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The house was located on a cul-de-sac. It was dark with no moon; one street light and a dim porch light. The car pulled up with its lights off. The driver, dressed in black, got out with a bag. He went to the side of the house, and opened the unlocked window to the study and crawled through. He took out a small flashlight and surveyed the room. He didn’t see the Tabby cat, Princess. It was curled up in the office chair where it spent every night its owner was gone. He walked by the desk and the cat startled by the stranger jump down, went under the desk and right between his legs. The cat gave a cry. He felt his foot hit the cat tried not to step on it, lost his balance, fell and hit his head on the side of the desk. The cat hurried up the stairs.

The noise downstairs barely woke up Caroline, but she was completely awake when Princess jumped on the bed. She only came upstairs or got on the bed unless it was frightened about something. It was her husband’s cat, and they had an understanding to leave each other alone and not to get into each other’s space. The cat stared at her, fur up, like she was saying are going to get up and do something. Caroline got up and went downstairs turning on lights as she went. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she looked into the study and there was something large and black on the floor. The flashlight was on shinning in the opposite direction. She went in, turned on the light, walked over, and looked at the figure, all in black with a ski mask. For some reason, she wasn’t frightened more curious and felt sorry for anyone trying to rob their house. It was an expensive house, but she had to use her savings to make the payments and had to clip coupons to buy enough food. They didn’t have any expensive paintings or jewelry. She got on her knees and thought he was having trouble breathing so she removed the ski mask. He was gorgeous, dark hair and rugged good looks. She got the feeling that this wasn’t a harden criminal or someone looking for items to hock for quick money.

There was a little blood on the side of his head. As she walked to the kitchen and got the first-aid kit she was wondering why she wasn’t calling the paramedics or police. She didn’t want him to leave not yet. On her knees, she slid up the shirt, and it was apparent he worked out. Her hand went over the tan skin enjoying the physique then unbuttoned the pants pulling down the zipper. It had been over six months. There had never been any fire between the sheets and even when her husband Charles was there he was absent always in the study with the door closed and talking on the phone. She was told it was company business and nothing for her to be concerned about.

She pulled out his cock and moaned. It was so much bigger, stroked it and couldn’t believe it was getting hard, that a man’s cock could get hard when he was unconscious. She was wearing a T-shirt and panties, quickly got them off and impaled herself on the cock.

“Fuck,” she moaned. It was filling her up. She never even touched herself, and now she was riding some strangers cock and loving it. She bounced up and down it, and the tip was hitting such a sweet spot in the pussy. He was starting to wake up, and she couldn’t let him get away. She ran out into the kitchen, opened up the junk drawer, and got some twine and a roll of clear plastic tape. She wrapped the twine around his wrists, and then tied it around the leg of the desk. She tore off some tape and put it over his mouth. She mounted him again. This was going to be his punishment for breaking into their house.

“Oh, yes,” she said as the cock was getting bigger. She took off the T-shirt and pinched the nipples. The breasts were large with dark nipples. She looked into his eyes. He was awake now but she didn’t care, rocked back and forth on the cock and his eyes were getting big as he watched the tits bounce. She had to stop because of the most intensive orgasm of her life. She kissed his chest. He went soft and she got off, stroked it, wanting it hard to take more of the beautiful cock. She started kissing it and slid her mouth down on it. He started mumbling something. She slowly took off the tape.

“You’re a lousy cock sucker.”

“Sorry I haven’t had much experience.” She was a virgin on their wedding night and there hadn’t been much since then. He started telling her how to use the tongue to massage the tip, how to work the tip in the piss slit, how to tongue around the tip. She was moaning because it was completely hard, rode it like she was possessed moving her hips back and forth with the cock massaging the walls. There was so much juice coming out, and she had never been this sloppy and loved the sounds the pussy was making. It took a few moments for her to realize that his hands were free and on her ass. He held her still and started ramming it in.

“Oh that is so good.”

“If you got on the desk, I could fuck you better.”

She got on the desk, and spread her legs. He stood in front of her and smiled because she was pretty and had a nice body. She had shoulder length brunette hair with dark sensual eyes. She grabbed the cock and used the tip to massage the pussy and thinking she would like to enjoy this cock for a long time. He grabbed the back of neck and rammed it in. She grunted with every thrust.

“Please kiss me.”

He kissed her and kept thrusting; every thrust made more juice flow out of the pussy. She moaned, and he grunted as cum filled her up. He pulled up his pants, got his bag, and put it on the desk. He took out a pair of handcuffs.

“Sorry about this.” She didn’t even resist as he got the writs behind her back and put the handcuffs on. He put a strip of tape on her mouth. She was mumbling wanting to tell him that he could take her upstairs and keep fucking her, and she would continue to practice getting it hard.

He took the bag and started searching the book case. A panel opened, and she had no idea they had a safe. He got a device out of the bag, attached it to the safe and put an earplug in his ear. The safe opened, and he took out the contents and put it on the desk. He got a camera and started taking pictures of documents. She started mumbling again.

“I’m a government agent.” She gave him a look like is that what you tell people when they catch you robbing their house.

“I don’t carry ID on these operations. In case you didn’t know the company your husband works for makes guidance systems for smart bombs and missiles. He has been selling plans to the Russians and Chinese. All those trips he has been taking to Europe were to meet contacts from their governments.” There was a look of total disbelief on her face. He held up a bank statement, so she could read it, over half a million in a Swiss account another had over a million.

Now she was really pissed. Here she was clipping coupons to save money, buying the cheapest cuts of meat except for Princess, who got the most expensive cat food.

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