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First Time Brats: The Dirty Librarian

By: Charlee Cox

Copyright © 2016 by Danielle Donaldson writing as Charlee Cox. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, businesses, events or locales is purely coincidental. Reproduction in whole or part of this publication without express written consent is strictly prohibited.

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The smell of books always felt like home to me. It's hard to feel alone when you are surrounded by so many words, the make-believe worlds, the characters in the stories. I walked into the local library and can't help but smile. This was my place, my safe space. Home was a mess and I never knew what I would get when I went there, but in the library, I knew where I stood.

At home, I was always walking on eggshells, Dad had left long ago, but Mom was a mess, always drinking all night and sleeping all day. I was counting down the rest of the summer before I could take off to my first year of college. College was going to be my fresh start.

"Hi, honey!" Mrs. Broch called out to me as I walked through the automatic front doors. She was an older woman that kept her gray hair pinned back in a tight bun.

"Mrs. Broch, I didn't know that you would be here today." I said as I placed my books to return on the desk in front of her.

"Oh, you know, the normal volunteer was out today, but that means that I got to have a good look at the new librarian." Mrs. Broch wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"How is she? I haven't seen her around yet."

"Oh, honey. He is quite a striking young fellow if I do so myself. Plus, I can look all that I want, he isn't married. I asked." Mrs. Broch's neck and cheeks flushed red.

"You saucy minx!" I playfully slapped at her hand.

"Just taking a look. That's all. But I think you'll like him. He's definitely closer to your age than my own."

Then, it was my turn to blush. I wasn't into boys at school. They all seemed too loud and mean-spirited.

I wrinkled my nose. "I'm not boy crazy or anything like that, Mrs. Broch."

"I know that, sweetie. I didn't mean anything by it. He's very handsome." Mrs. Broch started logging in my library books. "Looking for anything in particular today?"

I sighed. "Not really. Just need something for escapism. You know, a story that I can fall into and lose myself in."

"That sounds lovely. Fantasy? Poetry? Self-Help?"

Mrs. Broch knew that I read everything that I could get my hands on. Something, anything to avoid looking at my life at home.

"Why don't you try this?"

A hardcover book with a hunky looking man wearing a kilt was slid across the desk. My eyes followed the hand that pushed it there up the arm and to the face of a dashing man. The look in his deep blue eyes took my breath away, flipping my stomach around wildly.

"Uh...." A noise escaped from my mouth, but I didn't realize what I was saying or that I sounded like such an idiot.

"Oh, dear! This is Mr. Andrews. He's our new librarian." Mrs. Broch's voice faded away into the background and all I could hear was the pounding of my heartbeat as blood rushed to my cheeks.

The man standing in front of me was not an ordinary librarian. He wasn't the dowdy type to hide in the stacks wearing a sweater vest. His black button down shirt fit tight against his firm body, the smooth, wrinkle free surface of the fabric allowed me to take in every bump of his abs and the curve of his pec muscles.

I almost started panting. Instead, I stammered, "Hi." My voice was meek and barely a whisper.

"Mr. Andrews, this is one of my favorite patrons. Samantha here is a voracious reader and is in here every few days." I could see Mrs. Broch's wide smile out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn't take my eyes off Mr. Andrews. He held my gaze, making me feel like my heart was about to burst out of my throat.

"Well, I love to meet a fellow reader. Nice to meet you, Samantha. You can call me Jack."

He extended his large palm towards me and I studied it for a minute, staring at the tan backside of his hand, before thrusting my own sweaty hand into his. He cupped my hand softly and shook it gently enough that I thought I might float away.

"Nice to meet you." I managed to murmur in response.

There was a few moments where I felt like the world stopped around us and I got lost in the ocean blue of his eyes. No, his eyes weren't blue like the tropical ocean. They were blue like the ocean during a rough storm. Dark and daring.

"So, are you going to want to try out this book?"

He gestured towards the Scottish romance that he had pushed across the registration desk.

"Uh...No. It's not...really my style." I bit at my bottom lip enough that I was worried I was going to make myself bleed.

"Oh, Mr. Andrews. Our dear Samantha won't like that." Mrs. Broch snatched up the book and held it tight against her chest.

Jack quirked an eyebrow and playfully chastised Mrs. Broch. "I'm sorry, Samantha. I was just having some fun with our favorite volunteer. She wouldn't stop talking about the hero of this story. I believe "dashing" and "hunky" were the words she used."

Now, it was Mrs. Broch's turn to flush bright red. Her gray hair standing out more against her tomato red skin.

"Oh...I just...It's just..."

"Don't worry, darling. I'm playing with you." Jack playfully winked at her and Mrs. Broch broke out in an awkward schoolgirl giggle.

The easiness that Jack had with Mrs. Broch warmed my heart. He might even be playfully flirting with her. I laughed quietly to myself until Jack turned his eyes back to mine.

"Please let me know if you need anything else. I'm always around and I aim to please."

He winked at me too. Those long eye lashes blinking slowly and his eyes boring into my soul.

