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Catherine's First Adventure
A short erotic story written by: Cornelius Cray

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Copyright 2019 Cornelius Cray

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Catherine Arrives

Chapter 2: Rise and Shine

Chapter 3: "Wet Dream"

Chapter 4: The Matriarch

Chapter 5: A New Challenge

Chapter 6: Chapter Sex

Chapter 7: Twister

Chapter 8: Serious Mama

Chapter 9: Training Time

Chapter 10: Double Pen

Chapter 11: Power in Short Places

Chapter 12: Jungle Struggle

Chapter 13: The Unlucky

Chapter 14: R&R

Chapter 15: Conclusive

The Afterword


This story is about a Chameleon Scout, fresh out of training and ready to see the galaxy, as she arrives at the first world of her journey. A world known to the Federation as Epsitrof III. On this world, she finds two races of invasive species, one harmonic and seeking to adapt with the local ecosystem. The other is parasitic, and seeking to exploit the native ecosystem.

But there is trouble brewing on the world. While there is a rebellious Hive of Xenoform, whom Catherine met on rather awkward terms, there are malevolent Xenovoltus Hives who would seek the destruction of this lush Jungle World, for a cause long since snuffed out!

It is up to Catherine to repay her debt to the Hive that saved her after her accident, as well as to fulfill her soldiery duty! All the sex that comes with it is just the icing on the cake. The very very lewd cake. No strippers popping out of it though, surprisingly enough. Apparently wasn’t in the budget.

I do thank you for taking an interest in this quaint little erotic story, and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Catherine Arrives

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Awaking Scout Pilot Catherine Calowitz

Travel Time Since leaving Trio Starport: 13 Years, 10 Months, 16 Days, 9 Hours, 2 Minutes, 59 Seconds.

With a groan, Catherine began to wake up from her drug-induced sleep. She winced as she was subjected to the lights of the ship, blindingly bright after such a long slumber. As her stasis pod opened up, Catherine slowly crawled out of it and into the very cushioned interior of the ship.

Her hibernation quarters, separate from her personal quarters or even the cabin, was very limited in terms of its scope. Some concessions had to be made in order to fit all of life’s necessities inside a small scout craft. As such, her hibernation quarters consisted of little more than her stasis pod, with a few accompanying computers that monitored her vitals while she was out.

The AI, Sunny, chimed happily to its Pilot when she determined that Catherine was awake enough for further communication. “Good Morning, Pilot Catherine. We are currently in orbit around Epsitroff III, the only habitable world in the system, and the sight of the short-lived Battle for Epsitroff. Results inconclusive, anticipated Results; Dominion Victory.

Catherine exited the door leading towards the cockpit, where the auto-generated holograms created a view of the planet below. Catherine examined it, as well as the five recommended landing points. "Alright Sunny. Bring us down to pre-determined landing point... Charlie. I think that would offer the most space and resources to set up a small base of operations. We’ll do this by the book. Land, get some early scouting done while the base is established, then focus efforts on regions of importance."

The onboard ai responded cheerily. "Understood, Pilot Catherine. Proceeding to destination."

Catherine took her seat as Sunny began the process of entry into the Planet’s atmosphere. Of course, she was not going to just sit there and do nothing, busying herself with reading the information that Sunny had gathered about the world while residing in orbit. Breathable air, survivable gravity, and only a minimal detection of Xenoweapons still on the planet. With any luck, they wouldn’t be anywhere near Catherine’s landing spot.

When the ship made final touchdown, Catherine got up and out of her seat, making her way to the small Living Quarters that she had. “Alright Sunny, first priority is to establish a perimeter defense grid. I want it halfway between the ship, and the tree line. Afterward, just follow the manual. Deploy some radar equipment for me as well, don’t want to walk around aimlessly after all.”

Sunny responded as the drones were released. "Understood Pilot Catherine. Drones are released, and localized radar equipment being prepared for your usage."

Catherine had an air of confidence about her as she waltzed into her room, stripping down from her travel gear and tossing it into the sanitation cache. The five foot tall, 143-pound woman then stretched, her small bosom offering little trouble as she did so. She flicked through skin colors a little bit, making sure that she could still manage. Red, Green, blending into her surroundings, before returning to her natural tan coloration. Her stout 3-inch tail wiggled ever so slightly as she finished her stretches and went to get her scout gear on.

She was careful of her small horns as she donned a simple standard issue Chameleon Nanosuit. The multitude of nanomachines it was made of were resistant to electrical disturbances, and the suit could repair itself from anything that wasn’t total structural destruction. It fit tight onto her body, necessary for the final advantage that the suit offered; the reason a Chameleon Scout never left home without it; the ability to mimic colors just like her skin. Just like when she was nude, she flicked through a few colors to ensure all systems were functioning properly, pleased that they were.

Once she was all suited up, she made her way to the small kitchenette connected between the hibernation and personal quarters. On a small tray was a single pack of biogel, Sunny’s cheerful voice chiming in. “Specially made from the generic stalk, just for you, Pilot Catherine.”

Catherine grabbed the small portion of biogel that Sunny had prepared for her and slurped it down with ease. "Mhm. Tastes just like vanilla pudding. Thanks, Sunny!." She finished her full meal in just a few slurps, tossing the biodegradable wrapper in the compost cache.

Catherine made one final check around the small living quarters of her ship to ensure that she had everything that she would need. Nanosuit on, Mag-Rifle in its storage rack by the exit door. All she needed was her visor! “Bah, who needs that junk anyway? Can’t let a little jungle throw me off!” Catherine marched with a spring in her step towards the door, grabbing her Mag-Rifle, Maggy, and exiting onto her first ever alien planet!

