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Cammie Cummins

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I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did. Sure, a lot of people say that but in this case it’s true. Let me explain.

But first, a little bit about me. I’m a never married, single mom who got knocked up in high school. I kept the kid, dumped the boy who would be his father, and raised my daughter on my own. That was twenty-three years ago. As you can see, my ability to make really bad decisions is near legendary.

Oh, I’m Meredith by the way.

My latest poor choice involves my current boyfriend, Ben. He’s a rich hedge fund manager who wants just two things; to make money on Wall Street and then to make more money on Wall Street. At first, he was charming and generous—isn’t that always the case—and we had a lot of fun together. But as soon as things got serious, like when I moved in with him, Ben’s true colors came out and he returned to his true passion. That’s right, making money.

He still liked having me around and being arm candy wasn’t a new experience for me—I did mention my poor decision-making ability, didn’t I—in exchange for living in his million-dollar house in the suburbs, a country club membership, and unquestionable access to his nearly unlimited bank accounts. As mistakes go, it wasn’t my worst ever. Not by a long shot.

Still, I can’t say I don’t feel neglected being treated like last Christmas’ plaything relegated to the toy chest and only brought out when he needed to show off how beautiful his plus one was. I tell you this, not because it’s particularly important—it not—but to explain how I got into my current situation

As usual, Ben was too busy with work to be bothered going on college visits with his eighteen-year-old daughter Phoebe. My own daughter had finished college four years ago. I’d been through the process. When I told Ben that, he beamed and said, “Great. You take Phoebe and do the whole tour thing. Let me know how it goes when you get back.”

I tried to tell him this wasn’t about visiting schools. It was an opportunity for him to spend some quality time with his daughter before she took that next big step into adulthood.

It’s a bonding experience, I told him. Before she’s gone.

He didn’t care.

On the plus side, I liked Phoebe. We got along swell. There was none of that potential stepmom step-daughter rivalry that comes with girls being threatened by their dad’s new girlfriend. That was especially nice since I had zero intentions of ever marrying Ben. I was along to ride the sugar-daddy express for as long as I could and all three of us knew it.

So did I have a problem taking a two-week, all-expense paid trip through a good portion of the Midwest, on Ben’s black card? Not in the least. In fact, I looked forward to the trip and so did Phoebe.

My big mistake came at the second college we visited. As part of the “college experience” this school required Phoebe stay overnight in a dorm room. After we did the walking tour and listened to how wonderful the school was and what a great student body they had and about their award-winning curriculum, and we finished up the day’s orientation, the young man who’d been our tour guide—a handsome young man named Brad took his group of six young men and six young girls, including Phoebe, to the dorm to get settled in.

That suited me just fine. I gave Phoebe a kiss on the forehead and headed for my hotel.

Once there I booked a six o’clock massage at the onsite spa. Afterward, relaxed and feeling relaxed and wonderful, I showered, dressed, and headed back to the college to pick Phoebe up for a late dinner. This was something we agreed on in advance. It’s important to realize that. My showing up should’ve been in no way a surprise.

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