's lips to his neck, and his chest. Natapoke's broad muscles quivered beneath his leather shirt, which was unbuttoned despite the chilly air. His nipples grew hard beneath Walter's mouth.

Walter lowered himself even farther until he was on his knees in front of Natapoke. He undid Natapoke's leather breeches and swallowed that dick again, glad to do so now when it was more familiar to him than last time. He felt like an expert on Natapoke's dick now, and wasn't shocked by his straight pubic hair.

He opened his mouth and swallowed it, letting that thick throbbing shaft fill his throat once again. Natapoke moaned and trembled, his whole body quaking like he might fall down any moment. His knees buckled, and he had to lean on Walter's shoulder for support.

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