Her first breath of air on this world was damp and hot. “Just like home!" Catherine enjoyed the familiar feeling of a jungle, opposed to the sterilized cleanliness of her scout ship. She strapped the Mag Rifle to her back and grabbed the localized radar equipment, trying to find a place to plant it down where the ground was soft enough for a proper planting. All around her, drones did their work, setting up a perimeter defense grid of various turrets and barricades. All of which was standard with a light scouting mission, giving Catherine a place to fall back on should she need respite.

At about 20 feet from her ship, she huffed and planted the equipment. With the localized radar planted into the ground, she opened up the holoconsole on it and began to prep the scanning feature. It took a small wind up, but in no time at all, a pulse was sent out, automatically mapping the terrain in a two-kilometer radius.

Catherine studied the map carefully, her eyes being drawn to what appeared to be a tunnel system about a kilometer out. It wound in a pattern that clearly exemplified intelligent design, with caverns and chambers that were established in key intersections. “Alright, looks like we’ve got something about a kilo out. My best guess, it’s either a Federation Bunker system, or a Dominion Nest. Can’t tell which from just the map, I’m going to investigate it, see what I can find. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem, with how close it is.”

One of the drones responded with Sunny's voice. "Understood Pilot Catherine. I shall continue to establish a base of operations and wait patiently for you! But please, do not force me to report back to Base that my first Pilot is MIA or worse. That would not look good on my record.”

Catherine laughed and rolled her eyes, “Yeah yeah, I know. Don’t worry about it Sunny, I’ve been trained for this. Besides, you said minimal signs of Xenoweapons on the planet. The odds of me running into any of them are slim to none, and even if I do I can always go invisible. Can’t kill what you can’t see, after all.”

Catherine set off on her journey Eastwards, her weapon in hand. The Jungle that she now found herself in was a range of three specific colors. Most plants, in a wide variety of forms, were purple in hue. The trees and bushes and vines and most foliage consisted of some shade of purple.

The next most prominent shade of colors was that of Pink. Splotches of pink littered the landscape as the Chameleon Scout made her advance through the jungle towards her destination. They were most often in the forms of a flower or small pot-like plants. Either way, there appeared to be large collections of slim vines inside of the petals or the pot. Catherine studied these colored plants closely, making mental notes. “They look pretty, but my guess is they’re like the Pitcher-Plants back home…” She chuckled softly. “Hell of a lot smaller though, that’s nice.” She flicked one of the flowers and kept on going.

The final coloration of plant that she came upon were Red in tint. Long stalks of red plants, in variable dead-zones of foliage. Where there was lush purple grasses and bushes all around, a single red stalk commanded its own private 1-meter diameter circle of space. Catherine decided it best to avoid this meter of apparent death, intent to come back some other time with a drone so that she could conduct further studies. “Don’t got a good feeling about those. Something tells me that those are not friendly to other life.”

What she hadn’t found, however, was any signs of animal life. From large critters, to small ones, there was nothing. Not even any insect-like creatures. Such a thing didn’t make any sense to Catherine, however. Without any creatures to help pollinate, then how could such a robust jungle exist? That’s what bothered her the most about this expedition. There was no natural reason for animal life to be non-existent in what appeared to be an extremely hospitable jungle environment.

That line of thinking, however, was soon cut off when she came upon a valley that flipped the normal narrative of the ecosystem on its head. Rather than there being a plethora of purple with the occasional splotch of pink; there was a near limitless sea of pink with only a couple islands of purple to interrupt it. Catherine took a moment to examine it, before going forward into the valley, not too concerned.

As she began to walk through, however, the plants she had disturbed knocked up a considerable amount of pink pollen. Catherine grimaced and pulled her nanosuit up and over her mouth and nose, using the small internal oxygen supply the suit came with. She just trudged on further, trying to get past the apparently more dangerous than anticipated valley of pink. “Dammit… At least the Pitchers back home don’t spray pollen at you…”

By the time she had made it out of the valley, her suit from the knees down were completely covered in pink pollen. What's more, one of the smaller flowers appears to have attached itself to the front of Catherine’s thigh. She went to brush it off, not too chalant, but found that the plant barely budged at all. Frustrated, she began to pull at it, finding that its root system had begun to grow into her suit. "Little piece of..."

Frustrated, she set her weapon down and pulled as hard as she could. With a grunt, she managed to rip it, and a section of her suit, off. She chucked it as far as she could as the suit began to repair itself. Catherine then activated a complete scan of her suit, not wanting to find any more flowers trying to take root into her. There were no further plants on her, thankfully enough. Once she was safely in purple grass, Catherine went about the long process of cleaning the pollen off of her suit.

Catherine spent an entire hour cleaning her nanosuit of the pollen, having to use a tool not even remotely suited for this amount of pollen. She had to strip the suit off of her body, her skin turning a purple color to mimic her surroundings as she meticulously cleaned up the suit. “Stupid pollen… This damned brush isn’t even close to enough to get rid of all of this clingy shit…” Every now and again she would glance around, making sure nothing was watching her. But nothing ever was, like it was nothing but vegetation on this damned rock.

