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Mated by the Big Bad Wolf

A Bestiality Erotica

Allison Winter

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Mated by the Big Bad Wolf

Ally sighed, brushing a curled piece of red hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. Two seconds had not passed before it sprang free again, determined to be wild and free. She was on her way through the Deep Wood, passing through to her Grandmother’s house in Green Plains. The verdant, wide open fields of the town contrasted sharply with the thick, gnarly pines of the Deep Wood, but the girl found herself preferring the forest nonetheless. One could get lost amongst the trees, not a soul in sight. There was always some busybody or another in the towns, watching you, judging you, waiting for you to slip up and show your imperfections. And she had a lot of imperfections.

Ally herself, not quite 20 years of age, lived on the border of the Deep Wood with her husband Gregoire. After her parents had died of pneumonia when she was not yet 16, the girl had been forced into marriage, lest she become a beggar. Her grandmother, frail and sickly, could not take her in, as she lived in a communal home with a few of the other elderly in Green Plains. Gregoire had stepped in, scooping up the young lady in a whirlwind courtship. She had always known the man as a friend of her father, and she had at first been grateful for his assistance.

Now she saw him as he truly was, a fat cow who wanted nothing more than to suck on her teats. He forced her into copulating, day and night. Luckily for Ally, the big man had no stamina and only the smallest of cocks, so it never took more than a few minutes of her time. Anyways, she had a roof over her head and food to eat. The girl counted herself lucky. They even had extra quite often, with Gregoire making much money as a tradesman and shopkeeper in town, meaning they were one of the richest families in town. Ally was able to bake more loaves of bread and more tarts or sweets to bring to her grandmother, and her husband wouldn’t even notice she was gone until he came around that night for his daily fuck.

As she walked through the woods, relishing the coolness of the shade from the trees, she found herself sighing again as she thought of her husband. She wished for something more exciting to happen with her life. She wanted a man, a real man with a real cock. Gregoire had never brought her pleasure, not even once. Ally needed something more wonderful, more interesting than her daily life. She found herself closing her eyes as she walked the familiar trail, a prayer on her lips.

“Please, please, please…” The young lady murmured, casting her dreams and aspirations to the heavens, in hopes that someone or something would answer her call.

The cracking of a branch behind her made her whirl, her dark red cape twisting behind her in the small breeze she created. Though she saw nothing, she still called out.

“Who’s there?”

No reply. She peered suspiciously around her, knowing that something was probably amiss, though she wouldn’t know until it hit her. The Deep Wood always had something or another going on and about, with mischievous elves underfoot, or enchanted squirrels that preferred human toes to acorns, or trolls who would bellow their terrible songs at a girl in order to woo her heart. It was why she honestly preferred taking this short-cut to Green Plains, rather than take the safer and longer route around the enchanted forest.

Shrugging off her nerves, Ally continued forth, making sure to remain vigilant of her surroundings. Though she wanted something interesting to happen, she did not want something bad to happen. Her fingers twisted and turned nervously on the handle of the basket of bread she carried.

Suddenly, she was aware that the trees and everything in-between had gone silent as she approached the river that signaled the middle of the forest. Even the water made no noise, and her footsteps crunched loudly against the bordering sand. This was highly unusual for the Deep Wood, which always brimmed with life and vitality. The girl took a deep breath to calm herself, and truly, she felt more or less at ease. So far she had been able to talk her way out of any issues she had encountered in the woods, even that dreadful dwarf last week who had shrieked at her repeatedly and insisted that she avoid apples for the rest of her life. Tucking the wayward strand of red hair behind her ear again, Ally turned to face whatever interesting thing the forest would give her today, reminding herself that this was why she chose to come here. To escape Gregoire, to live a little, to have adventures…

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