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Table of Contents

Story 1 – A Supernatural Futa

Story 2 – Samantha’s Confession

Story 3 – A Family of Futas

Story 4 – A New Partner

Story 5 – A Futa Shock

Story 6 – A Futa in the Mix

Story 7 – Night Crawlers

Story 8 – The Transgender Spell

Story 9 – The Transgender Spell 2

Story 10 – The Transgender Spell 3

Story 11 – A Reflection of Evil

A Supernatural Futa

My name is Sophia and I’ve recently turned nineteen. I have some good friends and we tend to party now and again. This story came about during one such party, when my best friend Rachael dared me to do something, something that was out of character for me. We’d been talking about ghosts and who believed in them. I was the only one who didn’t believe and that’s when the dare came about.

Rachael told us all, that she knew of a place, which just happened to be a home that had been turned into a bed and breakfast. Anyway, this place was supposedly haunted and Rachael dared me to stay the night. The fact that this so-called haunted house was in our town was a shock to me because I’d never heard of the place or the stories Rachael was telling us that night. The thing is, there’s one thing you should never do to me and that’s to dare me to do something, I will almost always take up the challenge. Had I known what was going to happen though, I might have thought twice before agreeing.

Anyway, I was given a time line of one week in which to stay the night at this place and I told everyone that if a room was available the next day, I would take it and stay the night. As it turned out the house in question had two rooms available and I secured one of them. The landlady seemed to be a nice person and when I told her that I’d heard the house was haunted I was surprised when she told me the stories were all true. She even warned me that the ghost had seduced a few of her female guests, which is why she believed her ghost was male.

I laughed it off but I could tell that she was serious. The funny thing is, she’d never actually seen the ghost but she had heard it on occasion. I couldn’t help thinking that it was perhaps the gullible that saw and heard it but I didn’t say so. I’d booked in at four in the afternoon so I decided to read in my room before going to bed. It was going to be a hot night so the landlady had only covered the bed with one thin sheet and told me that there were blankets in my wardrobe if needed.

I was into a fantasy trilogy on my readers tablet from my favorite author and was on the second book in the series so that was what I read first. I remember thinking how late it was getting when I’d finished that book and couldn’t help noticing the light from the full moon shining brightly into my room when I turned the light off and undressed with my back to the bed. I don’t know about anyone else but I always sleep in just my underwear. I don’t like restrictive clothing such as pajamas sticking to me in the heat of the night, if you know what I mean. Until that moment, I hadn’t heard or seen anything untoward but that was about to change when I turned to face the bed. As I said the moon was full and the room was benefitting from the light being cast upon it. I could see the bed very clearly so it was with some apprehension that I witnessed the shape of a body beneath the sheet.

My first reaction was to step back in shock but then I started to notice a couple of details that didn’t make any sense. I’d been told that the ghost was a man but I could distinctively see the sheets covering two rather large breasts. They were unmistakable. It wasn’t just the shape of the breasts, it was the fact that I could see the nipples pushing out the material. Then I noticed the strangest thing of all, further down and between her legs was the shape of a large flaccid cock. I wanted to move or call out but I couldn’t do either. I was frozen to the spot and staring down at the figure beneath the sheet with its amazing attributes.

I don’t know how but after a couple of minutes I gained the courage to take a step forward, with the intention of pulling the sheet back. I was standing next to the bed when I started to lean down and that’s when I saw something else that both shocked and fascinated me. The cock was beginning to grow. It was moving up towards her breasts and the sheet was defining the shape of it quite erotically. It melded itself to the ridge of the cock, allowing me to see the shape and size of it as it stopped growing.

“My God, it’s fucking massive,” I blurted out.

It seemed to react to what I said because suddenly it pulsated and the sheet developed a damp spot at the head of the huge cock, as if it had just released some precum. It was this damp spot that made the sheet cling to the head of the cock and define it in such a way that there could be no doubt at what I was witnessing. I realized that my tongue was wetting my lips as I stared at the sheer size of it but then the excitement was taken away.

The shape of the body suddenly sank into the bed and within seconds had vanished. I pulled the sheet back and found nothing there. I have to confess at this point, I was rather disappointed. However, I had serious thoughts of getting dressed and leaving but then I remembered that this was a dare and I didn’t want to lose. I reached down to pull the sheet back and placed my hand on the spot where I’d seen the impression. There was no damp spot but that area of the bed did feel cold to the touch. In the end, I got into bed and lay on my side looking up through the bedroom window and the full moon in all its glory before closing my eyes. The last thing I saw before going to sleep was my clock near the side of the bed, which showed it had just turned eleven o’clock.

My eyes were then opened when the time on the clock ticked over to ten past eleven. Something was behind me on the bed and breathing on my neck. I could feel the tiny hairs at the nape of my neck standing up from both the coolness of the breath and the fear that was shooting through my body. Once again, I was frozen and didn’t know what to do. Then I felt the breasts that I’d seen earlier, or at least the shape of them, touching my back and noticed almost immediately that her hardened nipples were digging into me. I wanted to turn around but I kept thinking about the horror movie I’d seen a week earlier, called “The Grudge,” I was clearly allowing my imagination to run away with me but my head refused to obey my commands. Then I felt something large moving along and against my inner thighs and remembered the shape of the cock I’d seen earlier.