When her suit was finally cleaned off, Catherine quickly donned it once more and began to make her way towards the tunnel network. It took her about ten minutes at a brisk jog, and the occasional detour to avoid another oasis of pink When she finally arrived, she set down a beacon at the edge of it, intending to do a short-range ping to get a better view of the entrance. While she waited for the device to boot up, she decided to scope out the surrounding area. There was a large amount of pink flowers nearby, causing her to wonder what exactly she was walking into, but all that was put on hold when the radar equipment began to ping in alarm. When she moved back to see what it was that the equipment had detected, she was greeted with a sight that made her heart sink. She instantly froze up and went invisible against the terrain, not out of her training but out of reflexive fear. Her heart racing, she watched as a large, pitch black and skeletal creature slowly slink into the tunnel network, long and razor-tipped tail trailing behind its body.

She stayed motionless until she was able to catch her mind up to the events that she was being subjected to. In her head, she began to go through her checklist of things to do when encountering a Xenovoltus. “First thing, active camouflage. Second step, distance!” Catherine turned and made a move to get into a tree, where she would get both distance and the high ground. Not two moments after she started moving, the creature came running out of the tunnel. It appeared to be wounded, the tip of its tail missing, and long scratch marks running along its torso, letting out bone-chilling screeches as it fled into the jungle. Catherine froze up again as the creature crushed the beacon in its retreat, causing her to wince at the loss.

Her heart racing, Catherine clutched her Mag-Rifle, aiming it at the entrance of the tunnel. If whatever in there was powerful enough to scare away a Xenovoltus, it was more than powerful enough to rip her in two if she allowed it. She slowly walked around the tunnel entrance, keeping up her practical invisibility before turning to run. Taking one final look into the tunnel, she saw only a brief glimpse of a towering black and grey form. The next moment, she was knocked unconscious and flung into the air by the force of the creature running directly into her. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Chapter 2: Rise and Shine

Catherine let out a groan as she began to come to. All that she remembered was that she was scouting around the area, then something had hit her. Her ears were still ringing from the impact, must be some kind of concussion.

What’s more, there was a searing pain in both of her legs, as well as her right arm. All that she could do would be to keep the limbs limp for the time being, at least until she got her bearings. It wouldn’t get rid of the pain, far from it. But at least she wasn’t currently adding to the pain.

In order to get her bearings, however, Catherine would need to open her eyes and look around. Especially considering that ringing in her ears was making it a bit difficult to hear anything, at least that was what she thought. And she couldn’t really smell anything distinct either. So, the Chameleon Scout opened her eyes, and the first thing that came into view was a clawed hand reaching down for her shoulder.

Catherine’s heart rate spiked when she processed the fact that a pitch black clawed hand was approaching her, and her gaze followed the arm leading up to the owner of said hand, causing her terror to surge beyond anything that she had felt before! Here she was, a wounded Chameleon Scout, and before her was a Xenoform!

The creature appeared somewhat humanoid, but was anything but human. Created by the Dominion as an elite weapon during the War, the Xenoforms were a far more terrifying breed than the Xenovoltus that they led.

Where the Xenovoltus was animalistic and brash, the Xenoform was far more cunning and powerful. The one before her maintained what looked like a woman’s body turned grey, before being put into a cage of chitin! Her arms and legs, rather than being ended with hands and feet, were instead capped with chitinous claws and talons, a mockery of the hands and feet that a normal human would own.

Then there was the tail and the crest, both definitive markers of this beast’s Dominion origin. The tail, as long as the Xenoform itself, was long and made out of chitin, tapering off with a sharp point that inspired fear in many a Human soldier. And the crest, elongated and resting atop its head, this helped in distinguishing the various strains of Xenoform. From Catherine’s teaching, the stout crest on this one signified that it was a Drone. But anything was stronger than Catherine, much more so when she was wounded!

Catherine screamed in fear, trying to push herself away from the monster before her, but failing due to her present injuries. The Xenoform itself drew back when Catherine screamed, seemingly startled by her sudden outburst of fear.

Catherine looked around the rest of the room, her pain temporarily numbed by the adrenaline coursing through her veins. Not only was she trapped in a room with a single Xenoform; but she was trapped in a room with tens of Xenoforms! Each one looking at her as she began hyperventilating.

And it wasn’t as if the room itself was any better. The majority of the area she found herself in was coated in ink black ichor, hard to the touch and glossy. Where Catherine had been placed was a bed of purple grasses, soft to the touch and plenty cushiony.

The room itself was lit by an array of red vines that wound throughout the room, giving the entire area a gentle red glow. Catherine’s skin, something she quickly realized was open to the air, was rapidly flickering through a multitude of colors. Though initially it attempted to imitate her surroundings, the shear stress of the situation caused her body to change colors to far less useful variations. Where naturally she was a beautiful tan, and to mimic her surroundings she adopted shades of red and purple and black; it was safe to say that her skin turning shades of blue, green and yellow was significantly less useful in masking her location, nor was her very audible rapid breathing.

After a few moments of panic, the Xenoforms in unison moved to leave the room. Catherine remained on her bed of grass, severely wounded and in a heightened state of anxiety. She looked around, trying to make sure that no further monsters entered the room. Catherine, with her one good arm, slowly attempted to drag herself a bit farther from the main exit that they had left from. She managed to move about a foot away when she heard a voice break the silence of her enclosure.

“Calm yourself, Genebearer. You are in safe hands, I promise.” Catherine jerked her head to the side to see the source of the voice. Coming from an entrance to her left. Catherine that none of the Xenoforms had exited out of.

Catherine’s panic only rose when the creature had moved into the light of the red vines. She was a towering beast, at least compared to Catherine’s position and size, with the torso and up of a Drone Xenoform, but the tail took up the entire portion of the lower body!

