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Spread ‘Em Wide

Ultra Smut #20

Ginny Watson


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Chapter 1

Clara swallowed hard, and clutching a small handbag to her chest she crept from the house. John was sleeping, she hoped he would stay that way until she’d done what she had to do.

Outside the arranged taxi waited, a private hire with tinted windows, nervously she looked up at her own bedroom window dreading to see a light come on and her husband’s silhouette framed against the glow. Darkness reigned, and taking a deep breath she turned away and opened the door.

The driver looked back, his expression unreadable. Clara pulled the door closed and he pulled away from the kerb.

“You know where I need to go?” she asked. His eyed flicked to the rear view mirror.

“Yeah, unless you changed your mind.”

Clara shook her head, nothing had changed since she called him that afternoon and arranged for a pick up at midnight. Settling back into the seat she closed her eyes and thought ahead to what was going to happen. It was disgusting, and degrading, and definitely demeaning, but since she’d accepted that it was unavoidable she had to admit, albeit secretly, that a small part of her was excited.

The dirty part of me she thought as she resisted the urge to press a hand to her panties.

The dirty part of her had led her into what she had to do, the kinky part of her that had awoken after almost ten years of happy and stable marriage.

It was a side of her character that she’d never realised existed, not until that very first time.

I was only twenty nine then, and that had been three years before. It had almost looked like a set up, one of those staged accidents that were so popular on porn websites. A pizza delivery, the surprised housewife who, caught fresh from the shower has to quickly answer the door wrapped in only a very small and inadequate towel. Clamping the ends of the towel under one arm she then hunts through her purse for the correct money as the bemused delivery guy stands uncomfortably just inside the door, she gets the money, smiles and reaches out to give it to him… when oops, the towel slips and she stands there naked and blushing while he gets a good look at her tits and pussy. Now she must quickly cover up and apologise, although in the videos the naughty flasher rarely makes more than a token effort at covering herself, working on the theory, well, he’s seen me once, another time isn’t going to change anything!

For Clara it hadn’t been a pizza delivery, it had happened during a business trip. She had still been working then, heading up a sales team for an engineering company, and it had been a hard won position. Women still didn’t figure very highly in the masculine world of engineering, and black women figured even lower. Some had said that she was fucking her boss to get the job, a stupid rumour but one that had worked its way back to her husband. That had almost ended their marriage, ultra sensitive and jealous John was close to reaching for his phone and a divorce lawyer, slowly she had been able to placate him, but only after presenting cast iron evidence that while she was supposed to be on her back working her way to promotion she’d actually been away on another trip to Paris.

Clara had earned her position on merit alone, and as some in the office whispered, it wasn’t such a bad thing that the public face of the company was pleasant to look at. Beauty and brains, she had both.

The trip in question had been to London, an invitation to tender had been issued, so after preparing a presentation Clara and two of the senior managers had booked into a hotel. Arriving late Clara had excused herself, she needed a shower, she needed an early night, but she wasn’t going to admit any weakness to her male colleagues, and so she told them to head to the bar if they wanted, she on the other hand was going to her room to re-check their figures.

And I got caught out in that lie in a most spectacular way she reminded herself.

Wrapped in a towel she had perched on the edge of her bed and questioned why there was a side door in her room, then it struck her, older hotels had adjoining rooms, the door led to Mike the accountants room. Warily she looked at the lock, then standing quickly she turned the key. Smiling she heard the click, now she was secure, and returning to the bed she began to dry her wet hair.

Standing naked in front of a small mirror she plugged in her dryer, an old style noisy machine. Tugging hard she worked a stiff comb through her course black hair, it was always a battle even with the aid of conditioner, tugging harder she felt her C-cup breasts bouncing, her nipples were hard and erect, eye catching they had been described, she always tried to hide them away behind full cup bras and heavy jumpers, because wearing just a t-shirt attracted so much attention to her chest, attention that neither she nor hubby appreciated.

Clara tugged again, then gasped as movement over her shoulder caught her eye. Spinning around she stood face to face with accountant Mike, who was suddenly red faced and stammering about knocking, and feeling guilty that she was alone with the figures, and how he really had knocked, and how he had found the door unlocked.

Stunned, Clara had simply stood there, breasts and pussy on display, a comb in one hand and roaring dryer in the other.

Seconds dripped away yet time seemed to stand still. Clara watched his eyes drift from her face and down to her chest, she saw him swallow hard, down further his gaze dropped, she felt a tingle of electricity between her legs, and an instant moistening. Never before had anyone except her husband and a couple of ex boyfriends seen her completely naked. It was a shock, and only after a stunned delay did she think to drop the comb and switch off the dryer, her hands covering her nudity long after she should have reacted.

“I’m so sorry.” Mike had stammered, and shuffled backward to the adjoining door.

I unlocked it! Clara gasped, then rushed forward to push it to, once again Mike stared at her bouncing breasts before backing into his room. Clara gasped, pushed the door and instantly turned the key pulling it free and tossing it onto her bed. Through the hole light glimmered, then it dimmed, she imagined she’d seen an eye, quickly she hung her skirt from the handle covering the hole.

OH my God! She groaned and staggered backwards. Her pussy was on fire, she was dripping, her nipples were throbbing. How could such embarrassing exposure make her feel so massively aroused. Aroused and incredibly horny she corrected as she dropped back onto the bed and thrust a hand down between her legs. She closed her eyes and remembered how Mike had stared at her tits, and then my pussy she added. Shaking and shuddering she worked a pair of fingers between her lips and probed deep before using the soaked digits to massage her swollen clit.

Seconds she thought as the taxi turned a corner. It took just seconds for me to cum.

Embarrassed she had drawn Mike aside the next morning before breakfast, and they had both agreed that the accident was best forgotten and not discussed again, but Clara knew that he couldn’t erase her naked image from his mind any more than she could forget how good it had felt when he looked at her exposure.

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