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The Snow Bunny Package


Bartemius Cassangway

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I would like to take a moment to introduce a new type of erotic encounter I have dreamed up. Yes this is a written story but is has a new addition to add to the erotic feel that I believe will be both desirable and pleasurable. If you’ll allow me to boast a little, I believe I may the first to introduce this new type of literature. As you read through the story you’ll see it has a multimedia aspect towards the end. In reality I don’t think it’s been done before. Just a few years ago technology had not progressed enough to make this possible, so I may be not only the first to take advantage of it but also the first to expand on a written erotic experience.

As the reader you must be thinking, “What the hell am I talking about.” As I stated before, this is a multimedia platform erotic short story. That being said, I will be taking you on an experience that will hopefully blow your mind on a new level.

When you read this story, you will notice a hyperlink inserted into a specific location towards the end. If you click on it, it will take to a website page that looks similar to the same page your reading with another link at the bottom. When you click the new link you’ll have go back to the top to continue reading afterwards. Sound will spill out as you take in the words displayed before you adding to the experience already filling your mind. The overall experience, I hope, will be exhilarating.

Yes, someone could go and create a movie to add to the experience of reading, but then it would be just that, a video. What would be the point of reading anymore? A video would take away the joy of reading, where your mind builds the scene you can escape into. The sound is just another layer where your mind can enhance the words being absorbed by the mind’s eye. Isn’t that is what reading is all about.

After reading this story please leave a comment as to how you liked or disliked this new platform. (If it does well I’ll explore another multimedia erotic story.)

One thing to remember is that your reading device must be actively connected to the internet for this to work. You cannot load it on your reader and go for a long ride on an airplane or a bus with the device on airplane mode. If you do all you will have is the loaded book to read with no ability to connect to the webpage. In that instance, or similar, the link will not work.

Thank you,

Bartemius Cassangway

On a ski resort somewhere in Vermont,

Six men stepped off a bus. They were holding their skis close to their bodies. All were wearing sport styled clothing typically found on people who wanted to exemplify that they had money. They chuckled and laughed at some joke not heard by those passing the party exiting the bus. The six friends waited with the other passengers as they hung around waiting for the driver to disgorge their suitcases before heading out towards the lodge. One of the six men, the youngest, had a sign on his back that was written in black marker in a haphazard fashion. The lettering was easy to read but it appeared to be written by a child. It read, “Last day as a bachelor. Slap me on the back in congratulations.”

Those who had some idea of what was going on came up and slapped him on the back as the sign suggested. The individual, Cain Amberson, always felt surprised by so many who knew of his coming nuptials. Cain had short blond hair, blue eyes, an eager face, and easy smile. He had an athletic build. The expensive clothing he wore exemplified the skier’s attributes towards being a professional athlete. Cain felt very sure he had never met any of the people who came up from behind. He would smile and say thank you just the same. His friends, Brett, Calvin, Woody, Devin, and Cain’s older brother Otis, worked hard to not notice the sign on his coat or give away the fact that this wasn’t unusual behavior at the ski lodge. Brett, a tall individual with a manscaped beard perpetually the same length every day of the year, even went as far to mention that many bachelor parties occurred at this resort. The funniest part was that Cain believed him despite the fact that he had never remembered seeing a bachelor party in all the times he came to ski at this location.

When their luggage became available, each took their bag to the chalet. At the desk to finalize their rooms Cain learned that each of them had individual sleeping quarters. This saddened him because he thought they would party in their room after a full day of skiing. Woody had to mention that they might pick up girls later when he noticed Cain’s confusion. He became further saddened when his brother Otis scheduled a room on a different floor. Somehow this wasn’t what he expected when the idea of a bachelor party being scheduled up at a ski lodge came up.

“So after we’re done drinking at the bar we all just go to our rooms Cain asked? This is my last night as a bachelor, I want to spend it drinking until I can’t walk anymore and try to hit on a few girls in the process. Maybe even grope a few. After today I won’t be able to this anymore.”

One of the other guests at the desk, recognizing the sign, walked up and placed his hand on Cain’s shoulder. “I get it man. You have to have the time of your life today because after you spill your vows, you’re dead as individual. You’re no longer one of the bro’s... Man I get it. If these guys don’t fix you up, come and see me. I’m in 377.”

Devin, a very handsome individual with wavy blond hair threw his hair back. “Don’t you worry; we set him up with the Snow Bunny Package. He’ll be all set.”

The man’s eyes grew. “You lucky dog. You’re in good hands with your friends. Have fun.”

He sauntered off afterwards. Cain turned towards his friends in confusion. “What’s the Snow Bunny Package?”

“You know,” Brett piped up. “You get the biggest room so you can party in it after the bar.”

“Oh.” Cain responded most reassured. Now he felt his time here would be as fulfilling as the bachelor party should be, not just a ski trip. They each took their room keys from the well-dressed attendant at the desk but Cain’s brother stole his. Otis waved it in the air. “You don’t get to see your room until it’s time. I’ll hang on to these until later.”

Calvin laughed out loud unable to restrain his excitement for his friend. “You’re going to love it here.” He was the shortest of the friends with bushy eyebrows and a hard jaw. His smile took away his normally focused look. Of all the friends in attendance today, his build, focused look, and height made him appear to be the real athlete in the bunch.

Brett picked up his bag to go up to his own room and a thought struck him. He added, “Let me take your bag as well Cain. I’ll follow Otis up and drop it off. Woody, take him down to the bar to see if you can set him up with some alcohol. Today, the man of honor should never be without a drink in his hands.”

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