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EROTIC Bedtime stories

JA Lafrance

Erotic Bedtime Stories

Erotic Bedtime Stories

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Published by: JA Lafrance

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First, I'd like to thank everyone of you for picking up my book. I'd like to make this acknowledgement not about the people who helped to make my imagination fly but to everyone. It doesn't matter what your sexual preference is, all that matters is that you are truly in the moment and enjoy every aspect of your experience.

Whether you are a Dominant and have a beautiful submissive, and person who enjoys being tied up or just a person who loves the intimate feeling of being close to your partner. Embrace the connection and enjoy your experience, because in the end we are all different and different is good.




Claiming My Pet

Mysterious Room

Two Masters

In the Hotel

My Friends’s Special Visit

A Workout for Him

My Injured Man

From the Net to Your Bed

Voyeur Roomates

Office Tryst

Stay Quiet

In The Club of Submission

Roadside Assistance

Under My Thumb

The Dance

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Warning: Rated 18+.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content. Menage, BDSM, MF

What happens when you grow restless and need to take the edge off an already long day?

Do you need to be seduced into a peaceful sleep, with naughty dreams, and peaceful nights?

Erotic Bedtime Stories will lead you into a path of temptation. It will help flourish your fantasies and inspire your realities.

Dive into the erotic short stories and let your dreams become x-rated.

Claiming My Pet

“The fact that I can see you in my head, and the first place I see you is in my room spread out on my bed, it’s so cute and extremely hot.” He whispers.

“Then you get that look in your eyes, and it’s the best feeling ever.  It tells me you want me.”  His voice is getting louder.

“My Pet, I need you to keep that look in your eyes when I tell you what I am going to do to you tonight.”  My Master says as he caresses my cheek and stares into my eyes.

I nod my head.  The anticipation is radiating through my body.  My heart is pounding. My breathing has increased and I am trembling.

“First my Pet, I am going to bind your arms, from your wrists to your elbows.” He says with a shine in his eyes and his voice lowers.

“Then I am going to bind your legs from your knees to your ankles.” His voice has now turned husky and he has not taken his eyes off of mine.

“I will make you kneel on the bed and bind your arms to your body and place you on my bed, with your ass in the air.”  He whispers and his breathing has increased slowly, but steadily.

My eyes shine with lust that I have for my Master.  His shine with lust and something that I have never seen on a man.

“Then I am going to mark what is mine with my hand.  Redden your ass with my handprint.”  His husky voice is making my body burn with need.

He pulls rope from behind his back.  He gently runs the rope down my arms and slides one of my hands through a loop he has made.  The loop is big enough for both my hands to slide in.

“Bring your hands together my Pet.”  He whispers. He proceeds to tie the rope around my wrists snuggly.  It’s the perfect fit not to tight but also not loose enough to get free.  He twines the ropes around my arms making criss crosses up to my elbows and tightens the rope, placing my hands in a prayer position.

“Stand up, my Pet!” he demands.  I stand with my legs shoulder width apart, and my eyes locked on my Master.

“My Pet, walk closer to the bed and stand with your legs together.”  He states in a husky voice.

I walk towards the bed, turn and face him.  Making sure my eyes connect with his.

He groans and adjusts himself, while slowly prowling towards me.

“Always so eager to please my Pet.” He hums in my ear.

I give him a small smile and watch as he lowers himself to the floor.  He inhales and growls.  Tying my ankles with the same loop that he did with my wrists and then demanding that I “place my other foot in the loop”.  I do as he asks and he tightens the rope and then makes the same criss cross pattern up to my knees.  The silk of the rope has my body humming with need. What’s turning me on even more is that my Master is on his knees in front of me. His face is close to the lips of my pussy and he is taking deep breathes, nothing else just steady deep breathing and groaning his appreciation.

He slowly stands allowing his hands to lightly drag up the inside of my thighs.  With feather light touches he runs his finger over my sensitive bundle of nerves, but doesn’t add enough pressure to feel anything other than a light touch.

“Pet, on your knees please.” He whispers seductively into my ear and then runs his tongue from my ear down to my pulse point and bites my neck with a growl.  I shudder and slowly lower to the floor.  Master has his hand on my arm so I don’t fall and once I am effectively on the floor he moves in front of me.

“Eyes on me Pet” he states.  I look up into his eyes and notice his arms move slowly down his body to his belt buckle and then he whispers, “ I want your lips wrapped around my cock, Pet.  I want to see those glossy lips sliding up and down my shaft as I pump into your mouth.  Your saliva on my cock will please me in abundance.  Will you do that for me?  Let me feel your mouth on my cock?”  He asks me.  I nod in agreement and lick my lips.  I have wanted to taste his cock since we walked into this room.

