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Chapter 1

Her heart racing, Rebecca sucked in a breath of air, struggling to hold onto tenuous consciousness as her husband invaded her with another deep stroke, the force driving her deeper into the thick mattress. The next penetration sent her falling through space and losing the battle, Rebecca’s eyes rolled back, then time stopped, the lights in her mind blinking out. As inky darkness wrapped a cloak around her, she vaguely heard a roar, thinking it was a dream.

Slowly becoming aware, her senses sending information to her brain, Rebecca saw a ray of light far above, and using all her strength, climbed up a steep mountain, on a mission to reach the top. Rebecca’s eyes blinked open, and she felt the dead weight of his sweat-covered body on top of her, crushing her breasts against his heaving chest, mirroring her own ragged gasps for air. Finding the rhythm of his heart beating against her glistening skin hypnotic, she reached up, running her fingernails lightly over the contours of his muscled back.

After he moved beside her, Rebecca curled next to him, resting her head on his chest. “Dean, that was amazing. Your descriptions of another man fucking me excited me so much.”

“You liked that? It really got me going too.”

“I loved it. Let’s keep doing it… I’ll even join in next time. Do you really want us to have sex with someone else?”

“Don’t you? Talking about it made us both crazy. Neither of us has experienced heart-stopping sex like that in a long time.”

She propped her elbows on his chest. “The fantasy drove me wild, and my orgasms were amazing… I damn sure liked you painting a picture of another man fucking me.”

“Me too. Let’s keep an open mind and see where it leads.”

“I think we should… it’s the perfect time for us to take the step. We just retired with more than enough money for three lifetimes. The twins are out of the house and doing well in Dallas. We’re empty nesters… we can do anything we want.”

“What are you saying, Becca?”

“We’re still healthy and have years of life ahead of us. I want us to enjoy those years and drop the restraints holding us back. Tonight was life-changing, and I’m open to anything… I mean anything if it makes our sex more intense.”

“You’d fuck another man?”

“If you want me to and won't get angry, yeah. But only with you there… you know I’d never cheat on you. I love you.”

“Love you too, sweetie. Okay… I want the same thing. What kind of man would you like?”

She reached down, tracing long fingers along his flaccid penis. “I’d like a man close to our age, with a large, thick cock, maybe even a little bigger than yours… and it’d really be nice if he were bi.”

“MMM. Sounds perfect. You don’t mind I’m still interested in men?”

“Not a bit… it actually excites me. I know you enjoyed a few men before we were married. I think you miss it. If we move forward with this… I want a bisexual man.”

“Damn. You’re making me hard.”

“I noticed. Know any men that might be a fit for us?”

“Not really. I wouldn’t know how to bring it up anyway. Do you have someone in mind?”

“I need time to think about that, but I’m sure we’ll find the right guy. Now, make love to me, and let me talk dirty this time.”

Rebecca’s eyes smoldering, her body trembled as Dean entered her. She closed her eyes and released her inhibitions, a flood of emotions washing over her while she pretended Damian was driving his shaft into her. Rebecca’s descriptive story was even more graphic than Dean’s, sending them both to the point of no return quickly, and after reaching a happy ending, they slept nude in each other’s arms.

Waking fully rested, they showered together, then Dean’s eyes followed his stunning wife’s every move while she dried her short, light gray hair, did minimal makeup and stepped into tight, pale green, linen short-shorts. After she pulled a sheer white tank over her generous, still firm, breasts, Dean said,” “Fuck me. Becca, you’re glowing this morning.”

“After discovering my wild side last night, I’m just so happy.”

“Me too. Jesus, your God damn legs and ass look fantastic in those shorts.”

“Think I still got it?”

Oh, yeah. Most twenty-year-olds would kill to have your body. Not to mention your face and perfect skin.”

“Sweet talker. You just want some.”

“Yep, but I meant every word.”

“I think you’re pretty handsome too.” Rebecca slipped summer heels on. “Think I can still attract a man?”

“Sweetie, I’m always amazed by how beautiful you are. Pick any man you want. I promise… he’ll want you.”

“Guess we’re gonna find out. Any plans today?”

“Thought I’d spend the morning with you. I’m playing golf with Damian this afternoon. But if you have things to do, I understand.”

“Nothing important. I’d love to spend some time with you. I’ll go do some last minute shopping for our Bahamas trip while you two golf.”

“Okay if we talk more about last night?”

“MMM ... we need to discuss how it affected us. I’ll get some fruit and juice. Meet you by the pool?”

“See you in a few.”

Rebecca smiled when he walked out. After all the years together, Dean still took her breath away, and Rebecca still enjoyed looking at his tall, fit frame. Genetics had been kind to him too, and Dean kept in shape with an active lifestyle. Rebecca loved the salt and pepper beginning to show in his brown hair, thinking he was more handsome now than when they met. She shook her head, and walked through the living room into the kitchen, planning to seduce him before he left.

Dean was lying on a chaise, with his shirt off, when she strutted out with bowls full of sliced fruit, and glasses of orange juice on a silver tray. Rebecca handed him one of each, settled on the padded lounge next to his, and they ate quietly, enjoying the beautiful warm day in Austin.