Of all the things that might have happened at that point, feeling excited and wet between my legs wasn’t on the list. Yet, as what I believed to be a cock moved along my inner thighs from behind, I couldn’t help but try to imagine how big it was. For a moment, I was more intrigued than scared but the fear soon returned when I felt two hands gripping my panties and then ripping them open with ease as the cock drew nearer to its target. I let out a gasp as I heard and felt the panties tearing and then the end of the cock touched my pussy lips and I closed my eyes.

The fact that I was now drenched between my legs allowed the tip of the cock to spread my pussy lips apart with ease and suddenly the large head of a cock was stretching me open.

“Mmm… oh God, this can’t be happening, can it?” I moaned as the first inch or so moved into me.

I found myself involuntarily opening my legs a little to allow it better access. It took full advantage of that fact and suddenly its entire cock was stretching me open and filling me up. Jesus, that feels like it’s in my stomach, I thought as it began to pull out and then repeat the procedure. This has got to be the biggest God damned cock I’ve ever experienced, I thought as the entity picked up speed. By now I no longer wished to turn around to see who it was, I was having too much fun.

The cock that was driving into me was thick as well as long and it was making me so wet, I could feel the moisture gathering underneath my butt cheek. My first orgasm struck hard and lasted for at least two minutes but the cock kept pounding me until I was almost screaming with pleasure and at the height of all this pleasure, I suddenly heard a voice in my ear.

“Wake up,” it said.

I woke up sitting on the chair with my book on my lap and turned to face the bed. There was nothing there and I was still dressed. I could only surmise that I’d fallen asleep and started to dream about the ghost. Why I would make the dream of a sexual nature I have no idea but it must have been intense because as I stood up from the chair, I could feel how wet my panties were. It must have been a wet dream, which was strange, because I’d never had one of those before.

I decided to forget about it and just get into bed for the night. I lay on my back looking up at the ceiling and remembered every second of the erotic dream I’d just experienced. I’d never had such a vivid dream in my entire life but in the end, I let the thought go and closed my eyes. I must have been asleep for a few minutes before opening my eyes again and found myself face to face with the female ghost who was floating a mere three inches from my face. She smiled which put me at ease a little but then she floated down and merged with my body. I could feel a coldness passing through my skin but felt no discomfort.

Did she leave, or is she inside me, I thought. As if to answer my questions I suddenly felt my pussy being stretched open and immediately pulled the sheet off me. To my surprise and utter amazement, I could see a massive cock thrusting out of me and then diving back in again. I was literally being fucked from the inside, out. Seconds later, I was drenched with my own pussy juices and was gripping the bed with both hands as the cock continued to violate me. I couldn’t get over how big it was and how fast it was thrusting in and out of me. Within two minutes I could feel an orgasm approaching and almost screamed when it struck me but the cock carried on fucking me.

“Oh, God… what do you want from me? Mmm… ah, oh Christ I’m going to climax again,” I moaned aloud as a second more powerful orgasm struck me.

I just have to ride this out and I’m sure when it’s over she’ll leave, I thought to myself as she continued to pound me from the inside. I couldn’t have been more wrong, because the next thing that happened was too much. I could feel myself rising into the air and then suddenly another cock was being thrust outward from my ass. How is this even possible, I thought. I turned my head to look down but the sensations were too much and another orgasm struck me. As if that wasn’t enough, I then felt another cock coming up my throat and then saw it thrusting out of my mouth to fuck my throat like the other two were fucking my private parts.

By now my juices were dripping onto the bed and soaking the sheet and there seemed no end in sight. My pussy felt so used, yet it tingled with pleasure that seemed to be building with the help of the other cock coming out of my ass. I’d never had anal sex before so I had no idea how good or bad it would be, but the thing is I found myself enjoying the experience and for a while I didn’t want any of it to stop. Then suddenly and during my fifth orgasm I woke up on the chair again still fully dressed and holding the same book as earlier. I stood up sharply, dropping the book to the floor as I did so.

“What the fuck is going on? I know I got into bed, I distinctly remember doing it,” I said out loud.

I glanced at the time it was still only eleven o’clock.

“Am I awake now or am I dreaming this?” I said, “please, show yourself, I mean you no harm,” I added, in order to appeal to the ghost, who I was sure, at this point, was just messing with me.

I was looking around the room as I spoke but saw and heard nothing. I then undressed, noticing how drenched my panties were. I removed them and then covered myself with the one sheet. However, on this occasion I couldn’t fall asleep. I was far too apprehensive and a little scared. Was it all in my head, I mean was I just imagining it all? I thought. Sleep wouldn’t come and after an hour of just lying there I sat up and swung my feet around to place them onto the floor. I was about to stand when the same ghost I thought I saw hovering above me earlier walked through the door and into the bedroom.