He undoes his pants and pushes them down past his knees.  He is just about to step out of his pants when I lose my restraint and lunge forward attaching my mouth around the head of his cock.  He groans and then pulls out and looks at me sternly “That Pet has earned you two swats of my hand on the pretty ass of yours.  You will wait until I give you permission to take my cock.”  Then he steps out of his pants and neatly places them on the chair behind him.

“Now Pet, firstly you are going to run your tongue up the length of my cock, then you will take the head into your mouth and taste me.  Now stick out your tongue.” Master states and moves close to me; his cock is placed in front of my mouth and I stick my tongue out and starting at the base of his cock. I slide up the length with my full tongue pressed to his shaft and then take the tip of his cock into my mouth. I add a little suck before slowly descending the length of his shaft as far as I can go without taking him into my throat.

Master is groaning when I come up and whispers “Take me as deep as you can go. Swallow my cock Pet.” And then lets his head drop backwards and groans.  I take my time lowering down his shaft again. This time when his head hits my throat I swallow and allow him to go deeper.  He groans as I slide up and suck making him growl.  I start to bob my head up and down his shaft.  His reaction to my movements is to make his body stiffen.  I can feel his cock lengthen and I know he is on the verge of coming down my throat when he hollers “STOP!” and pulls his cock free of my mouth.

“I’d love nothing more than to come down your throat Pet, but I will be inside your tight body when you get my come.”  His voice is stern but his eyes show lust and power.

He guides my body up into a standing position and turns me to face the bed.  “Pet, I am taking my pleasure from this.  You will come once I have taken my pleasure and you will only do it then.  If you come beforehand, I will pull out and you will finish me with your mouth.”  Master sternly says. He takes another length of rope and ties my arms tight to my body.  He places a tiny kiss on each shoulder and runs his tongue along the tops of each breast.

“Now Pet, kneel on the bed and place your head on the mattress.  I want you to present me that pretty ass of yours.” He pushes me down on the bed and brings my legs and hips so that they are flush with the edge of the bed.

My body is thrumming with desire for Master, I’m wet and my nipples are sensitive peaks.  Master has taken control from here on out and his demanding tone has me waiting impatiently to see what his next move will be.  I am blind to his movements now, but I can hear him quickly moving around the room.  

Music starts to play in the room, it’s a song that I haven’t heard before.   “Master, what is this song and who is it sung by?”  I whisper into the open room.  I can hear him approach the bed and he whispers in my arched back “Pet it’s called “Yes Boss” by Hess is More. They are not very well known but this song is one I happen to love.”  Then he gets up and leaves the bed.

“Pet, I have an anal plug here that I am going to insert into you.  Then I am going to give you five spanks on your perfect ass.  After I mark you as mine I am going to fuck you so hard.  You will not come until I have taken my pleasure, do you understand?”  He says and I feel cold gel squirt onto my ass, which causes me to jerk forward.

“Easy Pet, I’ll warm you up” he states as he runs his finger down my crack and gently massages his finger around my anus.  It causes me to moan and push back into his hand.

He drags his finger away and places a cold metal object at my opening.  “Now Pet I am going to slowly work in this plug, it will burn at first but you need to relax and not strain.  Once it is in you will feel pleasure, but will not take it.”  Master states as he slowly pushes into me.  I moan, I can feel the burn from him pushing past my tight ring with the plug.  The pleasure is taking the pain away.  I want him to go quicker, I need him to move faster, so I beg, “Please Master, faster” and then let out a loud moan.

“You will not come Pet, that will happen at my hand and only after I have finished inside of you”. Masters stern tone turns me on even more.  Just as I am getting used to the plug in my ass, I feel a sharp smack on my ass cheek and hear Master demand “COUNT PET!”

“One Master” I moan out and my body tightens.  Then two quick smacks land on opposite cheeks and I scream and then state “Two, Three Master”.  

I am breathing heavy.  I don’t know who said that spankings are a punishment. His hand on my ass is turning me on. The burn from the smack has my body trembling with anticipation.  I am brought out of my thoughts when another smack lands on my cheek and I moan and say, “Four Master” and start to squirm.

“Pet you WILL NOT come, do you understand me?” He questions and I nod my head.  “You need to use your words, NOW answer my question.

“Yes Master, I will not come. You can have your pleasure.” I say with a husky voice.

