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Anal Education

By Abigail Thornton

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Alexandra Granström is a Swedish Goddess. One of my friends had written that on my pencil case during a Maths class when I was 16. It was just as true when I was twenty-two. I have to admit that I’d become a little bit obsessed with the girl from Stockholm.

She was different in every way from any other girl I knew; older for a start.



Utterly, utterly fuckable.

Her casual sexiness made her the hottest girl I had ever seen. Shoulder length blonde hair. A perfectly tight little ass. Her tits were a small handful and rarely saw a bra – how were you supposed to concentrate on anything else as a teenage boy when your teacher’s nipples were clearly erect?

Those full, pouty lips might have been talking about angles and differentiation and other Maths-y stuff but my brain was just thinking nipples-nipples-nipples-nipples. When she came over to help you at your desk, it was cleavage-cleavage-cleavage-cleavage and when she wrote on the board, it was ass-ass-ass-ass or legs-legs-legs-legs if she was wearing a short skirt.

In short, Miss Alexandra Granström had a body which screamed "Fuck me!" so loud that I had trouble hearing anything else she ever said – which was a shame because she was a brilliant teacher.

Back then I hadn’t been able to fuck her because she was my teacher and I was her pupil and she didn’t take any crap from anyone. One of my friends used the line, “Miss, you just made me hard,” to unsettle female teachers. When he said it to the French teacher, she ran out of the room with tears in her eyes.

Everyone laughed and waited, expecting a similar response from a young, inexperienced Maths teacher.

Miss Granström raised one eyebrow and walked across to Graham. In my fantasies, she was wearing high heels but Miss Granström always wore sensible flats. “You are hard for me now, Graham?” He swallowed, and you could see the heat of embarrassment rising-up out of his collar.

Leaning over, her hand disappeared between Graham and his desk. “Let’s see what we’ve got down here, shall we?” She rummaged for a good thirty seconds and we all thought she was giving him a hand job.

“Oh! I found it,” she said, holding up a Staedtler pencil. She leant in close, looked Graham up and down and offered him his pencil. When he took it she smiled, stood up, put her hand on her hip and shifted her stance so that she looked less like a Maths teacher and more like a prostitute on a street corner; there was something hungry and sexual about her and she knew it.

We all knew it.

It was like that moment when you’ve been following a Ferrari down the country lanes, thinking ‘Hey it’s not so fast. I can keep up,’ and then the Ferrari driver puts his foot down and disappears over the horizon.

“In your dreams, pencil dick.”

So, Miss Alexandra Granström was a size queen. That’d work out well for me…

Of course, Graham tried to brazen it out; tried to be cocky. But it had been the perfect put down and the moniker stuck until he went to university. “What’s the difference between having sex with Graham and having sex with a hot dog?” the girls joked. “At least if you have sex with a hot dog, you’ve got something to eat afterwards.”

That was then… now Miss Alexandra Granström was a colleague. I’d done three years of heavy drinking at university and somehow popped out with a first-class history degree, and then in a blind panic about what to do next with my so-called ‘career’ I’d spotted the opportunity for a tax-free bursary and eagerly signed-up to be a teacher.

It looked good on paper and given that Alexandra Granström had been at my first placement wearing a very short red skirt which showcased her long-lusted after luscious legs, it looked good in reality.

I was back at school – but this time I was allowed into the teacher’s common room. With Alex there, it didn’t even feel like work. Sure, I was drowning in paperwork and preparation and marking but having Miss Granström around and being able to call her ‘Alex’ more than made up for any hardships.

Too bad she was my colleague, so I wasn’t allowed to fuck her.

However, I was allowed to go on a school trip with her to Copenhagen. I went as a History teacher to impart a little knowledge into the pupils as they ran riot drinking and smoking and shagging; she went as our school’s liaison with the University of Copenhagen… and so it was we ended-up roaming the streets of Copenhagen together with the little darlings safely locked up in a classroom being exposed to some culture.

"Hi John. Is Darnell around?" Alex asked. It was a shared room and John was brushing his teeth with the bathroom door open.

“Yeah,” he said around a mouthful of toothpaste. “He’s in here.”

"Hello," she said brightly, slipping the enormous black rucksack off her shoulders.

I nodded an acknowledgement and smiled but had to consciously lock my eyes on the television to keep from staring at Alex’s gorgeous body. Even then, I could see her reflection - she was wearing slinky black trousers and a white top with no bra.

Didn’t the woman own underwear?

“Darnell,” she said, using her teacher voice to draw my attention away from the television. “I’ve been thinking about what we should go and see today.” I turned to watch her ass as she bent over and extracted a tourist map.

John caught me looking.

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