I watched her every step and this time she was wearing a long summer dress that seemed to hug all the right places. She walked over to me and stood in front of me and started to speak. I could see her mouth moving and I could even make out a few of the words she was saying but only by lip reading, I couldn’t hear any sound. I pointed to my ear and shook my head indicating that I couldn’t hear her. She looked frustrated and tried to speak once more but it was no use, I couldn’t make out anything of significance. Then I had an idea.

“Can you hear what I say?” I asked.

She nodded her head in the affirmative and I quickly got my sketch pad out of my bag. I then wrote down the words YES and NO in bold letters. YES, on the left of the paper and NO on the right. I then started to speak to her.

“Is what you want to say to me important?” I asked and then asked her to point to the answer of that question.

She pointed to the word YES.

“Have you been playing with me tonight, in my dreams?”

She pointed to YES again.

“Do you mean me any harm?”


“Are you trapped here?”


“Can you be freed from this house?”


That’s when I noticed the clock again and it said eleven o’clock.

“What is it with the time tonight. I feel like I’ve been here for hours yet the time doesn’t seem to want to move forward,” I said more to myself than to the ghost.

She pointed to the clock and then herself.

“Are you affecting the time?” I asked.

“YES.” She then pointed to me.

“You’re only affecting the time for me?”

She pointed to YES again.

“Is it some kind of spell?” I asked not really believing that I’d get a positive answer for that question.

She nodded in agreement before pointing to YES on the paper. That really knocked me back a little, because I didn’t believe in magic so then I started to think what entity would have the power to manipulate time. A ghost on its own couldn’t do it, but what if she’s no ordinary ghost, I thought. I had nothing else to go on so I asked her what I thought was another absurd question.

“Are you more than just a ghost?” I asked.

Once again, I was shocked when she pointed to YES on the paper enthusiastically. Her answer gave me another idea so I pressed my luck.

“Were you summoned to this house?”

This time she didn’t point to the paper she just nodded and smiled.

“Are you a succubus?” I asked.

At that moment, a bright light engulfed her and then quickly faded.

“Yes, at last. You’ve succeeded in setting me free,” she said out loud as she materialized in the flesh.

I reached out a hand and touched her arm. She was whole and tangible.

“Just in case you’re wondering, I couldn’t tell anyone who or what I was. The punishment for that would’ve been to remain here for all eternity. The reason I’m here is because I tried to escape from hell and my punishment was to remain a ghost until someone figured out what I really was,” she said.

“What’s your name?”

“Rebecca was my given name as a human and I think I’d like to use it again. We are of course given new names in hell but I never liked mine,” she replied.

“Tell me Rebecca, how have you been manipulating my dreams?” I asked.

“The succubae have many talents and manipulating dreams is just one of them.”

“Can you now leave the house?” I said.

“Only on the request of the person who freed me. In other words, I’m your property once you leave here as well as your responsibility,” she replied.

“Do you want to be with me?” I enquired.

“It would be preferable to being trapped here for the rest of eternity,” replied Rebecca.

“I have to ask this next question, but was the cock I saw and felt earlier the real thing or just something you created for my benefit?”

Rebecca didn’t answer that question, instead, she unzipped the dress she was wearing and allowed it to fall to the floor, I watched it pool around her feet. Her body was utterly perfect but there was no sign of a cock. However, moments later I witnessed something emerging from her pussy and quickly realized that it was the cock I’d seen earlier. It grew down at first and once its full length had been reached it stood up proud and hard.

“Wow, watching that would never get old,” I said as I stared at it in disbelief.

I felt hot just looking at it and assumed she’d put it away again but instead, she moved closer to the bed. She then reached out and stroked the outside of my throat and around my neck. I didn’t know what she was doing but for some reason my throat felt incredibly relaxed. She then moved up close and pushed the end of her cock into my mouth. I couldn’t help myself, I immediately started to suck it in and felt it sliding to the back of my mouth. Rebecca moved her hips back and forth for a while and then placed her hands onto the back of my head before pushing her cock into my throat.

I fully expected the gag reflex to kick in as I’ve never been able to give a great blowjob, but all I felt was the large bulbous end of her cock sliding against my throat and going deeper. She then pulled it out and began to fuck my mouth and throat with ease. It seems rather odd when someone is pulling your head onto a cock as big as hers but exciting at the same time. Her moans of pleasure were also a big turn on and I could tell she was excited because her cock kept throbbing with all the blood coursing through it to keep it fully erect.

“Mmm… oh yes, take my cock you slut, take it all and suck me dry,” she called out.

I don’t know whether it was the words or the act itself but whatever it was I was getting extremely wet from all this action. I’ve never climaxed while giving someone a blowjob but that was about to change. Rebecca called out that she was going to cum and picked up the pace and just as I felt her seed exploding into the back of my throat I started to climax, hard. For a while there I lost track of what I was doing because the orgasm was so intense but Rebecca reminded me what I was in the middle of, when she pulled her ejaculating cock out and another load spewed out onto my face and lips.

