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Anal Fantasies

By Abigail Thornton

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The tip of her index finger traced the inner curve of my bare bottom and came to rest on the twitching swirl of my anus. I felt a droplet of pussy juice break free from my slit and run across my inner thigh, betraying in every way my complete and utter arousal.

I couldn’t breathe.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Mmmphhh,” I muttered, trying to resist the urge to press back on that fingertip; that would be so inappropriate, under the circumstances. “I’m sorry.” The inquisitive fingertip paused and I wondered if she was appraising my boyish hips; my narrow waist and the athletic firmness of my thighs and buttocks.

I thought about the contrast of her buttocks, hidden under that smart skirt. Hers was a more pear-shaped bottom, more generously fleshed on an older, fuller frame.

Doctor A. Johnston.

The ‘A’ stood for Arabella – I liked to know the names of people who stuck their fingers up my bottom.

Or their tongues.

Or dicks.

I sighed as some images and sensations and memories flashed through my head; and then I tried to focus on the moment. This was what I liked to call a CUME – pronounced come-y – which stood for a Completely Unnecessary Medical Examination.

I was basically tricking my doctor into sticking her finger up my arse for a sexual thrill. I’d told her that my boyfriend had wanted to stick his penis in back there… and I’d let him. And now I was sore and worried.

I’d outlined the sex games which had led up to me letting him fuck me in the arse; I’d told her that I liked being dominated. She knew that I would find this arousing – I’d left a very clear trail of breadcrumbs for her to follow.

Domination games > anal penetration > really good orgasms.

Her medical duty was to examine me, but that trickle of pussy juice let her know the truth of why this 20-year-old busty brunette was lying on her side with her bum hanging over the edge of the examining table.

I’d used the words ‘blood’, ‘pain’ and ‘tearing’.

Now she was saying that I might feel a moment of pressure and discomfort. Was there an undercurrent of amusement? “I have to say that, you understand?”

I nodded, unable to trust myself to speak as the excitement threatened to burst out of my chest. I’d fantasised about this; planned it out meticulously from the moment I’d set eyes on the petite locum doctor I’d spotted leaving the doctors surgery almost six weeks ago.

That single glimpse had laid the foundation for a hundred orgasms; each time the fantasy evolved, weaving a fevered path through my imagination. At first, they had been wild fantasies of the petite brunette wearing an oversized strap-on cock which she had forced deep into my bottom.

I’d come hard and fast over that line of fantasies; telling me that there was some medical reason for her driving that thick shaft as far up my rectum as she could manage. I imagined stern lectures about the needs of the female bottom. “Running and swimming may give a firm muscle tone to the outside of a woman’s bottom. But what about the inside, hmmm? It is just as important to exercise the sphincter. To stretch it. Just as with any other muscle, we need to make it work.”

I’d driven myself to utter distraction with that particular line of masturbatory exploration: a medical reason to have my ass fucked.

And now…

Here I was about to have my ass penetrated by Doctor Arabella Johnston for real. It might not have been an enormous strap-on she was using but it was real.

I let out an unmistakable grunt of pleasure as Dr Arabella dutifully pierced my sphincter. Memories crowded in. Comparing and contrasting the sensations I had imagined with those I was feeling for real.

Doctor Johnston’s finger was inside my bum and she knew that it was turning me on.

My reality echoed with all those fabulous orgasms; muscle memory helped me to feel the huge dildo I was using on my ass when I had been imagining Dr Arabella fucking me. My ass had swallowed that fake monster only with difficulty.

I was finding it increasingly difficult to stay in the here and now.

My body was trembling; my nipples were erect and aching as my suddenly-heavy breasts crushed them against the cups of my bra. I twisted and turned on the bed, not trying to get comfortable – trying to get myself off.

When I found the right spot, the weight of my body bearing down on my tits made me shiver with pleasure. It enhanced the sensations as I concentrated on Dr Arabella’s capable finger searching for problems inside my rectum.

I needed to squeeze them. Shifting once again, I cupped my left breast in my right hand and squeezed, palming and massaging the tender flesh, wishing that I could remove the clothing impediment.

How I wanted to be naked.

The thought made my body flush with heat and I bit my bottom lip as I concentrated on being naked with Doctor Arabella. “The sore spot is a little bit deeper,” I murmured, “at the front.” I was guiding Doctor Arabella’s fingers to where I wanted them, just as I had in my fantasies.

“Deeper?” Doctor Arabella asked, her voice rich and stern. There was a note of disbelief cutting through the professional tone and I thought about the years of medical school; the money and dedication, and here I was using her as a sex toy.

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