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I’ve known Dr. Carson Ross for the majority of my life. He’s been my daddy’s best friend for as long as I can remember, and they own a private practice together. Carson has been there for our family through many of life’s up and downs, like when my momma passed away a few years back. It’s tradition for us to go out for dinner on our birthdays, especially since Carson and I share the same birthdate, except he’s exactly twenty years older than me, putting him at forty-one years old. This year my daddy can’t make it to the birthday dinner so it’s only going to be Carson and me.

Finishing up my hair and makeup, I walk to my big walk-in closet and pick out a dress for the evening. I flip through all the various colors and designs of dresses, making the final decision on a short black dress. My phone rings and I look to see who it is—it’s Carson.

“Hello?” I say with a grunt, struggling to zip the back of my dress.

I just pulled up out front, what’s the matter?” He asks with concern in his deep voice.

I need you to come up to my room. I need help with something.” I say coyly, hanging up the phone before he could ask with what because I need help with a lot more than just my zipper.

I’d give anything for him to take my virginity. Most girls in my shoes would probably see Carson as an uncle, but for me… I’ve always had my eyes and heart set on him. There’s something about that man that’s so alluring and dark in the sexiest way.

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