Rather than being a weapon, it was a semi-opaque organ for movement, much like on a mythical naga. Though, this being was very clearly a Xenoform. One look at her crest, however, showed what it was. An Infiltrator Xenoform. No matter what Catherine did, she would never be able to escape, even if she weren’t wounded. The Infiltrators can detect Chameleon Scouts no matter what!

As she got ever closer, Catherine's panicked breathing began to pick up even more. The creature frowned slightly, leaning down as Catherine's heart began racing. It felt like her poor circulatory organ was about to burst out of her chest as she genuinely feared for her life as the creature inspected her.

The Infiltrator let out a sigh when she saw that Catherine wasn’t calming at all. She reached out a hand to try and comfort her, but Catherine instinctively recoiled from her, trying to pull away faster than she really could, letting out a cry of pain in the process.

The Xenoform let out an annoyed sigh as she watched Catherine still try to retreat away from her, completely ignoring her attempts to help out. Catherine watched in abject horror as the terrifying Xenoform turned into something a bit more familiar, a Human!

The False Human then pressed herself against Catherine, pinning her down and preventing her from moving, though she no-less attempted to. Catherine squirmed underneath her, before eventually giving up underneath the woman.

The woman smiled a bit when Catherine stopped squirming. In a gentle manner, not like that of a predator. “Good. Now, my Sisters and I are here to help you, not to hurt you, I promise.” When Catherine didn’t even respond, let alone look at her, the Woman gently cupped Catherine’s cheeks and pulled her into a surprise kiss!

The Chameleon flashed a sudden shade of red, her eyes now fixed on the Infiltrator, who pulled back with a soft giggle. “That got your attention alright! Now listen, you’re going to have to trust us when it comes to making you better. You have my word when it comes to that.”

“And how the hell am I supposed to know if you’re not lying?!”

The woman sighed and shook her head. “You can trust us because we are a Rogue Hive, led by our Mother, you would call her a Hive Queen. When she was made by the Dominion, she had a genetic anomaly that made her able to break free from them, and we established ourselves here a very long time ago. I am the one who will Assist you while you are here with us. My name is Betty, by the way!”

“And just what the hell does “Assist” imply? You’re going to “assist” in me becoming a fleshy tool for your damned Hive?!” Catherine huffed once again looking away; Betty looking saddened, but not surprised.

“Listen to me when I say this, Catherine. If we were like the other Xenoform Hives, you wouldn’t even have the luxury of being tended to by a medical professional. We would have had you up on the breeding wall in the blink of an eye.”

Betty then gently cupped Catherine’s face and gave her another kiss. “Now, I promise that I will stay by your side and keep you company. Whatever happens to you, I will be there to keep you safe, alright?”

Catherine let out a bit of a defeated huff, and her colors finally settling down on a mute pallet of greys and blacks. “Alright, I’m going to get off of you now. Just stay still, okay? My Sister Elira is preparing herself to help you with those injuries of yours, okay?” Slowly, Betty eased herself off of Catherine’s body, staying in her human form.

As Betty had hoped, Catherine obliged her request and did not attempt to further remove herself from the situation. Though how much of this was down to her willingly complying with the Xenoform in disguise compared to how much she just didn’t want to inflict further suffering on herself unnecessarily was up to debate.

Betty examined the Chameleon for a moment, before sitting down next to her. She held her hands on her lap as she kept her gaze on the wounded warrior. “You know, Catherine, Elira was quite startled when you began to scream like that. She only wanted to help you, after all.”

Catherine snorted, but didn’t attempt to pull away from her. “Yeah, just trying to help. If it weren’t for you… Xenoforms… I wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I wouldn’t have this head injury, I would still be able to walk on my own two feet, and I would still be able to use both of my arms, not just one!” Catherine’s fear had been replaced by anger and frustration at this point, looking over at Betty with a frown on her face.

Betty appeared to be quite saddened, and even a bit ashamed when Catherine blurted out her frustrations. “Ah, yes. That. Tianna is deeply sorry about the pain that she has caused you, it was far from her intentions at the time. She was on Guard Duty near the entrance, and was busy chasing out the Xenovoltus that had attempted to breach into our Nest. She claims that she couldn’t see you, and only realized that you were there after she had hit you.”

Catherine huffed and turned away, staring grumpily at the wall. “Still doesn’t change the fact that none of this would have happened if you… Things… Weren’t here…”

Betty hummed softly as she began to gently brush Catherine’s hair, clearly attempting to comfort her. “Even if we weren’t here, something else might be. And which would you prefer to have had the misfortune of running into? Us or maybe one of the Xenovoltus?” Her hand continued to brush over the Chameleon’s head, before she, intentionally or otherwise, ran her hand along one of Catherine’s two little horns.

Catherine let out a surprised yelp and tried to shift her head away from Betty’s hand, a red blush on her face. “Whatever… What exactly are you going to be doing with me anyways…?”

Betty chuckled softly as she pulled her hand away from the flushed woman’s head, placing it in her lap. “Well, Tianna and I are going to keep you company, while Elira and Jane begin the process of healing your injuries.

Catherine sighed softly, rolling over slowly to look back up at Betty. “Fine… I see no particular way that I could get around it. I’ll take your word on the matter… Just please don’t betray me, alright?”

Betty smiled at the acceptance that the small woman had finally come around to, turning back into her natural form as she picked Catherine up, careful of her injured limbs. “I am happy that you have come around to what we can do to help. I’ll bring you there right away!”

