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Doing Daddy's Girl

by Kelsy Kasey

Note From The Author

Leave reality at the door if you're interested in reading this or any other Kelsy Kasey book.

Just because I write about it doesn't mean I condone it – it's FICTION.

I had a perfectly normal childhood.

I don't have mommy or daddy issues.

My sex life is just fine.

I don't write to compensate for anything.

I write because the naughty guys and girls in my head won't shut up.

They want their stories told.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy my books!

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Doing Daddy's Girl

by Kelsy Kasey

Copyright © 2018 by Kelsy Kasey

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, and

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This book is for adults only and not suitable for those under the age of eighteen.

Doing Daddy's Girl is an erotic short story with scenarios that may offend or trigger some readers.


All characters are eighteen or older and not biologically related.

Questions? You can contact the author at or find her on, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, or Facebook. Note that the Tumblr page is extremely NSFW.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


About Kelsy Kasey

Chapter 1

I only wanted the girl because my dad did. Sick, right? Well, not as sick as my forty-five-year-old father wanting to fuck a girl who was barely eighteen. At least I was in my early twenties. Not that age mattered or anything. The first time I saw my thirty-five-year-old stepmother, getting inside her became my obsession.

Let me start at the beginning. My dad, Phillip, married Nina when Lindsey, her daughter, had just turned eighteen. It was a whirlwind romance, five weeks max. Vows were spoken and they moved into the house Dad and I had shared since he and my real mom divorced a decade earlier. I was never close to the man but he gave me freedom my very strict mother never did. When I was in high school, he didn't get pissy if I brought home a girl and took her to my bedroom and locked the door. My mother went a ballistic every time I even mentioned girls, and this was when I was still in elementary and middle school. She got upset when I said I wanted to live with Dad after the divorce but she went along when I made a lame excuse about not wanting to change school districts. At her house, I had no freedom. At Dad's, I could pretty much do anything I wanted to do. Hell, he encouraged me to bring girls home. He didn't exactly hide the fact that he was enjoying seeing the steady stream of teenage girls going in and out of my bedroom during my high school years. He'd often joke, when they left, about having new jerk-off material. I never thought it was funny because a majority of the girls were underage, but I never argued because I didn't want him to take any of my freedoms away. The man was pushing me to lose my virginity when I was barely fifteen. I did too, with a woman he'd hired for the night. She showed up with him and before the evening was over my dick had been inside her twice, with my father having his turn too. He wouldn't even leave the room when I did the deed the first time. Talk about embarrassing. I shot my load almost before it got near the girl. Honestly, I think my father got off on watching.

Yeah, our relationship has always been a little warped, but it is what it is.

I was supposed to be a junior but thankfully my mother nixed that idea. I'm Kyle. Dad's just Phillip. Or, and I snort saying this, Daddy. You're probably wondering why a twenty-two-year-old man was still living with his father. For the record, my college was nearby and it would've been silly to move out. I was in my senior year at the university when everything went down.

Back to my new stepsister. The girl is the real reason he married Nina. Don't get me wrong. Nina has always been hot as fuck with her long dark hair, long legs, and big boobs. While I was jerking off to images of my stepmother, my dad was thinking about getting inside the pussy of her teenage daughter. How do I know that? He told me. Often. He starting grooming the girl before the vows were spoken. She was given anything she wanted even before he married her mother.

Lindsey may have been a legal adult at eighteen, but she damn sure didn't look it. She was barely five-feet tall, skinny as a rail, and her tits were almost nonexistent. I doubt she weighed ninety pounds. Honestly, the girl didn't look over fourteen or fifteen. I didn't see what Dad saw in her. Her mother? Oh hell yeah. I jerked off more than once to fantasies of getting between her legs. The thought of being inside the girl made me feel like a sick pervert. She looked like a middle school student. She also acted like one but only because it got her what she wanted with the old man. She was good at playing the naive girl. He ate that shit up. I almost gagged the first time I heard him tell her that she was 'Daddy's girl.' She was officially an adult and not even his real kid, but she was Daddy's girl. Oh, he wanted to be her daddy, and I'm not talking in a parental daddy kind of way.

