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By Richard Carlisle

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A journey into erotic fantasy

Chapter 1

It was hard to believe I was doing this. Okay, we were half way around the world from where we lived. And, admittedly, the mores here were far different from those back in Atlanta. But it still struck me as being a very risqué thing to be doing. I knew that the people here looked on sex with a very different set of values. The lifestyle being a lot freer this side of the pond. Open nudity and sex far more common. They had whole sections of the city that were devoted to… Well… Pursuits that would have gotten people arrested back home.

Tonight, was MJ’s idea. In fact, all of this was. That made it seem almost dirtier somehow. My girlfriend wanted to go to a sex club. I mean, shouldn’t it have been me pushing for something like that? Wasn’t it supposed to be the guy that has the weird sexual yearnings? That wants to ‘sample’ the delights of other women? Maybe a threesome with MJ and one of her girlfriends? Not that I was complaining… It just seemed out of place. Like our relationship had suddenly been knocked slightly off axis. I’d lost the role of dominate partner and lover somehow. And, I was none too sure I liked it. Anyway, here I was.

I suppose some explanation is in order, Mary Jo had gotten the opportunity to do a semester of her post grad studies overseas at the college here. It sounded like fun to me, so I came along for the ride. Since I was already out of school and my work was internet based, it wasn’t a problem. The thrill of exploring the world, seeing the different cultures and scenery too much to pass up. We’d be here for about four months while she completed her studies.

It was only natural that, as an Anthropology student, she would want to learn more about the culture of the people here. MJ always said the best way to do that was to immerse yourself in their lives. I’d trekked along beside her as we walked the sex districts, awed and a little embarrassed at seeing the blatantly displayed offerings. Women and men openly posing in the windows of the shops as we passed by. Offering themselves for… Well, you know.

Tonight? Well, this was a different animal entirely. This was both of us dipping our toes in the waters, so to speak. We were visiting a sex club. I just wasn’t too happy about this much immersion. MJ’s assurance that ‘We don’t have to participate, Silly,’ not really making me feel any better about it. She had a wild streak that sometimes overwhelmed any sense of reason she might have had. Leaving me feeling more than a little nervous as we stood in line waiting to get in.

MJ was dressed… Well, I guess you could call it dressed? Anyway, she had on this very revealing micro mini-dress. Royal blue lace hugged her every curve. A deep plunging neckline revealing the enticing swell of her breasts. The lace even allowing a peek-a-boo view of her other assets. Needless to say, the little minx wasn’t wearing any underwear. Not tonight. Hell, I didn’t even know where she’d found a dress that revealing? Probably some sex shop in the red-light district.

She certainly wasn’t alone in her choice of attire, either. There wasn’t any woman I saw in line that wasn’t blatantly putting herself on display. Anything from slits that ran all the way up to their arm pit, to ultra-sheer fabrics that didn’t even attempt to hide anything, seemed to be the order of the evening. The woman standing in front of us being an example of the latter. Her sheer dress providing an unobstructed view of her enticing behind, blonde hair cascading down her bare back. I’d never even seen a nightgown that was that revealing. Every time she’d turn a little, I could see her full breasts, nipples hardened in excitement. Her dark eyes openly appraising me. Admittedly, I was having a very difficult time controlling a certain part of my anatomy as we stood there. But, who wouldn’t?

MJ had heard about this place from some girlfriend of hers at the college. Apparently, it was a type of swinger club. I guess that’s the best way to describe it? Consensual sex apparently taking place on the premises in some areas. The main floor devoted to a bar, tables and a dance floor. Naturally, MJ had stressed we weren’t required to visit the more risqué areas of the club when she told me about it. She just had a desire to learn more about it. Understand what drove people to this type of sexual abandon. See what it was like. Uh, huh… Yeah… Anybody interested in a certain bridge in Brooklyn?

Not being an academic, I was having had a hard time thinking about it in that light. Especially when I saw the way she was dressed tonight. I’m just not used to seeing my girl’s body on display like that. Maybe in the bedroom, but not out in public. Weren’t her charms supposed to be reserved for me? MJ patiently explaining she needed to ‘fit’ in, to learn more about the lifestyle. To get people to open up to her. Right? I was beginning to question just what she wanted to ‘fit’ into? The number of men ogling her soft curves as we stood in line, making me think about it even more. Their pants tenting in desire as they openly stared at her lush curves.

