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Father in Law Fantasies

By Danielle Lux

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2019 Danielle Lux

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1. My Husband’s Stepdad (Pregnant by My Father-in-Law 7)

2. Too Big? (Too Big for My Daughter-in-Law 4)

3. Sex With My Father-in-Law

4. My Husband’s Idea (Pregnant by My Father-in-Law 8)

5. Wife’s Revenge (Pregnant by My Father-in-Law 9)

6. My HUCOW Daughter-in-Law

7. Revenge is Sweet (Pregnant by My Father-in-Law 10)

8. Taken by My Boyfriend’s Dad

9. Saving his Marriage (Too Big for My Daughter-in-Law 5)

10. Claimed by the Alpha (Too Big for My Daughter-in-Law 6)

My Husband’s Stepdad

(Pregnant by my Father-in-Law 7)

Even before I looked at the pregnancy test, I knew what the result would be.

What does it say?” Adam asked, his voice trying to sound hopeful.

Negative,” I said. “I’m not pregnant.”

Oh,” Adam replied. What else was there to say?

We’d been trying for a baby for eight months, with no result. Recently we’d both been tested by the doctor: I was fine, but Adam had a low sperm count. The doctor said it was still more than possible that he could get me pregnant, but that it might take a while.

At first I’d taken it well, assuring Adam that we had all the time in the world. But as the months went on, I was growing impatient. All my friends were becoming mothers, and I was desperate to join them.

It didn’t help that Adam was often stressed out from his job and rarely was up for having sex. He didn’t even have a high-paid job: he just worked in a supermarket.

I threw the pregnancy test in the bin.

Let’s just forget about it this weekend, ok?” I said, attempting a smile. We were going to be spending Saturday and Sunday at Adam’s parents house. Well, his mom and his stepdad. His real dad had died when he was just a kid, so Adam referred to Michael as his dad.

I was quite excited about seeing Michael. To be honest, I was always excited about seeing Michael. He was a real heartthrob: tall, handsome and sophisticated, with a job as a CEO of an advertising agency, and I’d always had a crush on him. Adam was very fond of his stepdad, but a little intimidated by him. Michael was everything Adam wasn’t: successful, confident and a real hit with the ladies. Michael was a massive flirt, and Adam told me he’d heard rumors that Michael often cheated on his wife—Adam’s mom. However, Adam loved Michael all the same.

The journey to Adam’s parents took forever. Adam, never a very confident driver, kept getting lost or missing turnings. By the time we got there, late on Friday night, it was dark.

Adam, Sarah!” Michael said as he opened the door. “We thought you must have been kidnapped by pirates!”

I felt my knees go slightly weak: Michael looked as handsome as ever. His gray hair was slicked back and he was wearing a tight casual shirt that really showed off his body, with a hint of chest hair coming out from his open second button.

Sorry Dad,” Adam said, brining our suitcase through the front door. “We got lost.”

Not to worry,” Michael said. “Sarah,” he said, looking at me, “you look as gorgeous as ever.”

Michael leaned forward and hugged me. My heart skipped a beat as his broad chest pressed against my breasts.

Hello, you two,” said Adam’s mom, Jean, coming over to give us both kisses. Like Adam, Jean wasn’t much to look at. I hate to be harsh, but how she got a man like Michael had always been a bit of a mystery to me.

Dinner was already ready, so we all sat around the table to tuck in. Michael, always a natural host, started telling us funny stories about things that had happened at his office and golf games that he’d played. For him, socializing was effortless—unlike Adam, who rarely had anything to say and tried not to look people in the eye.

All through dinner I couldn’t take my eyes off of Michael, and I noticed he kept looking at me too. As mean as it was, the business with Adam’s low sperm count and his frequent reluctance to have sex with me had turned me off him a bit and made my eyes wander. I’d been flirting a bit more with the guys at work, and now I couldn’t help looking at Adam’s gorgeous stepdad.

Are you alright, dear?” Jean asked me in the middle of the meal.

Uh, yes, sorry Jean,” I said. The truth was I’d been fantasizing about her husband, imagining what it would be like to have him inside me, bending me over the table and fucking the life out of my pussy. But, of course, I couldn’t tell her that.

Jean went to get dessert, and suddenly I felt something rub against my leg. It took me a confused second to realize what it was: a foot.

I looked across the table at Michael, who was talking away with Adam as if everything was normal. But his foot, in its sock, was snaking its way up my leg, then rubbing against my inner thigh.

Jean came back in, and Michael continued to talk to everyone as normal as he rubbed my thigh. I felt a warmth between my legs as my pussy began to get wet.