Lindsey was shy the first few weeks after her mom and my dad started dating. That made the challenge that much more exciting. Nina, on the other hand, was anything but. She had no problem walking around in just a towel, knowing she got my cock hard. I jerked off thinking about my stepmother so many times early on I'm surprised I didn't hurt my dick. Once Nina and Lindsey moved in, I even brought a girl home to fuck. I could lie and say I did it because I'd always done it. But the main reason was that I wanted Lindsey to hear, and maybe even see, everything. I left my bedroom door cracked open hoping she'd peek in. She did too, starting the first night Dad and Nina were married.

When my father made it clear that he wanted inside the girl's pussy, I knew I'd have her first. I didn't want her – young looking girls never did it for me – but I knew I had to have her before the old man did. She was all he talked about when he was dating her mother. Lindsey this, Lindsey that. It got old pretty quick. So I decided to take on the challenge of winning her over and fucking her before he did. The fact that she was a virgin was just a bonus. Dad wanted to pop her cherry, but I knew I'd be the one doing it. I never enjoyed fucking virgins because virgins tended to get clingy and want more than I wanted to give them. I also wanted experience. When I had sex I wanted my partner to give as good as she got.

Honestly, it wasn't that difficult to get the girl's attention. I'm not bragging, but I know I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm six-two and I weigh a buck eighty. I keep my dark blond hair down almost to my shoulders. I've been described as looking like a beach bum on more than one occasion but I never took offense to it. It helped me get laid. Dad wasn't bad looking either. A couple of inches shorter than me, he had brown hair that was more of a mix of dark and gray. He kept himself in shape for the most part but he had a little more around the middle than I did. I knew for a fact my eight and a half inch dick was bigger than his by a couple of inches. Not something I judged him for or anything. The girls seemed to like it. I know this because we shared them a lot, sometimes with both of us in the same bed. I told you he liked when I brought girls home. Sometimes he actually joined us or got a piece solo when I was done playing. It really bothered me in the early days. Being in high school and trying to get lucky with a girl and having my father take her away when I was done? Yeah, it pissed me off a lot. Later, I learned to go with it. I knew I'd only live with the old man for a little while so I waited it out as my graduation date was quickly approaching.

I got started on Lindsey the first night she ever spent in her new home, hours after the parents said their vows. Her mom had stayed over a lot but not the girl. Dad and Nina were off at a hotel for the night so it was just the two of us in the big house. Her bedroom was across the hall from mine so I made a point of leaving the door open when I was getting ready for a date who was coming over later. In nothing but my boxers, and sporting a boner, I called my new stepsister. She came to the door and stood there. I could tell she was trying to look everywhere but at my erection.

Yeah?” she asked in a cracked voice.

I've got a date coming over in a few. You gonna be okay?”

You want me to stay in my room or what?”

I shook my head.

Not at all. This is your house too now, Linds. I just didn't want you to freak if you heard me having sex with the girl. She tends to get a little loud. She'll only be here for a few minutes.”

I thought you said you said it was a date.”

I grinned.

Well, using the words booty call wouldn't have sounded all that nice to my new stepsister, now would it?”

She rolled her eyes.

A girl's coming here just for sex?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Why not?” I leaned against my dresser and crossed my arms. “Something you need to get used to is seeing women coming in and out of here. I have an active sex life and I don't try to hide it from anybody. I never have.”

So these girls just show up long enough for you to have sex with them? Why? It sounds kind of demeaning to me.”

I uncrossed my arms and gripped my cock through my underwear. I couldn't help but smile at her shocked expression.

This is why.”


I almost laughed when she turned her head.

Come on, little sister, you act like you've never seen a dick before. Hell, it's still covered.” When she didn't respond, I raised a brow. “You have seen a dick before, right?”

Her eyes came back to mine, though it was obvious she was trying not to look below my waist.

Yes, jerk.”

Ever touched one?”

I knew I was pushing it but I was having entirely too much fun watching the girl act scandalized because I'd almost exposed myself.


No need to be embarrassed, Lindsey. I know some girls are late bloomers when it comes to sex.”

I'm not a late bloomer at anything,” she said defiantly.

My eyes took her in from head to toe. She was wearing a pair of shorts that was probably bought in the children's section of the department store, and a small red tee that was tight enough to show her perky little nipples through it. If she was wearing a bra, I couldn't tell. Her shoulder-length blonde hair looked like she'd been running her fingers through it.

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