Rebecca fell to her knees and moved up between my legs as I still sat on the bed and saw her own seed on my lips. She moved in quickly and kissed my lips just to smother them with her seed and to have a taste. I found that quite erotic but then she pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs apart with both hands just so that she could start to use her tongue on my pussy.

“Mmm… wow Sophia you’re drenched down here,” she moaned as I felt her tongue pushing into me.

I gripped the sheet below me and closed my eyes to enjoy her tongue lashing and boy did she know how to give oral sex. She used one finger to softly stroke my protruding clit as she pushed her tongue in and licked me vigorously. Within seconds, I was soaked and feeling the dampness below my ass cheeks on the bed. Then the action got real when she pushed four fingers into me and started to fuck me hard and fast. While doing all that she was now licking my clit and that made me scream out with pleasure. I’d climaxed twice during this encounter but then she pushed her entire hand into me up to the wrist and began to fuck me hard.

“Ah… oh God… oh fuck… I’m going to climax again, oh fuck yes,” I moaned as she finished my last orgasm off.

She then pulled her hand free and I lay on my back panting and trying to compose myself. Rebecca had no intention of allowing me a breather though because suddenly she was standing up and was pulling me to the edge of the bed and onto her cock. I let out a soft but meaningful moan of pleasure when I felt her cock sliding all the way into me. It felt as if it was in my stomach and was hitting base with ease. I can’t take much more of this, I thought as she started to pound me. I looked down to watch her cock piston in and out of me and saw my juices glistening off her massive cock each time she pulled it out. Her hips seemed like a blur she was fucking me so fast and by the time I started to climax for the last time that night I was utterly exhausted.

I must have fallen asleep shortly afterwards because when I opened my eyes again it was light outside. I sat up in bed and looked around. Did that really happen? I thought. I pulled the sheet back and found that I wasn’t wearing any panties and then a voice took me by surprise.

“No, it wasn’t a dream this time,” it said.

I turned toward the window to find Rebecca sitting on the floor fully dressed.

“Wow Rebecca, what happened last night was incredible,” I said.

“Ha… you’ve barely begun to see what a Succubus can do but in the coming days you’re going to find out,” she replied.

After getting a shower and then getting dressed we left the house and I looked forward to telling my friend that the house was not haunted but something strange happened as we were leaving the house. The landlady said goodbye to me but didn’t acknowledge Rebecca in any way. It had rained during the night and we had to negotiate a puddle or two when we crossed the road and that’s when I noticed it. Rebecca wasn’t leaving any disturbance in the water, in fact her shoes didn’t even look wet.

“Hey, what gives, are you waterproof or something?” I said.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I can become intangible at will and I can also choose who sees me,” she replied.

That explained why the landlady didn’t give her the time of day.

“How come I can see you then?”

“I can of course choose who can and cannot see me and as you are now my benefactor, I’ve allowed you to see me at all times.”

“I’m assuming it was these powers that enabled you to do the things you did to me last night,” I said.

“They were indeed but like I said before they are just a fraction of my capabilities,” she boasted.

I had to admit to myself, I was looking forward to learning all about these other abilities she spoke of. We then met up with my friends so that I could boast about staying in a so-called haunted house for the night and reporting that it wasn’t haunted. It was during that meeting when I suddenly had an idea. I waited until we left before speaking with Rebecca again.

“Rebecca, do you remember that thing you did to me last night when you were fucking me from the inside, out?” I said.

“Yes, of course,” she replied.

I then asked her what I was dying to know and she confirmed that it was possible. She then asked me if I had anyone in mind. I told her I was thinking of trying it with Racheal and Rebecca agreed to my request. Later that night I was given an insight into how powerful Rebecca was when we approached Rachael’s house in the dead of night and Rebecca just waved her hand to open the front door. Rebecca led the way up the stairs and straight into Rachael’s bedroom. Rebecca then told me to take my clothes off, which I did and watched her fade and walk inside me. I then heard her speaking to me through my mind.

Okay, you are now in control,” she said.

I walked over to the side of the bed completely naked and knelt down to speak with Rachael. First though, I pulled the covers off her shoulder and straightened her hair.

“Rachael, wake up, I’ve come to have some fun with you,” I whispered in her ear.

Rachael slowly opened her eyes and saw me naked.

“Rebecca, what are you doing in my room and where are your clothes?” she said as she rubbed her eyes.

I placed a hand onto the nearest breast to me and squeezed playfully.

“Mmm… what are you doing… mmm… is this a dream?” moaned Rachael.

“Yes, I’m part of your dream and I want to fuck you,” I replied.

I wanted to keep the illusion alive. I then leaned over and kissed her full on the lips and felt her kissing me back with equal passion. After doing that for a couple of minutes I stood up looking down on Rachael and signaled to Rebecca as to what I wanted next. She, in turn, produced her cock which emerged from my pussy in full view of Rachael.

“Oh, my God, this is an amazing dream,” said Rachael as she watched the cock emerging from my pussy and grow in front of her.