SMACK. “Five Master” and before I have even finished my count he has slammed his length deep inside me and groans.  “Pet you are so tight and wet.” And then starts to hammer in and out of me.  His firm grip on my hips is going to leave bruises on them.  His hard cock which is pounding into me will leave me walking funny for weeks and his groaning will leave the sound in my head for months.  It is so erotic, that I can feel my body tighten more.  My pussy is slowly pulsing, and all of a sudden, he stops and demands “You will not come Pet, my pleasure not yours” and then slams in hard.

Master starts to get harder again. I can feel his already hard cock get harder and lengthen inside me.  His strokes start to go erratic and then he stills and yells my name as his come coats the inside of me.  

As soon as he starts to come back to earth his hand reaches around and he presses hard on my clit and starts circling.  “Come now Pet!” he demands and that is all I need I splinter into ecstasy, bright lights flash before my eyes and I can hear my voice echo of the walls in the room.  “YES! Pet squeeze my cock!” Master demands and I come again squirting my juices all over Master and his cock.

I feel the ropes being loosened from my legs and Master whispers to me to sit up.  He grabs my arms and guides me to a sitting position and holds me still while he undoes the rope.  

As soon as the ropes are free he picks me up and carries me to the head of the bed.  He lies me down on my side on the pillow and disappears to the en suite.  I hear the water run and then Master is back placing a warm cloth between my legs and cleaning up his orgasm.  I feel the bed dip and the covers are taken from underneath me.  Then they are over me and he whispers into my ear “Sleep Pet, remember I will always be watching you” and he places a kiss on cheek.  That is all I remember before passing out cold.

I awake in the morning expecting to still be wrapped up in my Master's arms, but he is gone.  I get out of bed and wrap the sheet around my body and walk out to the living room.

In the living room, there is a table set with pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee, and orange juice. But still not note.  I sit down and start to eat when there is a knock on the door.  

When I look through the peephole nobody is there. I open the door and on the floor, is a box.  I bend down and scoop the box up and bring it inside the room.  I sit on the couch and look at the box.  On top of the box is a stock card that says, “Wear me always”, so I lift the lid of the box and find a diamond encrusted collar with “PET” spelt out in sapphires front and center.  I lift it out of the box and place it around my neck.  My Master has just claimed me as his Pet.

Mysterious Room

In the middle of the night, in a room I am unfamiliar with sits a man in a suit.  His body is facing the bed but it is shadowed by darkness.

From my position on the bed I can’t see his face.  I know I am cuffed to the headboard and I have a ball gag in my mouth.

My heart is pounding, my breathing is erratic and my body is trembling.

I wonder if I am trembling out of fear or if I am cold.  The air in the room is chilled.  I look down my body and notice I am in my black lace bra that holds my DD’s and my matching lace thong.  My feet are still in my satin black stilettos.

I hear movement around where the man is sitting as he stands from the chair.  It’s still too dark to see his face but he whispers, “You’ve been bad, a very bad girl Sweets”.  That voice, it’s so smooth with the hint of an accent that I can’t place.  His movements suggest that he is taking off his belt.

He steps closer to the bed I am on and demands “Flip on your side”.  I pause and think how am I going to do this?  “NOW” he demands in a stronger voice.  So, I roll on my side away from him.  My arms are twisted above my head. My head and my shoulders are feeling the strain.

“Sweets, you weren’t supposed to be in that club.  For your indiscretions, you shall get ten lashes of my belt.  You must count and you must count loud.  Understand?”  he whispers in my ear as he reaches to take the ball out of my mouth.  I nod my head but he says, “No Sweets, I need your words.”

“Yes” I whisper.

“Sweets, louder and you must remember who I am.” He growls.

“Yes Sir.” I say with a bit more force.

“You will do good to remember that Sweets.” And connects, with the first lash of the belt, on my ass cheek.

I scream out as if I am in pain.  It’s a touch pain with a bit of burn, but the groan from Sir is enough to keep me going.

“COUNT SWEETS!” Sir demands.

“One” I say and he tells me “You forgot something, Sweets.”  So I whimper out “One Sir, Sorry Sir”.

Just as I am relaxing back into the bed I get hit harder with two quick cracks of the belt.  “Two Sir, Three Sir” I moan.  

“Sweets you are looking beautiful with my marks on you” he says in a low husky voice.

Then I get hit again with another two quick lashes of the belt.  The pain is gone now.  I am moaning and trying to rub my thighs together to relieve some of the ache.