What do you think, Sarah?” Michael asked, looking me dead in the eye, the hint of a smirk on his lips. “Was the President right to make that trip?”

I hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation at all. As Michael’s foot brushed slowly against my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my vagina, I attempted to give an answer.

Um, well, it’s a difficult one,” I said. “I… um… I’m not sure there’s ever a right answer in these situations.”

That’s a good point,” said Jean, who thankfully went on to tell us all her opinions on the matter, whatever the matter was. Meanwhile her husband’s foot continued its journey up my leg between my skirt, until his toes were massaging the outside of my pussy through my panties. I was practically dripping by now. Michael gave me a cheeky wink across the table. I had to admire his confidence: he was sitting next to his wife and I was sitting next to my husband, his stepson.

I lifted my own leg, deciding to give Michael a case of his own medicine. Slipping my foot out of my shoe, I rubbed my bare foot against his thigh. Soon I felt something growing inside Michael’s trouser leg—a bulge where there had been no bulge before. It was hard. And it was big.

So Michael,” I said, as I rubbed his bulge with my toes, “Adam said you were presenting at a conference in Berlin. How did that go?”

Um… yes…” Michael said, trying to concentrate as my foot caressed his cock, “good. Very good.”

I couldn’t help but grin.

That’s great,” I said, “tell me more.”

Dinner continued like this, Michael and I rubbing each other with our feet under the table while trying to pretend everything was normal.

After dinner the four of us went to the lounge to watch some TV, but I was desperately horny—and I could tell from the distracted look on Michael’s face that he was too. Finally, after a couple of hours, Jean announced she was feeling tired and was going to bed.

I’ll be up in a bit, darling,” Michael said.

Michael, Adam and I watched TV for a bit longer, until finally Adam turned to me.

Sarah, shall we call it a night?” he asked.

I’ll join you in a bit,” I said. “I just want to see the end of this film.”

Suit yourself,” said Adam, yawning. “Goodnight, Dad.”

Goodnight, Adam,” Michael said.

When Adam had gone, Michael and I sat in silence, listening to him go up the stairs. Then Michael turned to me.

So what now?” he asked. But he didn’t wait for a reply—he just moved over and sat next to me, rubbing his hand up my leg.

But Adam and Jean are upstairs,” I said, my voice croaking with nerves.

Precisely,” said Michael, “and we’re downstairs.” He began to kiss my neck.

Unable to resist, I let Michael kiss me as he worked his hand up my leg and under my skirt.

I saw the way you were looking at me all night,” Michael whispered in my ear, “I could tell from the moment you walked through the front door that you wanted me.”

Had I really been that obvious? I’d met Michael hundreds of times, but nothing like this had ever happened before. Clearly he noticed the change that had come over me ever since Adam and I had started having our difficulties.

I’m your son’s wife,” I said, attempting to put up some token resistance.

My step son,” Michael whispered, kissing the top of my spine. “And I hear the two of you are having trouble having a baby.”

How did he know that? I’d never told him or Jean, so Adam must have. I couldn’t believe he’d betrayed my trust like that. Although I was currently getting my neck kissed by his stepdad, so I guess I was no saint either.

Maybe I can help,” Michael said. “Adam would never have to know.”

So that’s what this was all about. Michael had found out that Adam was having trouble getting me pregnant, and saw this as his chance to do it himself.

Jean and I don’t have any kids,” Michael said, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any of my own. Do you know how many women I’ve bred over the years? My seed is strong.”

Is this just a fetish for you?” I said, pulling away. I was a bit taken aback. “You just like to get women pregnant because it turns you on?”

Yes,” said Michael. “And because it’s the purpose of all strong men to pass on their genes. Adam is weak, like his father was. Humanity doesn’t need his genes, they need mine. My many children will grow up to be strong, powerful leaders of men, like me. I love Adam, but his weakness comes from his father. He was always destined for a dead-end job with no prospects. If you accept my seed, the child will be strong. I promise you that.”

I looked up at Michael’s beautiful face: a strong jaw and stunningly hypnotic blue eyes. I reached my hand up and touched his chest through his shirt. He really was something else: a true alpha male.

I want you to get me pregnant,” I said. “Please.”

Michael grinned. Then he kissed me on the lips, my mouth opening to meet his, our tongues caressing. I reached forward and rubbed his large bulge through his pants, a shiver running down my spine.

So big…


Against Michael’s wishes, I wanted to go upstairs first to check Adam was asleep. I didn’t want him walking in on his stepdad and me unexpectedly.