Catherine’s face held a dash of red as the Xenoform carried her out of the chamber that Catherine had awoken in. Where she had expected a practical swarm of them, there was but one. A Warrior Xenoform, who followed Betty on all fours. “This is Tianna, she was the Warrior-Form who accidentally hit you. She’s tagging along in an attempt to pay for her accident.”

Catherine glanced back at the muscular creature that was following them. She didn’t feel particular anger at it. But at the same time, there were some emotions of frustration that came to her in regards to this seemingly apologetic creature. She was told that it wasn’t intended, but at the same time, wasn’t this the kind of thing that she was designed for?

Then again, Catherine wasn’t much to talk about being designed for something. As a Genebearer, raised in a military family, she was another mark in the legacy of the Chameleon Core. Purpose-built for recon, against the creatures that were now supposedly taking care of her, no less!

The first chamber that they entered was a practical sea of pink, with a handful of Drone Xenoforms tending to the plants, like a rudimentary form of agriculture. One of the Drones began to follow as well, Betty helpfully explaining. “This is Elira, the Drone-Form that was tending to you when you woke up. She apologizes for startling you, but is still committed to aiding you!”

Catherine’s attention was focused on the multiple flowers in the Drone’s hands, as opposed to the Drone itself. Their tendrils wiggled and squirmed in the air, and did not put Catherine in any state of ease whatsoever.

The next chamber that they entered was what appeared to be a lounging area. There were various holes in the wall, where different Xenoforms were resting, cuddling, looking at the small group, and even some were having sex. Catherine, flustered, turned away, as a smaller one came out to join them.

"This is Jane, she is a Scout form. Her task is to go out and inspect anything new, and tell the Hive. She was the first one to find that you had come to this world, though she says that she lost you in the Jungle thanks to your ability to mask your psionic signature temporarily." Catherine looked over, curious at the additional follower. Something about her felt all too familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

The final chamber that Catherine was brought to was basically empty, save for a couple of mattresses of purple. Betty slithered over to one of them, gently setting the Chameleon woman down. “Alright, I’ll bite, what the shit is the care method that you are about to put me through?”

Betty chuckled softly as Elira began to pass around the flowers that she had gathered, one for Catherine, one for Betty, and one for Tianna. Jane and Elira plucked different flowers. “All will be explained shortly, my Chameleon friend~”

Catherine held her flower at an arm’s length away from her, its tendrils grasping uselessly in the air for a place to burrow. Though her anxiety had more or less subsided thanks to Betty’s soothing words; to be holding one of these flowers while completely exposed caused her stress to begin to elevate again.

Betty and Tianna, however, had no qualms with the little flowers in their hands. They placed the flowers to their crests, each shuddering and letting out soft moans as the roots burrowed in underneath, causing Catherine to go a bit pale out of fear. Was hers going to burrow into her head too?!

But Betty, once her flower was secured inside of her head, took notice of the Genebearer’s hesitation. She slowly coiled down next to Catherine, leaning over and gently holding her hand, her words slightly slurred. “Mhm~ Don’t worry Catherine~ I promise you that you will be perfectly fine~ Tianna and I did it after all~”

Catherine whimpered softly, attempting to keep the flower away from her head as best she could. Of course, Betty was much stronger than she was, slowly bending her arm back, so that the flower got closer and closer to her ear. “N-No… Stop.. Don’t want iiiiiIIIIIIT~!”

Catherine let out a sharp gasp as the tendrils finally found purchase, the flower securing itself into her ear. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open as the tendrils burrowed towards her mind. Finally, a white-hot flash went on behind her eyes when the roots hit their limit, as well as Catherine’s!

Chapter 3: "Wet Dream"

When Catherine’s eyes fluttered open, and she drew a gasp of air, her panicked eyes looked around, expecting her world to be distorted beyond measure. Instead, she was laying back in her bed on her homeworld. Not even her bunk at the army barracks, but the bed in her families’ vacation home!

She blinked and looked around, currently sitting up in her bed, in her room, with the sounds of the Jungle outside of her reinforced window. She used her good arm to lift the blanket off of herself, to find her naked body, perfectly fine. Her legs were both healthy, and her other arm was as fracture-free as the other.

Catherine pat down her body, assured that she was perfectly fine, at least at the moment. Slowly, almost even cautiously, Catherine crawled out of bed and walked around her room. She went over every detail that she could, wanting to confirm that this was indeed her home.

Everything, from the sex toys under her bed to the little Genebearer figurines on her dresser. Hell, even the laundry that she had left inside since she had left nearly a year ago!

Catherine furrowed her brows as she walked over to the window, watching the writhing jungle outside. Of course, this was the more tame part of the planet, with not a single Pitcher Plant inside, let alone some Milkweed or Seeders.

Catherine walked over to her dresser, intent to at the very least clothe herself before sh inspected the unusual circumstances that she found herself in. She pulled out a light blue shirt with a familiar Chameleon Brand logo on it. A pair of panties and some custom-made shorts that wouldn’t pinch her tail were the next items to be pulled from her dresser; she decided to forgo a bra as it wasn’t the most needed.

After getting herself dressed, and looking back and wiggling her tail to make sure that it was fine and not-pinched, Catherine took a deep breath and left her room, somewhat expecting some horrid monster to be on the other side.

She was pleasantly surprised, however, to be merely greeted by an empty hallway. An empty hallway that was just like back home, with the ever-rare carpeting on this world, as well as the occasional holograms and assorted devices. Hell, the only thing that was *off* was the lack of Sunny coming out to greet her on one of the projectors!

