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Legal for the Daddy Next Door Two Pack

Jillian Cumming

Copyright 2019 Jillian Cumming

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note: All characters depicted in intimate acts are 18 years of age or older, of no relation, and are fully consenting.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Legal for the Daddy Next Door

Part2: Also Legal for the Daddy Next Door

Legal for the Daddy Next Door

My 18th birthday was last week, and I still didn’t get what I wanted.

I mean, my parents bought me a car to take to school and back when I moved away, that was cool.

But it wasn’t what I wanted.

I suppose that the problem wasn’t so much what I wanted as who I wanted.

I sat on my bed, looking out the window at the object of my desires.

My bedroom was on the side of our house, and the one right next to us belonged to my best friend in the world, Ashley.

Ashley and I had known each other forever, and my parents were friends with Will, her dad.

Not Ashley’s mom, though. Ashley’s mom had moved out years ago after some nasty divorce, leaving Will a single father.

I wondered if that was around the time I decided I wanted Will to fuck me. Maybe.

I remembered sitting in that same spot and seeing him mowing the lawn. He glanced up and saw me and waved, not even seeming to care that he was shirtless in the afternoon sun.

I’d waved back, my cheeks filling with an inexplicable and hot blush.

I remembered the way my breath caught when I realized that I was wet. I watched Will a while longer before I couldn’t take it anymore and I went to town on my tight little pussy, forcing myself to cum by torturing the little nub of my clit until I had to bite my pillow so that my parents wouldn’t hear me screaming.

And now that I was 18 and about to move away to school, I wanted it to happen more than ever.

Because who knew what would happen when I moved away? Maybe I’d meet a cute guy and want to go steady. And I knew that if that happened every time I came back home I’d have that same deep ache inside of me. That same want.

It was for my own good, really.

Besides, I’d caught him checking my out a couple times when he and Ashley were over to share the in-ground pool my parents had put in last summer. This was after the lawnmower incident.

And maybe I had enticed him a little, dropping my towel in front of his recliner and bending over.

But he’d looked! And I think that he liked what he saw, because he swallowed hard and had to ask my dad to repeat what he’d just said.

I never let Ashley in on any of this, of course. She was my best friend, and I didn’t think she’d understand my desire to fuck her dad. She was like a sister to me, and I didn’t want to threaten that.

And I’d decided to hold off until I was 18 so that he couldn’t use that as an excuse when I finally decided to go through with it.

I was an adult. Legal. I could make my own choices. I could vote.

I could fuck whoever I wanted, even if who I wanted was old enough to be my father.

And lately I’d been super horny. I could think of nothing but having Will’s big, hard cock slide in and out of my velvety wetness while I moaned for him to fuck me harder and faster.

I didn’t think I could get by with just my fingers and my vibrator for much longer. I needed the real thing. And I needed it, needed him, soon.

Which was why when Ashley asked me if I wanted to stay the night I immediately accepted.

I knew it was kind of silly to still have sleepovers at 18. And especially when we literally lived next door to each other.

I spent most of that afternoon getting ready. Shaving my pussy in the shower. Picking out a nice pair of shorts that really showed off my ass.

I looked at myself in the mirror, wishing that my tits were a bit bigger. They still seemed to girly to me. They were high and perky and firm, barely more than handfuls, my nipples little pink circles in the middle.

I cupped them for a moment, imagining what it might feel like for Will to wrap his lips around those nipples and suckle on them.

They hardened almost immediately.

Then my dad knocked on the door, “Hey, sweetie,” he said without opening it, “Are you sure you want to go over there tonight? Mom’s doing up her special pasta sauce. Ashley can come over here.”

“That’s okay!” I said, “I’ll just have leftovers tomorrow.”

“If there is any…” my dad trailed off and she listed to him walk away down the hall.

I looked at my eyes in the mirror. No. Tonight was the night. It was happening.

I walked over around 4 in the afternoon and let myself in through the front door. Like I said, we were pretty close.

Ashley was in the living room on the couch, watching the TV.

She bounced to her feet when she saw me. “Hey! I was just about to text and ask when you were planning on coming.”

“Well, I’m here,” I said, “Where’s your dad?” I glanced around, but didn’t see or hear him.

Ashley shrugged. “Dunno. Upstairs I think? What do you want to do?”

“Just chill here if that’s cool,” I said, slumping down onto the couch. My heart started racing as soon as I came in through the door.

And I was already wet. My pussy quivered inside of me.

I wanted this to happen so badly I hadn’t even put any thought into planning any of this!

What, are you going to fuck him with Ashley sitting here beside you?

“Oh, yeah. Hey, we didn’t grab anything for supper. What are you feeling? Pizza? Subs?”

I seized on that. Pizza!

“Yeah, I heard about this new place that just opened on the other side of town. Jimmy’s or something like that. We should try it!”

Ashley jumped up again. She was so full of energy. “Awesome! I can go pick some up. Want to come with?”

“Of…” course, I started to say, then I realized this was my opportunity. At this time of day it would take probably like 45 minutes or so to go to the pizza place and get back here.

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