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The Foley Sisters

By S.B.

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The Foley Sisters

The Foley sisters, Kerry and Clare, were the most beautiful young ladies in Cleas, a small village deep within the confines of rural Ireland that was somewhat of a tourist attraction because of certain legends concerning long-forgotten lore. Despite their good looks, they were also extremely over demanding, arrogant and annoying, the kind of people that simply hated when someone had the nerve to say “no” to one of their demands, especially when it came to the ways of sex and anything related to it.

Horny predators and ravaging plunderers by nature, every man was a potential prey, and, to them, the thrill of the hunt was an aphrodisiac like no other.

For a couple of weeks now, both women’s eyes were set on Seamus O’Brien, a very handsome mid-twenties son of a banker that had an uncanny resemblance to the famous cricketer William Porterfield. They both wanted him at the same time and were more than willing to share as that was a common practice between them but, despite their best attempts at seduction, he had remained adamant in his refusal to have anything to do with them which, of course, caused the blood to stir in their veins and a devastating fury to emerge.

You know…” said the brunette Clare one day as she painted her toenails red. “I think we shouldn’t waste any more time with Seamus. I mean, it’s pretty obvious by now he’s gay!”

Don’t be ridiculous!” shouted the blonde Kerry as she threw a pillow at her sister’s head. “He’s not gay at all! He simply thinks we’re no good for him and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let that one slide!”

“But we’ve already tried everything!”

“No.” corrected the older sister. “Not everything. I think it’s time we go to the forest!”

“You mean…?” asked Clare in awe, unable to finish the sentence.

That’s exactly what I mean!

“It could be dangerous!”

“Are you scared?” laughed Kerry, clearly teasing her.

“No, but…”

“Then, it’s settled. As soon as you’re done with that, we’re out of here!”

Clare tried to protest but to no avail. Twenty minutes later, the two sisters were out the main door of their house and walking straight into the depths of the forest, to perform an ancient ritual known to their family for many centuries. It was an incantation to summon the ones of The Fair Folk, something like a demonic invocation in terms of ritualistic structure, and force them to do their bidding, no matter what. It was a risky undertaking and the chances of actual success were minimal, but Kerry was willing to go the extra mile to ensnare Seamus for the way he had treated her and her sister.

Deep inside the mass of ever-growing trees, about two miles south-east of the village, there was an unnatural cleary and a small pond no one knew for sure how it had ever come to exist there. To the elders in the village, that pond was, in fact, a gate between our world and the realm of the unseen, and the best place to communicate with The Fair Folk. Kerry and Clare got there fast and the moment they entered the cleary, they realized Fate was somehow on their side. Sitting idly next to the water, was a very small woman—the size of two hands stacked upon one another—, dressed in velvet green and with fiery red hair.

Oh, my…” whispered Clare. “That can’t be what I think it is, can it?”

“It’s a leprechaun!” said Kerry, astonished. “And a female one, the rarest kind there is! It seems she hasn’t noticed us yet, so here’s what we’re going to do…”

With a plan firmly established, Clare circumvented the area around the cleary and, at a given point, made sure to make a simple, but effective noise of cracking branches. The leprechaun stood up and looked at the place from which the sound had emanated from. She was about ready to disappear into her plane of existence when Kerry jumped at her from behind and grabbed her, effortlessly.

My, my… what do we have here? One of The Fair Folk in the flesh!” said the young girl, so very sure of herself as Clare emerged from the trees. “We were about to perform a rite to summon you to this place, but you sure saved us the trouble, little one!”

Who are you calling little one, googly eyes?” retorted the leprechaun. “Let me go before I rain down my anger on you!”

Oh, be quiet! You and I both know you can’t do such a thing because I captured you with my bare hands! Consider yourself our prisoner, little one. We have a task for you!”

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