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Mating with a Werewolf

by Brandy West

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Mating with a Werewolf

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Mating with a Werewolf

The cold breeze from the open window caressed my skin as I tossed and turned, tussling the sheets of my bed. My body was exhausted, but my mind was awake. Tomorrow was my first day off in a long time, but my chores at home had been piling up for weeks and I knew I’d have to tackle them as soon as I woke up. No matter how hard I tried to relax, I simply couldn’t.

The clock on the wall read 5:14. I’d been tossing for the past two hours. An owl hooted quietly, causing me to turn my head and glance outside. It was a chilly morning in October. The first snow had fallen yesterday, coating the entire world in a thin layer of crispy white powder. In a few days it would be Halloween.

Feeling defeated, I slipped out of the bed and walked up to the window. I pushed it open a bit further, feeling my nipples stiffen beneath my nightshirt as the cold wind washed over me.

My hot breath steamed against the glass pane as I peered outside. There were no people, cars or lights. I felt like I was the only person alive in the entire world. I was all alone. I could do anything and nobody would know…

That gave me an idea. I slid back under the covers and laid down on my back, closing my eyes. My hand wandered down across my body and into my panties, stroking my folds. It had been weeks since I touched myself, and even longer since I’d been touched by a man.

I yearned for the comforting touch of a man’s fingers. I imagined my own hand gently stroking his muscular forearm, and the feeling of his throbbing erection against the inside of my leg…

Sighing softly, I let my mind wander as my fingers moved in a circular motion around my swollen clit. It felt lacking in comparison to the real thing, I thought sadly. I day–dreamt of a handsome hunk exploding into my bedroom and sweeping me off my feet before giving me the best orgasm of my life.

I was getting close already, as made evident by the wetness between my legs. My wrist was getting sore but the throbbing ache in my pussy urged me to continue.

A scratching sound outside my window interrupted my focus, but I tried to ignore it. It was probably just the hedge brushing against the wall again. It had grown too long and thick, and I’d had to cut it soon before it started damaging my façade. Another thing to add to my to–do list, great.

I pressed my eyes shut tight and moved my wet fingers back and forth faster. So close now, just a few more seconds. A soft moan escaped my lips as I went over the edge, waves of pleasure washing over my body. There was a wonderful throbbing feeling between my legs and I wanted to keep touching myself, but I was too sensitive now.

Tree leaves rustled loudly outside my window as I sunk back into the pillow and cocked my head to the side, moaning pleasurably. My body had grown warm and heavy, and for the first time in hours I felt genuinely sleepy. I let my fingers brush over my aching, sensitive clit one last time before removing my wet–stained panties.

The room felt colder suddenly. I wrapped the covers tighter around myself in an attempt to shield myself, but it was too cold. Sleepy, I blinked a few times and peered over at the window. It was wide open. Had I left it that way? I couldn’t remember…

Cautiously, I sat up in the bed and looked around the room. Although I couldn’t put my finger on it, something felt… off. A sharp, uncomfortable feeling was traveling down my spine, and I realized I didn’t feel safe in my own room anymore.

Just in the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a dark figure. It hid in the shadows, barely visible despite reaching all the way to the ceiling. For a moment I hoped I’d fallen asleep and this was just a nightmare, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t wake back up.

I didn’t dare to look directly at the creature. It was enormous, with black, matted fur covering its entire body. The only thing I could see clearly was its eyes; moonlight reflected against two bright, orange orbs.

The creature began to move towards my bed, stepping out of the shadows and into my view. A strange feeling came over me, as if the world was suddenly fading away into nothingness.

My numb, lifeless body flopped back against the mattress and I was powerless to stop it. The world quickly turned black as I slipped out of consciousness. The very last thing I felt was the hot, moist sensation of the creature’s breath against my neck.

* * *

I woke up to the scent of burning oak wood. I could sense the daylight through my closed eyes, but I still felt groggy. Just a few more minutes, I thought miserably to myself. Soon I would have to get up and start doing chores. It would feel good to sleep in a while longer, but if I got up now I might have enough time for a real breakfast.

I wrapped the knitted blanket tighter around my body and let out a deep sigh. The material felt itchy and irritating against my skin. Somewhere in the room, a fire crackled and slowly lulled me back to sleep. Wait, I thought, and instantly my mind fog cleared. I don’t have a knitted blanket or an open fire!

This wasn’t my bedroom. It wasn’t even my house—it was a cottage, evident from the timber log walls and sparse furniture. In the middle of the room was a large, stone fireplace with a roaring fire. In front of it sat a man his back was turned towards me. Who was he? How the hell did I end up here?!

Too scared to move or say anything, I lay frozen in the bed and stared at the man. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was extremely tall—6’3 at the very least, maybe even taller. The second thing I noticed that he was looked very strong, like he spent a lot of time doing physical labor.

His shoulders were broad, and I could see the big muscles in his arms moving as he worked on something in his hands, which were out of my sight. He hadn’t noticed that I was awake yet. Had he kidnapped me? I glanced anxiously around the medium–sized cottage and felt myself fill with despair. The windows had bars in them, and the door had been reinforced and locked twice with two separate locks.

I almost hurled when I looked to the left of the door and saw two giant metal handcuffs secured to the wall. Was he planning to hook me up to that? It looked secure enough to hold a bear, there was no way I’d be able to escape if he hooked me up to that.

“O–oh my god…”

The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them, and I instantly regretted it. The man’s head whipped around and a pair of bright, amber eyes stared at me. There was a wild, frightened look in them. How had he heard what I said? It was barely a whisper.

He turned around in his seat and put a piece of wood and a sharp knife down on the table next to him. So that’s what he’d been doing: whittling. On the mantelpiece stood a dozen more whittled animals. They were all eloquently made, with perfect curves and a smooth finish. But he appeared to live alone. Why put so much effort into something nobody else would ever see?

“You’re awake,” He said. His voice was scratchy and deep.

His eyes watched me intently with sad and disappointed eyes. It was almost like he was as upset about me being here as I was. He looked away. “You’re frightened. I’m sorry. That was never my intention.”

“What is this place?” I asked hoarsely. I could hear the fear in my own voice even though I’d tried to conceal it. A tremble went through me and I felt tears welling up behind my eyelids. I had to fight the urge to hyperventilate.

“This is my… sanctuary,” The man answered after a moment’s consideration. His face was emotionless and impossible to read. “I live here because it’s isolated, far away from civilization.”

“Did you bring me here?” Horrific images of being tied up against the wall and repeatedly raped flashed through my mind.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” The man said quickly and looked up to meet my eyes. They looked desperate. “The truth is, I… I barely remember. Sometimes I lose control. I become… something else. A beast.” He looked away, terrified. “That’s why I live here, far away from any humans I might hurt.”

Beast. Did he mean a literal beast? The image of a dark, hairy figure looming over me in my bed flashed through my mind. Bright orange eyes. The feeling of being held against a warm, hairy chest while branches whipped against my back. I put my hands up over my eyes to cover them. A single, scared tear rolled down my cheek.

“You’re… you’re the one that took me last night,” I croaked.

“Yes,” He confirmed solemnly. “Words cannot express how sorry I am. The last thing I ever wanted was to hurt others.”

I forced myself to turn my head back and look at him. He did look remorseful, like a puppy that had been caught chewing on the furniture. He was wearing a moss–green shirt with the sleeves rolled up, exposing ugly, red lines around his wrists. He noticed me staring and quickly rolled his sleeves back down.

“I tie myself up at night to make sure I can’t escape.” He said quietly and gestured towards the massive metal handcuffs on the wall.

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