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Taken by the Cops

By Fabia Berry

Copyright 2018 by Fabia Berry

This work contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only.

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

I go into the local police station and head up to the front desk, which is manned by a tall, burly cop. His black hair is buzzed nearly bald, and his neck is thick like a bull’s. His hairy forearms are as big around as my thigh. When he looks up at me, his dark-brown eyes are cold and glittering and seem to bore straight into me as if he knows that I have done wrong, that I am criminal scum who deserves to be punished, incarcerated, hurt. But I’m just a cute blonde college coed out to do good deeds in the name of my favorite charity.

“Hi,” I tell him perkily, trying to ignore the tingly feelings the hulking cop’s cold cruel demeanor is stirring up within me. I can’t help imagining his huge hands squeezing my big breasts till I cry out in pain. I clear my throat and try to drive the naughty thoughts away. “I’m here to collect donations for needy children.” I flash him a winsome smile that has already netted mucho dinero for the poor waifs.

The cop just continues glaring at me as if I have committed some crime right in front of him. I realize that the busy, buzzing station has fallen silent, and all the cops have stopped their work to look at me, over a dozen big, brawny men eyeing me in silence, their faces hard and flinty. They all look so tough, so mean, so intimidating.

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