Catherine’s inspections were abruptly halted when she heard a sound unfamiliar to the Chameleon woman, a knocking at the door? Normally if someone wanted to get her attention, they would alert Sunny or one of the families’ other AI assistants who would then notify Catherine. There’s a reason for all of the hologram projectors after all.

Catherine looked around to see if she could find a weapon, but alas those also appeared to be missing from the house that she found herself in. So, without a weapon and with a healthy degree of caution, Catherine made her way to the auto-lock doors at the front of her house. She tried to use the hologram to get an image about what was outside, but that too failed to work, so with a deep breath, she opened the door.

Just outside of the door, one waiting patiently the other a bit embarrassed though waiting nonetheless; were Betty and Tianna respectively. Catherine stared dumbfounded at the two of them, unable to fathom either existing this close to home. And yet, here they were, light years away from the planet she found them on, and at her home!

Catherine went pale in a moment’s notice, her heart sinking before she slammed the door shut in their faces, just as Betty was about to say something. Catherine backed away from the door, her body trembling as her words got caught in her throat. She wasn’t even able to cry out in fear as she stumbled and fell onto the ground with a soft thud, her eyes glued to the door.

After about two minutes of pure silence, Betty cleared her throat and began to speak, though her words were, of course, muffled slightly from the closed door in front of her. “Catherine, it’s just Tianna and I, may we please come in?

Catherine, snapping out of her shock, quickly scrambled to her feet, swallowing down her fear as best she could before responding. “A-Absolutely not! Not until I get some answers!”

“Of cou-” Betty began, only to be cut off by Catherine’s demands.

“First! I demand to know how the hell I ended up here when my last conscious thought was back on that godforsaken rock that I found you Xenoforms at! Second, I demand to know how it is that my body is perfectly fine, when if I recall correctly my legs were practically shattered and my arm fractured! Third, and I would argue the most important, how the ever-living shit is any of this possible?!"

Betty took a moment to respond, as if waiting for the door to open. When it became clear that Catherine was serious when she said that there would be no entry unless she was answered, likely in a manner that she accepted, then there would be no door opening.

“Well, allow me to explain things in order to how you asked them, for ease of information digestion. Your first question, how you got here, is a simple one and feeds into the answers for the other questions. The answer is that you are not technically back in your home on your homeworld. Rather, this is merely a Mental World of your own creation.”

“What the fuck is a Mental World?” Catherine rebutted.

“Please save all questions until after I have answered the current ones!” Betty politely ordered, before continuing onto the next question that she had to tackle. “Now, onto how you’re all healthy. In the Mental World, so long as your mind is healthy, then your Mental World iteration of yourself will be fine, and you could even alter things if you wanted!”

Catherine was about to blurt something out about her head injury, but held her tongue. If this Xenoform was telling the truth about things, maybe it wouldn’t be the best plan to disrupt her and annoy her.

“For your final question, how we are here, is down to two factors. First, that flower that is in your ear activates a latent psionic link inside of you. All organic creatures have it, but for most it is not strong enough to be used without assistance. Us Xenoforms are natural psykers, and Tianna and I managed to easily enter your Mental World, thanks to our Flowers as well.”

Catherine’s hand reflexively went to her ear, reminded about the incident that had brought her here in the first place. All she ended up doing was brushing aside the little bit of her hair that managed to grow this low on her head. She stared back at the door, about to open her mouth before Betty tackled the additional question that Catherine had managed to ask earlier.

“As for what a Mental World is, allow me to give you an example that you can reference. Imagine the most advanced Virtual Reality that the Federation has developed, now add another level of complexity and driven off of psionic energy instead of digital coding.”

Catherine tried her best to digest the information, before Betty spoke again. “Would you mind letting us in now? I am more than happy to continue answering your questions so long as Tianna and I can see your face again.”

Catherine, if somewhat begrudgingly, opened the door to the two Xenoforms; standing to the side to allow them in. She watched as first Betty, then Tianna entered her abode, shutting the door behind them. She watched as they took places inside of the living quarters, marveling at the various trinkets inside of it.

“Can you stop ogling things? I have some serious questions I want answers to.” Catherine tried to get their attention again, a task that she appeared to have succeeded in.

“Of course, what is your next question then, Catherine?” Betty politely asked.

Catherine sighed softly and walked over, taking a seat on the nearest chair that she could grab, it just so happened to be as far away from the Xenoforms out of pure coincidence. “Alright… Two questions. First, if I recall correctly, I had a head injury. If this is only supposed to be working right with a healthy head, then how come it’s working alright now? Second question, what the actual fuck is that flower doing to me right now?!”

Betty sighed softly and shook her head, looking over at Catherine. “The reason that you are able to project your Mental World with this clarity is only because even though you suffered head trauma, it was not severe enough for further degradation. You’ll probably notice that while a lot is in place, there are some things that aren’t quite right. If things were perfect, so would this Mental World.”

Catherine looked over at the silent holographic projector, its blue screen silent and devoid of artificial life. Her thoughts were interrupted by Betty’s voice as she continued her answering.

“As for the flower, it is merely doing two things. One, it is priming your latent psionic capacity, so that any of this could be possible at all. The second is that it is acting as a means for Elira to tend to your wounded mind, healing it but going no further.”

Catherine’s hand once more went up to touch her ear, still devoid of the flower burrowed into her in reality. As she stayed in silence for a few moments, Catherine developed another question that she needed to ask. “If all of this is just to help my head, then how come you two are in here with me?”