"Sure." I whispered breathlessly. He strode away without looking back at us. Mrs. Broch and I watched him walk away silently.

"He's a fine fellow." She cleared her throat and broke me from my thoughts, thoughts that were quickly turning to ideas about what I could ask Jack for. I wanted a few more moments in his presence.

"Uh, yeah."

"I guess we should get you a book then, my dear."

"Yes, please. Do you have a classic romance?"


I didn't know the first thing about romance. The last time I had a crush was on a boy band member when I was eight. Since the magic disappeared with that fleeting fantasy, I've avoid everything having to do with love since then. I didn't have time for it. Too many responsibilities at home. Plus, the only thing love could get you was a man leaving you in the dead of night and breaking your heart. At least, that's what Mom always said.

But, something about Mr. Andrews...Jack had awoken something inside of me. I tore through the classic romance books that I checked out from the library. I read old angst-filled Victorian romances and trashy bodice rippers with Fabio on the cover and contemporary step-brother romances. I couldn't get enough. At night, I curled up under the covers and read until I had to squeeze my thighs tightly together and wiggle against my pillow that I put between my legs. I've never felt this fire inside of me before.

With every story, I kept imagining only one hero, Mr. Andrews. Jack was the pirate saving the damsel in distress and then ravishing her. He was the scotsman claiming back his homelands and his virginal bride. He was the billionaire into bondage and I was always the young woman on the other side.

It was all consuming. It was the only thing I could think about and daydream about.

Pretty soon, I was heading to the library every other day to get my fill.

Mr. Andrews seemed to have noticed.

"Nice to see you again. What is it? The fourth time this week?' His deep voice rattled down my back and made me shiver.

I tried to smile to suppress the sensation.

"Yeah. I guess I'm on a roll." I laughed to myself.

He smiled back at me. I swear I could smell cinnamon and evergreen wafting off of him. He smelled like Christmas, like old books. It made me want to press my nose against his skin and suck on the soft part of his neck.

"What are you reading these days?"

"Uh...different things..." He couldn't find out what she was reading, could he? Wouldn't that be a breach of confidence or something?

I started shifting from one foot to the other. I couldn't let him know that secretly, at night, I was thinking about him like that.

"Oh," he said quietly. He clicked around on the check out computer on the desk in front of him. "I see that you've been exploring the romance genre with a...fascination lately."

"Uh, yeah. It's no big deal. Just exploring. I've basically read everything in the library already. I'm trying new things." I couldn't meet his eyes. The heat of my shame radiated off of me.

"Are you willing to try new things?" His voice dropped down an octave lower. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Something turned dark in his eyes and I raised my head high to meet them.

"Within reason." My voice was strong but inside, I was wavering. What could he possibly mean? What kind of 'new things'?

"There is a book that might interest you...if you are willing to broaden your horizons."

I nodded silently, biting my lower lip fiercely. There was something different in the air, a charge of excitement and danger that one usually wouldn't find in a library. I was starting to believe that there was something very different about Mr. Andrews and I wanted to know what that was.

"Come with me." He waved me through the stacks, towards the back of the non-fiction section, past where they kept the encyclopedias that nobody used anymore. Nobody would big up a book to read a page summary about zebras when they could look it up on the internet.

The library was eerily quiet back there. The lights weren't as bright and all I could hear was the soft sound of our footsteps on the carpet and our breathing. I followed closely, watching Mr. Andrews back as he strode in front of me. His shirt was tailored close to his skin. I felt the urge to reach out and touch the expanse of his shoulders, to feel the strong muscles moving under the fabric. I wanted to draw my fingers along his hairline and tickle the brown hairs on the back of his neck.

"Here we are." Jack cleared his throat. We were in a section labeled "Adult." The books were placed far back on the shelf, you could barely make out the words on the spines unless you pulled them in closer to you.

Jack reached for a book without looking. He knew exactly which one he was looking for.

The Evolution.

The book he handed me had a plain cloth cover in a deep burgundy color. The title was emblazoned on the front in silver foil. There was no author name listed.

"Read it. Let me know what you think," Jack whispered as he took a step closer to me. His body was so close that I had to take a step back for my balance. I stumbled slightly and grabbed onto his forearm to catch myself.

The muscles under his shirt, tightened and flexed under my touch. His skin was hot, even through the fabric.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I mumbled.

He was right there, pulling me in close to him. His arm wrapped around my back, holding me upright. My eyes were level with his mouth, watching his lush lips as his tongue snaked out to lick them quickly. I panted, unable to contain myself. I had never been that close to a man before. And my body--my body acted on its own, blood pumping to the most sensitive parts of me. I wanted to clench my thighs together. I wanted to wrap them around his middle and beg for him to take me.

He cleared his throat.

"Are you okay?" His voice was deep and quiet, barely above a whisper but enough to make the hairs on my arm stand up.

"Yes. Just a stumble."

"I'm glad I caught you." He used his pointer finger to pull my chin up, forcing my eyes to meet his deep blue ones.

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