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First Gloryhole Experience

By Sue Teri

Copyright 2019 Sue Teri

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Author’s Notes

This story was written as an adult fantasy and is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCE ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please story your files where they cannot be access by minors.

The characters and events portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

All sexually active characters in this work are eighteen years of age or older.

It is okay to READ stories about unprotected sex with others outside a monogamous relationship. But it is not okay to HAVE unprotected sex with people other than a trusted partner. 2-million people around the world contract HIV every year. You only have one body per lifetime, so take good care of it!

Chapter One

So as I am sitting in my fifth period math class I cannot help but overhear Pam and Sue conversing back and forth. At first, it just seems like typical mindless eighteen year olds gossiping; however, as I catch bits and pieces of their conversation. I hear the term ‘glory hole’ and suddenly find myself focusing more and more on it. I try not to look interested as I hear them talking. They occasionally glance at me to make sure that I am not paying them any attention. I take some comfort in the fact that these two, perceived as the biggest sluts in school, would never suspect that I have probably had more cock in me than both of them combined―I am just more discreet about it.

“So you like just go there and then what? I mean like how do you know whose cock you’re sucking?” Pam whispered a little louder than she thought.

“You don’t. That’s the hottest thing about it. A dick pokes through a little hole in the wall and you go to town on it.” Sue explained to her ignorant friend.

“Where was this?” Pam wondered.

“That nasty looking porno store out on Route 69. You go into the back and they have these little rooms. A couple of doors are marked with an X and those are the ones for gals or guys that wanna suck some cock. There was this one guy and O…M…G…he was huge! He had these two little freckles on the head of his dick and it’s kind of looked like a face. It would have been funny if he wasn’t so damn big.”

This went on until the end of class and I listened covertly as Sue talked about how she sucked off five anonymous men. My pussy was more than a little wet by the time the bell rang, so much so that I decided to skip the last period so that I could go home and get myself off. An hour and a half later and I was panting as I came with one dildo in my pussy and another in my mouth. I laid there recovering and even in my post orgasmic daze, I could not shake the thought of Sue’s gloryhole story. I made up my mind that I would have to experience it for myself.

Not to sound conceited but I have no problem getting as much sex as I want and with my parents out of town for the week all I had to do was make a phone call but the thought of being a slut for a bunch of unknown men was more than a little intriguing. I took a short nap and then readied myself. A long, hot shower and a few glides of the razor left me hairless from the neck down. I chose to wear a short black skirt with a pink baby-doll tank top. The lace top of my red bra showing and the waistband of my matching red thong pulled up above my skirt. It seemed somewhat silly to pick out a sexy outfit or even do my make-up since nobody would be seeing me, but it just seemed right.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the nondescript building, I was surprised that I was a little nervous. The bookstore was more than ten miles from home but I still almost expected to see someone I knew.

“I.D.,” the man’s voice boomed at me. I looked up at him and his eyes latched onto my big tits that were struggling to rip through my top. I smiled and handed him what he asked for. He kept looking back and forth from my I.D. to me and back before finally handing it back. “She’s good,” he announced to the woman behind the sales counter who just nodded her head and went back to reading her magazine.

I wandered around a bit unsure of where to go. I gasped looking at the dildos and vibrators and various sexy costumes before I found the entrance. It was a black tattered curtain with the words ‘Video Arcade’ above it. I slid he barrier back and stepped into darkness.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust and when they did, I found myself in a narrow hallway with several doors on either side. Behind the doors, I could hear the sounds of different porn movies blaring and tat unmistakable sound of men beating off. I found a door with a large red ‘X’ and went inside.

The room was rather nasty. Painted a flat black with a lifeless video screen and a cheap white plastic patio chair. I slid some money into the machine as per the listed rules and settled down onto the plastic seat. When the screen lit up, I selected a movie and then noticed the large holes on either side of the booth. My pussy ached to be touched and as I watched a few minutes of the movie, I gave it the attention it craved until I felt like I was ready to get to what I came here for.

I remembered Sue’s instructions and knelt down by the hole on the right. I could see light coming through so I knew that someone was in there. I poked my finger through the hole and sure enough, a hard cock slowly slides through from the other side. It was already dripping pre-cum and I quickly went to work. He was not very long and by the time he passed through the wall there were only a few inches to suck on but suck I did.

I sucked my first cock when I was fourteen and have loved it ever since. I eagerly swallowed this man’s cock, working my lips up and down his shaft all while twirling my tongue around it. After a few minutes, I heard him moaning, groaning, and then tapping on the wall. I knew what this mean and picked up the pace until I felt him unload into my mouth.

“Thanks,” he muttered and withdrew back through the wall.

It was another couple minute before I saw light coming through from the hole on the left. I gave him a few minutes to get himself hard before I let him know that someone was ready to take care of him. I simple finger through the hole and my second cock of the night poked through. This one was bigger, much bigger in fact. I moaned at the site.

“Are you a girl?”

“Um, yes.”

His cock withdrew and his hand emerged. It searched for, found my chest, and began to grope at my tits. He lifted up my tank and slid his hand into my bra. I moaned when his fingers found my erect nipples and began to pinch them.

“Take this off.” He commanded and I complied. He roughly felt on my large tits before pushing his cock back through the hole once again.

“Mmmmm you have a beautiful cock.” I moaned at him then took his throbbing member between my lips. He tasted good, clean, as if he had just showered before coming to the bookstore to get a blowjob. His cock filled my mouth and he seemed to love the way I was sucking and slurping on him. My hand slid down into my thong and found my pussy drenched.

“Oh fuck yeah! Suck my cock!”

“Mmmmm you like that Mister? You like having some little slut sucking on this big, fat fucking cock?” I had pulled him out and was sliding him between my tits.

“Yeah suck it fucking whore. Suck my cock bitch.” I pushed my mouth back onto him and he started to hump it down my throat. A few more minutes and he tapped on the wall. I pulled back just in time for him to explode all over my face and tits. My small hand flew up and down his length as I coaxed every drop from him. Finally, he pulled away and was gone. I was kneeling there with one hand furiously finger fucking my pussy with some stranger’s cum dripping from my face. I wanted more and as it turned out, I would not have to wait.

I turned to the other side and realized that I could kind of see through. A man was in there already jerking on his hard cock. I watched as his hand slowly slides up and down his long, thick cock.

“Mmmmm want some help with that?’ I asked through the hole.

“Oh absolutely.” With that, his cock was presented for me. I held him in my hand and felt his thickness throbbing. He was every bit as big as the last man was if not bigger and I greedily inhaled him into my mouth.

“Oh that’s it. Suck me! Suck my fucking cock!” He was getting harder, harder, and throbbing more and more and I loved it.

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