I was going to ask her to suck it but I didn’t have to because she suddenly engulfed it with her mouth and started to suck it in. Rebecca told me to stroke her throat, which I did and felt the relaxant spell coming through the tips of my fingers. The magic made my fingers tingle but I knew exactly what it had done to Rachael’s throat when I placed my hands onto the back of her head and pushed forward. It was so erotic watching all of that meat sliding into Rachael’s throat and although I couldn’t feel the sensations from the cock, I could feel how the cock was stretching me open and sliding in and out of my pussy as Rebecca fucked Racheal’s throat with it.

How is she accepting this so blindly? I thought as I listened to her moaning with pleasure. It’s a combination of hypnosis, suggestion and simple tiredness. All three of which I used on you in the so-called haunted house, I heard Rebecca reply in my head. I looked down to watch Rachael devour the cock she seemed so hungry for and realized that I was getting turned on by seeing it all. I want to lick her pussy, I thought as the erotism took hold of me. The next thing I knew was that Rebecca was taking control of my body and positioning me in a sixty-nine position on the bed. Rebecca positioned me above Rachael and as I looked down between our two bodies I could see and feel the cock coming out again and plunging straight into Rachael’s throat.

I then turned my attention to Rachael’s pussy and started to lick her clit each time the length of my tongue passed over Rachael’s slit.

“Mmm… oh, God… that feels wonderful,” I heard Rachael say.

For some reason I wanted her to feel how intense it was for me the night before and to that end I introduced a few fingers to the game and inserted two as I continued to lick her ever increasingly hot feminine fluids. Her moans of satisfaction made me believe that everything I was doing was right and her writhing on the bed excited me. At one point, she was so excited that she thrust her pussy onto my fingers and my entire hand passed her defenses. I closed my fist and began to fist her to a chorus of muffled screams. Her tiny engorged bud was fully erect and each time I passed the tip of my tongue over it she would thrust her hips up. At the height of all this I hear Rachael swallowing and knew that Rebecca was cumming inside her throat.

I managed to looked down between our two bodies and saw the cream escaping from each corner of Rachael’s mouth. Then I pulled my hips back to watch the cock cumming on her face and neck numerous times before finishing her off with my tongue. At the height of her orgasm Rebecca made me back off and step into the shadows of the darkened night. We watched Rachael recovering from the sudden onslaught and sit up on the bed to look around in the darkness.

“Was that a dream?” I heard her say.

Do you want to go further? I heard Rebecca say in my head. No, I’m feeling tired and want to go home, I thought back. There was a lot to take in and to be honest I was wondering how my interaction with a succubus would fair against my soul. Would I be condemned to hell when my time came, or did I have to make a contract before worrying about such things, I didn’t know but I had to find out. Little did I know that all of this would lead to some of my greatest sexual adventures but that is another story.

The End

Samantha’s Confession

My name is Samantha and this is the story of my confession. I’m a futanari or hermaphrodite if you prefer and I’ve managed to keep that secret to myself for almost nineteen years. I’m in college now and making some good friends but here’s the thing, I’ve started to get sexually aroused by some of these friends, mainly because they’re so beautiful, but also because I’m attracted to women. I knew that a couple of them were lesbians but I never allowed myself to respond to their advances because of my condition. Of course, they didn’t know how they were affecting me with their teasing, because if I became aroused, I would make some excuse to leave the room.

Finally, after months of sexual frustration and a lifetime of denial, I made the decision to confess my desires and reveal my hidden secret, that I had a cock. That it was a functional, hot blooded, working cock, and that I wanted to use it with and on them.

Anyway, once I made that decision, I’d tried several times to tell three of my closest friends but the words just wouldn’t come out. I struggled all day to think of a way to start off the conversation but in the end, I gave up. I went home, sat down with my mother and explained the entire situation to her and what I’d tried to do. She supported me as I knew she would, but she also wanted me to make sure that this was something I really wanted to do and not something I’d regret further down the road. Once she realized that I was certain of my decision, her only advice to me was to be upfront and honest. Her talk must have helped because the following day I was more determined than ever to tell my friends about my secret.

The perfect opportunity came along after morning classes when I met my three closest friends for lunch, who, like me, were done with classes for the rest of the day. We had just finished our meals and were waiting for the waitress to bring our checks, when I abruptly told them that I had a confession to reveal. All chattering and gossiping immediately stopped and silence fell on the table as my best friends stared at me in stunned surprise. Before anyone could start asking questions, I asked if we could find somewhere private to talk. After saying that, I realized that I’d started the ball rolling and there was no going back now.

I suppose I’d better tell you something about my friends. My absolute best friend is Amy. She was the one who introduced me to the other two. First, Carol and then Jennifer. It was Jennifer who had an idea of where we could go to talk and enjoy ourselves doing it, when she produced a handful of tickets for a local spa that had just opened, not two blocks away from where we had lunch. Her father had been given complimentary spa visits for the computer work he’d done for them. It almost seemed too perfect but like they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Everyone, including me thought it was a great idea and twenty minutes after suggesting it we all found ourselves at the spa. I must admit, I was quite excited about the situation because I would be able to reveal myself to all of them at once and get it over with. I just prayed that we were alone when it happened and as luck would have it, we were.