“Don’t move those thighs Sweets, your pleasure belongs to me.  I will decide when you come.  Right now, you will come much later.  NOW COUNT!” he sternly states.

“Four Sir, Five Sir” I say and fight the moan that is threatening to slip from between my lips.

Crack, Crack, Crack. “Five Sir, Six Sir, Seven Sir” this time I can’t hold the moan that comes out.

“Sweets, are you wet for your Sir?  Do you feel that building need in the pit of your stomach?  The need to come, to release. That feeling is mine and you will do good to listen to me and hold on tight” he whispers in my ear as he rubs his hand around the heat that the belt as left.

He moans and whispers to himself “Seeing these welts, the red marks and hearing the moans coming from your mouth has made me hard Sweets.”

I whimper, I don’t know if I will be able to hold on.  My orgasm is building and a few more hits from his belt will push me over the edge.

CRACK. “Eight Sir”, I say and then tell him “Sir, I need to come, please let me come!”

“If you come Sweets, before I get my cock inside of you, I will add five more lashes of my belt to your punishment, do you understand?” He says and then Crack. “Nine Sir”.

I have to fight the building need.  Then Sir leans down and runs his tongue along the welt and places a kiss on my red mark.  “Sweets, you taste so sweet.” He whispers.

Crack! “Ten Sir” I yell, I need to come, Sir needs to hurry.

He walks around to the side I am facing.  His face is still hidden by the dark, but his rock-hard erection is straining in his dress pants.

“Sweets, how do you feel?” he asks.  I am just about to tell him to hurry up and fuck me when I notice that his hands are on the buttons of his pants.  He is undoing his pants.  As he slides his zipper down, I notice the head of his cock is sitting at the top waiting to fall from the confines of his pants.

He pulls his pants down.  As his pants come down his cock stays fully erect pointing up as if he is saluting me and demands “Open your mouth Sweets!”

I open my mouth and lick my lips as he kneels on the bed.  His face is still in the dark but his cock is at my lips as he pushes into my mouth.  He pushes until he feels me gag and then he slides back out.  He repeats this process until I start to feel him lengthen.  I take it upon myself to take Sir deeper into my throat and suck as hard as I can and then I pull back, because he has withdrawn from my mouth.

“Sweets that was naughty, I think it’s my turn” he says with an evil chuckle in his voice then pushes my legs over so I am lying on my back.  I think he is going to leave me like that and just climb on, but her reaches for an ankle strap and places my left ankle in it.  He repeats the same process on the right foot.

I am lying spread on the bed for Sir, he is slowly and seductively removing his clothing. I still can’t see his face, but his body is amazing.  He has a six pack and his skin is sun kissed.  He runs his hands down his body and I follow with my eyes.  I notice the “V” that points to the erect cock.  I can’t wait for it to be inside of me.

“Please Sir, I need you” I beg.  Which causes him to chuckle and say “Soon Sweets, you teased me with your mouth now it’s my turn to tease you.”

He reaches into the bed side table and comes out with a blindfold.  He places the blindfold over my eyes and whispers in my ear “Just feel Sweets.”

I hear him walk towards my feet, the bed dips in between my spread legs and I feel his wet tongue sliding up the inside of my right leg until he hits my knee.  He switches over to the left leg and continues from my knee to my thigh.  He gently places a kiss on my pelvis and then runs his tongue down my slit, dipping in to find my clit and down to my hole.

He is on his way back up to my clit when I hear a buzzing and feel a vibrator being pushed inside me.  He then says, “Don’t come Sweets, just feel” and sucks my clit into his mouth.

I moan loudly and fight with my body to listen to what Sir says.  “Please Sir, please let me come”, I plead.  I am in pure torture hell right now.  I need to release but I have the overwhelming need to listen to Sir.

I feel the vibrator being pulled from my pussy and his mouth is moving away.  I moan from the absence of the constant torture, but Sir’s cock is there.  He bends over me and whispers, “Sweets, when I enter you I want you to come. Then I will fuck you harder and harder until I get two more orgasms out of you.”

Then he pushes inside of me as deep as he can go and I release.  I moan and come so hard that I am seeing white lights.  He doesn’t stop to feel. He starts off with a hard pounding pace that rolls a second orgasm into a third.  I am trying to catch my breath. My legs feel like they are just lying limp on the bed. My arms are trembling and my breathing is fast.

His pace is still like a jackhammer and he is bringing on another orgasm.  Then all of a sudden, he pulls out of me. He rips the restraints off and flips me over onto my stomach and demands, “Get up on your knees now!”