My stomach was full of butterflies. I felt the way I’d felt, years ago, on the day I lost my virginity. I’d never cheated on Adam before. This was scary and exciting territory. For years I’d fantasized about Michael, but never in a million years did I think those fantasies would come to anything.

Adam was fast asleep. I looked down at his sweet, innocent face. Poor Michael. He’d wanted so much to become a dad, but I knew this was the right decision. He’d be a great father, but his seed was weak. I needed to be bred by a stronger man, leaving Adam to raise the child and provide for it.

I was surprised—and a little scared—by my new, Darwinian way of thinking, but Michael had awoken something in me. Something primal. Like my ancient ancestors, I needed a mate who was strong. I started to wonder how many women throughout history had made the same decision as me: being impregnated by an alpha male and letting their beta male partner raise it. I wondered how many beta men had thought they were passing on their genes, when in reality their line had ended with them. If all went to plan, Adam’s genes, his legacy, would be forever lost. I should have felt guilty, but instead the thought turned me on. It was the ultimate act of cuckolding. And by his stepfather, no less, the man who had raised him.

I leaned forward and kissed Adam on the forehead.

I love you,” I whispered. Then I went back down to Michael.


Michael was waiting for me on the sofa, grinning the arrogant grin of a man who knows he’s about to have sex with another man’s wife.

He asleep?” he asked.

I nodded.

Good. Now let’s get on with this.”

He stood up, towering over me, then kissed me.

The two of us fell down on the couch together, tearing at each other’s clothes. He immediately went for my shirt, pulling it and my bra up and then sucking vigorously on my left nipple. At the same time I reached down and started unbuckling his belt. Then I pulled his zipper down and stuck my hand inside.

Fucking hell his cock was huge. It was thick—so thick that my fingers couldn’t fit all the way round it—and it was so warm from all the blood. I pulled it out of Michael’s fly then looked down. It was a glorious slab of meat, both longer and fatter than any cock I’d seen before. A juicy pork sword standing to attention.

Suck it for me,” Michael said. He didn’t have to tell me twice: I immediately went down on him, shoving as much of his fat length down my throat as I could.

I bet that’s bigger than Adam’s,” Michael said, holding my head down.

Mmmph mmmm,” I mumbled in the affirmative, my mouth full of cock meat.

Finally I came up for air, drool and precum dripping from my lips as I got my breath back. Michael pounced on top of me, sucking my other breast and shoving a hand under my skirt, his fat fingers reaching their way inside my panties. I gasped as he slid two fingers inside my cunt.

You’re so wet,” he said approvingly. “You want me to fuck you now?”

It seemed Michael was as impatient as I was to get to the good stuff. The foot rubbing and the endless anticipation over the evening had been foreplay enough. I was more than warmed up, and anxious to have Michael inside me.

Michael removed my panties, then thrust his fat dick into my sopping wet cunt. It was so tight he was having trouble getting it any further than the head.

You ok?” he asked.

Just get it inside me!” I snapped.

Michael thrust forward, using his powerful hips to push his cock through my tightness, and soon enough the whole thing was inside me. I felt gloriously full.

Fuck me,” I whimpered. “Please!”

Michael; began to thrust: long, deep thrusts, massaging the entire length of my tunnel with his Coke can girth. I whimpered and scratched my nails down his back under his shirt as he stretched my tight pussy to its limits.

You’re so good,” I moaned. “So big.”

Amazingly, I felt an orgasm coming on. Normally it takes a lot to make me cum, but Michael’s cock was a miracle worker. Soon I was clutching him tight and biting down on my bottom limit as I spasmed underneath him.

So good…” I whimpered.

Michael turned me round, positioning me on all fours on the sofa, my head down and my ass up, then he fucked me from behind, squeezing my ass cheeks as he slammed into me, fucking me better than Adam ever had. Fucking me better than anyone ever had.

Amazing, I was soon having a second orgasm, my pussy squeezing tight around Michael’s girth as he slid in and out of my slippery tunnel.

I want to go on top now,” I whispered, moving Michael round so I could ride him. I bounced up and down on his big dick like a pro, my tits flopping around wildly.

Fuck that feels good,” Michael groaned. I could tell from the pained expression on his face that he was close to cumming, so I rode him faster and faster. Finally he gripped me hips tight, leaning his head back with pleasure as his cock squirted its thick load inside me.

I felt Michael’s ejaculation splash my walls and my cervix, spurt after spurt of warm ball batter firing out of his urethra.

Fuck,” Michael panted, “that was amazing.”

I collapsed on top of him, both of us exhausted.

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