I’d sort of hung back when getting undressed by pretending to need the toilet and caught them all going into the hot-tub when I came back out. I told them I’d be there in a minute and after quickly stripping and placing a large robe around my naked body I went through to join them. Needless to say, they were all sitting in the hot-tub and talking when I came in. They were the only one’s there as I approached the steps that led down into the tub and I stopped dead in my tracks before stepping in. A few seconds passed and then Amy looked up and as if on cue she asked me what the secret of mine was.

“The thing is guys, I’ve wanted to share this secret with all of you for a while now but I could never seem to get up the courage to tell you. So, let the questions begin,” I said as I unfastened the robe and dropped it around my feet dramatically to make the big reveal.

I stepped down into the tub with all eyes transfixed to the cock that was swaying back and forth between my legs as I moved down into the water. As if on command my cock started to grow as I slowly moved down the steps, mainly because of all the eyes staring at it.

“Holy fuck, how have you managed to hide that thing from us?” said Jennifer.

The other two were nodding in agreement as if they had wanted to say it but with their mouths open in a stunned moment of silence, they kept their thoughts to themselves. I sat down next to Amy and all they could do was stare down into the water that was only just covering my cock. I didn’t realize until that moment how much it would turn me on with all those eyes staring at me. I felt my cock jerk under the water moments later and was kind of shocked when I realized that I was fully erect. I looked down to see the tip of my cock sticking out of the water as everyone continued to stare at it.

“Is no one going to say anything?” I asked.

“Um, does this mean you’re really a guy?” asked Carol.

“Oh, no, I should’ve cleared that up when I revealed myself. I assume you’ve all heard of Futanaris or Hermaphrodites?” I replied.

“Isn’t that a female with both sexes?” said Amy.

“Yes, that’s exactly what it is. I was born this way and for quite some time I thought I was some kind of freak. It turns out though that I’m one of over a dozen Futanaris worldwide, at least of those that are registered, which is why you hardly ever see or hear about us. I mean, it’s not something we go around bragging about,” I replied.

“How come it’s so much bigger than a normal dick. I mean, I’ve seen several cocks before now but none of them were as big as that is?” said Jennifer as she pointed toward my cock.

“That’s simply the luck of the draw, there’s no particular reason why it’s so big, it just is,” I replied.

It was while I was replying to Jennifer that I suddenly felt a hand surrounding it and looked down again to see Amy stroking its length.

“Oh fuck, I can barely get my hand around half of it,” said Amy as she tried anyway.

Jennifer moved nearer on the other side of me and did the same thing but she placed her hand below Amy’s.

“It’s like stroking a pole,” said Jennifer.

I looked up to see what Carol was doing and found her squeezing her right breast as she watched the girls stroking me. It was when she started to pinch her nipple that we made eye contact and then she spoke to me.

“I think your cock is so fucking hot,” she said.

Just then I felt lips surrounding the bulbous end and looked down to see that it was Amy. She was just allowing the end into her mouth but she was sucking it gently. Then Jennifer requested a go and Amy passed it over to her. She then did the same thing as Amy was doing and sucked the large bulbous end of my cock into her mouth. They swapped the cock with one another repeatedly and were doing this for a while as I watched excitedly and when I looked up again at Carol, I found that she’d pulled her bikini bottom to one side and had thrust her hips up out of the water and was pushing three fingers into herself while watching the girls at work. This scene is right out of a porn movie, I thought as I witnessed how soaked Carol’s fingers were. Then I felt Jennifer taking a lot more of my cock into her mouth and wondered how much she’d be able to handle.

“That’s it, girl, take it all,” encouraged Amy.

Jennifer did her best but could only manage to take half of it before having to back off. It still felt wonderful and then I heard Amy asking for another go.

“I’ll show you how it’s done,” I heard her brag.

“Oh, Amy, I want to see you taking it all,” moaned Carol as she thrust her hips up higher out of the water with her fingers still working their magic.

I then felt Amy’s mouth surrounding my cock and working on the first few inches. I was so turned on by now that I placed my hands onto the back of her head and applied some pressure. I was amazed when I felt the end of my cock hitting the back of her throat but then I was completely shocked when it slipped into her throat and I watched her taking it all.

“Oh, fucking hell, I’m cumming,” moaned Carol and squirted just as I looked up.

“Is that even possible?” said Jennifer as she watched my cock disappearing into Amy’s throat.

We all watched Amy backing off and then allowing it all in again and I knew that if she kept that up, I wasn’t going to last much longer. The penultimate moment came for me when Amy started to suck it faster. It almost looked violent, the way her head bobbed up and down so fast and I didn’t realize at the time but I was adding to that apparent violence by pulling her onto my meat urgently. When I eventually started to cum, I held my cock deep inside Amy’s throat and called out with pleasure as I felt my seed spewing out and backing up to flood her mouth. Amy kept sucking me and refused to disengage until I’d stopped cumming. When she did pull away, I collapsed down into the water to catch my breath and closed my eyes to enjoy the tingling sensation that was still prevalent around the ridge of my cock.

