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Summer au Naturel

Sex with Sarah and Her Friends


Reese Cantwell

Copyright 2019 Reese Cantwell

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older and none having sex are blood-related.

Summer au Naturel

Sex with Sarah and Her Friends

Chapter One

Chances are, you didn't grow up in a 'naturist' family like I did. In case you think that means we eat all natural foods, no, it means we live a basically nude lifestyle. So I was brought up mostly not wearing clothes.

Now, that needs some explaining, I think. We certainly went out places dressed, to school, church, the mall, to see a movie, yes, to buy clothes. Of course, many of our family and friends didn't share our lifestyle and weren't aware of it. If they visited, we dressed. If I had play-friends over, we were all dressed, unless their families were nudist.

It wasn't a religious thing, oh, we went to church, but that was separate. It was generally for a healthy, sunshine-rich lifestyle and we had an enclosed backyard where we could all be nude and enjoy the outside. Maybe it seems weird to you but being brought-up that way, it seemed normal, especially when I was young. I've accustomed myself to it to the point that I'm totally comfortable without clothes, I prefer it.

Our bodies were there, not hidden and that's how you get used to things. I even remember a few of my mom's naturist friends who would make comments about my 'little dickie,' as they called it. It would even get longer and I knew they were amused to see me that way and, well, I guess you could say I liked that they seemed so taken by it. It wasn't sexual, not back then, it was just this part of me like the same as my dad but his, of course, was bigger and darkly tanned while mine was less so and by the end of summer, of course, we all had solid tans.

Once coming into puberty, well, my parents always handled those things together and they explained not just about the erections I was now having but, when nude with other people, like at a beach or resort, to cover myself with a towel if or when it happened, which I had seen men doing for years. They also explained about masturbation and that it was a natural thing to do and would help keep my erection down if I was around other people. How's that for parents that were understanding about things? My father even got up a video on his laptop for me to watch in my room, it was the first porn I'd ever seen and it wasn't much after that when they gave me my own laptop and I began watching all sorts of videos. Now I'm not saying all nudist parents are like them, but it made things easier.

I was almost eleven when this happened and was the first guy at school to be telling about jacking-off, that kind of gave me some early celebrity.

Now being nudist doesn't mean you don't notice girls. Or women. Actually, I think I was given a good appreciation of mature women from some of them I had seen nude, most of us never have that opportunity and that's too bad. Let me tell you, there are some nice MILFs out there.

But, of course, being nudist as a youngster, I saw lots of girls, all the way from babies to their twenties. Pussies, boobs, so many butts, nice legs, all there to see, when I was in my early teens I was so glad that my parents were nudists. At every beach and resort, I had to masturbate almost endlessly to keep my dick under control. Oh, I know, what a shame, right? And then I had to look at all the naked females. So tough.

My friends at home, with the exception of my best friend, Jason, none knew I was in a nudist family, it was something that Jason asked me about one night in my room after we'd turned out the light. I guess he was embarrassed to ask with the lights on. He's had some suspicion about it from the tan I had, pretty much every where he could see and I told him the truth when he wanted to know.

He didn't freak out, not even when I asked him if he wanted to try it.

"Like see your mom, Will, are you kidding? And her see me?" he asked gasping in disbelief.

"For us it's a normal thing, Jase, we're like that nearly all the time."

"And your dad, him, too? Holy shit what if I get a hard-on, your mom is a pretty woman?" he asked quickly following it with, "Oh, man, I didn't mean, you know, she's your mom, right? But I might not be able to control it?"

I knew how he felt and told him, "I get hard-ons sometimes and she's my mom. Trust me she understands, we keep towels around to put over it or just jack-off once or twice before you try leaving my room?"

"Is that something you do?" he asked, well I told him the truth.

"Yeah, look, I know my mom is pretty, I'm not dead. That doesn't mean I want to have sex with her, but, believe me, Jason, she looks good nude. You'd want to prepare yourself, maybe twice?"

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