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Life as a Sissy Maid 2

By Melissa Miranti

Anthony polished the silverware to a gleaming shine, each piece laid down carefully, one by one, on the piece of cloth that covered the kitchen table. It was the best place to get his work done – a tall chair and tall table both good for a variety of positions, sitting and standing, that allowed him to labor without getting sore. It was also a place where his mistress did not mind leftover work sitting out during the day or evening, as it did not get in the way of anything she wanted to do. She ate in the dining room, and had handed off many of the cooking responsibilities to Anthony. Try as he might, he got things wrong a lot whilst cooking for her, but he had only been at it for three weeks, and his mistress was a forgiving sort of woman… Once she had properly spanked him for his transgressions, anyway.

Now that he was finished with it, he laid aside the plate he had been working on, a silvery award plate with an inscription thanking “Ms. Faye Chen for her outstanding charitable giving” from some society or organization. Anthony didn’t often look too hard at the awards. There were a multitude of them – the kinds that rich people often gave to one another to pat each other on the back for one thing or another. There were awards for turning profits, for being a prominent business figure, for charitable giving of all kinds, and for various deals conducted with other companies.

He knew that Faye was very rich and very prominent in the business community but somehow that didn’t much matter to him. To Anthony, she was an employer with a talent for making his dreams come true, whether or not her methods were entirely ethical. She had ensnared him by searching through his computer to see whether or not he would accept his current position, by comparing the traits she desired in a servant with his own fetishes. As such, Anthony was now Faye’s live-in sissy maid and was attired as such.

This uniform had only come recently, using measurements that Faye had ordered him to get taken at a professional tailor. The outfit consisted of a skimpy black dress, polka dotted with white, and frilled with pink lace around the edges. A tiny pink apron encircled his waist, but it was nowhere near enough to mean anything, so he had to wear a real one while cooking. Fishnet stockings leading down to perfectly-sized three-inch heels rounded out the bottom of the outfit, whereas the top was dominated by the blonde wig he always wore, along with a pink bonnet, to match with his outfit better. Underneath it all, he wore a black bra and panty set, his chest now filled out to a wonderfully busty extent by large silicone breast forms.

Inside his panties, keeping his cock in a loving embrace all day, every day, was a chastity belt. Every morning he got uncomfortably hard getting dressed, and every night he willed it to go down. He knew the rules Faye had set: no sex and no masturbation without her permission. If he somehow managed to break out of the steel cage himself, he risked losing this job, and with it, everything that he wanted from a woman, even if it meant they would never be romantically involved. Faye had made it clear she didn’t want any romantic entanglements.

Anthony stood up, hearing the door. He removed the gloves he had been wearing to polish the silver, and headed out. He had gotten a lot of practice in his heels, but still was a mite unsteady on them as he made his way to the front door. He found his way across the house in time to take Faye’s soaking wet coat from her.

“Welcome home, milady,” Anthony greeted her as he was expected to.

“I’m glad to be home. That’s a nice outfit you’re wearing today,” Faye said, handing her scarf and hat to him. She left him to hang them all up in the closet by the door, and made her way to her bedroom to change. Few people want to remain in their work clothes longer than they have to, and Faye was not one of those few.

“Thank you, milady, you have good taste,” Anthony replied, quickly hanging up her coat. He followed behind her, in case he was needed for anything. Over the last couple weeks she had needed some relief from the stresses of her day, and whether that involved something as simple as a foot massage, as classic as a glass of whiskey, or as vulgar as cunnilingus, it was Anthony’s job to provide it.

“Do you like the things I’ve dressed you in thus far?” Faye asked when she reached her bedroom, turning to look at her maid.

“Mostly, milady, but there were a couple that I didn’t much agree with, given the circumstances,” Anthony said.

“I know, that white dress was a little too bridal for a working girl like you, wasn’t it?” Faye said. She stripped her clothes off, handing each piece to Anthony in turn. He took them and placed them either in the hamper or on a hanger, depending on the piece, blushing as he did so. He still hadn’t quite gotten used to the thrill of Faye calling him a girl yet, and he could feel the familiar sensation of his cock stirring within his cage once more.

Faye took everything off, down to her underwear. The tan color of the bra and panties blended in with her skin, and if Anthony had had worse vision, she might have looked naked. He knew better than that. He knew what her body looked like, and if she wanted to be nude around him, she would be. He was a servant, and as such she could trust him to behave himself around her naked body. At least, he would behave himself until ordered to lick her to a powerful orgasm. She did get closer to nudity, by unhooking and dropping her bra to the floor, forcing Anthony to take notice and to pick it up from her feet. He only managed to tear his eyes away from her breasts for a moment as he picked up her still-warm bra.

“If you can control your eyes for a moment, get me my robe,” Faye said, teasing Anthony. She gave him a little slap on the ass to encourage him to move faster, which he did. The robe she wanted was an old white one, taken from a hotel somewhere across the world. It had retained all the softness it had been endowed with in the first place, Faye having taken care of it over the years with an attention beyond what Anthony thought she would normally do. Regardless, Anthony held it out for her, and she wrapped herself up in it.

“Ah, that’s the stuff,” Faye said, snuggling into it. She tied the robe around her waist, securing it closed. “Thank you for the robe.”

“Will there be anything else, milady?” Anthony asked.

“Yes, actually. I wondered how you might take to a little get-together I’m having for a few of my friends next week Tuesday. I’ve known many of them for years, and one of them, my friend Gina, was the one who suggested having a serving companion to me. I was hoping that you might be willing to join me on that night, serving drinks and the like.

“But, you’d be dressed up, exactly as you are now.”

Anthony looked at Faye, his heart pounding. Something on his face must have told her of his misgivings, as she put a hand on his arm.

“No, no, don’t worry. I’m sure none of my friends know who you are, so you needn’t think about them identifying you and outing what you do to anyone you know. I know that’s a worry for a lot of sissies, but it won’t be for you. I will tell you well beforehand if I plan to bring anyone into my home that may be a danger to you,” Faye said, and Anthony felt that he could trust her words.

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