In a way, I shamefully found it exciting. Seeing the effect she was having on the other men in line. Their eyes hungrily devouring her full breasts and swollen nipples. Her partially obscured landing strip magnetically drawing their eyes to her lush nether region. Long legs openly displayed by her short dress and spike heels. All of them lusting after her. Yet, knowing I was the one taking her home tonight. The feeling was a little strange, though. Kind of foreign to me. It wasn’t the accepted way a man was supposed to feel about things like that. I was supposed to be green with jealously. Furious over MJ’s overt display. Wasn’t I? Instead, I found myself wondering whether my swelling cock was due more to the blonde in front of me or the blatantly lewd display MJ was putting on?

Well… As long as all they did was look, I supposed I could tolerate it. We weren’t exactly back home anymore. A lot of things were freer here, like that nude beach she dragged me to. And, MJ certainly didn’t seem to be complaining about the open stares she was getting. The little flirt kept playing with her hair and striking one pose after another as she chatted freely with the others in line. My ability with the language was limited. Her conversations making me feel even more out of the loop, except the few times they happened to be speaking English.

Thankfully, most of the people here, seemed to be able to carry on a simple conversation in English. Something that was good for me, because the best I could do was ‘hello,’ ‘goodbye’ and ‘I don’t speak…’ It didn’t make me a sterling conversationalist. Though, I suppose the intent of this place wasn’t talking so much as… Uh… Doing?

Chapter 2

Bill was nervous as we stood in line. Man was he. I knew I shouldn’t have let him come overseas with me. He’d have been much happier back in Atlanta. Not knowing about the kind of mischief I had heard about happening over here. The kind I wanted a chance to experience for myself. It sounded exciting, what can I say? Not that I would have ever told him… This would have been a case of what he didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him. With him standing beside me, that option was no longer available. Darn it.

But, since he was here, he was just going to have to put up with it. I had an agenda for this semester. Oh, I liked Bill. Liked him a lot. We’d been living together for over a year now. But, was he my ‘forever’ guy? The jury was still out on that one. Very out. I was still young and carefree. This was supposed to be my time to explore my wild side. I was four thousand miles from home and Mom and Dad’s restrictive views on life. Geez, they even objected to us living together. Get real. It’s the twenty-first century, you know what I mean? I guess, I just didn’t have the heart to say no when he suggested coming along. He’d sounded so excited. Like I said, I do like him.

I kind of hoped that maybe I could get him to loosen up a little over here away from family and friends. Life is a lot more… Hmmm… I’m not sure what to call it? Life back home seems so constrictive about certain things. And, I’m just not a modest and demure kind of girl. Despite my folks’ best efforts, not to mention the Nuns! Snickers. After all, I was doing a table dance at a frat house the night Bill first saw me. What did he expect, a Nun?

Bill had agreed to walk the city’s red-light district with me one night. That was interesting. If I’d been alone, I might have taken a chance on one or two of those guys on display. How else would I really understand what life here was all about? Damn, I might have even offered myself for sale in one of those places, just to try it. OMG, that sounds soooo naughty. If it had been legal, anyway. They have some nonsense about medical tests, licenses and stuff over here. Anyway, the place had excited me no end. Bill? Not so much. I think it kind of turned him off or embarrassed him. Honestly, I hated to admit it, but he was more geek than lothario. He’d be a good provider and was decent in bed. I liked him. Honest. His quiet and reserved attitude great when I was back home studying. Just not four thousand miles away when I was of a mind to party.

He was not the least bit happy about my choice of wardrobe tonight. He let me know about it too. But, too bad. I wanted to fit in. It was going to be that kind of place, and I knew it. I just didn’t tell him. Oops. A girl in one of my classes had told me about it, she liked to come here from time to time. Just get laid without any strings attached. Sometimes she would come with a date, sometimes alone. Something about a back room and some nonsense about a grotto thingy. Anyway, it sounded extremely naughty and uber-exciting. And, that had my name written all over it.

I’d stopped after class today and bought my dress. Humph. Well, it was sort of a dress. Insanely expensive, it could have doubled as a very sexy nightgown. In fact, I just might use it as one in the future. I felt practically naked in it. Damn, I was getting soooo turned on standing out here, all those guys eyeing me while we waited. Maybe it was worth the money I’d paid for it? I wasn’t the least bit out of place with the way the other women were dressed. Maybe a little more modest than several of them. I’m not sure why they’d bothered with clothes at all. Wow, they looked sexy.

Surprisingly, Bill was not entirely turned off tonight. I could feel his cock getting hard as I leaned back into him. Okay, maybe I was rubbing my butt against him a little too at the time. But anyway I couldn’t wait to get inside and see what all the fuss was about. Maybe have a chance to get laid too? If I played my cards right. That wouldn’t be all bad. Kyra had told me that there was a public play area in the back where… Um… Well, where you could do it out in the open. You know, letting people watch you? Maybe I could talk Bill into that? And, maybe they’d even join in? Oooo… That sounded like fun. Better not mention that part to Billy, though.