And then, something that did genuinely surprise Catherine, Tianna spoke. "The true reason we are here is to apologize for injuring you. While Elira and Jane are capable of mending your mind and body, I requested that Betty come with me to apologize for what I had done to you."

Catherine stared up at the Xenoform, blinking and genuinely surprised at the vocalization from a supposedly mute creature. “W-Wait a minute… Did you just… Speak?”

Tianna nodded happily. "Mhm! I very much did! While we lack the ability to communicate in reality, we have the capacity to talk to each other when we are psionically linked. This can be done either through what we have now, with the mind flower strain. Or, if you would be willing, you could join the Hive to have a permanent link!" Tianna beamed at Catherine, but the enthusiasm was not at all reciprocated.

Catherine, contrary to the Warrior-form Xenoform, instead held a grim glare as she stared at the creature before her. “There is not a chance in hell that I would join you! I am a Chameleon Scout, genetically engineered to combat Xenoforms, not become them!"

Tianna looked as if she were about to respond, probably about the grace of the Hive, but Betty held a hand in front of her. "We are not going to pressure you to join Us. This is not the way that Mother has taught us. All are to join willingly, and not to be pressured, merely suggested."

Catherine eyed them both, wary of what they could be getting up to. She shifted uneasily in her chair. “Well, I am not going to be joining your Hive, that much is certain… I do not really need for you to apologize, though. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it wasn’t your fault…”

Tianna shook her head, steadfast in her words. “Not at all, Catherine! I should have been paying more attention to outside Psionic signatures, rather than ones that I was expressly looking for! As such, I simply must apologize to you! And while I acknowledge that you have no desire to join the Hive, I still believe that the way that We apologize would work for you!”

Catherine gave Tianna an inquisitive look, her body reflexively stiffening up slightly. "What exactly are you proposing there, Tianna?"

Tianna looked up at Betty for encouragement to proceed with what she had in mind. After a couple of moments, Betty nodded and Tianna smiled slightly, though Catherine was still in the dark. Slowly, the towering Xenoform approached Catherine, before there was a quiet squelch as a new organ made itself apparent to the Chameleon Scout. As her eyes naturally migrated to the source of the sound, her heart skipped a beat. In front of her, and between the Xenoforms legs, was a cock the girth of her arm!

Catherine’s face flushed red in an instant, followed by most of her body as her mind attempted to wrap around the sheer magnitude of the sexual organ that was before her. Looking up at Betty, hoping that there would be some indication that this was all just a joke. Instead of Betty’s humored expression, she was greeted with another sexual organ, emerging from a slit in Betty’s tail. While it was no cock like Tianna, it was a no less impressive ovipositor.

Catherine, in her flustered state, was barely able to speak as she looked between the two Xenoforms standing proudly before her. Though she made many attempts to bring up any form of a sentence, none came out as the two Xenoforms swapped glances, before Betty spoke at last. “I understand that this may not be normal to you, Catherine. But I promise you that this means of apology is one of the best that you could find~”

Catherine’s resolve stiffened just a slight bit as she looked up at the Xenoform that spoke to her. “A-And none of this is real…? Right? This is all in my head?”

Betty smiled and nodded, keeping Tianna near her as opposed to going over to the wavering Chameleon. “Of course. Nothing that we do here will physically affect you back in reality.”

Catherine swallowed hard as she mused over her options. She could not deny that she was incredibly aroused by the two beings that were before her. Though, she had no idea whether it was down to her own sexual starvation, the flower in her head, or the psionic trickery that all of this was. “F-Fine… But only because none of this isreal…”

Betty and Tianna both looked rather pleased with her response. “Oh how wonderful! I just know that you are going to enjoy what Tianna and I have to offer you!” Catherine got up and led the two Xenoforms away from the living area, bringing them back to her bedroom, though it was unlikely that she would be making any usage of her bed at all.

Catherine’s nervousness only increased the closer that they got to her room, hitting a peak once they were inside of her room and she had shut the door. Despite her anxiety, however, neither of the Xenoforms appeared to be in any state of distress. If anything, they had gotten more excited.

Catherine eyed them both, as well as their sexual organs, before taking a deep breath. “What have you gotten yourself into…?” Catherine whispered to herself as she began to undress. Underneath the hungry gaze of the eye-less Xenoforms, Catherine removed one garment after another. First it was her shirt, then her shorts, and finally her panties, leaving her fully exposed.

Catherine’s face was a bright red pigment as she stared away from either one of the Xenoforms. She used one arm to cover her small chest, and reached down to cup her pussy with her other hand, attempting to shield her body from them. “I-I know I don’t look like much… B-But I hooOOOPE-!”

Catherine’s apology was cut off as Betty reached out and grasped the short Chameleon, pulling her in close and placing her head in between her breasts, ovipositor pressing against the Genebearer’s midsection. “Do not worry a moment about it, Catherine~ This is for Tianna to apologize to you, after all~!”

Catherine let out a soft squeak as Tianna grasped her rear, though it was not much to grasp at all. Her tail twitched nervously as she felt both cock and ovipositor press against her vulnerable holes; the ovipositor her pussy, and the cock her anus.

After a short pause, allowing Catherine to steady herself, both Betty and Tianna thrust into the short Chameleon, instantly causing a tenting of her skin as Catherine’s back arched and her eyes rolled back. Not only did this feel amazing, but it felt like what the Chameleon Scout needed after who-knows how long without any sexual contact in the slightest!