I follow instructions and am up on my knees when he says, “Have you ever had a cock in your ass?”

“No Sir”, I tell him and then he groans and says, “I will train you for that and soon I am going to fuck your ass”

Then he pounds back into me at a hard pace. My orgasm blindsides me and as it hits me, I hear him groan and I feel him lengthen inside of me as his orgasm crashes through.

He collapses on top of me and rolls so that I am facing away from him and he cuddles into me.  He whispers, “Go to sleep Sweets” and that is all I need.  I am out like a light.

I wake in the morning to a cold bed beside me. A warm coffee and a muffin on the bedside table and a note that reads:

“Until we meet again, Sweets. Stay safe. I’ll be watching you.”  

Two Masters

I don’t know how I always get roped into coming to this club.  I figured after my last time my friend would understand my need to stay away.

Here I am sitting on a couch, to my left is my friend and her Master.  He is sitting on the couch with his dress pants pulled down around his thighs and she is on her knees, in between his legs with her bright pink lips wrapped around his cock.

To my right is a buxom blonde with her dress hiked up around her waist and her clean-shaven pussy on full display while her man is on his knees between her widespread legs.  

“Honey, you need to show your Mistress how much you appreciate her body, you need to eat my pussy.” The blonde demands her man.

I look away letting my eyes roam around the room.  So many people are in various states of dress and various positions of sex.

My view is blocked by a pair of muscular legs in dress pants.  I look up and into a set of green eyes with flecks of yellow and brown in them.  They are locked on my hazel eye and my lips slightly part.  His lips quirk up to one side in a half smile.

I hear a throat clear from behind the man, and standing there is another man roughly the same size and build as the first man, but his eyes are a clear blue and his face is what I would classify as boy next door.

“Well Gorgeous, looks like you have been chosen.  Stand and let me get a look at my flavour for tonight.”  Blue eyes demand.

I jump in my seat, not sure I heard him correctly.  It’s hard to hear with the moans that are going on beside me.

“That’s one Gorgeous” Blue eyes says sternly.

Green eyes quirk his eyebrow and gives a chuckle from his luscious mouth.

I uncross my legs, forgetting how short my dress is and flash the entire room my G-string as I stand.  My face flames when I hear two growls coming from the men standing in front of me.

“That’s three, one for that short of a dress, and one for flashing the room what I will be inside tonight” Blue eyes growls out.

The man with the green eyes has not said a word to me.  He just stares at me, until I stand and then he moves to my side.

“We are going to sit at the bar and talk to our partners.” He says as he places his hand on my elbow and guides me towards two stools.

Both men sit on the stools then Blue eyes demands “On your knees, and keep your eyes down.”  I stand there a bit confused at what he just said.  I look between the two men when green eyes growls and Blue eyes states “That’s 4” and chuckles as I drop to my knees.  I notice both men are straining their dress pants around the crotch region, but so is every other man around.

Blue eyes starts talking to a man to his left and green eyes is staring at me, I can feel his eyes on my bowed head.

Another man comes up behind me and stands extremely close to my head.  He starts to play with my hair, he is running his hands through it and bringing strands of it to fall across the bulge in his pants.

Green eyes growl low in his throat which snaps Blue eyes attention back to me.

“What. The. Ever. Living. Fuck do you think you are doing Watson.  What gave you the thought that you can touch what is ours?”  Blue eyes yells at the man.

Green eyes reach down and grabs my arm, hauling me up from my knees.  He is dragging me to the hall down from where the bar was.  It looks like two rooms back here.  “Where are you taking me?” I whisper to Green eyes, to which he growls at me.

He slams open a door and we are in a room, there is no bed but there is this huge wooden X thing against the wall, beside it is a rack full of what look like medieval torture device.

The door slams behind me causing my body to snap to attention.  I turn to see Blue eyes glaring at me.

“Take your clothing off NOW!” he demands.  I stumble, I really don’t like to be demanded to do things.

“NOW! Gorgeous, you have five whips of my flogger heading your way.  I can’t wait to see you strung up on that cross with our marks on the inside of your creamy white thighs.”  Blue eyes states.

I start to undress when I notice Blue eyes whispering into green eyes ear and all he does is nod.  Why doesn’t he talk, is he mute? I think to myself.  I am completely naked standing in the middle of this room.

Green eyes stalks over to me and places his hand on my elbow and guides me to the wooden cross.  I look at it and wonder what the heck it is.  In each corner, there are leather cuffs with buckles attached to chains that are bolted to the wood.

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