There was this tousled headed blonde guy up there that kept looking at me. His eyes running up and down my body hungrily. Fuck, that was turning me on. Back home, I’d probably be upset if somebody ogled me that openly. But, here? This is what I was here for. I wanted to experience all they had to offer. Get it all out of my system before settling down. Once I had my master’s degree I’d be saddled with a job and all the restrictive rules that being a teacher brought about. ‘You must toe the line, Mary Jo. As a teacher, you set an example for the younger generation,’ Professor Davis was always so stern. He’d die if he knew where we were.

But tonight? No way was I settling for dull and proper tonight. I wanted to party. I’d even brought some ‘candy’ along in my purse. That ought to mellow Bill out. Get him horny enough he’ll at least do me in the public room. If something else happens while we’re there… Well, so be it.

Chapter 3

Inside the club, as newcomers we were given a tour. Our lovely, and very sexy, guide was named Inka. My eyes following the scantily clad hostess as she chatted. Oh, yeah, I was looking. Inka was delightful. Tiny, with pert little tits that pressed against her dress enticingly. Her nipples outlined beneath the clingy material. Damn, I think she’s pierced, too. Wow.

MJ asking a multitude of questions of her as we were shown around. Thankfully, their conversation was in English. I admit, I was taken a little aback seeing the ‘play’ area. A large room with curtained partitions lining three walls. The opposite wall totally mirrored. The center of the room devoted to six large mattresses, some of them occupied. Gulp. Not exactly the kind of display I was used to. Well… Okay, a few parties in college had gotten a little wild, but not THIS wild. MJ gasping beside me as she saw a thin blonde sandwiched between two men. Spit-roasted as their hard cocks drove into her from both ends. Sweat glistening on her body, pert breasts swaying like crazy. Her muffled cries quite audible. MJ’s hand getting sweaty in mine as we watched, her breathing becoming rapid and shallow. She was practically orgasming just watching the brazen display.

If I thought that was way out there, my mind was totally blown shortly afterwards. Inka showed us to a draped doorway, a lighted neon sign over the entrance declaring it the ‘Grotto of Eros.’ It was located off a hallway on the way to the restrooms. Kind of hard to miss. Our hostess drawing the drape aside, escorting us in to the room. It was painted entirely black, walls, ceiling, floor, everything. My eyes bugging out as I entered the darkened room. My cock suddenly springing to life, big time. Lined along one side of the room were four spotlighted areas occupied by… How do I explain this? I’d never seen anything like it before in my life.

Four women lined the darkened wall, only their lower extremities visible. Their legs spread wide in an upright Vee. Straps fastened around their ankles holding them in place, like they were in bondage. The leather ankle cuffs holding them open, their nether regions blatantly on display. A black curtain draped down over their waistline, concealing their upper halves. And, they were naked. Their moist pussies quite visible for anyone to see. A scent of their sexual arousal hanging in the air. At first glance, I thought maybe they were meant to be some sort of decorative mannequins. Just ‘live’ erotic wall art of some sort. But, no… They were there for a reason. As I stood there dumbfounded, Inka explained that they were offering themselves for sexual release. OMG! I’d never heard of anything like that before in my life. MJ was grasping my hand tightly at the sight, her face going slightly pale. Her grip so tight it was almost painful. Eyes open wide in shock and disbelief at the display before her.

Inka took MJ’s hand and asked me to wait out in the hallway a few minutes while she gave her a tour ‘behind the scene.’ I felt a little conspicuous and out of place standing there in the hallway by myself. With a line of men forming for entry into the ‘Grotto,’ I decided to people watch. Even if it did seem a little creepy. All those guys just standing there waiting to get in to… All kinds of guys too. I mean, the whole gamut. Tall, short, white, black, brown, skinny, fat you name it and they were standing there. Waiting for their chance to fuck some anonymous girl on the other side of the curtain. Just get their rocks off before going back into the club.

To say I was curious about what MJ was being shown behind the scenes, is putting it mildly. As I stood there in the hall, a bell sounded and the drapes to the ‘Grotto’ were pulled aside. I watched the men coming and going from the ‘Grotto’ on a regular basis. My mind a blur. What would it be like walking through that doorway, just using some anonymous girl? Not even seeing who she was, what she looked like. Almost like using some living, breathing sex doll. And, MJ was seeing it from the other side of those curtains! When she returned about twenty minutes later, her face was bright red. Her breathing rapid, a touch of nervous sweat glistening on her forehead, her nipples were like hardened diamonds poking out through the lace of her dress. Damn, I could even detect a hint of her honeyed excitement as she came up next to me. MJ was turned on. Extremely turn on. Now, I really was curious. Just what went on back there?

