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Dominated By Three Convicts

Hard MFMM Erotica

Virginia Bliss

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Virginia Bliss

Written by Virginia Bliss

~~ The scenes in this story take place between consenting adults ~~

Anita’s life wasn’t going to plan. At all.

It wasn’t even that the fact that she had fallen on some hard times. That was okay. Well, not okay, but – didn’t everyone have those times? Anyone could get laid off like Anita did. Anyone’s car could break down right after they were laid off, like Anita’s did. Anyone could lose their purse with all their documents, like Anita did.

Point is, luck had deserted Anita, but that’s luck for you, isn’t it? Could happen to anyone. Sure, maybe some people had savings for such times; something set aside to soften the blow when it inevitably came. But Anita had been paying off her student loans, hoping to be free of the debt by the time she’s 30.

So, no luck, no job, no car, no documents, no savings. Her family was on the other side of the country.

All Anita had were her friends. And one of her friends had a friend, who had a friend, who could loan her the money she needed to get back on track. Looking back, the offer had sounded too good to be true, but Anita had been desperate. When you’re drowning, you climb onto the first boat that comes along and it might be coast guard or it might be pirates, but at least you’re not drowning anymore.

Anita had unknowingly caught a ride with pirates.

She hadn’t even thought to ask why this friend of a friend of a friend had so much money laying around or why he was so happy to loan it to Anita without any guarantee. “Just pay it back when you can,” he’d said. “Within 6 months would be perfect, but we’re flexible with the payments.”

She hadn’t even thought to question the “we”, overwhelmed by relief and gratitude as she was.

And that’s how she ended up owing money to an honest to god gang leader.

That’s what bothered her. Not the fact that she’d had to borrow money in the first place, but that she’d somehow ended up borrowing it from a gang. A gang that now wanted it back. To be fair, it had been six months, but Anita didn’t have the money. She had some of it, but not nearly enough.

At least they were flexible – whatever that meant.

Anita sat in the office of the gang leader, Leo. Maybe it had been the name that had thrown her off the scent at first, because Leo didn’t sound like a gang leader name. His office didn’t look like a gang leader’s office either. Anita had expected something darker and more sinister, all polished wood and antique book cases, imposing black leather chairs, that type of thing. But the office was bright and airy, with high windows and light walls, with furniture that looked like it could’ve come from Ikea, all simple clean lines and Scandinavian minimalism.

And Leo himself seemed more like a guidance counselor than a gang leader. Well, a very handsome and well-dressed guidance counselor with a perfect Hollywood smile and pronounced widow’s peak. But he was jovial and liked to joke and Anita genuinely expected him to hand her a pamphlet with further education possibilities any moment now. The only thing about him that was even remotely gang leader-like, was the thin scar that ran through his left eyebrow.

“Now, Anita, we could maybe extend the payment period to a year, but how likely do you think it is that you will have the money by then?”

Truth be told, that wasn’t very likely, and clearly Leo knew it too, because he continued without waiting for Anita’s answer.

“So maybe it would be more… Beneficial to both parties if we discussed alternative payment methods?”

Anita was pretty sure that “alternative payment methods” meant working for Leo in some capacity, which wasn’t the ideal solution, because honestly, she just wanted to be free of the debt and find some nice place and just start over. But being involved with a gang… No one ever really walked away from that, did they? Or maybe Anita had been watching too many gangster movies. The idea didn’t sit right with her, but she still nodded a little hesitantly, because what else could she do?

Leo smiled his blinding but curiously sharp smile. “I won’t beat around the bush. You see, a few of my men are doing time right now. They won’t be out for another year at least. Of course, I provide them with what I can, but sometimes cigarettes just don’t cut it, y’know?”

She wasn’t quite following, but Anita still nodded along like she understood what he was talking about.

“They’ve been there for a while and prison life… Well, there are certain urges that you just can’t satisfy in jail. So I’m willing to erase your debt if you let my men fuck you.”

Anita felt her eyebrows shoot up. He couldn’t be serious! He couldn’t actually expect her to - and the men were in prison. How was she supposed to get in there?

“I,” she said after a while, but it still took her a few seconds to start to form a coherent sentence, because her thoughts were a mess. “I’m not sure it’s…”

“Remember, you owe me. I’m giving you options, Anita, and given your situation, I’m being nice enough as it is. I am usually very, very strict about deadlines,” said Leo. He didn’t drop his friendly tone for a second and that made his words so much scarier. “So you can either do this and work your debt of in a day, or I’m afraid we’re going to have to collect interest - and the rates will be pretty high.”

That wasn’t really a choice, was it? Because Anita and Leo both knew that whatever the interest rates were, she wouldn’t be able to afford them? So really, the only option was to whore herself out. Because that’s what it was, wasn’t it? How the hell had her life come to this?

“Is there a third option?” Anita asked. There had to be a third option.

“No, sorry,” replied Leo and his tone suggested that he wasn’t sorry at all.

“But, umm…” Anita felt her cheeks heat up. “Isn’t… I mean, if they’re in prison, how am I going to get in? I can’t just go to jail. Besides, aren’t there separate prisons for men and – and women,” she finished awkwardly, still shaken up by the idea and embarrassed over her babbling. She shouldn’t even be considering the idea.

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