“That has got to be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Carol.

I managed to look up at Amy and could see a stream of my semen oozing from the corner of her mouth and sliding down to her chin as she wore a huge grin.

“Oh, my God, guys, I came so hard from doing that, you wouldn’t believe!” said Amy.

“I want to ride that fucking monster in the worst way,” said Carol.

“Yeah, me too but not here, let’s go to my dorm room, I’m the only one not sharing with anyone at the moment,” said Jennifer.

We ended up doing that but by the time we got to Jennifer’s dorm room we only had thirty minutes left until most of us had to leave for our part-time jobs that helped pay for school. I suggested that we all meet up again after work at Jennifer’s room. They reluctantly agreed and off we went.


They all told me how they couldn’t get my cock out of their minds when we did meet up later that night in Jennifer’s room. Carol had been affected the most as she’d been wet the entire shift at work just thinking about riding my cock. I had no idea they were going to take it the way they did, but I wasn’t about to complain. Carol begged me to show her it again and I began to remove my clothes. When I did, they were once again beside themselves over what they were having trouble believing, even though the evidence was pretty conclusive.

“Can I ride that thing, please say yes,” pleaded Carol.

“I think you’d better let her go first, she’s likely to burst with excitement otherwise,” said Jennifer.

“Okay Carol, what position do you want it in?” I asked, with the others looking on.

“I want it from behind. I want to feel it going in as far as it can,” replied Carol.

Carol didn’t even bother to undress she simply slipped her panties off, hiked up her skirt and bent over Jennifer’s bed. I came up behind her and grabbed her butt cheeks before placing the tip of my cock against her pussy only to find her drenched already. I pushed forward experimentally and felt her tight pussy spreading open to accommodate the head of my cock. I was going to take it real slow but Carol had other ideas and suddenly pushed back. I felt at least half of my cock penetrating her at that moment and then I took control when I pushed the rest in.

“Ahh… oh God, that feels amazing,” moaned Carol as my upper thighs slapped her ass cheeks.

“Wow, I never knew a cock could go in that deep,” commented Jennifer.

“I was wondering what it feels like until I saw Carol’s face, she’s clearly enjoying it,” replied Amy.

I turned my head to face them as I rhythmically began to fuck Carol with one deep stroke after another. Jennifer was stroking her pussy as she watched my cock thrusting in and out of Carol, and Amy was pulling on her right breast, or more specifically one of her erect nipples. With each stroke, Carol’s moaning became louder and Jennifer came over to the bed and knelt on the floor next to her head.

“Please, try to keep the noise down, if it gets reported we won’t be able to use this room again,” urged Jennifer.

“Mmm… oh God…. sorry Jennifer… ahh… but I can’t help it. Her cock is so fucking huge,” replied Carol, as quietly as possible.

Jennifer fully realized that and sat down again to watch it. Just then, Amy pushed Jennifer back to lay on the bed and immediately knelt done between her legs. She reached up to pull the panties off and found that they were drenched. Amy quickly discarded them and began to lick Jennifer’s pussy, much to Jennifer’s delight. Meanwhile, Carol was trying to stifle her moans of pleasure and was experiencing an orgasm. Carol had been fucked a few times in her past, but it never felt like this and she doubted it ever would again.

It was Jennifer who called out next, and then realizing she was making too much noise, slapped her hands over her mouth. She started to climax when two fingers began penetrating her while her clit was being licked. Jennifer went up in flames and exploded when Amy placed her entire mouth over Jennifer’s pussy and started to suck and lick it at the same time. Jennifer began to writhe on the bed, and even attempted to push Amy away but Amy wasn’t having any of it and suddenly introduced another finger into the action.

Carol was making muffled sounds by now as she had her head buried in a pillow that she was biting and most of the sounds were coming from our bodies striking one another as I slammed my cock into her. She felt incredibly tight but I could feel how wet she was and that made it easier. I think, if it had just been me and Carol, I would’ve lasted a lot longer but seeing Jennifer writhing on the bed while Amy was eating her pussy must have been too much because I soon had to call out that I was cumming. Carol ignore me and pushed herself onto me hard and stayed in place with my cock as deep as it would go just as I started to cum. I gripped her ass cheeks and emptied my load and we must have stayed like that for at least three minutes.

When I did pull free Carol collapsed onto the bed and I could see my seed oozing from her pussy as she tried to regain some composure. I must have been staring at Carol, because I didn’t notice Amy sitting up and reaching over for my cock until it happened. She sucked the end and allowed a few inches in and after teasing me a little she then stood up in front of me and looked me straight in the eyes.

“I want that cock inside me,” she demanded.

She then lay on her back and spread her legs wide leaving me with no doubt, which position she wanted it in. As I got down between her legs, I saw Jennifer trying to recover from the tongue lashing that Amy had given her and that just made my cock jerk as it got harder. When I pushed in, I could tell right away that Amy was drenched with anticipation because I had no trouble penetrating her. She seemed very eager though because after just three thrusts she wrapped her legs behind my back to draw me in and keep me there as she rocked back and forth on my cock. Whenever she did relax her legs, she’d allow me to pull out but then use feet to pull me back in again, and each time she did, she’d try to go as far as she could. This continued until she screamed that she was cumming and Jennifer had to remind her to keep the noise down. Amy held me close as she came and we stayed in that position for a good four minutes.

