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Lorelei and the Locker of Lecherous Lust

HallowKreme 2018 Book 5

by Kris P. Kreme

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Copyright 2018 Kris P. Kreme

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Lorelei and the Locker of Lecherous Lust

by Kris P. Kreme

Transferring to a new school in October was never going to be easy, not when Lorelei had been popular and happy at her old school.

Yet there's something sinister about Hallotown High, the way everyone whispers watching her head to her assigned locker.

Thanks to a friendly face among the almost frightened looking student body, Lorelei is told the tale of locker one-eleven, how a student named Jessa cursed it thirty years ago, cursed it to forever absorb pure lust, and cursed the school if that locker was ever opened.

Will Lorelei open the locker of lecherous lust, or is there more to this story nobody could ever know?

Lorelei and the Locker of Lecherous Lust

by Kris P. Kreme

It wasn’t like Lorelei ever asked to change schools her senior year, and it certainly wouldn’t have been her choice to do so in the middle of October, long enough into a new school year that social cliques had already been established.

She was always popular at her old school, never the outcast, but as she started down the hallway in search of her assigned locker, that was exactly the feeling she had. Eyes turned her way, some dismissive and suspicious, others admittedly curious and possibly flirtatious.

Lorelei was used to the latter, confident enough in her looks to admit she was very pretty, slender, long silky black hair, naturally blemish free pale skin as she always was careful in the sun. She had always been popular for more than her figure though, yet everyone somehow acted like she was an outsider who didn’t belong in Hallotown High.

“Is she… she’s not going to that locker is she?” someone whispered.

Lorelei got the distinct sensation the kids in the hall were only staring more the closer she came to her assigned locker. She glanced down at the slip of paper the office had given her, at the scribbled locker number and combination.

She had to admit, even the woman in the school office had seemed a little hesitant to give her the paper, checking the computer twice as though suspecting a mistake when Lorelei was assigned a locker.

The woman had adjusted her thick glasses, looked closely at the screen, then looked back almost apologetically at Lorelei. For the most part, Lorelei had assumed nothing much of the whole incident, figuring the locker was probably in bad shape, maybe dented up, scratched, the trashiest locker left available since everyone else had their lockers assigned for over a month.

Yet reading the little slip of paper and walking past the strangely building thickness of other students, she got the distinct impression there was more to the whole locker situation than she could possibly know.

“No way… they actually assigned someone that?” a guy whispered, laughing under his breath.

Lorelei stood at the lockers, a nice low bench running the length of the wall of lockers in front of her, several girls nearby seated on the bench while primping in their locker mirrors. Most of them instantly stumbled back as they turned and saw Lorelei at locker one-eleven.

“No way, I’m out of here,” one girl said, shaking her head, almost looking frightened.

“That’s just messed up!” another girl screeched, shoving someone that Lorelei assumed to be her boyfriend as they walked off and around the corner at the end of the hall.

As she stared at the slip of paper, confirming she was assigned locker one-eleven, Lorelei wondered what the deal could possibly be. Everyone was actually clearing out the closer she got to the locker, acting like she was about to set off a bomb or something, most of the students staring even as they walked off.

It looked like any other locker, just a pale gray flat metal door, a lower locker which she preferred, and surprisingly in perfect shape, nothing to distinguish it from any other locker in the hall besides the numbers which again seemed totally normal.

“You guys, we gotta warn her,” she heard one girl whisper, and Lorelei turned, pushing some of her long black hair behind her ear.

Only one girl hadn’t entirely abandoned the hall, one single student who actually seemed to show more concern than fear at Lorelei standing before locker one-eleven. She was a fairly cute if somewhat shy looking girl her age, long red hair pulled neatly into a braid which hung against one side of her chest.

As the others nearly ran off, no bell for class having rung, no reason Lorelei could see for such immediacy to their actions, this one girl sighed and shook her head, pulling her loose gray sweater closer to the white top she wore underneath, nearly seeming to feel the literal chill of the reception Lorelei was experiencing on her first day in a new school.

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