She held on to me through the rest of the tour. Inka pointing out the restrooms, the changing rooms (which included a shower area) for entry to the ‘play’ room, the bar and the rules of the club. Essentially, there were none. With few exceptions, an anything goes party atmosphere pervading the club. Though, she did point out that ‘no’ still means ‘no.’ And, the ‘Grotto’ was for vaginal intercourse only, staring pointedly at me as she said it.

Finally, she led us to a long banquette table at the back of the club. Several couples already seated around the table. Then, motioned for the waitress to come and take our order. Leaving us to introduce ourselves around the table to the other people sitting there. Coming in last, we were seated on the end of the horseshoe shaped banquette. I was on the outside, which worked pretty well for me since my language skills were limited anyway. I had enough to think about as it was. My mind a whirl after all I’d seen.

Chapter 4

I was excited about the tour, the hostess offering to show us around and acquaint us with the facility. Oooo… I’d get to see the whole place without having to… You know. Not, that I didn’t intend to visit some of the rooms I’d heard about from Kyra later tonight. With Bill, I mean, not by myself. Though, I thought I might have to talk Bill into it. This was all a big cultural shock to him. I had been soooo naughty not telling him. But, if I had… We probably wouldn’t be standing here.

OMG! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she showed us into the ‘Grotto.’ It took my breath away. Kyra had mentioned it to me in passing, but that was all. I mean, this was… Wow. The hostess tugged at my hand, whispering in my ear. Asking if I’d like her to take me behind the curtains? To actually see what went on behind the scenes? Are you kidding me? I took her up on the offer in a heartbeat. Duh. I was practically bouncing off the walls at the prospect of seeing it up close and personal. Leaving Bill standing there in the hallway dumbfounded, his mouth hanging open. A bulge showing in his pants. My giving his cock a squeeze as I walked away might not have helped that situation. Snickers.

She led me through a hidden door at the back of the ‘Grotto.’ I found myself trailing her along a back hallway around to where the girls were at. Each one was nestled in a small semi-private cubicle, walled on three sides and open at the back. They were lying on a padded table. The upper halves of their bodies exposed. It looked something like a massage table I suppose. Their wrists were fastened into cuffs chained against the cubicle walls as they lay there, helping hold them in place. A heavy curtain draped across their waists. They were naked. An attendant of some kind bustled around making sure they were all situated, getting them ready. Fastening their wrists into the lined cuffs, giving them a drink, adjusting their position or whatever.

As we stood there talking quietly, the lights began to dim. I heard the muted sound of a bell ring somewhere. The hostess leaned over and whispered to me that the ’Grotto’ was opening. The girls now lying there in a twilight type of darkness as the lights continued to lower. A pregnant silence filling the air. I could hear their rapid breathing as they waited in nervous anticipation. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Only a dim outline of light showing through the modesty drapes. Suddenly, the girl closest to me stiffened and gave a little gasp. Moments later her body began to shift back and forth as apparently some guy had his way with her. Low moans and whimpers coming from her lips. Her eyes fluttering as her body shook.

One by one, the girls in the other three cubicles began to react the same way. One of them screaming as her body spasmed wildly, her back arched in orgasm as her wrists pulled frantically at her restraints. One after another, each of them reacted in somewhat the same way. Some more than others, naturally. A few seconds later, each lying there gasping and catching their breath. Their lover of the moment having finished with them. I could feel my own body reacting. My nipples hardening excitedly, my pussy getting wet. And, all I was doing was watching. Then, I looked on in awe as the same series of events began to repeat again a few moments later. Apparently each one with some ‘new’ lover. Er… User? Bull? Stud? Whatever! “How many men will…?” my voice failing me, as I stared in awe.

“It varies, Mary Jo,” whispered Inka. “Each of the ‘Daughters’ serve for an hour. Depending on the night, it could be five or so, on up to maybe twelve or fifteen. At the end of their service, each new girl receives her mark. Officially, becoming a ‘Daughter of Eros.’ It is considered something special. Like a badge of honor. Dating a ‘Daughter of Eros,’ is quite sought-after,” she purred sensuously.

“You said marked. What does that mean? Just how are they marked?” I asked in astonishment.

“Each one has their right… Um… How do you say…” she asked, fumbling for the word and shyly pointing at my nipple.

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