Both Xenoforms began slow in their thrusts, taking their time as their sexual organs dragged along Catherine’s insides, which stretched quite a fair bit in an effort to accommodate their girth. She let out moans and whines as slowly the thrusts sped up, tenting her more, then less, then more again; every thrust getting deeper into her than the last.

Betty’s tail slowly coiled around Catherine’s lower body as she continued to thrust her ovipositor independent of her own movements. “It feels quite good, doesn’t it, Catherine~? Not only my ovipositor slowly inching closer and closer to your womb with every thrust, but Tianna’s cock sawing deeper and deeper into your ass~!”

As Betty coiled around her, Tianna reached around and grasped them both, raising them up so that she could get a better angle inside of Catherine, who was being slightly muffled from Betty’s bosom, though she was given voice again as Betty leaned her chest away, compressing herself a bit as she watched the Chameleon’s skin colors beginning to shift.

Betty smirked, before leaning in and planted a deep kiss against the Chameleon’s lips. Catherine, drunk off of the pleasure that she was feeling as she was being stuffed from both ends, eagerly returned the passionate kiss as she moaned happily. Betty’s lips felt so perfect against her own, as if she could kiss them until the end of time and that would be just fine!

And Betty was all too willing to provide that kiss to Catherine. The Xenoform’s ovipositor finally bumped against Catherine’s cervix, eliciting a sudden yelp from the Chameleon. She leaned in and cupped her cheeks, pulling her up to look her in the eyes, their psionic energies intertwining more than Catherine’s hair with the tip of Betty’s fingers. “Mhm~ Catherine~ We’re right on the cusp~ Get ready for the most intense pleasure of your life~”

Catherine, her mind slightly hazy and yet perfectly aware of Betty’s entire being, nodded sluggishly, so close to an orgasm of her own. “P-Please~! S-So close~!” Catherine pleaded. Her request was rewarded as both Tianna and Betty gave one final thrust into her. Tianna’s thrust brought her all the way to the base of her cock, finally cumming into her and flooding her with seed. Betty, meanwhile, secured her ovipositor inside of Catherine’s womb and began to pump eggs into her.

Catherine, on her part, also slammed into an orgasm at full force as she was beginning to be filled up. Her skin turned into a cascade of colors, washing over her in time with the waves of pleasure crashing over her. Her toes curled, her back arched as much as it could, her eyes rolled back and mouth hung open as she let out a loud howl of pleasure!

As Catherine’s belly slowly distended, she could feel almost perfectly every last egg that was being pushed into her, her body going limp as she just rested against Betty who slowly pumped in her eggs, her arms wrapped around Catherine’s neck. Catherine couldn’t quite tell what it was about Betty, but she couldn’t help but feel something far deeper than anything she had ever felt before! And this wasn’t even considering the ovipositor!

Chapter 4: The Matriarch

Catherine let out a sharp gasp as she came to, the world around her an inky black once more, lit by only the luminescent flowers the Hive cultivated. No longer was she in her distant home, her distant room, her distant familiarity; she was instead back in reality. Where she was just one Chameleon in an endless sea of Xenoform.

To her left was Betty, slowly uncurling as she began to come to as well, her flower no longer connected to her head. Catherine reached up to touch her own ear, searching for a flower that was no longer there. She looked around, she quickly spotted the dried up and withered remains of the flower that had been inside of her head like a parasite.

A chitinous-covered arm reached down in front of her and grabbed the flower. Catherine’s gaze trailed the arm back up, the Scout-Form Jane picking up the withered flowers that were no longer needed.

Her attention was next drawn to the Drone-Form that was Elira, her hand running along Catherine’s no longer bare legs. Instead, there was a thin sheen of resin that was coating them. Catherine reached out to try to touch it, but was met with Elira shaking her head and blocking Catherine’s hand.

Catherine pulled her hand back, leaving her legs as they were. Catherine next looked at her arm, also covered in the same resin. She tried to move her broken limbs a bit, finding any pain that once was there was gone. “What… What exactly is on me, if you don’t mind me asking…?”

As Elira helped Catherine up to her feet, a feat that she did not anticipate being able to accomplish given her condition not that long ago, Betty felt gracious enough to respond. “It’s a healing resin that works with your body to heal any wounds. Think… Jelly Genebearer, that kind of effect!”

Catherine quietly thanked the Drone-Form for helping her stand up, trying her new resin-cast legs a bit before looking over at Betty. “You know, you are rather knowledgeable about how Genebearers work… Mind explaining how you know all of this?

Betty chuckled softly, shaking her head. “Information that I will provide you with in due time~ But now, I want you to answer some questions of my own! How do you like it? Both the pleasure in the Mental World, as well as the Resin Casts that Elira has provided you with?”

Catherine looked away, her face a dark red. "It was... Nice. It felt so real, yet I clearly know that it wasn't." She took a shaky breath, reconstituting herself, before staring up and into those deep purple eyes. "And... I wouldn't mind doing it again..." Catherine said, in a slightly defeated yet not necessarily woeful tone.

Betty laughed, planting a deep kiss on the blushing woman's lips. A move that caused her to turn and look away, more than just her face turning a blushing red "That's the spirit~! When you're all better, we may even try some of it in the real world too!"

Catherine shook her head, snapping back to her senses and turning a more hostile red color. "N-No! Just the mind stuff. I am not ready to become a Mother, any time soon!"

It was at that moment that another voice made itself known, the Xenoforms backing away from Catherine in reverence to the owner of said voice. “If that is the case, then it appears that we will need to procure a new deal for the services my Hive has offered~”

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