Fortunately, I hadn’t cum again and was still hard when Jennifer climbed on top of me and sat down on my cock immediately. She was sopping wet and easy to penetrate but she was also very eager to take control and soon she was bouncing up and down on my cock as if she’d been doing it for years. The look on her face each time she allowed my cock to go deep inside her was priceless. She told me later that she’d never climaxed that quickly before and looked forward to the next time.

What I thought at the time was the hottest day of my life soon came to end and I was left wanting more of the same. However, we don’t always get what we ask for. I’d love to say that we went on to do this many more times but unfortunately, it turned out that Amy couldn’t be trusted. Over the course of the following week I found out that she’d told at least six people and that most of the college now knew my secret. After confronting her and finding that she wasn’t very apologetic, I informed them all that I’d be leaving the college soon. This pissed Jennifer and Carol off no end and they ended up unfriending Amy on their social sites. That was nice of them to support me but the damage had been done and there was no way to put the genie back into the bottle, as it were.

It’s funny though, because sometimes what we don’t want can turn into something we do. What happened next couldn’t have been predicted or even guessed but it was welcome nevertheless. I was spotted by a college professor by the name of Constance Smith, only she insisted on being called Connie. Anyway, she saw me looking at other colleges on my laptop and asked me why. She happened to be the youngest professor in the college at just twenty-nine years of age and she was gorgeous. I actually thought of telling her the truth of why I was looking but decided to go with not being happy, which wasn’t a lie. That’s when she surprised me.

“Well, if it has anything to do with the rumors about you, I think you’re making a mistake. Allowing others to dictate what college you go to simply because of what they think they know about you is foolish. It doesn’t matter what they think they know, it only matters what power you give them over you. If you ignore the looks and whispers, they will eventually disappear and you will go through college knowing that you didn’t arm them with anything that could hurt you,” she said.

“So, who did you hear the rumors from?” I asked.

“Oh, I overheard rather than being told and I know how the rumor mill works. Tomorrow, or next week, it’ll be someone or something else and you’ll be a footnote in someone’s memory, you mark my words,” she replied knowingly.

It wasn’t hard to like her after talking with her for just a few minutes and I even caught myself checking her out. Like I said earlier, she was quite the looker and not someone who could enter a room without being noticed. Anyway, after that conversation I decided to stay a while longer just to see what would happen and I all but forgot about the professor. A few days later, it was a Saturday morning and I was in a clothes store in town trying on some skirts when I bumped into the professor again.

“Hello again, are you looking for skirts as well?” I asked, stating the obvious as she was holding one.

“What gave it away?” she replied jokingly.

I laughed and then put a skirt back onto the rack to look for another one.

“Having trouble finding a skirt?” she asked.

“Yes, I go through this almost every time,” I replied.

She had a skirt in her hand and because she was a similar size to me, she handed it over.

“This would look hot on you,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Unfortunately, I can’t wear skirts that are this short,” I said, “although I will admit I do like the look of it,” I added.

She insisted that I try it on to see whether my mind could be changed but I knew I couldn’t wear something that short. Of course, I didn’t tell her but my cock would be so evident if I wore something like that. She still insisted though and, in the end, I figured, why not, I might as well since I’m here. As I changed, I wondered how much of a bulge would be evident when I checked the fit. I’d just zipped it up and turned toward the mirror when the professor popped her head in through the curtained door.

“You see, you look very hot in that,” she said as she looked me up and down.

I could feel the lump in my panties, see the bulge in the mirror, and was just about to tell her that I didn’t think it was right for me, when she stepped into the booth and stood close to me.

“Why… because of this?” she said as she suddenly placed her hand onto my bulge and squeezed it gently.

I don’t know what it was. Whether it was the suddenness of her touch, or her closeness to me but I felt my cock react and start to grow very rapidly. She must have felt it as well because her hand seemed to trace the growth and the look in her eyes lit up when she realized how big it was getting. My throat felt dry as I tried to swallow, but all I could concentrate on was the fact her hand was moving up and down the length of my cock and we hadn’t said a word to one another.

“My God, your cock is massive,” she said, being the first to break the silence, “I’d heard the same rumors as everyone else, but I didn’t believe them when they said how big it was. I see now that they were understating the size,” she added in a whisper.

Her hand was still stroking me and she’d more than noticed how far above the hem of my panties it had grown. She seemed to dwell on the large bulbous end of the cock and then did something that took me completely by surprise when she pulled my panties down. My cock fell forward and tented the skirt I was trying on.

“That’s why I couldn’t wear such a skirt,” I said.

Connie fell to her knees and took hold of my cock before placing her lips around it and sucking it into her mouth.

“Oh, God, we can’t do this here Connie!” I said quietly, “someone will hear us,” I added.

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