Rebecca finished and put her bowl down. “How’s Damian doing? It’s been a little over two years since Shelly passed and a year since he retired… he still seemed so lost and depressed when I saw him a couple of days ago.”

“I know. But I think he’s slowly returning to life. Damian still has no interest in dating, but finally admitted he misses sex… he even brings it up from time to time. Maybe he’s turning the corner and ready to meet someone.”

“I’m worried about him… hope we can coax him into having a little fun in the Bahamas.”

“Me too. Wish I could find a way to snap him out of it,” Dean said.

“I know he hasn’t had sex since Shelly passed. Maybe we can change that.”

“We need to. Any ideas?”

“Actually, I do have one idea.”

“Tell me, Becca. You know I’d do anything for Damian.”

She reached over, squeezed Dean’s hand and took a deep breath. “Just remember I love you. What we did last night excited me a great deal… more than I ever thought possible. I want a threesome with you and a bi man.”

“Okay. I want that too. What’s your plan? I mean, how does that help Damian?”

“Years ago, Shelly told me he played with men before they met and married. Maybe we can take care of our fantasy and his needs at the same time.”

“Are you serious? You’d do that for Damian and us?”

“Yes, I’d really do it… and I’m dead serious.”

“Uh, Becca, before we go any further, you need to know Damian, and I were lovers for over a year. Then Shelly came into his life, and I met you, pretty much at the same time, and we ended it… we haven’t had sex with each other since.”

“Shelly and I always suspected you and Damian were involved. You two have always been so close. I think you two should become lovers again. After that, we can suggest he join us in bed.”

“You vixen… you knew last night he was the man you wanted.”

“Yep… and so did you.”

“You know me too well. I was just afraid to suggest Damian. I didn’t want to shock you.”

Noticing the erection trying to poke through his shorts, she said. “I see you’re interested in doing this with Damian… let’s make it happen on the trip.”

“I’ve never cheated on you, but to be honest… I still think of sex with Damian. And since Shelly died… it’s happening more often. If you’re sure, I’m all for it.”

“I’m sure. And you wouldn’t be cheating ... I give you my permission to play with Damian, but only him. At some point, get him to join us… I want him too.”

“Sweetie, you never cease to amaze me. I’ll bring it up on the golf course today.”

“Okay. You’ve obviously been thinking about this… I have to ask. Is he larger than you?”

“Yep. Honey, you’ll love his cock ... it’s huge.”

“Perfect. Did you two just do oral? Or did you fuck too?”

“We did it all.”

“I can’t wait to see you boys together.”

“You made my dick hard… you gonna take care of it, or do I gotta jerk the God damn thing off?”

“I’m excited too. Just remember… talk dirty to me.”

“After last night, you think I wouldn’t?”

They quickly went to their bed and made love with Dean describing how Damian was fucking her, while Rebecca rasped details of how great his cock felt stretching her tender membranes. The graphic images quickly pushed them to the edge, and both had crushing orgasms. Before crawling out of bed, Rebecca took the fantasy a step further. “Lick Damian’s juices from my pussy ... be sure you get it all.”

“Wow… you’re really getting into this. Fuck, I can’t wait to taste him again.”

Rebecca moaned when Dean moved down, eagerly licking the juices from her thighs and lips. “That’s it. Lick me. Does he taste good?”

“Hell, yeah.”

When he pushed his tongue deep inside her to get it all, Rebecca’s body jerked, and she screamed again. Afterward, she curled next to him, both enjoying the afterglow. “Sweetie, we have to make this happen. Talking about being with you and Damian excites me so much… and he’s been alone long enough,” Rebecca said.

“That he has. It’s time to break down the walls Damian erected around his grief. It excites me too. We’ll figure out a way to make it happen.”

“One more thing… sweetie, let’s promise to tell each other everything we want in sex. I’ll do anything you ever ask.”

“I’ll do anything for you too. I promise… no more secrets.”

“Perfect. I better get you something to eat. You have to meet Damian soon.”

“Yeah. I gotta get moving.”

Rebecca crawled out of bed, pulled her shorts and top on, and walked barefoot into the kitchen, making him a tuna salad sandwich while Dean dressed for golf. A few minutes later, Dean joined her, quickly ate, and she walked with him to the garage. Before stepping into the car, Dean wrapped his arms around Rebecca, and slid his hands down her back, caressing her perfect ass while they kissed. Dean said, “Have fun shopping… and buy some sexy things for the trip. I want you driving Damian and me insane in the Bahamas.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll find some outfits that’ll knock both your dicks in the dirt. Now, go get our man.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Rebecca put both hands on Dean’s face, pulling him closer until their noses touched, and looked into his eyes. “Dean, just convince him. He needs this… and so do we. I love you.”

“Love you too. I’ll get it done.”

Chapter 2

After parking near the clubhouse, Dean grabbed his golf bag, slung the padded strap over his shoulder, and went in, wondering how to approach Damian about what he and Rebecca wanted. Damian was already waiting in the pro shop and came over to greet him. They shook hands then hugged each other like old friends would. “Good to see you,” Damian said.

“Hey, what’s this? Buddy, it’s nice to see you smiling again. You haven’t done that since Shelly... hell, Damian, I’m sorry.”

“No worries. You’re right… I haven’t smiled since she passed.”

“You were so depressed and lost when we got together just two days ago. What changed?”

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